Germany Jehovah's Witness Hall Shooting
Corpses are carried out of a Jehovah's Witness building and put into a hearse in Hamburg, Germany Friday, March 10, 2023. Shots were fired inside the building used by Jehovah's Witnesses in the northern German city of Hamburg on Thursday evening, with multiple people killed and wounded, police said. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)
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From the CCRKBA . . .

While German authorities continue their investigation into the mass shooting at a Jehovah’s Witnesses hall in Hamburg, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says U.S. politicians should learn something from the tragic incident.

“Anti-gunners who claim mass shootings don’t happen anywhere but America are once again proven wrong,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “More importantly, they should acknowledge that restrictive gun laws do not prevent evil people from committing violent crimes, and that they leave innocent people vulnerable to deadly attacks.”

Six people were murdered in the rampage, and then the killer, identified as Philipp Fusz, took his own life. Published reports say he used a pistol, which he legally owned. He reportedly had no criminal record and no links to terrorism, which would have disqualified him from owning a firearm.

“The typical reflex from politicians following such a tragedy is to further tighten down on law-abiding gun owners,” Gottlieb observed. “But the lesson to be drawn from Hamburg, and any other such incident, is that no law or set of laws can truly prevent some determined individual from committing mayhem. So, the logical solution is to make it easier for people to defend themselves in such situations.

“It has never made sense anywhere to disarm honest citizens in an effort to keep criminals and crazy people from committing violent crimes,” he continued. “That’s why defending the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is so important here in the United States, and why the Citizens Committee is not about to fold our tent and go home.

“We’ve seen what happens when legally-armed citizens can fight back,” Gottlieb noted. “Would-be mass shooters were stopped last year in Indiana and West Virginia by good people with guns. Hamburg is a tragic reminder that restrictive gun laws cannot guarantee public safety, and that being vigilant and able to fight back at least levels the playing field.”

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  1. RE: “Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says U.S. politicians should learn something from the tragic incident.”

    Never mind already learning something from what happened to defenseless Jews at the hands of Gun Control nazis.

    Never ceases to happen…Jackazzes supposed to be on point defending the centuries old Second Amendment apparently can’t see the lessons learned from Gun Control going back further than yesterday.

  2. In germany you need to show that you have been a sport shooter for at least 1 year with 18 proven training sessions before the government considers you eligible to request an ownership permission. They then look into your criminal record and you are investigated by the federal police and constitution protection secret service, basically the german NSA for any links to terrorism or extremism. Only then you may request a stamp to purchase a handgun, which might take weeks or months to process.
    It seems such an ownership card with pre-approval stamp was granted last year dec 6, and the gun was bought dec 12. Slightly more than one year after he was kicked out, which means he must’ve started this process as soon as he was booted. Even over that one year, no secret service investigation revealed his intent.
    You cannot stop this. Not even with 1 year waiting periods and NSA style secret investigations that probably violate all privacy rights. You may only arm the victims to shoot back.
    On the upside, this personal grudge leading to his weapons choice means he could only kill 6 people. As sad as it is, with 1 year preparation time you can built bombs or other weapons causing way more harm. A can of gasoline and a bike lock on the emergency exit door might do that.

    • The guns at Columbine were Plan B. The primary method was to be the detonation of five gallon propane tanks but it failed. Evil will always look for a way.

    • “Show me one crime that was stopped by gun laws. Just one.”
      It’s really impossible. It’s like proving there is the afterlife. You have to die first and most people don’t come back from dead and extol the virtues of being dead.

      It’s like saying capital punishment serves as a deterrent to others. I’m quite sure it has and does but how does one prove that? Do you ask 1000 scum-bags why didn’t you kill him and see if they answer, “man, I didn’t want to get the needle”

      There is one undeniable fact and that is we live on a violent planet. Humans are inherently emotionally unstable creatures at points during ones existence.

      No society can remove all lethal weapons.

      • Bare hands or feet are used more times each year than are firearms to commit murder. So what, ya gonna lock everyone’s arms behind their backs, releasing them only long enough for them to eat their supper?

      • MLee, it seems that in spite of protestions of some on the Left, the death penalty is a DETERENT to murder and other capital offenses. Is it 100% effective, of course not. Nothing is. But people do have a tendency to pay attention to the penalties involved when they commit a crime. Why do you think they shoot at police? Ya think itx has something to do about not wanting to get caugh?

    • Our own fucktard dacian will be along shortly with unassailable “evidence” from numerous sources back here in Capitalvania
      that will prove how well those laws are working.

  3. … restrictive gun laws do not prevent evil people from committing violent crimes, and … leave innocent people vulnerable to deadly attacks.” — CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb

    That is the explicit intention of such laws. As we often say, “That is a feature, not a bug.”

    If you do not understand that or question it, it really is quite simple. Unarmed people are easier to control, manipulate, use, abuse, and exploit. Furthermore, unarmed people will beg government to do something. Finally, unarmed people are more dependent on government. All three of these benefit the Ruling Class, not the people.

