GLOCK 17 vs GLOCK 19: Picking A Plastic Pistol

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Glock 17 vs Glock 19 which is better
Sam Hoober for TTAG

If you want a GLOCK 9mm, but don’t want one that’s too small (like the G26 or G43) nor too big (like the G34) then the GLOCK 17 vs GLOCK 19 are your choices. And yes, lots of people — both new shooters and experienced gun owners — wonder which pistol they should buy, which leads to articles like this one. The answer is actually that you should get a 1911.

Just kidding! Anyhow, both GLOCKs are good pistols, but you might find one more suited to some purposes than to others. Both the G17 and G19 are great general target guns; you can punch a lot of paper with both. Say what you want about Gaston Glock, but he designed pistols that do that exceedingly well.

The GLOCK 17 — long a favorite of law enforcement agencies –is more of a service/duty or full-size pistol. The GLOCK 19 is something of a Goldilocks gun. Big enough to do everything a service/duty pistol will do, but small and light enough for concealed carry.

Glock 17 vs Glock 19 which is better
GLOCK 17 Gen 5 courtesy

The 17, of course, was invented to serve as a service pistol and the GLOCK 19, the smaller model, was devised for use by plainclothes police officers and so on.

How much so?

The standard GLOCK 17 has a barrel length of 4.49 inches, and a sight radius of about 6.5 inches, depending on exactly what sights you’re using. The GLOCK 19 has a shorter barrel length of 4.02 inches and a sight radius of about 6 inches, again thusly depending. Overall height of the GLOCK 17 is just shy of 5.5 inches including the magazine, the GLOCK 19 is right at 5.0 inches including the magazine.

Glock 17 vs Glock 19 which is better
GLOCK 19 Gen 5 courtesy

The GLOCK 19 is billed as being better for people with smaller hands, but only marginally so; the trigger reach (the distance from the back of the pistol grip to the front face of the trigger) is only 0.03 inches longer on the GLOCK 17 vs GLOCK 19.

Glock 17 vs Glock 19 which is better
GLOCK 19 Gen 4 9mm by RF for TTAG

Standard magazine capacity is 15 rounds of 9mm in the GLOCK 19 and 17 in the GLOCK 17, though that’s not actually the reason why Gaston Glock dubbed it the 17. Seventeen is actually the number of patents held by GLOCK; completely new models get the newest number they’re up to, which is why the GLOCK 45 is the GLOCK 45, even though it isn’t cambered in .45 ACP.

Do the specs vary with the various generations of GLOCK handguns? In a few dimensions, they do. The Gen 3 and Gen 4 GLOCKs are almost identical save for the Gen 4 pistols having swappable backstraps, a revised magazine release button and a few other bits. The Gen 5 GLOCK pistols had a bit more of an overhaul.

Gen 5 pistols have a wider frame and fully ambidextrous controls, adding about a tenth of an inch to overall width. The sight radius is slightly shorter (roughly 0.05 inches shorter) and the Gen 5 pistols both have a trigger reach distance of 2.76 inches. So better in one dimensions for those with small hands, but a little worse in another.

So…which to get? It partially depends on what you want to use it for.

The GLOCK 19 is something of a do-it-all gun. It’s great at the range, as it’s still plenty accurate with its shorter barrel compared to the longer barrel GLOCK 17. It’s a good home defense gun and at an unloaded (sans magazine) weight of 21.16 oz for the Gen 3 and Gen 4 models (21.5 oz for the Gen 5) it’s also a great choice as a concealed carry pistol.

Some of you might be aware that I work for Alien Gear Holsters. As it happens, GLOCK 19 holsters are the most popular models we sell. So as far as CCW pistols go, the 19 is the standard by which all must be invariably judged.

The larger capacity G17 is a bit better suited as a home defense pistol if going by sheer size, as the dimensions – 8 inches long, 5.5 inches tall and 1.26 inches wide for the Gen3 and Gen 4 versions – are a tad large for a concealed carry gun.

It’s easily one of the best sidearms for self-protection available, however; more police and other law enforcement agencies carry the G17 pistol than any other. However, they’re also carrying the pistol outside the waistband.

In an IWB rig, the 17 can be a bit much for some people. Then again, a lot of people carry a 1911 every day and a loaded government-size frame weighs a full pound more than a loaded 17, so you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. There are some folks who do CCW a GLOCK 17 on the daily, so it isn’t undoable.

Prices start at about the same amount, usually in the $450 to $500 range for base models, so really it comes down to which pistol is better for you and your needs. Go out and handle both, shoot both decide you’d rather have a 1911 and get an idea as to which fits you best.

