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CNN's Chris Cuomo interviews George Zimmerman


Police Chief Steve Bracknell told the Orlando Sentinel that Zimmerman did not shoot, but was fired upon by the other driver. Bracknell said the alleged gunman is cooperating with police, but Zimmerman is not answering any questions.

The man who called 911 to report the shooting told CNN that the alleged gunman ran up to him and said, “I just shot George Zimmerman, call 911!” According to CNN executive editor Ram Ramgopal, the alleged gunman claimed he was driving when Zimmerman waved a gun, so he shot Zimmerman.

“This is very crazy. I mean it took me 3 or 4 times to comprehend what he was saying,” the man who called 911 told CNN.


There are some people who trouble just seems to follow. And there are people who seem to court trouble wherever they go. Exactly which category George Zimmerman falls under still isn’t really clear. But according to, “…George Zimmerman was involved in a shooting incident Monday in Seminole County on Lake Mary Boulevard. Authorities said Zimmerman was shot in the face during a confrontation with a driver. They said the injury appears to be minor.” And so it goes.   [h/t Tyler Kee]

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  1. I was reading about this and it appears (for now) that only one shot was fired at him leaving a hole in his SUV passenger window.

    • Hmmm….if you don’t mind me saying so, he somehow looks more ‘hispanic’ now that he’s being shot at.

  2. Not saying the Treyvon Martin shooting wasn’t justified (if someone was beating MY head against a sidewalk, I’d probably shoot – or knife – them, too…), but his various life choices after the incident seem to demonstrate a profound lack of intelligence and an inability to avoid bad situations…

        • If the shooter’s story is true, then he was justified. He claims Zimmerman drove next to him waving a gun at him.

        • It’s illegal to fire from a moving vehicle in Florida. There’s no self defense exemption to the the subsection. Contrary to what the rest of the country has been led to believe, Stand Your Ground doesn’t mean shoot anywhere, anytime. You might be able to mount a very convincing defense if you’re parked, or at a traffic light and there’s an attempted carjacking, but the statute doesn’t provide for it. It’s also illegal to fire INTO a vehicle. If you have the time to draw your weapon, aim, and fire, you have ample time to hit the brakes, and escape the line of fire. Michael Dunn got hit with that, along with his 1st degree murder conviction.

          Part of obtaining a Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License is signing the affidavit on the application that you have read and understand the 790 chapter.

          The 2014 Florida Statutes

          Title XLVI

          Chapter 790

          View Entire Chapter
          790.15 Discharging firearm in public or on residential property.—
          (1) Except as provided in subsection (2) or subsection (3), any person who knowingly discharges a firearm in any public place or on the right-of-way of any paved public road, highway, or street, who knowingly discharges any firearm over the right-of-way of any paved public road, highway, or street or over any occupied premises, or who recklessly or negligently discharges a firearm outdoors on any property used primarily as the site of a dwelling as defined in s. 776.013 or zoned exclusively for residential use commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. This section does not apply to a person lawfully defending life or property or performing official duties requiring the discharge of a firearm or to a person discharging a firearm on public roads or properties expressly approved for hunting by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or Florida Forest Service.
          (2) Any occupant of any vehicle who knowingly and willfully discharges any firearm from the vehicle within 1,000 feet of any person commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.
          (3) Any driver or owner of any vehicle, whether or not the owner of the vehicle is occupying the vehicle, who knowingly directs any other person to discharge any firearm from the vehicle commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.
          History.—s. 1, ch. 3289, 1881; RS 2683; GS 3626; RGS 5557; CGL 7743; s. 1, ch. 61-334; s. 745, ch. 71-136; s. 1, ch. 78-17; s. 1, ch. 89-157; s. 229, ch. 99-245; s. 77, ch. 2012-7; s. 3, ch. 2012-108.

      • I think you hit it on the head. He’s probably not adjusting well to having killed some one under those circumstances, and the ensuing legal troubles, being a social pariah most places, being maligned on the news, etc… He’s probably got major emotional problems now, and no doubt his life will spin further out of control as time goes on.

        • Or maybe it’s much simpler than that… Maybe, bad people see a target they might eventually manage to kill.

          Derp, with the extended layers of hate seen in the agitators’ agenda lately, it’s only reasonable that it would be mirrored in their disciples…

          I, personally, admire him for not backing down, giving up his home, running away, etc.

        • I ask in all seriousness, is it possible that having his head beaten onto the pavement repeatedly could have caused some sort of brain damage? I haven’t really been following him, so maybe that’s already been thought of and dismissed, but still…

        • “I ask in all seriousness, is it possible that having his head beaten onto the pavement repeatedly could have caused some sort of brain damage?”

