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Mystic-MysticXUpon successfully escaping CA in my move back to WA, I had decided that a suppressor would be my first prize; my first freedom present to myself. After a bit of research and shopping around, Liberty Suppressors’ Mystic was firmly at the top of the list. A 9mm pistol can with swappable mounts and the ability to function extremely well on everything from .22 LR to .300 BLK to 5.56? Yes, please! Talk about bang for the $200 tax stamp buck and, at the time, the 10-month wait. Although it has served me well for a couple of years and many thousands of rounds of various calibers, it was time for an upgrade to the Mystic X. . .

According to Liberty, the changes and improvements from the Mystic to the Mystic X are as follows:

  • On the original Mystic there is a roll pin at the end of the tube that keeps the tube from spinning. We had a common issue there with folks that shot lots of .22 LR that the existence of the pin also made it very difficult to break the tube free from the core for cleaning. We have eliminated that pin on the X and in its place we cut a wave pattern in the end of the tube and a corresponding wave pattern in the core’s end-cap. This Wave-Loc prevents tube roll while, at the same time, allows for the manual twist motion needed to free the core after carbon build-up.
  • At the other end of the tube is the second external difference. We have increased the threading and reduced the outer diameter of the Tube Retaining Ring. This allows for the Mystic X to fit inside a smaller ID hand-guard than the original Mystic while at the same time retaining the structural security of the tube assembly.
  • Internally we extended the I-bean support along the sides of the core on the Mystic X. This increased the overall strength of the design which allowed us reduce the number of baffles, thereby eliminating nearly 2 ounces of weight. This redesigned core also allowed for the increased caliber rating list. The Mystic X is currently rated for 55 calibers on our website.
  • The Mystic X comes coated in Cerakote Type C, high-temp in Graphite Black. The entire outside of the Mystic X is black as opposed to the grey end-cap and retaining ring on the original Mystic.

Thankfully, for the owner of a Mystic, upgrading to a Mystic X doesn’t mean purchasing a new silencer! Liberty offers an upgrade program and will complete the necessary machining to update the tube so it fits on a brand new core with a brand new retaining ring. Any Mystic mounts already owned are still compatible with the X, which is a good thing as I have a 1/2×28 pistol booster mount as well as fixed mounts in 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and 18×1 mm RH thread patterns.


Machining is completed on both ends of the existing Mystic core. On the muzzle end to cut the Wave-Loc pattern:

IMG_4497 IMG_4499

And on the mount end to change the thread pattern for the new, streamlined retaining ring.

IMG_4501This is a definite aesthetic improvement, as the old retaining ring was gray and also stood out due to its larger diameter:


As mentioned above, it can also be a functional change so the suppressor can fit under a smaller-diameter handguard. The outer diameter of the Mystic X is 1.375″, while OD on the old Mystic is 1.462″. This ~9/100ths of an inch reduction does actually open up some handguard options that will clear the X but not the previous Mystic.

Also getting the black treatment is the new endcap, which is supposed to disperse gasses better. I can’t really test that but I can definitely say that it looks more aggressive and sufficiently cooler.

X Right
X Left

Finally, as part of the upgrade process Liberty replaces the entire core with a new, updated one. This is where the ~2 oz of weight savings is found, while retaining at least as much strength and sound suppression capability as the older core design.

X on Bottom

The whole upgrade took only 10-or-so days (Liberty commits to a 3-week or shorter turnaround), and now I’m once again shooting the newest and the best!


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    • On their web site $799. With mounts extra. The pistol booster is a buck and a half. Others are 95

      Looks less expensive than the Omega I was looking at.

      • I think it comes with one mount included in the price? They’re available through dealers for about $700. Considering they handle 55+ calibers, it’s a heck of a value. I was approaching 1,000 rounds of .223/5.56 through mine, a couple thousand rounds of 9mm, maybe 400 or 500 rounds of .22 LR, and about 200 rounds of .300 BLK before sending it in to be upgraded to X flavor. Which it certainly didn’t need in any way whatsoever, btw. The suppressor was a-okay. I just wanted the upgrade cuz I wanted the upgrade. …I think that’s all the calibers I put through it, but there’s a fat list of other ones it’s good for.

  1. Hmmmm. Upgrade and have someone else clean all the gunk that I should have cleaned out long ago myself for < $400. Might have to do this!


    • Yep. Repairs, and upgrades require nothing but the proper license(FFL /SOT). The only time a new stamp/tax is required, is if the serialized tube is damaged beyond repair, and requires replacement.

        • Yeah it’s just like any other firearm. It’s yours, so it’s legal to send it to an FFL for repair or modification or whatever and for them to send it right back to you. Even while I was living in CA, I was able to send a pistol back to the manufacturer in another state for warranty repair (they e-mailed me a FedEx label) without requiring an FFL to do the shipping part and they were able to ship it right back to my house. 21-or-over adult signature required on the package (same w/ the Mystic).