What do you think, though? 17? 19? Get one of each? Or get a 19X or GLOCK 45 and have the best of both worlds? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. “The answer is actually that you should get a 1911.”

    TBH, that would be my choice. GLOCK’s are excellent firearms. They just aren’t my thing. I prefer hammers to strikers, and – and I know this is a cliche – but I don’t like the grip angle on them..

    Of the two, though, I’d go with a G19. Perfect size for most roles, and to me it balances a bit better in the hand than the 17.

  2. Don’t really need a 19X, but those 33 round it true that for every three magazines I buy, a communists head will explode? -30-

  3. My daily carry gun is a g17 IWB. My comp gun is a 1911 or a G17 with a Suarez 1” over slid in 40 S&W with a RMR for the extra knock down power. I do carry a G17 for CCW OWB in colder weather when it’s easire to conceal. But I do have a IWB Alien holster that is extreamly comfortable.

    • The laws of physics state if a firearm can ‘knock down’ a suspect it will also knock YOU down. Study Isaac Newton.

      • I’ve carried a G17 since 1986 and currently tote a G17 Gen 3 or a G19X with a spare mag. Love 1911s and used in the Corps many times. Proven man stopper. Sometimes carry my Kimber TacPro II or the Springfield TRP. I suggest carry what to train with most often. My case it’s the G17 or 19X. Happy hunting and Semper Fi.

    • That Man From UNCLE set up brings back fond memories of my childhood. I had a “spy” attache case with all sorts of politically incorrect goodies inside, and had a lot of fun with it.

  4. I CCW a Beretta M9 0r 92FS. Also have a few Beretta APX….. have Alien Gear for all of them. Also have Alien Gear belts. NO SAGGING….

      • An M-9 is the same size as a 1911 and 7oz lighter. It is easy to conceal if you dress correctly. The term “concealed carry pistol” is a marketing term used to sell tiny pistols to girly men.

        • Some of us are confident enough in our manhood to carry our LCPs. We don’t have to compensate for anything. 😁

          I really do respect folks that carry full sized guns. I’m glad they do, and wish them the best. I’m just a little lazy and complacent in carrying a mousegun. I have carried larger guns Glock 21,22,19 in the past. If the world goes to crap, I can carry a bigger gun. For everyday life however, the LCP or 642 generally seem good enough.

        • Girly men not withstanding every sized pistol has a purpose. I have a double stack subcompact that I mostly carry when I play golf. Larger guns make my swing feel awkward. I carry more for the rabid animals that might come crawling out of the woods than for rabid humans.

      • I have been known to IWB my 96A1, but since it holds the same number of rounds as my Px4 compact I generally go with that and regulate the 96 to range or woods duty. The 96 actually carries quite well.

  5. For years I carried a Colt Combat Commander. Still have it and it’s one of my favorite firearms. But, with technology I couldn’t ignore the weight and capacity factors and the Colt falls short comparatively. I have carried many pistols over the years but never a Glock. When the Gen 5 came out I had to finally break down and try it. After research and figuring out which of these two fit my needs and wants I decided on the 19. It’s slightly easier to carry concealed and accuracy for me is pretty much the same as with the 17. My biggest reason for the 19 is that I can also use the 17 mags. Not so the other way. Most civilians seem to prefer the 19, as noted by the popularity of holsters cited by the author. In a shtf scenario it’s nice to know I will be able to use either magazine. With law enforcement using the 17, the 19 being popular with the masses, there should be magazines to be found somewhere if needed and dual fitment just makes sense. Add a Kel Tec Sub 2000 fitted for Glock 19 mags and I feel very well armed for whatever comes.

    • I bought the Kel-Tec Sub2000 early this year before I had familiarity with Glocks. I got the Beretta version, as it was what they had in stock. I’ve purchased quite a few mags to go with it since, up to a couple hundred rounds or more in mags. but if I was doing it again, I’d now obviously get the Glock version to go with all the mags I have for the 17, and because of the cost of additional ones.

      • Mag and round interchangeability are guiding principles of my set up. I came to the realization that I was gonna be broke if i continued buying whatever tickled my fancy without standardization.

        • Something I was a bit slow to understand, and I get much more clearly now. Which is why, for me, I’ve settled on Glocks. I can’t say (or don’t want to say!) I’ve spent ‘too much money’ getting to this point; I’m not sure how you would put a ‘this is how much you should spend to figure it out’ kind of price tag, or how else you figure it out other than spend money to own and use different guns. I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t, what I like and don’t like, and what is most cost-effective over the long run, assuming a budget that does have limitations. And having interchangeable mags, and a lot of them, is one of the reasons I’ve settled on Glocks.

