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Can’t make it to Las Vegas for the SHOT Show? Not to worry. As always, TTAG will be there a full contingent — RF, Nick, Joe Grine, Jeremy S. and myself — who will be all over the event, bringing you the best of the firearms industry’s biggest shindig. And this year, if you’re more of a visual person, you’ll be able to tune into GLOCKlive, GLOCK’s streaming broadcast from the SHOT Show floor. Press release and details after the jump . . .

SMYRNA, Ga – Jan. 12, 2015  – Today GLOCK, Inc. announced the schedule for GLOCKLivea viewer communication broadcast that combines live video and social interaction. GLOCKLive will feature four broadcasts during the week of the SHOT Show (Jan. 20-23, 2015), allowing anyone who is not able to attend the show to have an insider’s peek.

Viewers may register at to view and participate in discussions offered. Discussion topics include a live Q&A with Gunny, Q&A with Team GLOCK as well as Carrie Lightfoot of The Well Armed Woman and Karen Butler of Shoot Like a Girl, and finally, two broadcasts of GLOCK’s new product for 2015.

“Viewers will have the unique opportunity to comment and ask questions to panelists in each broadcast,” Stated Josh Dorsey, VP at GLOCK, Inc., “GLOCKLive will allow those who cannot attend the SHOT Show, to be a part of it for the first time.”

Those attending the show will have the chance to meet the ladies of Team GLOCK, Tori Nonaka and Michelle Viscussi, who will be signing autographs at the GLOCK booth #12254 for the duration of the show.  Attendees may also head to the GLOCK booth to see R. Lee Ermey, best known as the “Gunny,” who will be signing on Tuesday, from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Wednesday, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, Thursday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Friday, from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm (local time, PST).

For GLOCK dealers, GLOCK announced the launch of new video training modules for the 3point5 dealer-training platform.  Beginning on January 19th, dealers will be able to accessfree training for their staff. The two new Edu-game modules are Sales 101:  Turn Your Knowledge into Sales and New Product.  The GLOCK training platform allows staff to earn GLOCK discounts upon the completion of the training as well as learn valuable sales tactics.

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    • I wish, but I doubt they want to kill the sales of the G42 after only 1 year. I bet it exists, but won’t show up until G42 sales start to level out.

    • I work for a major LEO agency and just heard that a single stack 9mm may be pushed back to 2016 because Glock cannot keep up with model 42 sales. I hope this is just B.S. because if it is not, Glock is playing us for fools by hoping we will buy both.

    • Or maybe a single stack .40 S&W, because according to the folks who decide what new products to add, people are apparently dumb, and even though they all clamor for a single stack 9, what they REALLY want is a single stack subcompact in a stupid caliber. They’re just too stupid to know it.

      Seriously, I love Glocks, but it’s such a head scratcher to me that they do this. “They want a single stack subcompact 9mm? Well, let’s give them a single stack subcompact .380!”

        • Yeah, but you really need mass in the slide on .40, and single-stack would likely be very uncomfortable.

          I’m basing that on the G 23 I had, compared to the G 22 I also had, the 22 was more comfortable to shoot, but the 23 fit oh-so nice in my hand. The 23 was my carry piece for a few years.

          I do wish Glock would get off the proverbial pot and release the single-stack 9mm.

  1. It always surprises me to see how much hate there is for the 42. For what the firearm is intended to be and do, I find it to be fantastic at addressing those things.

    Pocket guns and I have never got along. There are certain things we just don’t see eye to eye on. Aside from not fitting in my hand (I feel like I’m trying to shoot a child’s toy), the light weight creates more recoil than should be apparent in a 9mm short. The 42 is quite petite, but it bridges that gap of having just enough real estate to allow a big boy grip and control on your firearm.

    It’s size being just slightly bigger allows it to maintain its Goldilocks presence. I found the first deep concealment firearm that I ENJOY shooting. There is no recoil to even speak of, and being able to have a decently acceptable cartridge in a gun that can be driven like a 22 magnum, is a major plus in my book.

    All handguns are, in reality, inadequate and a compromise in some form or another. The 42 allows me to have my compromise in a platform that’s just fun to shoot. Maybe some of those that hate this gun should try to throw a couple down the pipe and see if it changes their mind.

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