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Speed Ledge, c Nick Leghorn

The key to running a handgun in shooting competitions is the ability to quickly get back on target after making your shot. Hitting the first target is easy, but it’s all about how quickly you can take down the next ones. The ability to make quick follow-up shots comes only after hundreds of hours of practice on the range, or thanks to winning the genetic lottery like a Lena Miculek. A few companies have been developing some products to try and make it easier to control the recoil of a firearm and get it back on target quicker, and one of those companies has come out with a device known as the Speed Ledge.

Speed ledge, c Nick Leghorn

The idea is simple. The device attaches to the front of the gun, and has a small serrated pedal you use to rest your support thumb. It gives you the ability to exercise more control over the muzzle by applying force directly to that part of the gun. The concept has been tried many times before, and is a staple in the “race gun” sections of handgun shooting (known as a “gas pedal” or “go pedal”), but those devices have always been attached to the back of the firearm and typically are dependent on using the grip panels to hold it in place. The Speed Ledge bypasses that whole headache by clamping directly onto the forward Picatinny rail.

Speed Ledge, c Nick Leghorn

Many production handguns these days come with a Picatinny rail already built into the forward section of the frame to allow for mounting things like flashlights and lasers. The Speed Ledge guys take full advantage of that. The device mounts to that rail section within seconds and stays securely in place thanks to a stout screw.

The plain Jane version of the Speed Ledge comes with a flat base, but there’s an optional version that has a Picatinny rail on the bottom. Kind of like a Xzibit special — yo dawg, we heard you like rails, so we put a rail on your rail so you can rail while you rail.

As I said, there are a ton of other products out there for race guns already using something similar to this. But does the Speed Ledge work? I hit the range to find out.

For me, the difference wasn’t very big — but it was there. I already have pretty good control over my handgun, but I felt like the Speed Ledge allowed me to fire just a little bit faster. It may only be a small fraction of a second improvement, but it was there. I think that with a larger thumb rest this would work much better, but then we run smack dab into the bigger issue.

This thing makes it impossible to fit your gun into your existing holster. In order to use this in competition, you’ll need to grab a skeletonized race holster of some sort rather than a standard Kydex holster. You lose a lot of control over the gun, and for those in a strenuous competition where movement with a holstered handgun is required (like 3-gun) it may be more of a hindrance than a help.

I could see a use for something like this in USPSA shooting where the holster is basically useless once the buzzer goes off. But for 3-gun or games where a holster is required, the small boost in the ability to control the handgun doesn’t seem to outweigh the potential DQ that could come with the race hostler. And even then, the thing is so small that it’s hard to keep your thumb on it despite the aggressive serrations. In short, meh.

Speed Ledge

MSRP: $49.99

Overall: * *
While it works as advertised, its position on the handgun makes using your existing holsters nearly impossible. Also the small size of the pedal makes it somewhat difficult to use. If the pedal were bigger, I might be happier with it.

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  1. Looks like a backwards 1911 thumb safety mounted on some plastic doohickey and I agree, definitely looks too small.

  2. So this puts you into open like all the rest of the gas pedals?

    Not that shooting open is bad just that little dohicker is just the start of the modifications.

  3. Can’t use this thing in USPSA, it’s an external attachment. Can’t even use it in Limited division. Can’t use it in IDPA, external modification. In fact, the only division you could use it in, would be Open division in USPSA. In fact, 3 Gun has limitations on what you can or can’t do with a pistol, in terms of external modification. For most division, except the Open (no holds barred) division, where you can do whatever you want.

    In short, this thing isn’t usable in any practical shooting competition, unless you are in the “no holds barred” Open Division. Nick should know this…

  4. Practice + common sense = no need for this
    This is an item for those competitive shooter guys who go overboard and whose $500 Glock is custom built with a muzzle break, vented barrel, oversized grip, laser, red dot, “special trigger”, and mag pads so they don’t hurt their delicate little hands.

    • Yeah, and the shooter doing all that to their Glock, is shooting in the Open division against pistols that cost upwards of $5,000-$8,000 with the same modifications.

      No, this thing can’t be used in competition, in any division except the Open division against the aforementioned $5k plus pistols. It’s not legal in Single Stack. It’s not legal in Production. It’s not legal in Limited division. It’s not legal in Limited-10. It’s not legal in most 3Gun divisions, since it’s an external modification. It’s not legal in most IDPA divisions, since it’s an external modification. In fact, since it’s job is to mitigate recoil, it’s specifically called in the rule books as being a Prohibited Item….

  5. All you guys badmouthing this thing, and nobody talking about what really matters: Will it allow me to shoot (choose your war) Huns/Nips/Commies/Gooks/Commies/Muj/Blue Helmets better?

    • No. For that you need practice. This “gadget”, or hardware, won’t solve your software deficiency. If you fix the software deficiency, you don’t need “gadgets”. Dig?

      • I was looking into this as an aid in reducing recoil since I have weaker hands these days. Some of these reviews make me think twice. 🙁

  6. There’s nothing about said product on the page you linked, though the holsters, those look like they could be great.

  7. Nice honest review, seems like a gadget that would only appeal to a niche crowd.

    But could you guys please stop with the “Genetic Lottery Winner” BS, it makes my brain explode! Ms. Miculek is a product of a great family, perfect environment and HARD WORK. Jerry himself will tell you that making it to the next level is a matter of PRACTICE.

    The “Genetic Lottery” is a rhetorical device used by authoritarians to justify punishing the successful, please don’t buy into that crap, I’m begging you!

  8. I tried to order one a month or so ago. They no longer make them, unfortunately. I have very long hands…think basketball player…and the extra leverage on the front would’ve been nice when changing my G21 out to it’s 10mm or .460 Rowland barrels. Don’t discount the idea just because it’s not for you. Gas pedals are nothing new and at least someone made one that didn’t involve frame modification or a huge mount. Hopefully someone else will pick up the mantel and make something like this available (and at that price point) again.

  9. The Next generation (Gen 2) will be arriving on April 4th, 2014 (We will be sure to get Mr. Leghorn one for testing). The newer generation offers a larger more ergo-dynamic thumb rest; lighter design; and quicker install time. We will be following up with custom Kydex holsters in Summer 2014, and in Fall 2014 a version that has a removable sub-tier Picatinny Rail. It will come in any color you want as long as it is Black.

    The Speed Ledge rocks, no doubt about it. It turns an average or beginning shooter into a machine. It adds about 10mm (3/8″) to the width of your firearm and allows noticeable increases in recovery time and recoil management.

    Your non-shooting thumb now has a purpose. Also, it is 100% Made in the USA.

  10. I bought the Speed Ledge initially for my wife when she is shooting my Glock .40 cal. I saw an immediate improvement in her groupings so I decided to try it myself. I went from an 8″ grouping during rapid fire to about 4 1/2 in grouping by the time I finished my first magazine. I’m sold! I bought 2 more for myself and daughter. This thing is no gimmick, it really works!

  11. no problem to holster with thumbrest on.

    There are competition holsters designed just for that. Ghost, Cr speed, DAA racemaster/racer, safariland etc..

  12. Looks like Charlie Kilo has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. It’s really you who lacks the experience in firearms if you don’t realize how much gas pedals increase your speed and accuracy I n competition. Yeah, you can’t use it in IDPA, but that league is on the way out anyways(I’m the youngest person in my local matches in centra Florida, and I’m 31).

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