German Cop’s “Stray Bullet” Strikes Fellow Officer in the Kidney

Rafik Mohamad Yousef (courtesy

I suppose the scandal here is that Germany let Rafik Mohamad Yousef, a convicted terrorist and an asylum seeker,” roam the streets of Berlin. The fact that said terrorist stabbed a German cop in the neck before another officer perforated him with a bullet or four is certainly germane. But as such things become increasingly common – and what’s the bet the trend will continue with the recent influx of Syrian migrants and refugees into Europe – excuse me for being diverted from the negligent discharge aspect of the attack, which went a little something like this [via] . . .

Yousef went for the female police officer as she stepped out of her patrol car, stabbing her in the neck, just above her protective clothing, The Telegraph reports.

The officer’s partner immediately drew his gun, shooting Yousef four times. Four more police vehicles arrived on the scene and one other officer is thought to have opened fire.

As well as the stab wounds, a stray bullet is thought to have struck the female officer in the kidney area. She was rushed to hospital where she received emergency surgery and is now thought to be in a stable condition.

Sympathetic fire isn’t always so sympathetic, if you know what I mean. [h/t NJ]


  1. avatar jwm says:

    Stabbed and shot? Must have been a monday.

    1. avatar germanguy says:

      It was actually on Tuesday.

      1. avatar BDub says:

        Tuesday is a disambiguation of Tiwesdæg (Old English) or put another way, Tyz’s Day, (Gothic/German) from the Norse god Tyr – a god of Law and heroism. Just sayin’.

  2. avatar Richard Hawkins says:

    Still better than New York cops.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Not really. He was aiming for her head.

      1. avatar Ben says:

        How do you figure he was aiming for the head?

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          Because he hit her in her kidney.

  3. avatar RandallOfLegend says:

    I would be interested in an LEOs opinion on shooting in this case. There was no obvious clear shot. Given the immediate threat to the officers life, do you take the shot, or try blunt force?

    1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      “Shoot the hostage. Take her out of the equation.”

    2. avatar jwm says:

      Not an leo. But I can’t imagine a more immediate threat of death than being stabbed in the neck area.

      Take the shot.

    3. avatar LarryinTX says:

      My assumption, knowing nothing, would be that her partner would have to come around the car to physically engage, and she’d be stabbed in the neck enough to decapitate her by the time he got there. Shoot the suckah, everybody did good except the looney.

    4. avatar Accur81 says:

      Take the shot! I don’t want to get stabbed in the neck. I’d appreciate it if’n you’d hit the bad guy most of the time and hit me as little as possible.

    5. avatar Hannibal says:

      F’in shoot. If you have superhuman reflexes and speed go ahead and do a contact shot against the bastard’s head. But I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect it.

  4. avatar Anon says:

    I had kidney surgery. That shit is painful. I feel really bad for that cop.

  5. avatar Omer Baker says:

    Is that a pic of George Harrison? Beatles have a number one album!

  6. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    You left out the most important detail, which was in the Breitbart headline:
    “German Police Shoot Asylum Seeker Terrorist Dead”

    Key word: “DEAD.”

    So there is that.
    Good shoot.

  7. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Sympathy for the cops….like here they are subject to idiot politicians opening the door to loads of unsavory types coming into their country. I have no sympathy for the politicos and little for the citizens that voted for those politicians. The problems in the Middle East are likely to get much worse now that the Russians are building bases in Syria, when you invite those guys in they are unlikely to ever leave on a voluntary basis, so that means even more refugees and more thugs and more Islamic terrorists mixed in among them.

    1. avatar Sam Helm says:

      Rusty – Much the same can be said for the American Military Bases all over the world, unfortunately. It seems that American Military members are routinely charged with heinous crimes in Okinawa. We have recently opened up new uses for a base built in the 1950s that we had pretty much turned back over to the indigenous government (Rota Naval Base). And, of course, we maintain a base in a non-friendly country, based on an agreement three governments ago, against the wishes of the host nation (Guantanamo) Naval Base. Please do not think I believe that we should withdraw to the United States and give up our bases, because I don’t. I just wanted to point out that your characterization of Russian bases is sort of a case of the pot and the kettle.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        “Routinely”? Really? An incident every couple of years gives the military population of Okinawa a lower crime rate than most of Europe.

