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We could have filed this under our feature This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace. I agree that the surge in German Google searches for the term “gun license” rose 250 percent “thanks” to the coordinated rape attacks by Muslim immigrants (yes, Muslim immigrants) against women throughout the republic. The video doesn’t tell you . . .

that a Google search by a German civilian is just the first step on a long and likely fruitless road towards owning a firearm in a country where the right to keep and bear arms isn’t codified by law.

As informs us,

Carry permits are usually only issued to persons with a particular need for carrying a firearm. This includes some private security personnel and persons living under a raised threat-level like celebrities and politicians . . . carrying at public events is prohibited.

Click here for a TTAG correspondent’s closer look at German gun laws. It doesn’t fill one with optimism about Germans’ natural right to armed self-defense.

[h/t SS]

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  1. Bring in hundreds of thousands of people into your country who think a mass-murdering pedophile rapist warlord from the dark ages is “the perfect man” and should be emulated, and you’re bound to have more people wanting to buy and carry firearms for their self-protection.

    • Dude, I live in Germany and that’s a complete over-generalization/misrepresentation of the situation. Don’t make the same mistake the antis do and speak from fear without engaging your brain. Most of the regugees are law abiding folks who are running AWAY from ISIL and Assad. Yeah, there are definitely some who are in it for the potential money; who wouldn’t be, and assuming you’re of European descent most likely your ancesters came over for the same reason. That being said, if the actions of a very small asshole element are taken to denigrate the whole, then you, I, and every gun owner should turn in our guns because every once in a while a legal owner commits a crime.

      • You will find out there are more than a few differences between the European Immigrants who came to the USA versus the Muzzies taking over Europe.
        A lot of the Euro Immigrants to the USA did change their names, religions, language and dress to assimilate into American society better. I know my ancestors did.

      • You claim to live in Germany – do you speak German? I would be happy to provide you with quotes from the head of BKA, etc. describing their assessment of the threats posed by these “migrants”. If you read the German news, you’ll see that this is more than just a few bad apples. I would also suggest the book “Blaulicht Deutschland”

        Unless you also speak the language, living in Germany doesn’t mean you know squat about what’s going on there.

  2. It is in the best interest of the politicians in Europe to forcibly repatriate the Muslim invaders. The people are not looking to arm up solely to defend against the 3rd world squatters. They have seen that their political elites are ready to sell them out and sacrifice them to the alter of multiculturalism and political correctness.

    The night of long knives draws nigh in more places than just Germany.

    American politicians better take note.

    • “It is in the best interest of the politicians in Europe to forcibly repatriate the Muslim invaders.”

      That ain’t gonna be happening.

      You see, it’s like this:

      United States Progressives goal is to emulate their EuroTrash betters. The EuroTrash politicians goal is the ‘Progressive Utopia’, in every warped and brain-dead way possible.

      Those fvckwits actually believe that those poor refugees would *never* behave like animals once they see how wonderful life is western Europe.

      The cannot grasp the concept that Islam has but one purpose (but not Steve Martin’s ‘special purpose’) to spread Islam to every corner of the planet and convert those unbelievers to the light and love of Islam and the Prophet.

      Those stupid unbelievers are being converted to Islam for their own good, dammit! Can’t they see that?


    • The EU is dead. Europe is not. Nations will reclaim their sovereignty and with it their National culture and pride. Europe will purge itself of the Muslim horde its just a matter of how bloody it will become.

    • Good for the Europeans. Many fewer pages dedicated to gun bans in Sharia than in whatever hacked up progressive code they currently suffer under.

      • If I remember correctly, there was actually an entire Muslim SS division, and there is a link between the Nazis and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

        • You’re thinking of these guys, the 13th SS Handschar Division made up of mostly Bosnian Muslim volunteers: and doing their Aloha Snackbar thing here: They never left the Balkans from their formation in ’43 until war’s end. Their Muslim status was trumpeted by the Germans largely as a propaganda tool, whereas the volunteers themselves saw it as an opportunity to get some money, shoot some partisans, and try to bring stability to their historically chaotic region of the world. They had an extremely high desertion rate, and when the Germans left, many took their Mausers home with them. Decades later, Yasser Arafat admitted former German officers were also employed as a training/advising contingent to the PLO.

      • Hitler and the Nazis were actually down with the Muzzies. When US forces invaded North Africa, the Muzzies had all sorts of Nazi pictures and propaganda pamphlets. Adolf Hitler pictures were very popular with the Muzzies. The Muzzies actually hated US troops. The US troops actually hated the Muzzies. Smart US troops.

        • Christ – they’re still down with the H man. Mein Kampf sells like the newest George R. R. Martin in the ME.

          Also – for all you Nazis who think the H man was great, the multicultural hell hole that the western world is rapidly becoming is closely tied to the fact that WWII destroyed western civilization’s confidence in itself and discredited the idea that people of a common culture, history, ethnicity, and boundaries could have, you know, a territory for people like them. Well – actually, its just the Anglo-Europeans that get multi-culti ass reaming, everybody else gets to keep their craphole country, but now have the option to colonize Anglo- European sphere and turn all the soaring cathedrals into mosques and its population into dhimmis.

