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The above photo showing members of Come and Take It – Ft. Worth and some local cookie purveyors is getting heavy play on the internets — and causing panties to twist. Kathy Perkins (second from left), head of Moms With Guns Demand Action and a Come and Take It member, told me how the photo came to be taken . . .

Kathy said the local chapter of Come And Take it was engaging in their usual business of civic education by taking a walk in the area. While they were doing so, they saw the Girl Scouts selling cookies. Figuring a Do-si-do would hit the spot, they decided to buy a few.

She told me the Girl Scouts were interested by the open carry of rifles and liked the idea of people exercising their rights. That’s why they agreed to a picture with the CATI members. Kathy posted on the CATI site, someone else saw the photo, posted it and it was off and running.

A local TV station picked up the story and as a result, the local Girl Scout council felt obligated to remind everyone that they do not get involved in political issues.

Girl Scouts is not a political organization and we do not advocate on any position. Further, neither girls nor volunteers are allowed to promote another organization in their role with Girl Scouts. When working in an official capacity, both girls and adults are to uphold the Girl Scout Promise and Law in all they say and do.”

Not too long ago, this picture wouldn’t have been considered political. You used to be able to buy guns through the mail, and the government encouraged such purchases. A Boy or Girl Scout troop that posed with adults holding rifles would merely have been seen as a fun photo opportunity. But decades of Second Amendment infringements have resulted in the current situation.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that Kathy said that she’s been subject to numerous personal attacks on the Internet because of the photograph.

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    • “…into thinking about guns very differently– in a very different way.” — U.S. Attorney General Eric B. “Fast & Furious” Holder

  1. You can’t stand up for yourself without pissing off someone else.
    Unless you’re doing it wrong.
    Don’t let the personal attacks get to you. Haters gonna hate. Besides….what are they gonna do? Lol

      • The “girl scouts don’t get involved in political causes? ”

        Right now, there’s a huge boycott against them because they support abortion.

        The right to life and the right to defend life go hand in hand. Pro life and gun rights….. If the girl scouts keep supporting death of unborn babies, I won’t buy their cookies. My money won’t go toward that.

    • “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” — Winston Churchill

  2. Well done I like and if I’m not mistaken I think girl scouts used to have a merit badge for marksmanship. I was never a girl scout, but my sisters were.

      • please do not get me going about lawyers. I gave my opinion of lawyers to a judge in court one day. I do thought I would end up in jail, but because I did it in an intelligent way I didn’t.

  3. Really, I hope Greg Abbott pursues better open carry laws for Texas. The problem with open carrying a rifle is while it may be legal, there really is no point. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should and even back when I was a kid and gun racks in trucks were a thing you still didn’t see people slinging a rifle on their back while walking down a city street. It was out of place then just as it is now.

    The difference is now apparently just carrying a rifle is a political statement, which is a sad commentary on our rights in the present day. Back in the late 70’s and 80’s it might have been out of place but the reaction would have been more along the lines of “What’s with that guy?” instead of today’s “OMG!!! A GUN!!! CALL THE POOOOLICE!!!”

    • Have to agree that, generally speaking, schlepping a long gun around is out of place and over the top – wrong tool for the job or location.

      That said, these folks are in Texas and trying to make a point about open carry being legal. Since in that AO open carry of (not antique) pistols is NOT legal, displaying rifles is their only option and so it is the ONLY tool available for the job in their location.

    • Abbott says he’s for open carry, so are at least some of the 4 guys running in the GOP primary for LtGov. It’s way past time.

    • While you may think there is no point to carrying a rifle (disregarding it as a political statement), I would disagree. Although the probability of me being involved in a situation where I would need a firearm is very low, if such a situation were to occur I’d MUCH rather have my AR immediately available than my pistol.

      A handgun is much more convenient to carry around to be prepared for the unlikely need of a firearm. So I totally get carrying a concealed handgun, and honestly that’s what I do. But if that need ever occurred you can be damn sure I’d be wishing that “just this one time” I’d been carrying a rifle.

