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CZ14_805--BREN-PS1-EVO sights-L

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for CZ. I just received their “New and Updated Products 2015” flyer, and boy do they have a lot going on. There was a ton of excitement on the interwebs about the pending release of the Scorpion Evo 3 S1 pistol — more info on that below, and we have one on the way for testing. But equally exciting may be the arrival of CZ’s 805 Bren to U.S. shores in civilian semi-auto-only flavor. Interestingly enough, this one is also first hitting the market in pistol form as seen above. Again, more details after the jump along with a full listing of all of the new products expected from CZ this year, to include the 1911 A1 previously mentioned, a 40th Anniversary limited edition CZ 75 B, Dan Wesson 715 revolver (I’m writing the review on this now) and a couple of new 1911s, plus plenty of new rifles and shotguns to boot. . .

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t personally excited about quite a few of these firearms. I’ve been shooting the Dan Wesson 715, the company’s return to manufacturing the revolvers on which its stellar reputation was built, for a couple of months now and it’s, well, stellar. Although the Bren and Scorpion are only available in pistol form for now, they maintain the ability to accept a Sig SB15 brace. Here’s hoping for rifle versions in the future, complete with extended handguards and such.

Without further ado, let’s highlight a couple of the releases and then I’m just going to list the rest. All of them are already up on the CZ-USA website’s New/Updated for 2015 page.

805 Bren PS1 Pistol


Piston-driven w/ adjustable gas block, 5.56/.223, 11″ barrel, STANAG mags (AR-15 mags), ambi controls including left/right-swappable charging handle, “multipurpose mounting point” on the rear for various slings, braces, or stocks (NFA).

Scorpion Evo 3 S1

CZ_Scorpion_EVO3_S1_R CZ14_Scorpion_EVO3_S1-L

Nick (and Colion Noir) already covered the news of a U.S. Scorpion Evo 3. At an MSRP of $849 with inexpensive magazines (like, under $20!), I envision this flying off the shelves. I know there will be one in my safe. In fact, the plan in my head is to file a Form 1 for turning it into an SBR, then running it with my Liberty Mystic underneath the hopeful future Scorpion rifle’s extended handguard.

CZ 75 B 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

CZ14_75B_40thaniv-L CZ14_75B_40thaniv-Right

Historically I’ve been a fan of CZ limited editions. I still wish I had picked up a Cold War Commemorative Edition when I had the chance. There was a jump of excitement when I saw the “40th Anniversary Limited Edition” text on the flyer but, gotta admit, it’s not really my cup of tea. They’re only making 1,000 of these but at an MSRP of $1,499 and with, shall we say, polarizing looks, I won’t be trying to snatch up as many up as possible for investment purposes.

Dan Wesson 715

DW14_715-L DW14_715Posed-R

DW is making revolvers again, and it all begins with the stainless steel 715 chambered for .357 Magnum/.38 Special. This actually isn’t new for 2015 as it began shipping at the very end of 2014, but it’s close enough to be listed here. Possibly the coolest thing about it is that it still uses Dan Wesson’s interchangeable, tensioned barrels and barrels from previous-gen DW revolvers fit on the new frames. I’ve shot mine sufficiently now to form an opinion on it, and am starting to put the review together now, so watch this space if you’re interested in the 715. It’s pretty dang awesome, though.

455 Varmint Thumbhole Fluted


CZ offers a whole bunch of rimfire rifles, many new or updated for 2015, and all of which are extremely nice. If you’re looking for something a step up from an inexpensive youth-like plinker that’s nice enough to pass down through generations, accurate enough to back up the high-end looks, but priced extremely reasonably, CZ’s lineup is worth a look. There’s everything from tacticool to super classy. Nick reviewed a 455 Varmint and went a full 5 stars on it.

512 Tactical


Actually, I couldn’t leave this one out since it’s listed on the flyer but not yet on the website. The 512 Tactical appears to take CZ’s 512 action and forgoes the wood in favor of tactical accouterments — the production version will look slightly different from the one above, and we’ll check it out at SHOT. It can be challenging to find a good semi-auto in .22 WMR, and the 512 is apparently one of them. Now it’s appealing to a new audience. Field strips easily and uses the same magazines as the CZ 455 rifles. A factory threaded barrel is great.

527 Carbine


CZ’s centerfire rifle offerings are vast and extremely nice as well. James Grant reviewed the 750 Sniper and came away all smiles and 5 stars. What you see above is the 527 Carbine, which, like all of CZ’s .223s (they also accept 5.56), receives a faster 1:9″ twist rate for 2015. I actually think it’s a great choice in the other available caliber, 7.62×39, since that ammo is so inexpensive. Especially if you roll your own ammo, this could be a fun suppressor project with some ~220 grain subsonic loads. More power than .300 BLK in supersonic, same ballistics in subsonic, but at 1/4 the price. In 2015 the 527 is also available in a youth stock in both calibers (the “Youth Carbine”), as well as in a Varmint Thumbhole laminate stock configuration with a 24″ heavy barrel.

