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Much as he might like to, George Zimmerman can’t seem to stay out of the news. He apparently took the advice of a lot of supporters and lit out for friendlier climes and he didn’t go unarmed. “A gun carrying George Zimmerman has been pulled over for speeding in Texas, over one thousand miles away from home and just two weeks on from rescuing a family from a car smash that occurred just yards from where he killed Trayvon Martin. Dash-cam footage emerged today showing the moment that Zimmerman, 29, was issued the warning just 25 miles outside Dallas and admits to the officer he is carrying a gun in the glove compartment.” Where will he turn up next?

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  1. Run, George, Run.

    (Oh, wrong name. I was just playing with my GSD and that title popped into my head.)

  2. The guy is getting over 400 death threats a day, I believe going about legally armed is a no-brainer….

    • If he has to shoot another person in self-defense I don’t know that he’ll be let off the hook this time. Too many people doubt the Trayvon Martin verdict, even though there was insufficient evidence to consider him guilty of murder/manslaughter.

      • I suppose the philosophical question is whether it is better to be alive and in prison or dead and free.

        Depending on which prison, this is actually a serious consideration.

        • I worked in a prison and have been inside county, state and federal lockups. For those of us that have never done a more serious crime than a traffic violation and we are not gang connected, going to prison would be like a death sentence.

          I do not speak from foolish youthfull bravado. But I would prefer a quick death to a prison sentence. YMMV.

      • If anything, he has legitimate fears and would likely catch no-bids in TX if he had to defend himself.

        Welcome to TX, Mr. Zimmerman.

      • He was not “let off the hook.” He was subject to a political prosecution, essentially a lynching attempt, that ever would have occurred in any of the 50 states under normal circumstances

  3. How on Earth was the dash cam footage leaked? I’d be pissed if footage of me during a traffic stop was published. I suppose you my could argue it’s a matter of public record, but even then are you telling me someone from the local news is trolling through every single traffic stop? Something is odd about this.

    There’s a doozy every other word in the linked story though. It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

    • It wasn’t “leaked”, dash cam footage is public record. At least in most jurisdictions.

      • Not in mine. It is considered evidence. The defendent / DA / Defense / or arresting officer can subpoena and or review it. It is not otherwise released, and unlawful / out of policy release to public entities is grounds for censure or suspension.

      • Yeah, that’s my concern, at least bleep the sensitive info out. Poor George has enough stalkers, now I know all other kinds of info about him….

  4. Great public service message: “Here he is if you’re hunting him!” I suppose that’s actually his vehicle as well…

  5. Really he should just move to the Soutwest and blend in. Growing a beard couldn’t hurt.

  6. He’s only 29 years old? Also, dude’s going to have to get a new vehicle soon. People are going to get all Dorner on his SUV

  7. “Admits” to the officer? He was, as usual, following the law punctiliously, because in Texas, if you have a CCL, you have to hand it to the LEO at a traffic stop along with your license and registration. And, if he asks if you have a weapon in the vehicle, you are required to answer. So, “informed” or “declared” might carry a better semantic overtone.

    And I hope he’s carrying a few spare loaded magazines. The closer we get to the 2014 elections [and it’s been less than a year since the last elections], the more racist frenzy will be whipped up by the “post-racist” demagoguesocrats, with him as a poster boy.

    • Correction, you don’t need a Texas CHL or any other reciprocated CC license to lawfully have a weapon in your own vehicle in the state of Texas as of 2007.

        • Why? That doesn’t make any sense. Even Illinois allows out of state CCL’s to have guns in the car. Plus Texas has reciprocity with Florida. George is covered.

    • And you don’t “have to” hand it over on a traffic stop. Only if the cop asks you to hand it over.

  8. Sucks to be ANYBODY in Texas driving a gray Chevy Avalanche with Florida plates.
    Just might turn into a Chris Dorner look-alike fiasco.
    Poor guy can’t get a break.

      • I’m not sure it was necessary to divulge the plate number.

        The man’s got enough issues, don’tcha think?

        • wow – didn’t see that one coming – perhaps you should have listened to the video and you would have heard the officer call out the plate twice and the driver’s license number. He also called GZ a black male, but hey – it pays to be righteous and indignant, right?

      • For those complaining about DD’s post…

        Because it’s so hard to click on the linked story and listen to the radio traffic that disclosed the tag number, FL DL number, the name “Zimmerman” (who is described as a white male), and the description of a grey Honda pickup (registered to a Zimmerman out of FL).