  4. Of course she’s suffered personal attacks, and over the internet, no less.

    Classless, baseless, and indefensible ad-hominem attacks are their forte` and literally their only argument. No one who stumps for gun control is ever going to make fun of her to her face — regardless of of whether she’s armed or not. They’re all cowards. Period. Instead, they’ll all be little Keyboard Kommandos using big words (and in the wrong context no doubt) to give an air of intelligence and authority. They won’t even show up to their own rallies in any significant numbers just so that they won’t be made fun of by us.

    My message to Kathy would be this: Don’t let the hateful remarks of your intellectual lessers get to you.

  5. “….Kathy said that she’s been subject to numerous personal attacks on the Internet because of the photograph”

    Of course the spinelss anti gun idiots would attack her through the internet, they dont have the balls to attack her in person.

    Go ahead, attack a people of the gun, see how that turns out.

  6. Hmmm, those girls don’t look so scared. That article linked said the presence of a rifle made everyone around fear for their lives. Sounds like it’s just more projection. Now they’re trying to tell us how we should feel. What a joke. If only they tolerated free thought.

      • Rob .
        “It’s Texas. I’m sure it’s not the first time they’ve seen a real gun”

        It’s Fort Worth Texas, It’s called Cow Town for a reason, cowboys & doing the Two Step,
        If Texas ever goes open carry, you will see plenty of tooled up guys/gals – 911 operators will educating the few callers they get – Ft. Worth is about the most conservative city in Texas

        • Yup. I live 20 minutes from Ft. Worth. I grew up in Austin but not sure it’s Texas.

          Real strange living in these conservatives suburbs and having conservative Ft. Worth next door but seeing the ridiculous and failing progressive politics in Dallas proper. Um…hullo. There is a reason most of the surrounding population does not live in Dallas itself.

      • To a grabber, that means the gun must be defective and therefore also must be removed from the public. For the Children (TM) of course.

  7. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Thin Mints are HERE!!!!!!

    Sorry for getting all bent out of shape, I need to stock up like NOW!!!

    • LOL, thin mints are acceptable, but I prefer Samoas.

      Is it just in AZ or do Girl Scouts roam around selling cookies at gunshows in other states too?
      They seem to make a killing with those cookies.

        • i will now report you to the PC police. Samoas have been ruled racist by the girlscouts and now are called Caramel Delights. If you are looking for a samoa sandwich, check the adult listings. 🙂

      • i will now report you to the PC police. Samoas have been ruled racist by the girlscouts and now are called Caramel Delights. If you are looking for a samoa sandwich, check the XXX listings.

      • Saw them, GS and cookies, at the entrance of the SAXET gun show last weekend, unfortunately if Austin TX and SAXET don’t come to an agreement to renew the contract that would be the last SAXET at the Decker Lane Expo location.

    • No you better not. You are just gonna sit there waiting for the scouts to open up, when all us workin folk are at work, buy all their stock and then laugh at the rest of us when we buy single boxes from you at triple the price man! 😉

    • I think they put crack in those cookies they are so addictive!
      Having said that setting up in front of your busy LGS is a great idea. I mean all of us dads out there are just suckers for cookies.. Oh they would sell by the truck load!

      • Thin Mints. The diet killer.

        They should regulate those. Those cookies make me fat. I can’t believe we just let people go up and buy those without any restraint. Don’t they know those cookies are high in calories?

        • After this photo, you can bet Barry and Herr Bloomberg will be putting their heads together to target some Girl Scouts post haste.

        • Maybe we should limit the amount of cookies anyone can buy at one time to, the total amount of cookies you can stuff into an empty AR magazine!

        • “Those cookies make me fat.” That’s like saying guns kill people. Self restraint and exercise my friend. And lots of range time.

  8. I think what they meant to say is “Girl Scouts is not a political organization. We are only here to sell as many expensive cookies as possible so that the organizations management can be well compensated and we will pay the kids with a trip to an amusement park.”

  9. When I was a Girl Scout, marksmanship was a badge you could earn. (If I remember right, it’s been a while). There are 2 things in this picture I love. My 2A rights and cookies!

  10. “Girl Scouts is not a political organization and we do not advocate on any position. Further, neither girls nor volunteers are allowed to promote another organization in their role with Girl Scouts.”