    • Absolutely spot on! I have the Glock 19 gen 4 and it is my EDC for 4 months now. Will rotate back to one of my 1911 45s compact or commander soon as EDC. I have a Kel TEC su 2000 9mm and very impressed with it. Highly recommend the G19 and SU 2000 for home defense, travel, SHTF etc.

  6. I have the 17 and the 34. I love ’em both. Both reliable, feel good in my hands, great guns that I enjoy owning and shooting. I carry a 21, OWB. The weight is noticeable sometimes, but then it evokes this pleasant feeling that I’m carrying a .45.

    • I find that a 30SF and a spare magazine on the left make a very good…equalizer.
      That way, like Doc said, “I got one for each of ‘ya.”-30-

      • Michael, I saw your comment the other day about the 30SF. I immediately started researching it! lol …..

        Glock seems to me to be a pretty brilliant company. LOTS of choices, LOTS of upgrades (of which I’ve not done any), slight differences, some big differences. People like choices.

        So the 30SF … more research! lol … Thanks, Michael!

        • A G30sf was the first pistol I ever purchased. Glocks in .45 seem easier to shoot accurately to me for some odd reason. Great handgun, wish I never sold it.

        • I might have just gotten lucky. My 30 seems just a little more…something, than the 21. But, I’m not giving either one up. They are tools. They go bang, they hit targets. I really don’t want or expect anything else from any firearms. -30-

        • Quick question, does anyones g30 spit brass straight back at them? Cause mine will hit you in the forehead, and we all know how great they feel going down your shirt. Just curious since no one else here has one but me.

  7. The G19 has a poorly-shaped grip frame, which leaves an air gap with most human hands . It also has a shorter sight radius and slightly reduced muzzle velocity . If you can stand the bigger size of the G17, buy it .
    Both guns tend to point high . I shoot the G17 better than I do the G19 .
    The key to Glock accuracy is to ignore the trigger and simply pull quickly through the shot . Pulling slowly will allow the trigger to stack up and get heavy . I don’t play the parlor game of using ” trigger reset ” . Just fire it as if you were shooting a DA revolver
    fast .

    • Wow you really don’t have a clue do you? It’s retards like you giving out bullshit advice like this is one of the reasons the internet sucks. Just because it gives everyone a voice it certainly doesn’t mean everyone’s words have equal meaning. And from what you just wrote, whatever you have to say is worthless.

  8. I love my PPQs in 22 and 45, but prior to buying those I purchased a Glock 17. I was considering selling it and going PPQ in 9 also. Kind of works out now since I just recently acquired a Sub 2000 Glock model. I’m kind of married to the 17 now. I prefer it over the 19 as a plinker due to the full size grip.

  9. I don’t like plastic striker guns. I’ll take that 1911 any day, or a CZ75, or a Hi-Power, whatever. So I think I will just get another 1911. Thanks for the guidance.

  10. Already have a G19. It’s not my favorite gun, but I understand the love the platform gets. (… and yes, I too have an Alien Gear IWB for it) I have a 4.5″ XDm in 9mm so I don’t need a G17. (Oh, AND I have a Kel Tec Sub 2k) My problem now is I think I want a G26, but the size difference between a 26 and a 19 isn’t really significant enough to rationalize the purchase. Then there’s stuff like the Sig P365 coming out… This article hasn’t helped at all. I’ve painted myself into a corner. It’s horrible. I feel like I have the world’s ugliest Barbies, and now they want new friends so they can swap outfits.

    • I went with a G23 then I found a Sub2000 that took Glock .40 mags so, I added that to the collection. I already had a Model 59 S&W and Sub2000 that shared S&W mags with it. I recently acquired a Ruger PCC, and some Glock mags for it, so I suspect a G19 is in the offing or maybe a 9mm conversion barrel and 9mm mags for the G23. I do like companion firearms. That’s all fine and dandy but I still mostly carry a Ruger LCR/LCRx or SP101 in .327 Fed Mag. Their companion long gun is a Henry Big Boy in .327.

  11. And yes, lots of people — both new shooters and experienced gun owners — wonder which pistol they should buy, which leads to articles like this one. The answer is actually that you should get a GP100.