        All of this was so secret-squirrel that nobody knew it until DD posted it above?

        • thanks Don . . . and while everyone else is sucking my left nut, if you bothered to LISTEN to the dash cam video – the officer called the plate out twice and also called out GZ’s driver’s license number.

        • My bad.
          I forget that the pictures are often links. I didn’t realize this was a vid of the stop. Sorry DD. If I wouldn’t have ID’d the wrong truck, the comments might have gone differently.

        • Tom – you don’t owe the apology . . . others do, but they are still “busy” on the left one.

          Ahem . . . make sure you swallow Boys, I am about to nut . . .

  9. Run George run!
    Seriously- get the hell out of the crazy 49.
    I can think of like, three states he might be ok in down there, and all have problems…

    Texas- well this just leaked, and “Y’all” are known for having a very small but vocal segment of the population that doesn’t like Hispanics

    Montana- would proabbly not care where he was/ what he did as long as he had a job and paid whatever taxes the state mandated- I hear they are fairly reasonable taxes too- but it’s Montana… And who wants to go there?

    Utah is fairly gun friendly and supportive of a citizens right to privacy, but as I understand it, jobs are a tad hard to come by right now.

    Or there’s Alaska- where as long as he stayed away from the flaming liberal bastion of Anchorage… I think everyone would pretty much leave him along… And jobs are avilable up here…

    • I’d second Montana. As a biracial dude, I’m generally the darkest guy around anywhere I go, and judging from the amount of Confederate flags up here he probably wouldn’t have to pay for beer for the rest of his stay.

    • He would blend right in here in San Antonio, which is majority Hispanic. Seriously, put a Tim Duncan jersey on him, and he looks exactly like every other male walking around downtown here.

      He would stick out in MT, UT or AK IMHO.

    • I don’t speed on 10 or 20 in Texas. I rode with a friend and we were going 5 over. We were pulled over and he was ticketed twice in one night.

    • Cop was very likely a sympathizer, cause you don’t get warnings in Texas with out of state plates. Or in state most of the time.

  10. George may want to take a break from driving . . . I am sure others would volunteer to help him run errands

  11. If he wasn’t George Zimmerman nobody would know. I tell you he needs to to go down to Peru for a while and spend some time with the family.

  12. At 1:53 you hear a camera shot, looks like the cop wanted a little something to remember his time with GZ.

  13. This guy is snakebit. Plus, clueless. Let’s see, hundreds of death threats a day. What does he do? Speed, get caught, let everyone know where he is.

    Word of advice. grow a beard, dye your hair, call yourself Hubert Cuthbert, order in pizza, hide out for the duration.

  14. OMG…I’ve seen this before !!! RUN BUDDY RUN tv show from the 1960’s ! Heck, the Zman even has a resemblance to Jack Sheldon !!


  15. So now, everyone in the world, including those who would wish him harm or with an axe to grind has his DL number and his tag number.

    • Why are they picking on him! That cop had no reason to pull him over. He ain’t do nuffin.

  16. Seems kinda shitty that they didn’t bother to bleep out his tag number or license number.

    • shhhhhhh! Don’t let the naysayers know that all you have to do is click the magical link to hear everything . . . . . . .

  17. This is, IMHO, continued harassment of Zimmerman. The LEO or someone should have just shut up and let the man have some room.
    I hope he settles in Texas, tho’. We’re much more friendly than the states run by Democrats.

    • I agree. He deserves complete anonymity even when he’s breaking the law. The man is a national hero and should be treated as such for having the bizalls to do what we’ve always wanted to do, which is track down criminals and neutralize them in one fell swoop.

  18. Don’t ever change, George. They’ll love you somewhere. Hell, he could move next to me, but he’s headed the wrong direction. Maybe Arizona or NM?

  19. Uhmm… hey George, if you want to lay low due to death threats, maybe speeding isn’t such a great idea…

  20. GZ has received a huge number of death threats. It is irresponsible for this site to publish a picture of a vehicle GZ travels in.

    • right, because no one else in the world has read the article linked here, which already was published online

  21. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that he got a warning. I wold say he would have a hard time getting a ticket.

    If I pulled him over, I would buy him a tank of gas. It was very clear law enforcement was on his side during the investigation and trial.