    I call BS on this one. Do a simple search engine lookup regarding “Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood”. Girl Scouts CEOs proudly proclaim their partnership with Planned Parenthood. Just another reason that I pulled my child out of that corrupt organization. GSA is about a political as you can get. I do admit the cookies are tasty, though.

    • +1 My daughter got her Silver Award and my wife was an Assistance Troop Leader before the Girl Scout PC crap got intolerable and GSA made a pact with the devils from Planned Parenthood. My daughter is now an American Heritage Girls troop leader. My granddaughter is an AHG girl who loved shooting 22 rifles and bow and arrows at AHG camp this summer.

    • This. And how can they be The Girl Scouts of America and not be political? Everything is political. I’ll admit I don’t know much about GSA though.

  11. It’s always amusing to get on a Facebook page, in this case The Girl Scouts, and read all the really ignorant drivel that people decide to pollute the interwebz with….

  12. “Not too long ago, this picture wouldn’t have been considered political.”

    But the Left’s strategy is to make EVERYTHING political, so that anything once considered legitimate is now considered controversial and therefore highly questionable. As a result, decent people or organizations who want to do decent things have to stop and ask themselves whether it’s worth the trouble to continue. And many will decide it isn’t.

    The Left has done this in nearly every aspect of our lives.

    • The left is just adding to the politicization of this particular incident. The two advocates of a political position- come and take it- are the ones who decided to take what I am sure they knew was a provocative (not that way!) photo. They have their politics on the flag, no less!

      Typical look-at-me!!!!! types walking around making sure open carry becomes more restricted.

  13. Here’s a funny for everyone: I coach the local Pony Club kids in an event called “Mounted Games” What that basically consists of is hordes of girls under 14 galloping madly around in relay races 4-5 kids per team, on their ponies throwing balls into buckets or using hockey sticks to hit kick balls into a goal.

    But that’s not important right now …

    What is important is Pony Club is a National Organization and one of the biggest Rallies (inter-club team competition) that draws kids from all over to compete is the yearly spring Tetrathlon Rally: Ride (jumping on horse back), Swim, Run and Shoot. I think this particular Rally has been going on for decades, 20 years at least maybe 50. Longer in the UK where Pony Club originated.

    Being that Pony Club still has close ties to mounted Fox Hunting and is quite obviously a very outdoors focused sport, I note that the blue-bloods whose kids participate in Pony Club and in Tet, in particular, never seem to miss a beat insofar as purchasing the required air pistols for their kids or dragging them over to old Mr. Hassle’s property twice a week to practice target shooting for weeks on end.

    Maybe there’s a lesson or a to-do here somewhere …

  14. The Girl Scouts tweeted that Wendy Davis should Woman of the Year, so it’s a lie that they don’t get involved in politics.

  15. I love the comments on the anti article… The article states GSA policies were broken with the photo, and the anti commentators start spewing it as fact because they were too busy to read the actual firearm code for the GSA to figure out that no policies were actually broken…

    I guess cross checking or citing is just too hard for these people…

    • Indeed. And the GSA response was simply to note their policy. It’s a wimp-out, but the GSA didn’t accuse any policies of being broken; only that they were not involve in any political statement.

  16. I’m curious. Why do people think this photo is an endorsement of the 2A by some Girlscouts. It seems more like a 2A Advocate’s support for the Girlscouts – in other words the only politicizing going on here is coming from the agitators.

  17. “Girl Scouts is not a political organization and we do not advocate on any position. Further, neither girls nor volunteers are allowed to promote another organization in their role with Girl Scouts. When working in an official capacity, both girls and adults are to uphold the Girl Scout Promise and Law in all they say and do.””

    I wonder if anyone informed the local Girl Scout Council about the other political activities of the Girl Scouts?

  18. Thank you Dean. Great article! Oh, about the attacks….yeah….haters gonna hate…liars gonna lie. I just am nice me and frankly I laugh a lot these days at the shenanigans and violent speech of the self proclaimed “non-violence” supporters. I tell ya, gun haters are some of the THE most violent people I have met!

  19. The GS said they don’t take political positions but are in partnership with Planned Parenthood and named Wendy Davis (Abortion Barbie) as an outstanding woman of last year. I guess partnering with abortion rights groups like PP and “endorsing” an abortion activist is not political at all, eh?

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