  12. Don’t like Glocks, would not keep one as a gift but I’d sell it for the money.

    Ruger SR9 with a Ghost trigger bar for when I am carrying around a full size double stack 9mm. Have a bunch of magazines for this one, thinking of adding a Ruger PC Carbine. I’d do that before buying a Glock.

    PARA USA 1911 for when I want the .45 ACP.

    But a Glock? Why? What can Glock’s marketing do for me that a real DESIGNED & MADE IN USA actual AMERICAN gun cannot do?

    • I used to think like you, somewhat, but I caved and tried a Glock. Not my favorite but is ultra reliable. As for marketing, there are no other companies right now that have as many options for cross-brand shooting. I have three Glock 19’s, a Glock 26, two Kel Tec Sub 2000’s, and two Ruger PC9’s that are able to use the same mags, 15rd, 17rd, 20rd, 30rd, and 33rd.

      • Same here for almost 25 years. I’m not a Glock guy but recently learned how easy it was to Dremel my Glock 19 frame to fit my hands. $15 per glock mag is alot cheaper than mags for my Sig, S&W, Ruger or SA XD9. My Shield will remain my primary CCW and home HD gun, but the Glock will be a great range gun. There’s no denying the strong aftermarket support (Glockazines, holsters, weapon lights, night sights, triggers) for the Glock 19.

      • I am not inexperienced with Glocks, it is just that they were not owned by me and I would not buy them. I’ve no big complaints with the design other than the trigger BS, it is the company and where the money goes. It is also the hype, the myth building and the marketing.

        The foreign connection is bad enough, as I put effort into spending money on American made things as much as I possibly can. There are plenty of fully American companies I can support, why give money to Austria when I’ve so many home-grown choices in front of me?

        The reliability claims are hyperbole, I’ve many thousands of rounds thru pistols that Glock claims to be superior to and they go bang every time, feed and eject just as they are supposed to. I get it that it’s all marketing with Glock, but I don’t especially like the “Being Played” or “Being lied to” aspects of that marketing.

        Oh and the grip angle of Mr. Browning’s design is as near to perfection for naturally pointing a handgun where it needs to be pointed as there can be.

        • I totally understand and respect your thoughts on the subject. Especially about the grip angle! Like you, I try to spend on American made products. But putting together the grouping of firearms for my intended purpose, the Glocks were what fit the bill. I am happy to say the rest of my collection is all USA made( mostly revolvers and lever guns).

        • What you say about grip angle is 100% subjuctive. And if you were a real shooter you would know grip angle is irrelevant. But there is nothing wrong with being a hobbyist, just don’t spew bullshit expecting those of us who are educated to believe it.

  13. I am a Glock guy so I say get them both. I shoot them both extremely well but in fairness I have been shooting Glocks for years. I can honestly say that in over 10 years with several different Glocks both Gen3 and Gen4 I have never ONE time had any issues at the range. That’s with 1000’s of rounds with all kinds of ammo. That’s why when I hear people talk bad about Glocks I just say ” whatever, you shoot what you like and I will keep shooting what works for me.” I have other pistols and enjoy them all but when it comes to my carry guns it’s G19, G26, and G43 above all. That being said, I love the S&W M&P series too. The S&W 9C I can shoot as well as anything I own. I also like the Shield 2.0. My wife just bought the Sig P365 and I have to say it is an awesome gun. That thing is so accurate and easy to shoot it will be thrown into my daily carry rotation soon. If she won’t give it up then I will go buy another one. That’s how much I enjoy that gun. We have shot several hundred rounds through it with no problems at all. My father has the Walter PPQ and Walther PPS M2 and loves them. There are so many great choices out there you just need to find what fits you the best.

  14. First time hand gun owner. I went with the G19 3rd Gen only because the G43 grip was too short but have heard rumors that the G43X grip will be longer and the mag will hold 10 rounds.

    • It’s really, really addictive, Gerald … be careful! and have fun! the more you read about all of it, the more fascinating and fun it becomes, and the more guns you want! At least that’s what’s happened to me!

      • Same here, and don’t forget all the gear, accessories and history of it you start to research day and night. Then getting into handloads…..list just goes on and on

  15. From a tactical standpoint I’d say the 19 is the better option faster handling and the 17 mags will fit the 19 but the 19 mags won’t work in a 17

  16. It’s not a plastic pistol. It’s a high strength polymer. Your headline makes it sound like a squirt gun.

      • Quite actually plastic (among other substances) is comprised of synthetic polymer. Splitting hairs? Absolutely, but you had to go all Bill Nye on us and bring orgasmics(sic) into a family friendly setting.