  4. The two arguments for the clowns to make are:

    A. ban religious people from gun ownership because clearly they’re crazy


    2) Germany is not one of the “developed” nations therefore this diesnt count against calls for US gun control

    Oh, can’t forget:

    D. “it would’ve been worse

  5. On a bright note: It’s still about 87 thousand times safer to be a Jehovah’s Witness in Germany than it is to be a Dindu Nuffin in Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Memphis, ….

  6. News flash: Seatbelts don’t stop driving deaths.

    But that isn’t the claim. They limit them.

    So please, please live up to your moniker about “Truth” and acknowledge that the goal of gun control is to LIMIT accidental deaths, suicides, and heat of the moment shootings. Hence the term “control” and not “confiscation”.

    It’s almost as if you’re afraid to admit the truth. Come on, you’re better than that.

    You hate it when the other side uses the most extreme and outrageous gun owners to portray law abiding 2nd Amendment advocates, so don’t do it yourself.

    • “acknowledge that the goal of gun control is to LIMIT accidental deaths, suicides, and heat of the moment shootings”

      Your attempt at rationality while noble, will not accomplish much in the face of willful ignorance.

      • MINOR Miner49er Speaking of “willful ignorance”, you have cornered the market on willful ignorance. What you know about firearms could not cover the bottom of a thimble.

      • MinorLiar,

        Like your “(P)resident”, you lie about everything. The GOAL of “gun control” is to disarm law-abiding citizens. We figured that out decades ago, but you’re too invested in your Leftist/fascist talking points to tell the truth. “Gun laws” do exactly diddly-shit to get guns out of the hands of criminals . . . because CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS, you cretin.

        As I’ve TRIED to explain to you and dacian the demented many times, anybody with a Benjy in their pocket can walk into a Home Depot and buy the materials to make a functioning firearm. Passing laws against guns is pretty useless, unless you simultaneously find a way to outlaw human ingenuity. OTOH, I must admit that you Leftist/fascists seem to have successfully crushed rational thought in your own ranks, so kudos on that.

        Leftism is become a coalition of the NON-BELIEVING liars (like Malig-Nancy and Schmucky Chuckie) leading the completely mentally incapable morons. I must commend to your attention the story “The Marching Morons”, by C.M. Kornbluth; it quite presciently describes the modern Dimocrat party and modern Leftism. But, then of course, you wouldn’t understand it, even if you COULD read it.

    • Don’t be ignorant. The goal is not to LIMIT anything. They have made that VERY clear.

      Sometimes, you fight fire with fire. If you can’t accept it, which you clearly cannot, then ignore it and continue in the world with your willful ignorance.

      Now tell me all those recent bans are an attempt to “limit”…
      It’s not even in the find print. The headlines alone are in fact, an outright attempt at confiscation and turning legally obtained firearms and accessories into illegal items. There is no grey area about it.

    • You’re a fool.

      They have plainly stated, in very clear words and written documents, time and time again – their goal is not to limit anything, their goal is to remove and subjugate and impose a tyrannical state.

      Even Biden has stated his intent many times, such all points to impose such a tyrannical state by removing rights and property (and even attempted to do away with or subvert the 4th amendment in the Caniglia v. Strom case). Even, currently, to the point of indirectly threatening the use of military force to do it, and he has weaponized federal law enforcement against the American people (not just gun owners) by edict to bypass Congress by executive order which the first step in bringing about a tyranny is weaponizing the government against the people and bypassing the law making body.

      If their goal was to limit as you so falsely claim – they would not be enhancing the ability for and facilitating deaths, injury, suicides, chaos, lawlessness, confusion, and creating divisions and racial unrest and polarizing society which is exactly what their ‘woke’ liberal left wing actions and policy’s and ‘laws’ and attacks on the 2nd, 1st, and 4th amendments and the American people is doing. One of the key things to help bring about a tyranny is to do the very things they are doing now to increase pressure on a society so the people will cry out for help from the government thus more readily accept what the government imposes.

      Yeah, they want control – their control is one of tyranny.

      You’re a fool if you think their ‘gun control’ is to limit.

      This battle is not only being fought in the area of the 2A as you so wrongly assume. Its part of a much larger agenda. The weaponized government daily ignores the constitution and does as they please, even now in the courts they are trying to attack the 1st and 4th amendments and routinely simply ignore the 1st and 4th as well. If a government can silence, or control or limit what, a peoples speech (1st Amendment), remove their protections from government intrusion’ (4th Amendment), and render them defenseless (2nd Amendment) – you have a conquered people living under a tyranny.