          It’s *possible*, TTAG has a few M.D.s (and at least one combat medic) that comment here, perhaps one of them could offer an opinion…

        • There can be all manner of obvious and subtle personality changes after a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) that last for years.

      • The explanation of him being dumb explains all the subsequent events AND the Martin shooting more neatly than trying to diagnose PTSD based on MORE poor life decisions.

        I don’t think any reasonable jury could have voted to convict on the Martin shooting, based on the evidence. But that doesn’t mean Zimmerman was innocent and it certainly doesn’t mean it wasn’t a really dumb idea to follow someone at night whom he suspected to be ‘up to something’- even if the eventual shooting was fully justified.

      • Is there still a $10,000 bounty on his head courtesy of the NBPP? Because I’d assume this was a failed hit with a cover story.

        • “Who would be stupid enough to try and collect on it?”

          Who would be stupid enough to hunt George Zimmerman and shoot at him from a moving car into another moving car?

          A false claim painting him as a vigilante waving a gun.. No, that doesn’t fit the motif the media has been fraudulently painting from day one, not at all…

          Obvious BS, and the stupid is obvious.

    • I will never understand this meme of trying to blame Zimmerman for everything. This man is a man that is being honest to god persecuted for NOT letting a violent thug beat him to death. Who CARES if he hasn’t been the worst most upstanding person. Every single one of us has a history that we’re not that most proud off. But we all try to do what we can to deal with it and take them all for the lesson that it is.

    • And every single one of the previous “issues” has turned out to be a nothingburger.

      I reserve judgement, just as I did in the original case.

      • I’m gonna do the same, and wait for the facts to come out. That being said, it’s been widely reported that he’s still legally allowed to own firearms, and ostensibly, still holds a Concealed Firearm License. Accusing GZ of pointing a gun at you will sound plausible only because he’s probably armed at all times, and most of the people who pay attention to him these days, whether pro or con, know it.

        If I were Zimmerman, I’d have wide alternating stripes of pink and purple Cerakoted on my weapon. When someone claims a gun was pulled, they’ll have to answer something other than black or silver to be believed

    • Agreed….Every time I see George Zimmerman’s name in the media I have to roll my eyes and sigh. From the information that was given at the case, I still believe it was a good shoot, but it certainly makes me feel uneasy that he can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble.

    • Pretty good, I’d say. The guy has a cloud hanging over him, and he hasn’t really bothered to do anything about it….like move away from Florida.

      • Why should the let the bastards win? Maybe he should have just let Trayvon bash his head into a coma, too?

        Running away from evil only emboldens it…

        • Standing on principal doesn’t make a lot of sense when nobody cares and it makes your life miserable.

          There are an awful lot of people in the US (myself included) who won’t even put up with the inconvenience of going on a diet. And yet you are suggesting that someone who is reviled and had several years of his life ruined by his state should stay there?

          That’s just… I have no words. Why? Also, what are you doing that is life-ruiningly awful just to make a point?

      • The guy is in debt, and can’t get a job thanks to the media lynch mob. He simply can’t afford to move.

  3. Yeah George, move away! And change your name and maybe loose some weight, and get some facial work, besides what you just got!

  4. He has a bad case of the invincibles … You give a guy enough rope, and eventually he is going to hang himself

  5. I’m still amazed by all the people who blame him for what other people do to him… It’s no different from the anti-gun bunch who blame non-criminals for what criminals do…

    Move away? Why? I like that he stands his ground. He’s got more fortitude and brains than his detractors.

    He’s being targeted. It’s painfully obvious. Do you let the attackers win? Or do you stand your ground?

    Cowardice is not wisdom.

    • Are you like… 18? This sounds like something I’d say at 18.

      We only get one life before we all take a dirt nap. I for one would not want to spend it feeling like I have a target on my back.

      Plus /nothing/ is obvious. You’re as bad as all the people who heard the Treyvon shooting story and jumped to conclusions. Occam’s Razor – Zimmerman is just stupid and can’t stay out of trouble.

      Case in point: It doesn’t take a mental giant to avoid dating mentally unstable women who create volatile relationships during/after your highly public divorce from your wife after your highly public shooting trial.

      And yet, that was ol’ George’s go-to. I’d understand if he was really young but he’s in his 30s and should know better.

      • Please explain to me how I’m projecting. Projecting on my part is assuming your handle means you served in the 82nd.