  17. I comfortably carry a Glock 19 Gen 3 in an Alien Gear IWB every day. An excellent combo and I couldn’t care less what the Glock Haters have to say.

  18. I bought my Glock 17 back when 17 was the highest number Glock used (a long time ago). I like it okay, it eats everything and anything I feed it, and it’s not fussy about being clean. It’s the gun I grab when I hear a “bump in the night”. But it is just too ugly to love, I would describe it as more of a fondness. I LOVE my 1911 and I Love my Dan Wesson .357.

  19. EDC the G17. Seriously, it isn’t THAT big. I have large hands so what can I say? Compact firearms just don’t feel right to me..

    • Ditto here – except maybe not that big of hands. Not really big enough for my G20. My G17 is Gen 4, and initially I was using one of the back straps that came with it. Someone who knows a lot more than I suggested that I shoot it without, and he was right. I do shoot it better that way. It just runs, and runs, and runs. Last summer I was embarrassed after a class when were cleaning our guns, and it was almost white just under the barrrel. 2 FTFs with an aftermarket magazine, and several with .380 ammo, but no other problems in better than 5k rounds.

      This time of year, I have no problems concealing the G17 (and even, occasionally, the G20), but summers I tend to go with an XD Mod 2. I don’t really notice the weight anymore, or the size. It just takes getting acclimated to. Don’t know why, but a G17 shoots better for me than a G19, though I intend to try the new 19X this next year.

  20. 19, 17, 30, 26… whatever. They all put rounds where I want them and do so reliably. Still, when I go with plastic my CCW choice is a USP 45.

  21. Had both, sold the 17. G19 seemed to do everything just as good in a smaller package, though I don’t shoot much 9mm anymore. If budget is a concern, friend of ours just bought her first gun. Ruger security 9, we took it out yesterday. Same dimensions as my g19 and ate everything we threw at it, about 250 rds of mixed manufacturers +hand loads, and cost half the price of my g19. My g30 was a bit thick in the grip for her but, she did like the 1911…as do we all…Anyway we got a new shooter in the community folks, so yesterday was a good day.

  22. I like Glocks a lot. I own three . I also like 1911s and own 2 . If I have to fight for my life with a handgun let it be the 1911.

    • If I have to fight, and I win, my pistol is still going to sit on a shelf in an evidence locker. Yeah, I’d much rather turn in a Glock. Seriously, if all I need is a basic self-defense firearm, I’ll be just as well served with a Department trade-in S&W Model 10 or 64 and some +P hollow points. All else is just personal preference. -30-

      • If you ever have to surrender the gun that saved your life, do you truly care if it’s a Wilson Combat or some other expensive gun? Your life was worth whatever you paid for your gun if you lived to face another day. I understand fully the thinking that says “carry only the gun you won’t mind giving up to the police” but make damn sure it’s a gun that you handle with expertise and that you’ll bet your life on. You sound like a good guy – you probably know all this. Stay safe!

        • To this day I don’t get the +p craze. Bullet design matters but adding extra recoil seems counterintuitive. Then again I am a minimalist usually.

        • Mas Ayoob put it well enough for me, “shooting straight with my .38, beats them giving me jive with their .45s.” Guns are tools, some just look nicer than others, is all. Experience, mistakes and practice are what make the difference. -30-

  23. Glock 45.. new generation, 19 slide, 17 rds, plus all the goodies to upgrade.. now waiting for Wilson Combat.. I use to carry the Sig P320

  24. I like Glocks, they feel natural to me. But that’s probably because I learned to shoot handguns using Glocks. I carry a G26 Gen4 off duty and a G22 Gen4 on duty. My department is soon switching to the G17 Gen5 though. To each their own, there are plenty of excellent brands and models of pistol out right now. At this point, it’s really just about personal preference.

  25. The REAL answer is that you should get TWO Smith & Wesson, M&P 2.0 Compact & M&P Shield 2.0 for the price of ONE Glock.

    • Unlike some on this thread, I’m not a Glock hater. I have several Glock’s (19 & 23), and have had several others (17, 22, 27), that I sold to fund other purchases. I like the 17/22 full size guns, but prefer the compact size (19/23), and hated the subcompact 27. I feel the 19/23 is a better size for me. It fits the whole hand, and the longer barrel aids accuracy, plus holds more rounds than the subcompact. For me the 27 is too fat (essentially the same width as the 19) to hold so few rounds. I tried the 43 when it came out, but didn’t like the way it felt in my hand. I didn’t shoot it as well as the Shield, either.