        1. avatar Grindstone says:

          You have obviously never been to Kadena. Off-base liberties are very much routinely restricted because of the actions of scumbags. It far and away not “every couple years”. More like “every couple days”. Some bonehead Marine gets drunk and assaults a local woman. The locals absolutely HATE the presence of American military on their island, despite the revenue it brings.

        2. avatar Pwrserge says:

          Oh really? As a “bonehead Marine” I’d like to see some stats rather than allegory.

      2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

        With the exception of Gitmo, and we stayed there because Cuba is very close to the US and they were a Soviet ally (Cuban missile crisis) the US does routinely close bases and exit an area after discussion with the host country. I am sure that the Philippines now wishes they hadn’t asked us to close Subic Bay considering the island building projects the Chinese are pursuing in disputed territory that the Philippines also claims.

        1. avatar Grindstone says:

          We (American military) still have a strong presence in the area, including recently performing a multi-national exercise near the island-building as a gesture against China. We even have LCS’s patrolling near there. We don’t need to be squatting on someone else’s land to project our power.

        2. avatar Pwrserge says:


          Oh really? Is that why we have all those bases all over the world. I hate to break it to you, but fighting a professional army like the PRC is not like Haji hunting.

        3. avatar int19h says:

          Why should US even want to fight PRC? Over what?

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      And, don’t forget, uniformed Russian “sympathisers” along with them.

      1. avatar int19h says:

        I doubt it’ll be the case. The “vacationing” Russian troops in Donbass were there to provide some basic level of plausible deniability, because officially Russia didn’t have any troops there whatsoever. In Syria, OTOH, the involvement is already fully official, so there’s no need for the charade.

  8. avatar Paul says:

    Take the shot, she’s being stabbed in front of you. You have to end the immediate threat.

  9. avatar Spaceman Brown says:

    Lots of lessons to be learned here.
    1. Being a police employee doesn’t excuse you from rule 4. Know your target and what’s beyond it.
    2. Body armor doesn’t make you invincible. The lady cop has a bullet hole and a knife wound to prove it.
    3. Mass importation of welfare migrants is a terrible idea.
    4. Situational awareness. Keep your head on a swivel when getting out of your car, or you might get stabbed in the neck by a terrorist.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      I am rather interested in how she wound up with a bullet in the kidney. That area is generally covered by most decent vests.

      1. avatar Spaceman Brown says:

        True, but body armor made specifically for women is cut differently.

      2. avatar germanguy says:

        You can stop wondering, every German news source say it was the hip not the kidney. So where the Telegraph got that from is just beyond me.

    2. avatar Bob says:

      5. hajis with 1 continuous eyebrow shouldn’t be left to wander around free, cause they are likely crap persons.

      1. avatar germanguy says:

        The guy who stabbed the officer was recently released from prison (8 year sentence, for planing to murder the Iraqi president on German soil) and had to wear an ankle monitor as part of his probation.
        He took it of so there is that.

    3. avatar Hannibal says:

      Rule # 1 is faint comfort when you spend so much time figuring it out that your partner bleeds out from stab wounds to the neck.

  10. avatar Muchas Mujeres says:

    And the winner of the most epic looking unibrow clean across his face is……..

    1. avatar Bill Kohnke says:

      Inbreeding, I suspect. Surprisingly common in that region.

  11. avatar Ralph says:

    It would be more efficient and less dangerous to stop the terrorists at the border rather than wait until they’re in the center of Berlin stabbing one of the VOLPOs. Yes, I know that Germany needs its cheap labor, especially since enslaving Russians, Poles and Jews is no longer socially acceptable, but c’mon.

    1. avatar int19h says:

      If you RTFA, this case is actually beyond ridiculous and into the insane asylum territory.

      The guy didn’t came with the refugees from Syria (the summary makes this connection for unclear reasons). Rather, he was there for over a decade now, and they have previously arrested him for terrorism in 2004, at which point they have also found out that he’s an al-Qaeda member. Apparently they eventually wanted to deport him to Iraq (why?), but couldn’t do so because in Iraq he’d get the death penalty for sure, and they don’t extradite people in such cases. So instead of locking him up again, they have released him into the wild and told him he’d have to wear a tracking bracelet. Which, of course, he has removed immediately prior to going on this spree.