        Believing someone’s post is highly ignorant and immature is /not/ projecting.

        The more you know.

        • I really don’t see how what that dude wrote, whoever he is, is immature. Also, the grammar isn’t bad enough to be written by an 18 year old just out of the common core educations system. Now, if it’s the same dustin who was just yesterday posting about how its ok to have an infuriating hatred of mankind, well, then I’ll admit you are right.

        • I guess we will see. 😛

          And not all schools do common core. The advent of technology and how people interact now has actually made some kids pick up proper spelling and grammar really fast.

        • Stand Your Ground. It’s not just for CCW. You can say George is stupid, that’s the fun troll cop-out that makes you feel good…

          Maybe he is, maybe he’s smart enough to know that you don’t run away from the bad guys and let them win. How many shots have been taken at him? How many times have people have cried wolf hoping to take him down? It’s like he’s unbreakable.

          Maybe, not being a coward has it’s rewards?

          This bullshit sanction of the victim advice is pathetic.

          There’s a difference between an 18 year old with too much ego, and a gown adult making a fully informed decision not to let the filth win. When you paint cowardice as wisdom, you get stuff like the NFA and the Police State we currently live in.

          I’m damn glad to see someone break the pattern, even if the weaklings take cheap shots at him from the sidelines. Someone has to be a logical, thinking man, somewhere…

    • +1.

      While I would probably have moved, I respect his choice to remain where he wishes. If he were guilty of something criminal in all of these incidents, I have little doubt that a prosecutor would’ve nailed him to the wall. He’s a target because he dared defend himself; on the street and in the courtroom. Stay safe, George, and watch your six… always.

  6. See my face??? That’s my suprised face. While I don’t wish any one any harm. This man has a series of bad decisions following since his trial. This is a big country George get well and get the heck out of Florida. Before you stay here permanently in a pine box.

      • “Yes, running away, that’s how you win…”

        and keeping yourself in the line of fire is how you lose… look at it this way:

        1. if Zimmerman is really unstable or violent, he’s placed himself in a part of the country that seems to exacerbate things.
        2. if Zimmerman is just a guy with a big target on his back and a conspiracy to get him exists, he’s placed himself in a part of the country that seems to exacerbate things.

        the expedient solution to either one of those issues is to get a legal name change and move. I have no doubt there are plenty of GZ admirers that would be willing to fund him. he can keep on standing his ground where he is and proving whatever point he’s trying to prove, but it appears he’s going to be miserable the whole time.

        call it running away if you want, but there are some battles that can’t be won and GZ has got one on his hands. staying where he is and putting up with this crap just reinforces the opinion, right or wrong, that he’s a hard headed killer that just wouldn’t back down or de-escalate and went straight for the gun.

        • that he’s a hard headed killer that just wouldn’t back down or de-escalate and went straight for the gun.

          I don’t necessarily disagree with some of your comment but this statement betrays your bias. No evidence and nothing from the trial supported that he “went straight for the gun” or was some “hard headed killer.” You are ignorant of the facts, attempting to smear Zimmerman, or some of both are true about you.

          ETA: I was wrong as I missed this statement in your comment. I left the other part of my comment as originally typed.

          just reinforces the opinion, right or wrong,

        • no no, i’m just stating a view of GZ that I see and hear frequently and that his frequent appearances in the news don’t help to dispel. I guess I should have qualified that statement. No one but GZ knows exactly what happened that night and the courts acquitted him. That doesn’t really give me a warm fuzzy feeling, given his subsequent actions and the hit and miss nature of court justice these days, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

        • I got that the second time I read it and then I added to my post., larrylarry. My apologies didn’t make it into the final edit as my computer time is hit and miss while I try to get work done in between bouts of rain here. Anyway, I apologize that I missed reading part of your original comment and drew an incorrect conclusion as to what you were trying to convey. You wrote it clearly but I skipped a whole sentence that would’ve clarified that part. 🙂

  7. The linked article is funny!

    Authorities report some stuff like you would read on a police blotter, no serious injuries. Followed immediately by “Earlier this year, the Department of Justice said it would not pursue civil rights charges against Zimmerman in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford.

    Zimmerman was acquitted in the killing in 2013.”

    It’s like he has his own little asterisk that follows him around everywhere he goes! ‘Hi, I’m George Zimmerman. I would like a beer please. And earlier this year the DoJ said it wouldn’t pursue civil rights charges against me. I would also like an order of onion rings. I was acquitted of killing the unarmed Trayvon Martin in 2013.’