      • “to bypass Congress by executive order”

        Paying attention in civics class is important, you would learn that executive orders don’t bypass Congress:

        “Congress also has the power to overturn an Executive Order by passing legislation that invalidates it. (The President, of course, may veto such legislation, in which case Congress may override the veto by a two-thirds majority). Congress could also effectively thwart an Executive Order calling for an action that requires funding by using its power of the purse to deny the necessary funding. Finally, the courts have the power to stay enforcement or ultimately overturn an Executive Order that is found to be beyond the President’s constitutional authority.“

        • MinorLiar,

          OK, now I’m going to have to just slap the s*** out of you for your abject stupidity AND your willingness to shlob Senile Joe’s nob.

          Cite me, EXACTLY, the Constitutional authority for “executive orders”. And, yes, Trump issued them, too, so I can save you the bother of finding some article, from some Leftist publication, talking about all Trump’s, or Reagan’s, executive orders. Simple analysis – the office of the U.S. Presidency is an EXECUTIVE function, not a LEGISLATIVE function, you complete, drooling fucktard.

          While most of us would argue that even Congress can’t infringe 2A rights, Senile Joe CERTAINLY does not have that power.

          Your ignorance would be an embarrassment to a rational person; fortunately, you manage to escape that by not being rational.

      • To the demented paranoid Booger Brain

        quote———They have plainly stated, in very clear words and written documents, time and time again – their goal is not to limit anything, their goal is to remove and subjugate and impose a tyrannical state.——–quote-

        Look you total Moron Europe has strict gun control and countries like France actually have more freedom of the press than we do. France also has more democracy than we do which equals greater freedom to be able to choose leaders according to the will of the people not some corrupt Oligarchy like we have. Thank the gangster criminal founders of the U.S. for that.

        quote—————“Anti-gunners who claim mass shootings don’t happen anywhere but America are once again proven wrong,”———–quote

        Falsehood. The Majority of People who want sane gun laws have never made such a statement.

        But in reality Europe’s and Asia’s mass shootings are very small compared to the the U.S. where mass murders now happen almost on a daily basis. Example there was only one homicide by firearms last year in Japan while the U.S. had 42,000 deaths.


        • “rivers of blood and carnage”?….where, exactly?….and just who is doing all that shooting?….perhaps a separate category is needed?

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, It is YOUR opinion that France has more freedom of the press than we do. That is in fact a Leftist lie.
          For your edification the US is not a democracy. It is a representative republic. You have as much or more freedoms here than any European. If you love Europe so much, when are you leaving?
          As to Europe having strict “gun control”, it sure doesn’t seem to work to well. Germany has had two “mass shootings” in the past two weeks. How about the attack on a train passing through Belgium into France a few years ago? Bottom line, “Gun control” doesn’t work.
          You “gun control” freaks have been claiming for years that “mass shootings” only happen here in the US. Now you are lying yet again.
          As to your Japan stats, so what? In that 42,000 you are including suicide and justified homicides. Nice try. Your sensationalism tactics don’t work when one examines the stats you claim.

    • The “Jehovah character” had a very difficult time trying to protect his followers from the German socialists throughout the 1930’s and 40’s. Of course so did the Jews, Romas and disabled.

  7. And what is it that anybody thinks they’re going to learn? It’s never been about crime. They’ve clearly made that statement. That exact statement! It’s about disarmament.

  8. Saw this on YT before they locked comments in a majority of the videos. 9 out of 10 comments were “But Germany has such strict gun laws” lol. Mine was exactly that actually, and it got removed for “violating the terms”. What a joke.

  9. When someone rationalizes the irrational and decides to use violence there is no law or restriction that can prevent it. When someone has criminal intent, the only defense is to be able to fight back. Whether it means being able to use a weapon, or being able to physically fight an aggressor.
    Disarming the populace only protects the criminals and tyrants who would exploit or abuse the populace.

  10. All around the world , disarm,disarm, disarm, Disarm the People. Just about makes a possum think something mighty big is about to happen.
    What’s that part in the bible about brother killing brother over a big piece of chicken ?

    • “What’s that part in the bible about brother killing brother over a big piece of chicken ?”

      The general explanation is that Cain was jealous of gods acceptance of Abel’s actual blood sacrifice, while he rejected Cain’s offer of some fruit:

      “Cain worked the garden to produce the fruits while Abel offered what God had blessed him with, and that is sheep, and again, fruits cannot cover sin. It takes the sprinkling of the blood on the mercy seat, not carrots and beans. When God accepted Abel’s sacrifice but wasn’t pleased with Cain’s, Cain became jealous of Abel”

      So it was just another religious killing, all to please their God.

      You’d think an all powerful god would have the nuts to do his own killing, but that’s not how it works it seems.

      • Again any disingenuous dismissal of anything from you typically indicates it is worth studying. Metaphor is hard.

  11. Gun control to prevent crime is an already-long-ago debunked false narrative; the true purpose of gun control ANYWHERE is to disarm the citizenry so they cannot resist the state! Gun control ALWAYS = registration/confiscation/democide


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