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Today is the one year anniversary of the Aurora movie theater shooting. To commemorate the date, Mayors Against Illegal Guns a “remembrance” at Cherry Creek State Park. Of course, none of the guns James Holmes used that night were obtained illegally, so exactly why MAIG’s involved is a mystery. Not to be outdone, though, a Centennial State gun rights group, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, will hold a Second Amendment rally in the same park at the same time . . .

“We’ll be answering Mayor Bloomberg,” Rocky Mountain Gun Owners executive director Dudley Brown said.

. . .

The gun owners’ gathering will be a “peaceful counter-rally to tell big city gun-grabber Bloomberg to keep his hands off of our Constitutional rights,” . . .

We’re sure the two groups will get along famously. If you’re in the area and will be attending either rally, we’d love to see your snaps of the goings-on.

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  1. make sure to take pics of Bloomie’s armed bodyguards. Bonus points if you can get them to draw their weapons for the cameras

      • they won’t shoot me as I won’t be there, but yes, 3x points if you can get them to fire . . . . given how NYC cops shoot, odds of walking away unscathed are pretty good.

  2. Just make sure there are BIG signs, so MAIG can’t claim the large crowd is there to support them.

  3. I would suggest wearing pro-gun apparel at the very least to make sure they don’t steal our thunder. Also highly publicize your attendance, that will probably scare away all the moms that think evil guns will be there, or at least they won’t bring their kids as “supporters”. Their kids usually outnumber adult supporters that actually count 4:1.

  4. What MAIG (and other groups) has been trying to do is to convert the argument from “right” to “legitimacy”, i.e., sure, you may have a right to own guns, but in today’s (decreasingly) violent society, it’s not legitimate to own one.

    Results have been mixed, at best.

  5. I’m interested to see how this turned out, what with both groups “in sight of each other” according to the State Parks spokesperson.

    Sorta-related: Whatever happened to the magical mystery bus tour? It was supposed to go for 100 days starting June 14, but I haven’t heard anything about it since New Orleans on June 29.

  6. Just don’t wear a Gaston Glock shirt w/a Bulls eye Motif some of those Bodyguards will think their back on a range!

  7. Evidently, Mayor Blutwerzt thinks he can buy our Constitutional rights while he surrounds himself with armed protectors.

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