    • Hahaha! It’s so true, they have to bring up totally unrelated shit every time. This may be the very reason why he keeps getting targeted… The disciples of the hate-baiting agitators have learned a new trick; if at first you don’t get your way, keep trying…

      Back down, or stand your ground?

      I like that he hasn’t gone anywhere.

        • He’ll never be able to stay away if it’s attracted to him like a magnet. My sense of this incident is that he was recognized and attacked.

    • Don’t forget that Trayvon was black and that the incident sparked debates over “Stand your ground”, despite being absolutely irrelevant to the case.

  8. From Wikipedia, we see a pattern of violence outside of the Trayvon Martin incident:
    1) July 2005 threatens and shoves police officer
    2) Sept 9, 2013 threatens estranged wife with gun
    3) Nov 28, 2013 threatens girlfriend with gun
    4) Sept 9, 2014 threatens other driver with gun in road rage
    5) Jan 9, 2015 throws wine bottle at girlfriend
    In my estimate, he is a bully who threatens and intimidates people and is prone to pulling a gun when things don’t go his way.

    • I am waiting for “Dustin” (George, is that you?) to respond to this one, since Zimmerman is apparently not responsible for any of his actions.

      I 100% believe the Treyvon shooting was justified. But Zimmerman? … would not operate with.

    • 1) July 2005 threatens and shoves police officer

      Wrong. Undercover excise officers pulled Zimmerman’s friend out of a bar. George followed to defend his friend, not knowing what was going on (the cops failed to identify). George never assaulted anyone in the incident.

      2) Sept 9, 2013 threatens estranged wife with gun

      Wrong. Shellie assaulted George with an iPad. Incident caught on video. Shellie dropped charges when it became obvious that she’d get nailed for probation violation.

      3) Nov 28, 2013 threatens girlfriend with gun

      Wrong. The girlfriend recanted the story. No evidence of any threat by George.

      4) Sept 9, 2014 threatens other driver with gun in road rage

      Wrong. The driver was actually stalking Zimmerman, and filed false charges that were not pursued.

      5) Jan 9, 2015 throws wine bottle at girlfriend

      Wrong. The girlfriend threw the bottle from her car, at George, who was standing in his doorway.

      In my estimate, he is a bully who threatens and intimidates people and is prone to pulling a gun when things don’t go his way.

      Your estimation is based on complete fabrications and adulteration of reality.

        • And to make things even more interesting: the guy who shot at Zimmerman (Matthew Apperton (sp?)) appears to be the same guy who filed the false road rage charges against Zimmerman last year. I’m still trying to confirm that one.

        • Ha! I enjoy the irony even though I have to eat crow.

          So much for my smarmy assumption, huh?

        • Hey, that’s not to say that Zimmerman has made the best choices in life, or that he doesn’t have some… unfortunate taste in women. I’m sure those things factor in to his propensity to attract trouble. But there’s just no evidence that he’s a particularly violent person.

        • From the old article that Chip linked:

          To which the armed man, Matthew Apperson, replied, “you’re a baby killer! You’re the piece of shit that killed Trayvon Martin” (Zimmerman said the guy kept speeding up to him and pointing his finger at him).

          Fox: The truck’s driver [George Zimmerman] then asked the man, “Do you know who I am? I will kill you,” the man [Apperson] told police officers, said Officer Bianca Gillett, a police spokeswoman.

          Zimmerman actually said nothing, he just sped off because he was afraid the man was going to kill him (the “man” Apperson was armed with a concealed handgun, which he is licensed to carry and which he removed while speaking to police about the incident).

          Fox: The man said he recognized the truck’s driver as George Zimmerman.

          There you have it.

          There’s more and it’s a worthwhile read, IMHO.

    • Does innocent until proven guilty mean anything to you, accusations do not equal proof. I am sure no one ever has been falsely accused of something by an unstable significant other and I am sure that the police have never lied to make an arrest.

      • Chip, what is your source for the rebuttals and why did Wikipedia not update their page if the info is available?
        People with a pattern of something usually have something to do with that pattern… Probably not enough to go to court, but he still seems like a trouble magnet

        • Wait – you’re relying on Wikipedia as factual and unbiased, and asking me for sources?

          Here’s the sworn statement from Zimmerman’s friend, taken by FDLE, which includes a description of that 2005 incident:

          Do I need to dig up the rest? Or does this sufficiently prove my point? I will, if need be.

