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Some members of our Armed Intelligentsia dismiss Kydex holsters as cold, hard, loud and ugly. It’s the same way they feel about GLOCK brand GLOCKs. As the picture above clearly signals, this review doesn’t go out to all you revolver guys who may someday have to “clear leather.”  This review of the 2A Standard Bearer is for concealed (yes concealed) carry gun owners who value function over, uh, anything . . .

Aesthetically, the Standard Bearer (SB) is only slightly easier on the eyes than Medusa’s hairdo. More charitably, it has a rather robust and decidedly industrial nature to it. Unlike most leather holsters, it doesn’t “flow” with the gun. That said, it;s designed to carry a GLOCK 19, the physical embodiment of a Rammstein song in ballistic form. So while she ain’t pretty, I can’t really gin-up much outrage since it’s designed to carry a pistol of equal beauty, or lack thereof.


Your eyes don’t deceive you, either. The SB is a large holster that wraps around a sizable portion of your waist. While it may be large in latitude, it maintains a fairly slim longitudinal profile. With some OWB pancakes, I’ve been forced to go to the back of the closet to find a shirt cut tall. No such fashion choice is necessary with the SB. I had no trouble discreetly wearing the SB with a regular collared shirt.

Whereas most OWB pancakes have a slight curve, the SB appears to have been formed around the shape of a five gallon bucket. I hated it on sight. In practice, the holster hugged my 34″ waist a bit tighter, and maintained a more concealable profile, than its competitors. I don’t know how the Taurus curve’s gonna work out, but the SB curve is a hit.

If your waist measurement is like some people’s caliber choice (i.e., it starts with a four or a five) my holster wouldn’t fit. You order an SB by waist size; the curve corresponds to your individual adherence the company’s range of Old Fat White Guy templates. You can also order your holster fashioned from thinner .080 Kydex. The thinner holster gives you a bit more flex in case your middle measurement fluctuates with the seasons. The one seen here was made with the thicker .093 Kydex, It offered less give than Scrooge himself.


From a “carrying a gun safely” standpoint, I give the SB high marks. The Kydex completely covers the trigger guard. While not a retention holster per se, the adjustable thumb screw does an admirable job holding your gun in place. You can crank down on it so far that your gun will be forever quagmired, or loosen it to the point that hanging upside down would see your gun falling free like Newton’s apple.



2A’s unique clip system makes getting the SB on and off easier than other belt-attached OWB holsters. As you can see from the two photos above, the top part of the clip is permanently attached to the frame of the holster. You can pop off and on the lower part. The system makes it possible to adjust for belt width without buying a different set of clips.

That’s huge (so to speak). You have to thread your belt through most OWB belt holsters. With this system, just loosen your belt a tad, open up the clips, slip the holster over your belt, and snap the clips in place. Boom, you’re strapped. After several hundred on again, off again cycles, I was unable to wear out the clip.


The only problem getting the holster on crops up when your belt meets the screwed-on sweat guard (an optional item). It has a lip that catches on your belt. Once in place, there’s no problem. Getting it there requires a bit of fiddling. I’d prefer to see version 2.0 have an integrated sweat guard instead of a this screwed-on piece.


As far as concealment is concerned, the SB’s on a par or better than most OWB pancakes. It hugged my body tighter than my beloved, without any fabric snagging protrusions. I ordered my SB with a fifteen degree cant. Straight-up vertical, 10, 15, and 20 are all options. As Kydex fans like RF will tell you, the 2A system enables a smooth draw and, importantly, a fast, positive re-holster.

The SB look like the rear end of a battleship but fits well, conceals beautifully and goes on and off like a flashing traffic light. At $56 (plus options), the SB’s right on the money for OWB Kydex holsters, especially given the level of customization available. In short, big and bulky is better. At least in this case. 


Specifications: 2A Holster Standard Bearer

Gun Types: Most of your popular carry pistols. If it isn’t listed, custom options are available.
Color: Many
Side: Righ or left handed
Cant: 0, 10, 15, 20
Body Type: Waists from 30 – 50 inches
Sweat Guard: Optional
Kydex Thickness: .080 or .093
Price: starting at $55.99 with more for extra options

Ratings (out of five stars):

Fit, Finish, Build Quality * * * *
The Kydex work is very nice, though I found the sweat guard attachment to be a little clumsy; it interfered with getting my belt in place. I’ll probably end up removing it since I always wear my holsters with a tucked-in T-shirt.

Concealability * * * * *
Thanks to the aggressive curve and forward cant, I had no trouble wearing a T-shirt or shorter length collared shirt over my GLOCK.

Retention * * * *
I’m a big fan of adjustable retention holsters; each gun is a bit different and requires some custom tuning. I’m knocking off one star because the retention thumb screw is too damn big.

Daily Usage * * *
With the sweat guard in place, there’s a great deal of fiddling that needs to happen to get the SB on your body. Without it, the clip system provides a very smooth transition that makes for a very reassuring fit once clipped into place.

Overall Rating * * * *
This is a damn fine holster that differentiates itself from the OWB belt holsters out there by having a slightly more customized approach to fitment. It is well built, safe, and does a great job of concealing a piggy pistol like the GLOCK 19.

