Get Your Summer Content Contest Entry In Now!


A free rifle or 250 rounds of commemorative smoothbore fun can be a powerful draw. Just take a gander at all some of the excellent Summer Content Contest entries we’ve already received. The good news: you still have time to get in on the action. Click here for the rules. Just get your magnum opus emailed to us (be sure to put CONTENT CONTEST in the subject line) by midnight July 31 to be eligible. Thanks for reading and good luck.


    1. avatar Rokurota says:

      No. Thank you.

  1. avatar MadMedic says:

    Submitted mine yesterday… Waiting/hoping it makes the cut for main page.

  2. avatar Coffee Addict says:

    I submitted as well. I wonder if it wound up in your spam file?

      1. avatar Coffee Addict says:

        thank you.

  3. avatar 277Volt says:

    I have a Henry Frontier. Butter-smooth action and so much fun it’s almost criminal.

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