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It was bound to happen at some point. The recent loosening of FAA restrictions regarding the overflight of drones in U.S. airspace to spy on U.S. citizens combined with Edward Snowden’s disclosure of the NSA domestic spy program has started to galvanize citizens to action. Ironically enough, now comes this story out of Colorado, of all places. Phillip Steele, a resident of Deer Trail Colorado has submitted a proposed ordinance that would reward successful drone hunters with a bounty if they managed to shoot down a drone . . .

“Steele has submitted an ordinance to his town’s board of trustees that would create America’s most unusual hunting license: It would permit hunting drones and confer a bounty for every one brought down. Only 12-gauge shotguns could be used as weapons, so the drones would have a sporting chance.”

Of course, shooting anything out of the sky violates a number of Federal Laws, but Steele doesn’t seem to care. He sees this as an opportunity to stand up to an ever-increasing surveillance society.

The vote is next Tuesday, August 6. After that, it may be time to break out the drone loads…


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  1. Given the opportunity.
    I might??????????
    Anyone got a spare Browning 50BMG???

    • I think the Preds are strictly a surface-to-air missile job. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em!!!

  2. I don’t think the ordinance will accomplish anything much less withstand judicial scrutiny.

    On a totally different train of thought, I was thinking how Canada geese flying at extremely high altitudes have inadvertently caused all sorts of aircraft to crash. It would be a dog gone shame if drones regularly collided with geese or other birds causing the drones to crash. What is the maximum ceiling on those drones?

  3. If limited to 12ga shotguns does one use an extra long barrel with tight choke and something like turkey shot or go the other way and use sabot slugs in a rifled barrel for drones?

    I’m thinking a custom drone load might be in order. . . something along the lines of a incendiary light weight sabot slug with a sprinkle of light shot or something similar.

    I managed to find these:
    And it seems Remington also makes a drone load.

    Anyone else got an idea for a drone load?

  4. The feds are flying high but the yuppies have small personals that are peeping into peoples’ backyards.

  5. Dead Coyote would be a good start point for dead drones, heavy, large shot, and people killing pigs and coyotes at 75+ yards with thier shotguns.

  6. As an amateur beekeeper, I have to say, please leave my drones alone. They’re just trying to get laid, and they get enough hassle living with their mom and 40,000 spinster sisters.

  7. How much is that license to shoot at something you will never see at Deer Trail?

    A fool and his money, , ,

  8. please tell me that the “anti drone” 12ga loads pictured in the article are a joke!

  9. How about neodymium magnets instead of depleted uranium? Sure just as hard to find since the CPSC banned BuckyBalls, but less radiation to deal with…

  10. Oh, hell. Now no Hollywood actress is going to hire a PI unless he can offer 24/7 drone surveillance on her man. There’ll be drone hulks all over Mulholland drive. Aspiring actresses will be skinny dipping just for the publicity when the drone videos hit YouTube. Well, OK, stop shooting already. Let’s see how this plays out first.

    • Since you brought up Hollywood, whats going to happen when one of those drones take pictures they are trying to keep the Paparazzi? Will they raise he11 with Washington, DC and cry like they normally do?

  11. When you step up to claim your bounty the feds know who killed their drone. Remember, Shoot, Shovel, Shut up.

  12. All the more reason for every patriot to enjoy a piece of history in their backyard….something like a 20mm Hispano or Oerlikon.

  13. They should pass the ordinance, then sell licenses, have a little fun, make a little money. This could be bigger than zombies! Who wouldn’t want a Mossberg Drone Predator or a Benelli Super Raptor.

  14. “Of course, shooting anything out of the sky violates a number of Federal Laws, but Steele doesn’t seem to care.”

    If violates a few Laws of Physics as well.

  15. It all sounds funny but have any of you even seen a drone? I have seen 2 now. One landing in the middle of BFE Pa. That was a full size rear pusher plane variant. The other was in a small town, quadracopter type. It all becomes very real when you start seeing them in the wild..
    Unnerving actually

  16. What about all of those .50 Cals from Jersey?They could be put into good use for this.I can’t wait to see the story on the MSM when someone actually shoots one down!Also can’t wait to see the politicians in DC crapping in their pants when it happens.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

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