  2. Ah to live in a free state One day, probably in the next 5 years if things come together.

  3. Someday I’ll upgrade the ol’ glock to a threaded barrel. Or trade it in on a cz maybe.

    I’d love a good gun muffler someday, though for sure. Mystic X looks rad. Congrats on the update! 🙂

  4. How does the Mystic do on 5.56 (standard length barrels) compared to a dedicated rifle suppressor?

    • It’s larger in interior volume than the vast majority of 5.56 cans out there, so it does better than expected considering the diameter of the bore. Certainly if it were bored for a 5.56 mm projectile instead of for a 9mm projectile it would trap more gas and bring the volume down further, but it still does very well and makes a massive difference in sound level. On .22 LR, just for the record, it’s as quiet as anything…it’s just larger than a .22 can has to be, of course. It’s also one of the very quietest 9mm cans on the market, hands down. It’s totally comfortable to shoot subsonic .300 BLK through it. Quite quiet in that application for sure.

  5. JFTR, obviously people who are entertaining a new suppressor should purchase the new X version rather than any of the older regular Mystics that might be floating around.

    I should have knew something was up when I bought a fire-sale regular Mystic last year. They announced the X a couple months later. Oh well…I don’t have any of the expanded listed of calibers at this point and don’t plan on it in the future. I would like the couple oz savings but thats not a killer.

  6. Interesting timing! I just bought an original Mystic a couple days ago. While it would be nice to have the X someday, I’m pretty happy with the original, new in box, for $395 out the door. (Oh, and Federal “Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Retain $200” tax.) I may upgrade someday but plan on shooting the fire out of it first.

    Had to admit, got SUPER excited when I spotted it threaded onto a CZ SP01! Once I get the can in my possession, I’d love to convert either my SP01 Phantom, or possibly a P07 to threaded barrel. I can buy a threaded barrel from CZ for a P07, but please tell me where you sourced the barrel for the SP01!?!?

    • Wow that’s a hell of a deal on the Mystic!!! I sent my SP-01 slide w/ barrel and Kadet Adapter (review) slide w/ barrel off to Tornado Technologies in OR to have them extend and thread them. I think it’s $160 each these days. Totally flawless jobs and they’ve been working great for a few years now.

      The SP-01, btw, is a great suppressor host. Lockup seems to be fairly long and it’s quieter than most other 9mm pistols I’ve shot w/ the Mystic, including the P-07. Actually, I think it’s the quietest I’ve shot so far…plus reliable still and all that stuff.

      • Hey, I just stumbled across your (I assume?) video comparing a P07 and SP01 with suppressor.

        Seemed like the SP01 was a LOT quieter. From the shooters perspective, did you notice that much difference?

        And thanks for the tip on Tornado Tech, I’ve seen them referred to a couple times, but good to see the proof.

        I don’t rule out the P07 yet, though; it’s wider slide may present a better platform for a milled-in red dot reflex sight. And whatever I run with a suppressor, I’d like to add a red dot and suppressor sights to. Much easier on a P07.

        Decisions, decisions…

        • I don’t know if it’s a LOT quieter, but it’s obviously, noticeably quieter for sure.

          BTW CZ Custom is now making their own brand of barrels and they offer an extended length, threaded barrel for the SP-01. It’s rarely in stock, but would be an alternative to having your factory one done by Tornado Tech. Of course, the CZC one is $275 and requires fitting…

          Red dot can be done really easily w/ CZC’s mount that uses the rear dovetail: …not as cool as milling, sure, but $35 and easy to install…

  7. Mystic X is definitely the can to get if you were to ever own just one can. Which we all know is impossible lol.

  8. Begging for permission from a local government official and paying $200 to Moloch is hardly a “freedom”.

  9. Too be in a free state. Excellent review on a paper weight. I still don’e see what all the fascination is about!? Pew pew!

  10. I’m getting ready to pull the trigger and get this can. The only thing I’m bummed is that it’s not good for 5.56 in anything shorter than 16″. My 10 1/2″ AR will be left out. Which is one of the main reasons I want a can is to have an overall low length. That, and I will have to get a .45acp can still. But, I’m thinking for everything else in my inventory, it’s good to go. I’ve been going back and forth between this can and the AAC SDN-6.

    • You could do .300 BLK in a short barrel like that. It’s rated for an 8″ or longer barrel for sub-sonic .300 blk in full auto and supersonic in semi. Pressures for 5.56 basically start an exponential upwards curve as the barrel length drops below 16″ and gets shorter…

      My next can is going to be a Sandman Ti from Dead Air. .30 cal can rated for .300 Win Mag with the option of a .223 bore diameter endcap so it’s pretty dang quiet on 5.56 as well and can be run on any barrel length. That’ll be my go-to rifle can for everything .30 cal on down. That’ll relegate the Mystic to mostly just 9mm through the CZ Scorpion and various pistols, really. And the Element 2 for rimfire. …although if I end up with some of the really hot rimfire stuff like .17 WMR it would likely be quieter through the Sandman…

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