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As any astute reader of TTAG knows, the issue of gun rights issue tends to be a black and white one. Republicans = good on guns. Democrats = bad on guns. Every conservative everywhere agrees that everyone, everywhere should have guns. And those stinky, no good, liberal hippies won’t be satisfied until we’re all disarmed so every gay pot farmer can marry their box turtle. As such, any victory for the gun rights side results in a copious river of tears that God fearing conservatives can use to lubricate their firearms. Luckily, some enterprising Americans went to the trouble of bottling all those liberal tears for your lubrication pleasure . . .

Okay okay, I’ll put my snark away. I’ve racked up my share of haters in the comments section this year for suggesting that gun owners should bring civility to the table, so calling a product Liberal Tears doesn’t do great things from an image standpoint. But, I like objective testing and frankly, if a product works well, I don’t really care what the name on the bottle says. Unfortunately, Liberal Penetrator solvent and Liberal Tears oil didn’t show the kind of results that would lead me to leave my ever favorite KG products behind.


Above is a bolt from my “EDC” AR 15, the one that sits next to my bed, gets torn apart for hand guard reviews, provides the basis for pretty much all my testing. I treat it like the tool that it is, and as such, its usually pretty dirty. I know that I can clean it up in a jif if company is coming over, so I leave it be most of the time.

The photo above is after a thorough dousing of “Liberal Penetrator” Solvent that I scrubbed on for a bit with a brass brush. The bolt as it came from the gun is the opening picture of this review. After slathering and scrubbing with Penetrator, I flushed it with automotive brake cleaner, wiped it with a clean rag, and took this picture. As you can see, there is still baked-on carbon that refused to yield. Definitely cleaner, but not sparkling. I doused it in KG1, gave it the same scrubbing, and it was magically clean. For my solvent needs, KG 1 continues to be my gold standard.


Upon reassembly of my rifle, I made sure to coat everything with “Liberal Tears” Gun Oil. It appears to be a very lightweight gun oil. Great for keeping rust at bay, and an excellent assembly oil, but it quickly disappeared once I started firing the gun a week later. My AR will still run dry, so I didn’t experience any ill effects, but the tears don’t seem to stick like my old standby choices, KG 4 Gun Oil, and Sil Glyde silicone grease.

Overall Rating * * 

I’ll give the guys at Liberal Liquids a nod for packaging their wares in very handy spray bottles as I felt like I wasted far less liquid using that system. As a gag gift for your favorite gun person, these are top notch. But I hope you like that person a great deal as each 6 oz bottle of liquid retails for $16.95 + S&H from the folks at These are passable chemicals for cleaning and lubricating guns. Taken as standalone products, I’d give them three stars, but given how expensive this stuff is, in a market filled with better performing, less expensive alternatives, I only feel comfortable handing out two measly stars.

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    • I’ve learned that Hoppe’s is good, but in conjunction with other stuff like a spray can gun scrubber. I also like Winchester oil more than Hoppe’s oil because the Winchester stuff is dark brown, stinks, and is pretty thick. Consequently I know where I put it.

      • “… the Winchester stuff is dark brown, stinks, and is pretty thick.”

        Sounds like they simply bottled used motor oil!

  1. Is it OK if I want to keep and bear arms so that the gay pot farmer CAN marry his box turtle? Or rather, that I want to keep and bear arms and don’t give two bowel movements about what the gay pot farmer does or does not do?

    • He rather conspicuously left libertarians out of his snark roundup. I remember years ago hearing a libertarian joke in the same vein about smoking a joint and blasting away with an AK-47 simultaneously; maybe that will do.

    • Well, animals can’t consent, so no. No one should ever be allowed to marry a box turtle.

      • The ceremony was quite touching but really dragged on when the turtle was saying his vows.

        • The ceremony was quite touching but really dragged on when the turtle was saying his vows walking up to the alter.

          There, fixed that for you!

      • Animals don’t give consent to be enslaved and eaten, either. Unless you think animals are people, their consent is irrelevant. It should be noted that some animals do give consent, like the dogs that try to mount everything in sight, including human legs and furniture. However, animal abuse and cruelty are still wrong. Human-turtle sexual relations are probably animal abuse in every possible circumstance.

    • I’m pretty conservative, and I also don’t give two shiites what people do in their personal lives as long as they don’t infinge on my rights.

      when did conservative start to mean “intolerant, judgemental control freak”?

      • Spot on. All of the heat conservatives get really deserves to be aimed at “neocons”, who are actually liberals. Real conservatives don’t get involved in other people’s buisness and actually are not judgemental.

        • Not sure that i agree with your assessment – seems like a lot of comservatives are actually “social comservatives”. Hannity and Limbaugh, for example, aren’t neocons and yet they are kinda intolerant.

