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Here’s the thing about a belt. You don’t really need one if your pants fit well and you don’t tuck your shirt in. But if you carry a handgun (nearly) every day, you need a good belt. And good belts are sometimes a touch expensive. The fine folks at TacShield don’t think a gun belt should break the bank, and have created the Tactical Rigger Belt as an affordable answer to your needs . . .

There’s only so much that you can really say about a belt before your eyes start to glaze over and you feel the urge to run screaming from the house. I will say this, though. I started wearing this belt on April 1 (no foolin’) and save for a dozen or so instances, I wore it every day, most of them schlepping a gun around in a few different holsters at a few different positions on my body.

Five months later, the only real wear I can find is that the very end of the belt with the non fuzzy velcro has started to curl a little bit at the end and doesn’t always stay stuck down. It appears I’ve also rubbed most of the parkerization off the buckle along the way. Other than that, it looks as new as it did the day I took it out of the package and does an admirable job of holding my pants up every day. Thanks to the thick nylon webbing, it also does a great job getting a good grip on holster clips of any variety.


Specifications: TacShield Tactical Rigger Belt

  • Width: 1 – 3/4″
  • Material: Double Wall Mil Spec 7,000 Pound Webbing
  • Buckle: Drop Forged Steel Rigger Buckle
  • Sizes:
    • Small: 30” – 34” 
    • Medium: 34” – 38”
    • Large: 38” – 42”
    • X-Large: 42” – 46”
  • Color:
    • Black
    • Brown
    • OD Green
    • Gray
    • Tan
    • Coyote
  • Price: $38.99 (sometimes less via Amazon)

Overall Rating * * * * *

It cinches down tight and stays where you tell it. The Velcro has held up very well to thousands of cycles of wear with only a bit of curling after five months. On top of that, it fits true to size. I ordered a medium as I wear 34″ pants. Lo, the belt fit perfectly. For the price, it really can’t be beat. Yes it screams “gun guy” but so does my “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt. May as well have a functional belt along the way.

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  1. it looks exactly like the Uncle Mike’s Instructor belt I was issued when I went to Frontsight back in 2008. Mine’s black. They are listed on the Uncle Mike’s site for $33.95
    Not a slam Tyler. I saw the pic and immediately thought of mine. Exact same buckle.

  2. The problem with all of these web belts is that they work ok for IWB, but don’t work well at all for OWB because they just aren’t stiff enough like a quality leather belt. At Fighter Design we sell a couple of different web belts, but in our last promotion I made sure to tell people that, although the work for IWB, they won’t work well for a full sized pistol OWB. We’ll have to fix that.

    • I’ve worn the Blackhawk version of this belt every day for the last three years, OWB (and open) carrying most of that time. I have no complaints about it functioning as an OWB carry belt.

    • That is simply wrong. The original maker of this style of belt Wilderness Tactical makes very stiff versions. They achieve this by adding 5 rows of stitching and also putting stiff plastic between the two layers of nylon.

      Other companies make versions that are even stiffer.


  3. For conventional riggers belts, tactical tailor makes a pretty good one with a rubber tip that makes feeding a little easier. if you don’t mind foliage green, they’re selling out their stock for half off. For those who prefer a more conventional leather look, the theis holsters Jake belt is very well put together.

  4. Some people just don’t like to wear belts. And most of those people should (i.e., fat-@$$ buttcrackers).

    Just about the only time I don’t wear a belt is on the hottest days if I’m just wearing nylon or mesh basketball shorts. I even use a D-ring or military style belt with cargo shorts. You never know when you might need a belt to do something besides hold up your pants.

    FYI, I live in NY, so the state has relieved me of the necessity of buying a carry belt.

  5. I have one of these, my brother-in-law bought a couple of them super cheap somewhere.

    It’s a good belt, heavy duty construction, still stiff enough to pack heavy stuff after using it for about 5 years.

    I use it as a day-to-day belt with jeans or shorts a couple days a week, and a pistol belt when I hit the range.

    I It was also super easy to modify it and make is smaller after I lost 65lbs. I just cut the end off and melted the rough end.

    • I and thousands of [eople have been wearing Wilderness Instructor belts like this for years (decades?). Nobody assumes you’re packing.

    • If your shirt is un-tucked it doesn’t say anything at all and if it your shirt is tucked-in the gun will probably be more of a giveaway.

    • I wear my original (Wilderness Systems) exclusively when I’m wearing an untucked shirt. I don’t like the tacticool look. But its very functional.

    • Ha. I didnt see your post before I posted the same thing.

      By the way. The guy in the article had his 5 mnths. I’ve had mine for 7 or 8 years and its still going strong. I wear it after work every day and all weekend.

  6. For $39, you can get the American made original. The Wilderness Systems (now Wilderness Tactical) Instructor Belt.

    Its the best belt you can buy if you don’t mind the tacticool look or if you wear an untucked shirt.


    • For $39 you can get the Tac Shield belt! It is also Made in the USA! and worn by over 100k Marines, Navy Seals, and Soldiers across the globe.

  7. That looks almost exactly like a Wilderness Instructor. They should be paying royalties to Wilderness! I’ll stick with the original, thanks.

    ETA: Obviously I’m not the first to say this. Which just goes to show how obvious it is.

  8. Get the biothane belt it looks like a regular leather belt and lasts much longer. I bought the Galco Matrix belt which I believe is the same thing and have worn it every day for the last five years and it looks new.

  9. I love this belt!!! Used the whole time I was in the Corps. The best thing about this belt is the soft edge webbing and the fact that it is Made in the USA, unlike the 5.11 and some other brands. I wore a Blackhawk version for a while but always had a problem with the edges digging into my sides. The Tac Shield belt has soft but sturdy edges so it’s comfortable in any position. After 3 deployments, the belt still looked good,except for a little fray from getting snagged on a piece of re-bar. When I got home I emailed Tac Shield with a picture of the belt and they sent me a new one within a week. Hows that for a lifetime warranty!

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