      With that said, I agree with you on the S&W. I have the M&P 2.0 in both compact (15 rounds), and full size (17 rounds) & the Shield 2.0. I like my Glocks, but LOVE the S&W. For me, it’s a better gun. My nightstand gun is the full size M&P. I seldom concealed carry, but when I do, the Shield carries well, and conceals a lot better than the G27 ever did.

  26. For those of us who live in warmer climates, and do not dress in layers, even the Glock 19 is too big for CCW. Way too big in fact, for tee shirt and shorts. Many do it, but it’s too easy to print. Despite the advantages of a bigger pistol (less recoil, greater mag capacity, longer sight distance, etc), something like the S&W Shield (my choice) or the Walther PPS is best. Both shoot accurately for a small gun and are slim and short. Yes, you can trust your life to one of these guns that were designed for regular-person CCW, especially at the close-in ranges that characterize most encounters. And they are more comfortable to carry all day too.

  27. A plastic pistol is about all we have to pick from anymore. If I had to choose between the 17 and the 19 I would probably go with the original and get the 1911. I do not like a Glocks No Safe Saftey, the trigger, the grip angle and they are not Made in America like my 1911a1 Norinco( china brand). Yup Norinco firearms all the way, and I shop at Walmart too. Just doing my part to help America help the last communist super power.

    • Possum, I agree about the Norinco. I carried and shot one for a couple of years. Shooter I knew did same thing with a SIG P220. Didn’t matter which one of us shot them the Norinco was always much more accurate. Go figure. -30-

  28. Polymer 80 is now selling a compact longslide frame, which mounts a G17 slide on a G19 frame. It’s selling well. When they release the G26 frame that takes G19 slides, they will have outmaneuvered Glock twice.

    If I was starting over and wanted to buy my first Glock, it would be a Glock 26. It’s just as easy to shoot as a Glock 19, but is easier to conceal and takes standard Glock double stack magazines.

  29. Having used / own several different Glock models. As the author of this editorial the Glock 19 is the Goldilocks of the 9mm models. The standard of which competing manufacturer’s aspire to.

  30. Or you could build a 19L with a polymer 80 hybrid frame, and get the grip length of a G19, and the slide length of a G17.

  31. I’m no expert, just enjoy going to the range and have a good time with friends. Among other hand guns I owe I love my glock 19x.
    For home defense I have glock 26.
    They are great firearms.

  32. I’m a 1911 guy, bought a 19X and love it! I installed an APEX trigger and most importantly for me the Cominolli thumb/trigger safety. On boy, I’ve opened the proverbial door for the purest comments! Truthfully though; 1) A safety is a device that interferes with a sequence, leading to an event; 2) Will give the user added security from a NDC due to a clothing snare on the trigger, or some needed response time to crush the esophagus of some fool that would dare to get a grab on ones weapon. The safety looks and appears to operate like the one Glock submitted for their military version. I feel a lot better carrying one in the pipe with the added thumb safety engaged.

  33. Commenting just because I’d feel left out if I didn’t share my opinion that nobody can live without, even though I will make points many have already stated.

    I can carry a G17 EDC, during whatever season. I had the G19, which is a phenomenal firearm, but the grip fits my hand awkwardly (known issue for many).

    Ultimately, the 19X (and now G45) is the best of all worlds. I was more accurate with my stock H&K P30 than my stock Gen 4 Glocks, but the combination of the 19X trigger, crowned barrel and shorter sight radius made me more accurate with the 5th Gen adjustments than the P30. No, it’s not a 1911, but for a polymer pistol, the stock 5th Gen Glocks are next level perfection.

    I’m going to get the G45 to partner with the 19X, for when I need to go “black tie.” Or just for everyday. The question is whether or not I wait for the G45 in MOS, even if I don’t care or need it.

  34. I swung at the salesmans pitch ‘The Seal’s use the G19’ thenheaded to the range to fire a rental while waiting for the pickup call. 100-rounds and 3 casings in later, my Internet browsing told the story on the G19: persistent problems with erratic ejection and jamming; year after year after year. Going to eat the 300-dollar deposit; lesson learned — study long and hard before you buy.

  35. I swung at the salesman’s pitch “The Seal’s use the G19” then headed to the range to fire a rental while waiting for the pickup call. I fired 100-rounds and took 3-casings in the FACE. Later, my Internet browsing told the story on the G19: persistent problems with erratic ejection and jamming; year after year after year. Going to eat the 300-dollar deposit; lesson learned — study long and hard before you buy.

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