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Good point: anti-rape messaging is about as effective as anti-gun messaging. Probably less. Meanwhile, as we reported last week, Germans are arming themselves against aggression (albeit illegally), and pushing for gun rights. Right answer — despite draconian German guns laws.

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  1. The only way that “tattoo” would be effective if it were drawn on a handgun you could point at your aggressor.

    “stop or I’ll say stop again” isn’t terribly effective deterrent. When will people learn “hope” is not a plan?

  2. For several millennia, people have placed their faith in magic tattoos. It’s good to see that the oh so rational Germans haven’t given up the practice.

    Or maybe, since the Russian Army raped every German woman they could get their paws on during WW2, modern German girls want a bit of what their grandmothers went through.

    Same sh!t, different invader.

  3. The tattoos should really say “Go home or Die”

    Repatriation now, or genocide later. Its really that simple.

  4. If I were so concerned that my child might be attacked, I’d either *deal* with the problem (immediate action) or GTFO.

    Either its such a risk that it must be eliminated, or its not a problem at all. I really, really hope that the tattoos are just a “raise awareness” kind of thing, or else the Germans are in real trouble and completely ball-less.

    • I’ll take what’s behind door #2.

      They’ve gone too far down the socialist progressive rabbit hole. If they ever do emerge from it (if things get bad enough), they’ll probably do a 180 straight into Nazis Part Zwei. Which won’t be good for anybody.

  5. “Nein heißt nein!” over on the pubic bone and as a tramp stamp? Maybe just as a tramp stamp for the little boys? Oh wait it would need to be in Arabic…

    Seriously? WTF has Europe become?

    • “Seriously? WTF has Europe become?”

      It’s become what the US is rapidly becoming. They’re just a couple of years ahead of us.

      • The difference is that most of us (who are worth a damn) have made certain our wives and daughters are armed up to deal with Mohamed the Rapist. The old saying was you can’t rape a .38, though now its more like ya can’t rape a .380 or 9MM. A dead attempted rapist no matter his religion, is in no danger of becoming a recidivist!

    • The tragedy is that this is just the beginning for Western Europe. Let us hope this horror does not come to the USA and Canada.

      • Wake up. The horror is already here, however at the moment the perpetrators speak Spanish not Arabic.

        • Not the same thing. Latin Americans may speak a different language, but they’re still culturally Western. If not for the destructive efforts of the progressive multicultural cult (the real perpetrators), they’d fit in here just fine.

          Middle Eastern Islamic culture, on the other hand, is utterly hostile to Western culture. I’m still of the live-and-let-live persuasion, but it’s clear to me that accommodating their beliefs would be cultural suicide.

      • The Germans just need more diversity – they are way short on donkeys, goats, and sheep for Saturday recreation for all these military age deadbeats Merkel is importing. “Four legged dates on every street corner – Its a right”. Importing livestock will take care of most of the “normal” islamists. The gov’t needs to step up.

        Not much can be done to keep the young German boys safe though – ;ikely not seen as a problem (certainly not reported) as the queers have the most important rights. Not allowed to even notice pederasty.

  6. Commenter Tommy Hobbes said above, “… this is just the beginning for Western Europe.”

    You would think that Europeans would remember previous Muslim incursions into Europe as far as Portugal and Spain around 700 A.D. and Vienna, Austria in the late 1600s A.D. How they can ignore that is beyond me.

    • “How they can ignore that is beyond me.”

      Three words: Liberal educational system.

      You don’t have to actively ignore that which you have been purposefully made ignorant of.

      • It’s more than mere ignorance — revisionist historians have been actively glamorizing Europe’s past Islamic invaders for half a century. They brought true civilization to a benighted Europe, don’t you know.

    • Charles Martel and Jan Sobieski are long gone. Not too many people recall how they stopped the onslaught in Europe.
      BTW, Australia has been feeling the nastiness of Islamist toughs for several years.

  7. As I tell young ladies nothing says get your hands off me like 3 inches of steel in the kidney. Except maybe the liver. That’s a good spot, too.

      • Terrible movie but +5 for the total psycho reference.

        Still, Jim has a point. Rape is up close and personal making I knife a reasonable choice of weapon if you can’t get a gun. ♫… there’s blood on the knife, there’s blood on the blade…

  8. So intolerant. The ‘belief system’ of Islam already lays out a simple means to indicate a desire to not be raped;
    1) Submission to Allah
    2) Submission to husband
    3) Resigning one’s self to staying home almost always
    4) Marriage to husband at earliest age possible, ideally before puberty
    5) Careful segregation with other females whenever in public
    6) Wearing a Burqa or other covering to disguise or camoflage feminity from ravenous males’ uncontrollable urges

    First step is accepting the Tattoo, Germans…

  9. What an empty gesture. The only reason these migrants are able to form organized rape groups is because they’ve faced no real opposition. If one of them gets a pocket knife to the neck next time, they might just think twice thereafter. Sadly I won’t be surprised if a German woman who defends herself in such a way gets charged by the same state inviting her assailant into the country with open arms.

  10. Rather than tattooing with anti-rape messages, the Germans should just tattoo registration numbers on the arms or wrists of citizens so they can keep track of those who were raped, or had other rights violated. Oh wait….

    What’s with those Germans and their tattoos, anyway?

  11. This might be the saddest thing I have seen. I don’t know what is more horrific. That they have to tattoo young children with don’t rape me or the fact that there are enough occurrences of this happening that someone came up with the idea. This is the ultimate example of what liberalism does to a country. I honestly thought the Europeans would wake up and see what the muslim invasion was bringing to them and do something about it. Apparently I was mistaken.

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