712 Practical G2


CZ is releasing or updating a whole bunch of gorgeous over/unders and side-by-sides for 2015 along with lots of shotguns for hunting use, but I thought I’d highlight the second generation 712 Practical. This extended-capacity semi-auto is intended for 3-Gun style competition. It’s more or less competing against shotguns like the Beretta 1301 Tactical that I reviewed last summer and the big-name 3-gun jobs, but at a much lower price, and to those ends I’ve been playing with a 712 Practical — although Gen 1 rather than the Gen 2 being released in 2015 — for a month or so now and will put together a review sometime in February. The G2 version brings some small changes to the barrel lock ring and it adds the glossy finish accent on the rear of the receiver sides.

Everything Else

There’s a lot going on that I didn’t highlight above. It should be on CZ’s site here if you’re looking for more info. In the list below, if it’s red it’s new, if it’s blue it’s updated:

CZ SCORPION EVO 3 S1 cal. 9mm Luger – 10rd mags
CZ 805 Bren PS1 pistol cal. 223/5.56×45 – 10rd mags
CZ 1911 A1 cal. 45 ACP – 2x7rd mags
CZ 75 B 40th Anniversary cal. 9mm Luger – 16rd mags (1000 pcs production)
CZ SCORPION EVO 3 S1 cal. 9mm Luger – 20rd mags
CZ 805 Bren PS1 pistol cal. 223/5.56×45 – 30rd mags
CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW TARGET II, 9mm, black – 3×18 rd mags – BY CZ CUSTOM
CZ 75 SHADOW TAC II, 9mm, black – 3×18 rd mags – BY CZ CUSTOM
DW 715 Revolver cal. 357 Magnum, stainless
DW VALKYRIE, .45 ACP, black, two dots tritium sights – 7 rd mags
DW SILVERBACK, .45 ACP, stainless/black two tone, Bomar style target night sights – 8 rd mags
DW SILVERBACK, 10MM, stainless/black two tone, Bomar style target night sights – 9 rd mags
CZ 455 TRAINING RIFLE, .17 HMR, beech, 5 rd mag
CZ 455 VARMINT THUMBHOLE FLUTED cal. 22 LR, brown laminate thumbhole stock
CZ 455 ULTRALUX cal. 22 LR, 28” bbl
CZ 527 LUX, .223 Rem., 5 rd mag 1:9 Twist rate
CZ 527 LUX, .223 Rem, 5 rd mag – LEFT HAND – 1:9 Twist rate
CZ 527 FS, .223 Rem., 5 rd mag 1:9 Twist rate
CZ 527 AMERICAN, .223 Rem., 5 rd mag (1” rings incl.) 1:9 Twist rate
CZ 527 THUMBHOLE VARMINT, .223 Rem, 5 rd mag, Shady Camo Laminate 1:9 Twist rate
CZ 527 YOUTH CARBINE, 7.62X39., 5 rd mag
CZ 527 CARBINE, .223 Rem., 5 rd mag 1:9 Twist rate
CZ 527 YOUTH CARBINE,223 REM, 5 rd mag 1:9 Twist rate
CZ 527 EURO VARMINT, .223 Rem, 5 rd mag 1:9 Twist rate
CZ 527 M1 AMERICAN, .223 Rem, 3 rd mag, black polymer, (1” rings incl.) – 1:9 Twist rate
CZ 527 AMERICAN, .223 Rem, 5 rd mag, (1” rings incl.) – LEFT HAND – 1:9 Twist rate
CZ ULTIMATE HUNTING RIFLE, .300 Win. Mag., 3 rd fixed mag, (30 mm rings incl.) – 1:10 twist rate
CZ ULTIMATE HUNTING RIFLE, .300 Win. Mag., composite, 3 rd fixed mag, (30mm rings incl.) = 1:10 twist rate
CZ “WESTERN SERIES” 550 SONORAN RIFLE, .26 Nosler – Manners 100% carbon fiber stock, fluted bbl
CZ 557 SPORTER SYNTHETIC .30-06, black synthetic stock, fixed magazine
CZ 557 SPORTER SYNTHETIC .270, black synthetic stock, fixed magazine
CZ 557 SPORTER SYNTHETIC 6.5×55, black synthetic stock, fixed magazine
CZ WINGSHOOTER ELITE 12-28, 5 choke tubes
CZ WINGSHOOTER ELITE 20-28, 5 choke tubes
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER TARGET 12-30, KICK’S extended 6 choke set
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER REDUCED LENGTH 20-24” – 13” LOP, 5 choke tubes
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER  12-26”, 5 choke tubes
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER  12-28”, 5 choke tubes
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER 20-26”, 5 choke tubes
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER 20-28”, 5 choke tubes
CZ SOUTHPAW STERLING 12-29”, two tone silver
CZ SPORTER, STANDARD GRADE G2 12-30”, adj. comb, KICK’S extended 6 choke set
CZ SPORTER, STANDARD GRADE G2 12-32”, adj. comb, KICK’S extended 6 choke set
CZ SPORTER G2 12-30”, #3 circassian walnut, engraved, adj. comb, KICK’S extended 6 choke set
CZ SPORTER G2 12-32”, #3 circassian walnut, engraved, adj. comb, KICK’S extended 6 choke set
CZ SPORTER, STANDARD GRADE G2 12-30”, ADJUSTABLE RIB, adj. comb, KICK’S extended 6 choke set
CZ SPORTER, STANDARD GRADE G2 12-32”, ADJUSTABLE RIB, adj. comb, KICK’S extended 6 choke set
CZ SHARP-TAIL 12-28”, 5 choke tubes
CZ SHARP-TAIL 20-28”, 5 choke tubes
CZ SHARP-TAIL 28-28”, 5 choke tubes
CZ SHARP-TAIL .410-28”, fixed  IC/MOD chokes
CZ SHARP-TAIL TARGET 12-30”, KICK’S extended 6 choke set
CZ 712 UTILITY G2 12-20”, black polymer, 3 choke tubes
CZ 712 SYNTHETIC G2 12-28” with sling stud cap, black polymer, 3 choke tubes
CZ 712 G2 12-26”, 3 choke tubes
CZ 712 G2 12-28”, 3 choke tubes
CZ 712 ALS G2 12-28”, fully adj. ATI polymer stock 12”-14” LOP, 3 choke tubes
CZ 712 TARGET G2  12-30” with stepped rib, FO Front sight, 3 choke tubes
CZ 712 ALS G2 12-26”, fully adj. ATI polymer stock 12”-14” LOP, 3 choke tubes
CZ 712 PRACTICAL G2 12-22”, extended magazine, M4 style adj. stock, 5 choke tubes
CZ 720 G2 20-26”, 3 choke tubes
CZ 720 ALS G2  20-24”, 3 choke tubes
CZ 812 WATERFOWL 12-28” with sling stud cap, waterfowl camo with black shell carrier
CZ 612 MAGNUM WATERFOWL 12ga, RealTree Max 4 Camo – 28” bbl with sling stud cap
CZ 612 MAGNUM TURKEY 12ga, RealTree AP Camo – 26” bbl with sling stud cap
CZ 612 TRAP 12ga – 32” ported with raised rib