      To reiterate. They have released a guy who was known to – and who has admitted to – being an al-Qaeda member and conspiring to commit a terrorist act.

      “Retarded morons” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  12. avatar Kendahl says:

    This may be a case of taking a poor shot because there wasn’t time to wait for a clear one.

  13. avatar actionphysicalman says:

    Is Mr. Yousef going to be okay?! -sarcasm-

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Yes, he’s enjoying Paradise with 72 goats, all of them cherry.

  14. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    No snarky remark here…yeah take the shot. And arm civilians-and close your freakin’ border to muslim terrorists. I see the death of the EU real soon…with lots of fun to come.

    1. avatar RetiredJarhead says:

      slow clap

    2. avatar Didymus says:

      Does that mean we have to go back a third time to keep up Europe? Maybe the French will clean it up for us. ….NOT

  15. avatar Libertarian says:

    The good is that he is dead and don t get in prision where only finance crimes hier faces harsh penalities here in “my” germanien.
    The worst case if somebody do this attack to normal citizens on street, we have no right to carry (only knifes up to 12 cm and cs / pepper spray and from the may issue permits for carry gun”s there are under 50000 in 82 mio). the need for open carry is still existing here white the open borders.

  16. avatar Pwrserge says:

    In case you can’t be bothered to do your own research. Here’s a source for you. Exactly one rape in two years.

  17. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    More friendly immigrants of the religion of peace in the EU socialist paradise.
    I just wonder what it takes to trip the liberal socialist European trigger into a national socialist?.

    1. avatar Former Water Walker says:

      Testosterone? Ballz? Gumption? Believing in a non-moon god?

  18. avatar germanguy says:

    Okay to be clear, we normally deport refugees, when they committed a crime ( I think it is based on the crime, but not sure right now) but we don’t do it, if the person would face the death penalty in their home country. This guy would have faced it in Iraq, because he planned to murder their then president. That’s the exact same reason we wouldn’t extradite Edward Snowden, because under German law it is forbidden to send people to their deaths. ( Yeah we come far 😀 )
    Okay back to the case at hand. This guy was in jail for the plotted murder and was recently released, but the German police found no evidence what so ever that he committed the current crime as a terrorist act.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      germanguy –

      Curious, are you detecting the signs the German population may be getting fed up with the influx of the middle easterners, to the extent a backlash could happen?

    2. avatar int19h says:

      If the guy is a known al-Qaeda member and shows no signs of regret over that, he shouldn’t be released ever. Don’t you guys have laws making it illegal to be a member of a designated terrorist organization?

      1. avatar germanguy says:

        Yes, we have laws for that case. They where established after the RAF got big in the seventies. (RAF where communist terrorists, who bombed several US Army Bases/ an Air Base, murdered industrial leaders, took hostages in our embassy in Sweden)
        That was also the reason why he got 8 years in prison, for only plotting the murder the punishment who’d have been less.
        @Geoff: It is hard to say. We have Neo Nazis who voice very loudly they’re “concerns” and who hit some refugee camps with incendiary devices. We also have a lot of people helping the refugees get settled in and learning to speak German and stuff like that. Some people in the Eastern and Western states are just scared that they lose the jobs they already don’t have and that the help for the refugees will cut short their own social benefits. Other say that we should welcome them and our industry also needs that people, because our society gets older and we need the workers. (Which is right by the way) Some politicians and other entities say that we should to think beyond the first help and get started on making plans on how to integrate same, when they are staying. So like I said it is hard to say what the majority thinks. I personally believe that these people can be a great addition to our society, if some rules apply and aren’t broken. I have helped with the refugees in my small town and I was impressed by some of them. For example we have her a man who is only 1 of 10 world wide experts in his medical field, or also some engineers and good educated people like that are very welcome here, because people like said Germany will be needing in the next years. On the other hand the integration process can be a difficult one so we have to find a solution for that.

  19. avatar tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

    Somewhere Slobodan Milosevic is smiling.

  20. avatar Southern Cross says:

    Norway has a creative solution for the Syrian refugee crisis. They are sending them to Svalbard, which is an ice covered rock halfway between northern Norway and the North Pole. And the polar bears outnumber the people.

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