  22. Whether “legal or not” to disclose this video, it creates LIABILITY for Texas, for (the one credited if you hover over the video), and for whomever LEAKED the video. These are NOT, in fact, “public record,” not in ANY jurisdiction of any state! They CAN be used as evidence, can be gotten via subpoena or other court/judge means, etc.

    If they WERE public record, then why can you and I not view our own traffic stops, and the traffic stops of all our other fellow citizens? Show me some state/jurisdiction that has a PUBLIC WEB SITE to review and scroll through these “so-called” public record taffic stop videos!

    Also note that George’s OWN BROTHER “Posted on July 31, 2013 by Dan Zimmerman” posted this article! Okay, maybe not, but it really is WEIRD that “Dan Zimmerman” posted this article, and the subject is named “George Zimmerman.”

    Seriously, WHOEVER (whomever) leaked this video, literally, PUT GEORGE’S LIFE IN *MORE* IMMINENT DANGER, and is FULLY LIABLE for legal action should anything happen to GZ in the next few days.

    At the VERY least, it should have been merely a “written article” with NO video at all, and no audio.

    Texas/Forney, I hope you have GOOD lawyers! – Ditto – Hope you have your liability / reckless endangerment lawyers lined up.

    • “Also note that George’s OWN BROTHER “Posted on July 31, 2013 by Dan Zimmerman” posted this article! Okay, maybe not, but it really is WEIRD that “Dan Zimmerman” posted this article, and the subject is named “George Zimmerman.””

      You’re new here, ain’t ya?

      • I’m still laughing. I had a bet with myself. Who would respond first, Matt, Dan or Ralph.

        • umm… yeah, new here.

          Gotta stir things up just a little bit – and it is quite an interesting thing to notice – for us “new folks.”

      • I think I shat myself laughing. Then when reading the first half, I was hearing the theme from Twilight Zone.
        Rod Serling, “Imagine if you will, a man wanting anonymity. Then his own brother…”

  23. Several other points to make: whoever said these traffic stop videos are “public record” is a MORON – sorry “EagleScout87”, I just call ’em like I see ’em.
    1) Traffic stops, as you can hear, involve something called *P-R-I-V-A-T-E* and priviledge information – DL #’s, License tag #’s, sometimes SSNs, addresses, make and model of car, etc.
    2) Even if privacy were NOT an issue, this most certainly WAS ‘leaked;’ and it was done for ‘ratings / fame / infamy / glory.’ So, THAT = LIABILITY, even FOR THIS VERY SITE ( – sadly, you are facilitating the spread of this man’s PRIVATE INFORMATION [AND] further endangering his well-being – so… umm… just keep that in mind.
    3) AND, it might even be the WRONG “George Z.” I will go back and listen, but I swear one of the persons said, “Black male, George Zimmerman” – so, this might even be just a “publicity stunt” and not EVEN the “real George Z.” Either way, it’s LIABILITY / CULPABILITY on the part of ALL these parties involved for disclosing someone’s private information, even via a “linked video” on this site.

    • Okay, I stand corrected – WHITE MALE is what the officer said. Wow, so they got it right (White Hispanic, White male… whatever, right?)

      And yes, they did read out loud the DL # – OUCH!!!
      AND… it definitely sounds like Zimmerman – from what I heard of his voice before.

  24. AND, I watched Duck Dynasty for the first time tonight, so… after that, my brain is pretty much jello – it WAS funny! I mean, talk about ‘redneck chic’ or whatever – they should file for a patent!

    So anyway, you get my point: I don’t really agree with “leaking” someone’s traffic stop video – George Zimmerman or otherwise. Just too much potential privacy invasion, possible identity theft, etc.: you know, like those commercials where the little old lady says, “I’m the REAL Emmit Smith” – in his actual voice.

    But with GZ, it wouldn’t be ID theft, it would be people trying to “find-and-kill” him…

  25. Based on a a few specific posts above, I make a motion that we go back to posting links of Isreali models for purposes of distraction.

  26. A non-news news story about a man convicted of nothing doing nothing illegal, side from speeding, nowhere he couldn’t legally be.

    I.e., Not news.

    Welcome to Texas.

  27. If Zimmerman was driving through Detroit & got pulled over by a black cop for speeding, he would not have gotten a warning.
    The Texas cop described Zimmerman as a “white male” because that’s what it says on his driver’s license.

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