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  1. I was under the impression that the 805 was a poorly received by Czech soldiers, with many of them wanting the 58 back. It’ll be interesting to see how western users rate it.

    • The initial series had some issues that surfaced in Afghanistan. Battlefield surely isn’t the right place to find out your gun needs to be worked on. The factory apparently tuned out everything the army complained about and the soldiers seem to be happy with the second batch. Meanwhile all those from the first batch are/were upgraded too. In any case, civilian deliveries of the semi-auto rifle in the Czech Republic started after the issues were solved and the US “pistol” comes even later, so the early Afghanistan experiences should not be repeated.

    • I own a couple of the “original” Dan Wesson revolvers and their are fantastic guns. I hope that CZ does them like the “old days”. Having the barrel under tension made them very accurate for long distance shooting like metallic sillouette shooting and hunting. If you have never handled a Dan Wesson revolver, they are big and heavy, but nice shooting guns.

      • Yes, DW is still making them that way. Not only that, but the old swappable barrels fit on the new frames! And the really nice gun case the revolver comes in has places to put up to three additional barrels plus the one installed on the revolver 🙂

        • Mine came in the same kind of case with the extra barrels to fill the slots. It was sold as a “pistol pac”. What I meant about the old days, was there were periods of time after Dan Wesson lost control of the company where quality went down the toilet (1990’s?) My model 715 is blued, with a single action trigger that is incredible. The blued finish is comparable to what Smith & Wesson used to do, and almost equal to the finish of a Colt Python. I hope CZ puts that level of quality into these, as they are asking premium prices. I’m really hoping that they bring back the .22 LR version.