  9. George should move to Fresno. He looks like every other chubby hispanic guy in this city. He would be invisible.

  10. Poor Zimmerman. He shot that boy in a point in time when shooting blacks is not socially acceptable.
    Hell, not even cops are getting away with it.

  11. I wonder how George Zimmerman’s life would be if his name was Jorge Mesa (his mother’s maiden name was Mesa). Somehow, I don’t think life would be as difficult for a Hispanic Hispanic as it is for a white Hispanic. In fact, I don’t think he would have been charged in the first place. Nor should he have been.

    • Remember those asinine nose-measuring thingys the Nazis had which supposedly allowed them to identify Jews (just imagine being a Swede in Germany back then who just happened to be stuck with a huge schnoz)? Well, here we are 80 years later, and the “progressives” are soon to be going up to Hispanics with a little skin tone card to see if they’re light skinned (and therefore evil, of course) Hispanics, or dark-skinned Hispanics worthy of minority protection. Hitler died, but the jackbooted thugs sure didn’t.

      • Mark Halperin just spent an entire interview dissing Ted Cruz for not being Hispanic enough. I guess that Cruz should have called him “puta” and knifed his ass.

        • One of my neighbors was named Diaz. He had blue eyes and red hair, and tons of freckles. His paternal lineage was from the Non-Moore influenced region of Spain, and his Mom was as Irish as Paddy’s Pig. He moved away about 6 years ago, before the term “white Hispanic” entered the lexicon. He didn’t speak a single word of Spanish, 100% good ole boy.

          When you’re framing racist narratives, it’s always helpful to have a picture of the accused before beginning your screed.

    • I agree he wouldn’t have been charged. I think the whole deal was an election year thing to stir up votes. They (Crump, Sharpton etc) thought they had a big Germanic guy going after a small black boy, but then it turned out be a little Hispanic dude and a taller teen. Oops, too late, they had gone all in.

  12. Sounds like he learned his lesson. Don’t talk to the police. I bet you he lawyers up and walks. He is the ‘victim’ after all.

  13. Dan puts down keyboard after posting article, and immediately logs on to, to check on just HOW closely related he is to George.

  14. If George was my best friend, if he was someone I went to school with since kindergarten stood up for me at my wedding, etc, I don’t think I’d be willing to travel with him in public spaces due to being caught in the potential crossfire. I’m not sure if his continuing drama is his own creation, or due to the people around him, stalking him, looking to become famous because of him etc. but being within 8 feet of him is not the safest place in the world to be. I wish the guy some genuine peace, serenity, and a long quiet life.

  15. Zimmerman is not answering any questions.

    Well, at least now we know what it takes to convince Zimmerman to shut up.

    • The one thing Zimmerman DOES know, and that is to NOT talk to cops. Not even the cops talk to cops. Judges and lawyers are smart enough not to talk to cops. Let the cops PROVE stuff without helping them. Don’t talk to cops. Don’t lawyer up….Zimmerman up!

  16. If you run into an a**hole in the morning, you ran into an a**hole. If you run into a**holes all day, you’re the a**hole.

    George I think fits the latter statement.

  17. Didnt see the article mention George had the pistol. He may have had one concealed. But gun, no gun, truth or no truth, or Dare.
    George should change his last name to Lopez. He is a funny guy.
    Flip coin, is he guilty, or not guilty this minute…… ummmmm not guilty,let mme flip again……. yup guilty! 🙂 is he in “hot water again”.. my coin says Na. All bein!!!

  18. As justified as shooting Martin was in the heat of the moment, and I believe it was, George seems to go out of his way to find confrontations over one thing or another. He needs to learn how to be the grey man that no one notices or remembers. It makes life a lot simpler, and gives you the tactical advantage if you ever need it.

    • Kinda hard to blend in when the media plastered a huge target in his back. After all, the shooter identified Zimmerman when he told the other guy to make the 911 call. Seems to me like he was hunting.

  19. I’m glad you are all so judgemental-I have a lot of sympathy for the white hispanic. Sounds like this guy was gunning for him-and I’m also an OFWG married to a beautiful black woman with 2 large caramel colored sons. I’m surprised some vengeance minded azzwipe hasn’t shot him before. Barrys boys…

    • Agreed. With those dark windows it would be hard to see a driver brandishing, especially when you consider he was looking through the passenger side, not the driver side (as evidenced by the two holes in the passenger side door and window). Tack that on to the history between the two and the fact that he identified Zimmerman, it would appear he was hunting.

    • Yeah the alleged shooter is Matthew Apperson, you may remember the name because this is the same person who filed a false report of road rage and stalking against Zimmerman last year.