          I’m socially comservative in my personal life, but Imdon’t give a shiite what Bruce/kaitland Jenner does in his/her private life.

  2. Love it! Now, if we could get 30mpg on Liberal Tears we’d finally have a renewable resourse we could all agree on!

  3. all those liberal tears for your lubrication pleasure

    Somehow, that just sounds so wrong. And icky.

  4. Im pretty much religiously devoted to Hoppes and CLP at this point, maybe I should start calling my bench “The Church of #9”.

    I do appreciate the trolly in your face nature of products like this, too bad it isnt worth it.

  5. In my understanding, liberals and progressives (aka socialists) are different creatures – opposites mostly.

  6. Republicans = good on guns. Democrats = bad on guns

    True. Too bad the Republicans are so wrong about everything else.

  7. Repunicants are NOT ” good on guns ” they are only less bad……

    Will Bone-er and the GOP really hold up D.O.J funding for Pro-Gun riders like the article at , suggests ???? I’ll not hold my breath , no matter what the NRA says. More regulatory capture dog-and-pony show bullshit.

  8. I may just have to get a bottle. I won’t use it on my guns, but it would be good for a few laughs among my friends. It may even be a collectors item a few decades from now, strange as it may be to us today.

  9. Yeech. Why would anyone want to penetrate a liberal?

    You’ll just get nasty douche all over your dipstick.

  10. Box turtles? Geez, I’ll be seeing that in my sleep tonight. Thanks, Tyler. You prick.

  11. needs to be a picture of shannon on the bottle – maybe that horrible selfie she took the other day?

    • I had hoped an article about lube would a.) bring you to the comments and b.) with a Shannon joke.

      • I am sure I would be banned if I referenced Shannon and lube in the same sentence.

  12. “I’ve racked up my share of haters in the comments section this year for suggesting that gun owners should bring civility to the table…”

    I think many of us agreed with you on the importance of civility. What I and others did not agree with was the white guilt-tripping, social justice nagging, finger-wagging attitude of that article. You had a good point, but came across as a self-righteous jerk.

  13. Hoppe’s has always got the job done for me- but only for the last 40 years or so…
    After disassembly, I soak the small parts for a while, then scrub with a toothbrush.
    While they are soaking, I drag a boresnake thru the barrel, and goose the chamber with a bronze brush

    I must say: there are lots of nooks and crannies in an AR. Some light oil on the surfaces prone to fouling seems to facilitate cleaning, unless I run the rifle really hot. CLP seems a bit too gooey, so I cut it with some 3-in-1 oil.
    I find my cleaning intervals are longer now than when the rifle was new, maybe 6-800 rds of Russkie ammo. It does not need to be sterile to run reliably. I do pay attention to breechface and locking lugs.

    The hot ticket for AR bolts might be an ultrasonic cleaner. Still not sure how to efficiently clean the recesses in the barrel extension.

    Regarding Tactical Sh*t from a previous post, I believe the word in question is a noun, not an adjective. These guys are having some fun- more power to ’em.
    I haven’t tried Liberal Tears, but anything that makes libs. cry is OK by me.

  14. I must admit that as a 2nd amendment liberal I do feel very alienated by all the anti-liberal attitude of a good majority of the gun community. No, I’m not even close to a libertarian.

  15. “I’ve racked up my share of haters in the comments section this year for suggesting that gun owners should bring civility to the table . . .”

    I will be civil when they show the ability and intent to do the same.

  16. Man this is gotta be the most retarded article I’ve read in 2015 on “guns.” I know lots of Dems that support the 2nd Amendment as much as me. Why continue to make enemies of people we need? The 2nd Amendment is ripe to be a bipartisan thing as generation change moves forward. Man, drop the negativity from the 20th century and move forward with the rest of us. Ideology is for suckers. Pragmatism is the only ‘ism I believe in along with my PWS and Glock. 🙂

  17. Thoughtless posts like this give conservatives a bad name. What do laws against marijuana and gay marriage have to do with being a conservative? It’s a shame there are so many self proclaimed small government freedom loving conservatives who actually love a big intrusive government that tells us who we can marry and even what substances we can consume. But conservatives like the author are too dumb to realize their own hypocrisy.

  18. Thanks for the review! On a side note, I know many Democrats who love their guns and the 2nd Amendment, myself included. Peace out.

    • Double down on that opinion. I’m only here after seeing the brand featured in RECOIL Magazine. I thought I’d look it up and see if the product was worth anything. It’s good at not caring what half of the United States population thinks. It’s also not lubricating the bills in my wallet.

  19. Thanks for an honest technical review. Your conclusions verified my suspicion; that a gimmicky brand product cares more about the gimmick than the product.

  20. So all conservatives believe everywhere should be armed?
    You are a fucking clueless idiot liberal journalist.

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