        • I’m pretty sure they are. The owner’s manual that comes with the 715 lists other models on the back. .22 LR, .22 WMR, .32 H&R Mag, .32-20 Win, and the .357 Mag…

  2. Man, I love CZ. That Bren really has my eye right now. Definitely need more details though… Weight? Threading on barrel for a different muzzle device? When is Sig brace going to be available? Will keep my eye on this for sure. Considerable MSRP, but hopefully that wouldn’t be the real world price.

  3. Wow, that 40th Anniversary 75B is just gruesome. It looks like it was carved from a solid block of ugly.

  4. Now you got me all excited with “arrival of CZ’s 805 Bren”! And turns out to be pistol. Thats just mean, brah!!!!

    • My guess is there’s a rifle planned but there’s a lot more legal stuff to go through with 922r compliance and such. They were probably just able to get a pistol version cleared for import a lot faster and easier, and that’s why they’re here first. Just an assumption.

      • That assumption is correct. There are no companies making U.S. parts unless CZ starts to make them stateside.

        Plenty companies exist for U.S. AK parts, Steyr AUG, and other imported designs. Even the vz-58, the predecessor rifle to the Bren, has domestic parts available seeing as how it is barely known and not even imported by CZ anymore but by Czechpoint out of Tennessee with no affiliation to CZ whatsoever.

        It probably won’t be for a few years that we see a rifle version based on sales of the pistol as well as CZ USA’s willingness to tool up for domestic manufacturing of compliant parts.

  5. Anything CZ seems hard to get. Especially the revolvers — at least at the shops I go to, the employees and their friends and families are allowed to purchase them before any customer can even get a chance. Would love to see the whole CZ booth however.

  6. Still waiting for SOMEONE to release a piston driven AR pistol in .300 AAC, without the receiver extension, thank you very much.
    The 805 Bren pistol would have been ideal. 🙁

    • Man, I am so with you. That is my ‘Holy Grail’. The new Adams Arms XLP looks promising, if they can figure out the issue with the fact that the rail/handguard blocks off access to the gas block!

      The PWS Mk109 is not adjustable and appears to be undergassed (fine if you run suppressed all the time)

      LWRC, Sig and DD all went DI on theirs! (which may be telling us something???)

    • Peter- SIG is releasing the MCX at SHOT. Designed for 300BLK (available and convertible to 5.56 & 7.62×39), no receiver extension, optimized for silencer, auto-regulating gas valve in a short-stroke piston, and backwards compatible to legacy AR lowers. Cover of Guns & Ammo. It’s pretty awesome.

  7. Hard to want a Bren 805 when I already have a SCAR. The $2K piston 5.56 rifle slot is already taken and I’m not seeing why I’d want a Bren if it comes in at that price point. $1.5K? Sure. $2K? Ehhhh.

    • SCAR vs Bren would actually be a very interesting review, the guns are very close in design and capabilities.

  8. An 805 RIFLE in .308 would be cool! Pistol? Meh. I don’t see the appeal (though I realize there are huge numbers of people here who go ga-ga over .223 pistols).

  9. 805 and scorpion evo pistols are now on my must have list. Thanks TTAG, just as I was building up the gun fund looks like its about to be emptied and then some.

  10. Man, if that Bren were chambered in 300 BLK, I wouldn’t be able to sit in my seat right now.

    Ahh well, guess I should be happy with the great news of the day — Magpul is launching Steel-reinforced AK x39 Mags soon. Woooo!

    • I once did a search for “CZs Suck” and the only hit of any note at all was a post titled that somewhere. So what did it actually say? What was the reasoning? The evidence?

      The body of it read “…the money right out of my pocket.”

      Try that sort of search with most any other brand and you’ll get an eyeful. It’ll be a mix of stupid stuff (to be expected) and actual real disadvantages to a gun brand/model.

      (Post Script, I did eventually locate some internet hate for the CZ.)

  11. I am counting the days until I see a picture on the front page of Drudge of Andrew Cue-Homo waving one of those 805s around. It will be sweetness.

  12. The 715 piques my interest the most, would be very interested to know how they compare to Ruger from a durability standpoint…also, some options without that massive underlug would be appreciated.

  13. I hear Bren and I think bi-pod, off set sights and a curved mag on the roof.

    Good to hear Dan Wessons are coming back.

    • Well a straight blowback action is pretty simple to manufacture. But I’d say that the one that surprises me is actually the Evo’s really low price compared to what I’d expect rather than the Bren being higher, although certainly it’s up there.

  14. Do you know where I can buy a replacement barrel for a CZ model 712 shotgun, 12 gauge, with a 3 inch chamber, either a 26, 28 or 30 inch barrel with choke tubes? New or used ?

  15. Interesting discussion , For my two cents , people require a VA 760-ADJ , my kids used a template form here

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