      Think what you want to about Zim, but this guy Apperson has a genuine eff’d up obsession with GZ.

  20. This is just another reminder to all minority Democrats like George Zimmerman, why you should never again vote Democrat.

  21. Unless Matthew Apperson has a witness to Zimmerman waving a gun, firing into a motor vehicle is no bueno. Florida Statutes 790.19 classifies this as a second degree felony. Attempted manslaughter could apply here as well. How to Completely Ruin Your Life (through stupidity and the criminal use of a firearm) for Dummies.

    • So, in FL, if someone threatens you with a firearm from another vehicle you have to wait for them to shoot before you can legally defend yourself ? If true, that really sucks. Even if both parties shoot who is to say who shot first and who was defending ? Especially if no witnesses.

      • Inside a moving vehicle, it will be exceedingly unlikely that a person could meet the legal burden required to justify the shooting when the following are known.
        1. The shot hit the passenger side of the vehicle.
        2. The window on the passenger side of the vehicle struck was rolled up.
        3. The tint of the passenger side window makes confirmation of what is occurring in the vehicle difficult to impossible.
        Couple that with the fact the shooter has made two allegations against Zimmerman in the past, and in both cases the police could not ascertain the veracity of the shooters version of events, and you have a near impossible hurdle to clear to claim the shooting was justified.
        The shooter knows Zimmerman’s vehicle, and as such a claim of random road rage is harder to accept as mere coincidence.
        Since we know Zimmerman did not fire back, it’s hard to argue that Zimmerman was the aggressor in this incident. He didn’t even have the passenger window rolled down.

  22. Few people could go through what George Zimmerman went through and still maintain all of their mental and emotional faculties.

  23. George gets shot in the face and half the people on here are blaming him for it. I don’t get it ? Could it be that some idiot recognized him and wanted to cap him? Easy for the shooter to claim that George brandished his weapon and that is why the shooter “had” to put a bullet in him. But, who can prove who pulled first and who threatened who first? Seems like one man’s word against the other. Why do so many assume that it is George’s fault for someone shooting him in the face without any proof of that ? Granted his history makes him a target but that is not necessarily his fault, is it ? I agree that, if I were him, I would move somewhere else and change my name. Might not be the most heroic way to go but could save his life.

  24. George does indeed lives a charmed life. I think he needs to try and avoid stupid people a little harder.

  25. The more I read about this the more it sounds like the guy that shot George is acting like he is the victim in all of this to cover his own butt. And for shooting at someone else no less. The News media seems to be going along this B.S.. His story really sounds like a fabricated excuse for why he shot George. This whole incident seems like the perp and the victim are backwards due to a story by the shooter that cannot be verified. I don’t get it. Are we really that susceptible to lies and propaganda ?

    • +1

      And, yes, we have. I find it difficult to take any “news” story from MSM at face value anymore. Most of it, any subject, seems to be propaganda to further a narrative. 🙁

    • Against whom? The person who shot at him and made up yet another story about George waving a gun around to justify… Blah blah blah, you still falling for this? He’s a target, and the women couldn’t get him, so the disciples of the agitators took the next step. And failed again.

  26. Good ol’ George, still Standing His Ground no matter how many sanctimonious lying agitators try to take him down.

    If more gun owners had the fortitude and intelligence to not even let retreat enter their minds, there wouldn’t be such a fight over what very little is left of the 2nd Amendment.

    Cowardice is never wisdom, no matter how many cowards promote it from the sidelines.

    How many shots have been taken at him so far? They just can’t get him! It’s awesome to watch, if you understand what you’re seeing…

  27. He has screwed up relationships. Look at the divorce rate , that’s hardly unique.

    I’m not Mr Zimmerman , his spiritual advisor , or his head shrinker , so I have no idea how he has been dealing with any post tramatic effect of the origional incidents. But there is no question he is having to deal with society’s reaction to him afterwards. A variety of opinions from all parts of society , and a signifigent number of people trying to jam him up with the law , and even outright kill him.

    He is a high profile public figure that can reasonably be assumed to be armed all the time, and thus open to spurious claims of misusing it.

    Not being pressured into relocating sounds good , up to a point, but Mr Z is well past that point. There is no possable good outcome for him to remain in , or even visit Fla. To twist a phrase , he needs to get the heck outa Dodge. Move to wilderness , move to anonomus suburb , whichever , as long as a Shall Issue state.

    Don’t go out to bars , have your friends visit you for cocktail hour. Grow a mustache or beard to not be as recognizable to general public.


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