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    • Well if it wasn’t modeled by someone the size of a 9 year old boy, it wouldn’t appear so huge. I carry a Glock 19 and at 6’2, 207 pounds, it doesn’t take up my entire right side. I opted for the leather and I carry concealed inside the waistband. If I went with a Kydex, it would be leather backed.

        • Tyler?!? Is that you sporting that “holster”? If so it is GIGANTIC. Not a rig I would consider for EDC. I fairly regularly carry a Walther P1/38 in an old Uncle Mike’s soft nylon universel fit Glock holster, stitched and riveted to fit well. Not good. Just well. Carry it in winter and summer and few people see it. That? No. You might as well be sporting full battle rattle, with a CAS bird roaring back&forth over your head.

    • Actually, Tylers photos are shot from too close a distance. Not uncommon, however it does skew the photo and misrepresents the items true size. These Pancakes tend to be 3 3/4 inches high and 8 inches long. Some may feel that that is too long. As I say on my Website ( They’re made to fit around the body, not just up against it. Thanks!

      • Did the dude fashion modeling get a hip replacement?
        Oh wait, nevermind its a holster!

        Plate armor included?? for when your all tac’ed out shooting sideways under a car? My word.

  1. By the looks of it, it may be very comfortable. I think they can do the same concept with less bulk by moving the belt clips inward towards the gun. This design would also work as an IWB holster with the right attachments. The screw on sweat guard though is hideous. It should be a one-piece design.

    • It is Sir. Tyler forgot that I told him I made his removable so he could try it without the Sweat Guard, vs. Making him two holsters.
      They typically are riveted on and present a cleaner line/feel. Thank you for the comment!

      [email protected]

  2. Don’t see how anyone who carries a Glock could complain that the holster looks too clunkily utilitarian. I don’t, so I could, but I won’t. Got a nice chuckle out of the review…

  3. This holster would be great for hiking or hunting.

    If you get lost in the woods you can just use it as a raft or shelter.

    • And use your pocket knife to shave off slivers you can dump into a fire and create thick black smoke to catch the attention of the search planes…

      Enough plastic in that thing to make smoke visible from 20 miles out…

  4. What makes the Glock 19 a “piggy pistol”?
    Why does an OWB holster need a full-length sweat guard?
    Why should an OWB holster have its belt attachment points modelled on the Crossbreed ST-style IWB, so widely-spaced?

  5. display that at the box office and get handicapped seating for your hip- replacement.
    horsehide people, horsehide.

  6. Haha! I love these comments! And actually I appreciate them too!

    As the maker of the above Holster, I have to say, that yes, you are a small-ish guy there Tyler My holster looks huge on you! And yet, I also must point out that being a photographer of some note ( Magazine Covers, etc) the proper distance for shooting something like this is 8 ft. When we get closer, we naturally enlarge center pieces of the image. In other words be careful shooting photos of your girlfriends face with this technique if you’d like to stay lucky!

    As I mentioned to Tyler when I sent him his desired piece. My Sweat guard is normally made onto the holster. I personally do not recommend them, hence I made Tyler’s sweat guard removable so he could try it without the sweat guard.

    As for the adjusting knob. The holster also comes with a replacement Phillips-head screw to change it out with.

    You can take a look at my website and see some more photos of them. I am a 32 inch waist and I am pictured in a photo or two as well as video. They do not look huge on me for my full size M&P.

    thanks Tyler for the review. And thanks to everyone commenting. All useful info!

    • I have no problems sitting in a vehicle with mine.The pictures make it look really big.And it really isn’t

  7. Something that large needs to be made of carbon nanotubes and be bullet proof.
    It’s damn near a vest in size.
    At least and a side plate carrier capability.

  8. Have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I first clicked the Rammstein link. I was considerably relieved to see it was Du Hast, as opposed to some of their catalog.

  9. I fully trust my life to these holsters.
    Own 5 of them hike with them and use them teaching.The mag holders are some of the best also.
    These are workhorse holsters for real shooters.Not for gunshop wannabe operators or tacticool types.

    • I own seven of them. They help me lose weight and saved me from being eaten by wild animals. They dont make you look like you are disabled at all.

    • Really? That thing is gigantic. As an open carry holster, sure. Plenty of good kydex gear makers out there.

  10. Belt clips? The way that thing looks, I figured it’d just be screwed directly to your skeleton with galvanized lag bolts.

  11. This is the cinderblock of OWB holsters. It is the picture of inelegance. I’d worry some about that front lower corner eventually wearing a hole in my pants too.

  12. Fugly. Big and it hangs on the side of our body like your some cyborg. I hate carrying on my hip. Getting used to appendix carry was a god send. You NEVER snag your gun on anything and a simple Sticky Holster is quick and easy and damn fast to draw and concealable.
    I wouldn’t wear that thing and talk nice about it if they paid me.

  13. Absolutely ridiculous, looks like someone got drunk at the junk yard and was inspired to #!&&er rig a holster from a cut out corner of the center console out of a 95 GMC.

  14. I gotta say, I don’t see anything here that Raven didn’t do first and execute better.

    I appreciate options, and I believe in small business. Raven is definitely no longer a small business. That attached sweat guard needs to be molded into the holster before I would even consider it.

    But hey, people like big and this is definitely a texas sized holster.

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