          Although, the idiot elites just assume the Magic Dirt that those cathedrals grew from will change the Muzzies into Germans. Not gonna happen, because, otherwise, Muzzie countries would be all like, I don’t know, Germany.

          So, you know what? F*ck Hitler.

  3. Most of those Germans doing that are going to be in for a surprise as owning so much as a bolt-action rifle in that country is virtually impossible. You can, or could, buy pepper spray guns that look like assault rifles, but I think they have even cracked down on those.

  4. The strongest you can legal carry here in most public places open ore conclead are fix blades up to 12 cm in lengt what i do open.

    If i must used public transportation at neightours i carry illegal an glock 29 conclead, better als dead ore more be end handycapt !!

    Legal ? No Way not only for home defense an long arm all may issue shit here

  5. I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Germany and most of the people I met that have anything to do with guns were sport shooters using small caliber competition rifles. They had to keep them at a shooting range unless they had a special license to keep them at home under lock and key. I think the bigger problem in Germany is if you respond to an attack with deadly force you will most likely be charged with a crime. I heard a few stories that criminals who broke into people’s homes and were injured by the homeowner got off free while the homeowner was charged.

      • “Because of what the current generation’s great grandparent’s did?”

        Because of what their grandparents and their parents did, 20 years apart, each time causing tens of millions of deaths, for the sole reason that they wanted to enslave the entire planet? Actually, yes. How much reason do you think we need?

        • That’s totally B.S. what you are saying. First if all my parents would have nothing to do with it. My Grandparents yes. My Grandpa went to ear for Hitler, lost both his legs for Hitler and was in a Russian prison camp for several years because if this. I’d he and so many thousands of Germans hadn’t Obeyed then they would have gotten shot eben if Hitler made promises and manyb were made under false pretenses.
          Germany suffered bsevere poverty, was starving and the H man how you call him took this opportunity to leadthe German people by their noses into another trap.
          I personally grew up just 4O KM west of the DDR border… We went to go there often on a Sunday trip, they were still in disbelive and saying “look what we did” .. My Parwnts did not do this, they weee little kids juat barrly walking. My Dad has had a relative who has crossed somehow he never returned…. Still til now no one know what happened.
          You be careful what you say, take a minute and look what you let you own country become.

        • So, ethnic cleansing of Germans is ok 3-4 generations later because of the holocaust… But ethnic cleansing of white Americans is not ok but they only killed around 600 million natives and completely destroyed its culture. I wouldn’t give my land to any either, but having a hatred for modern day Germany while at the same time (I assume) you think white guilt is stupid is a pretty dumb stance.

        • Don’t be an ass. There never were 600 million “natives”, and they were not native, except to Europe.

    • I’m fine with no German ever having a gun now and forever. Sow, meet reap.
      Don’t worry, The German Americans will make up the gun ownership deficit of the German Europeans. And how!

  6. I’m a bit surprised at those who seem to think guns are rare in Germany. The hunting culture there is very strong. Concealed carry is negligible, but handguns are owned. It is legal to finish a wounded animal with a pistol shot, which is not the case in Canada.

  7. When words like ‘rapefugees’ make it onto the signs of protesters over there, you know things aren’t good. And, of course, there is no mention of European civil unrest in main stream news outlets.

    • So you only learned about it here?

      It’s all over the news, stop beating that “the bad ol media won’t cover the real outrage!” horse. It’s dead. Guess what? Fox News is the mainest mainstream media in the country, so quit pretending they’re the underdogs.

    • Right on. Too bad Germans can’t arm themselves. Time to shoot first and ask questions later. Europe needs to take out the trash.

  8. Mach schnell! Hurry and get some guns mein herr and fraulein…a little late ain’t it? I’m happy my forebears left for America…

  9. I am looking forward to see 2015 CC license statistics for the Czech Republic. Everything points out to a first major increase since 2000. Right now CC license exam are booked out till the end of April.

    The Czechs let US to overtake them with number of CC licenses per capita back in 2007, but if the trend stays for a few years, they might be back on top.

  10. I’d like to update/correct the write up on German guns laws, there are quite a few inaccuracies. I’ll have to do a write and submit to TTAG

    I have been living in Germany for 5 years and hunting for 4 of them. You can have 2 handguns, any caliber(one does NOT have to be .22) There is no such thing as “10 sec rule” for access to firearms. It is not America and unfortunately there is no right to own arms. I think slowly, Europe will wake up to that idea.

    It is not all bad here. You can buy long rifles online with no problems, just need to scan/email a copy of your hunting license. Since I work on an American base I have to go through a few extra steps to register weapons (Army bureaucracy) I do not agree with all the laws but it is easier and quicker for me to get a handgun here then in NY where I grew up.

    The only background check needed is when you get your license and when you renew it. Again, for us DOD affiliated Americans we need an FBI check within a year to register a new weapons purchase but Germans only need their check every 3 years when they renew their license.

    Plus, I can (and have) drive 3 hours to the Heym factory and spec out a rifle the exact way I want it….

  11. still some minarets in the south of spain. they spanked ’em before. turkey considers europe “the one that got away.”


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