Elite Survival Systems Avenger GunPack
Courtesy Amazon
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By Brian Connelly

Normally, I am a little hesitant of any bags designed for CCW and general use together. However over the past few years as a business owner I have found that CCW on the body is not always the best option, here is where the Elite Survival System Avenger Gunpack comes in.

Do you find yourself carrying a bunch of gear on a daily basis like I do? On any given day I have my Rock Island Armory Baby Rock in .380, two magazines, a pocket knife, wallet, phone, business cards, square reader, and a ton of other stuff to carry with me.

Elite Survival Systems Avenger GunPack
Courtesy Brian Connelly

I used to carry a briefcase, but lets be realistic, they are big, bulky and not very easy to access in a tough, stressful situation. So the Elite Survival Systems Avenger Gunpack Gen 2, which I have been carrying for a while now is a great solution for the problem.

The Avenger GunPack is made of heavy-duty nylon with very heavy duty zippers that don’t snag when you need to open or close them. It has a top carry handle, adjustable shoulder strap, and an Omni-Carry Belt panel so you can carry it either vertically or horizontally, or it can be added to your go to MOLLE system.

Elite Survival Systems Avenger GunPack
Courtesy Amazon

It has plenty of storage compartments inside for everything from your cell phone, to your wallet and even has built in holsters for anything up to a compact semi-auto handgun and another holster for a magazine in its main compartment.

The holsters have Velcro so you can remove the entire unit if you so choose. A lot of people would call this a man purse, but honestly its a lifesaver for those of us who carry on the go all day and need a system to accommodate all of our gear and still have a great place for a firearm and magazine.

Elite Survival Systems Avenger GunPack
Courtesy Brian Connelly

Even if it’s just used as a truck bag for a backup gun and accessories the Avenger GunPack is a great way to go. I have tried a ton of options over the years for this, but this one will stay in my carry routine permanently.

It’s quite easy to just toss everything in this bag and just go. Even my OWB Holster fits into the bag so if I get to a destination and decide to OWB carry when I’m there, I can then put the holster and gun on my belt and be good to go.

I tried the belt carry option with the bag and while the bag is on the large size, it wasn’t uncomfortable to wear. I could easily see someone attaching it to their belt or the MOLLE system on a backpack for all-day carry.

Elite Survival Systems Avenger GunPack
Courtesy Brian Connelly

The front zippered pocket is my go-to for my wallet and keys, and the secondary large compartment is large enough to carry a Motorola G7 smartphone with a hybrid case, so of course it would fit almost any larger smart phone.

For those of us who need a carry solution that doesn’t involve OWB or IWB carry, The Elite Survival Systems Avenger GunPack is a great solution for all day carry everyday. Toss it in the truck with you and be assured your weapon and spare mags are secure, yet still easy to access with the heavy duty zipper system that absolutely will function 100 percent every time.

Carry it on your shoulder when out and about, or use the built-in top carry handle to tote it around town with you, secure in the knowledge that you have quick, reliable, easy access to your firearm if the need arises while maintaining 100 percent concealment that no one would even think houses a firearm.

Specifications: Elite Survival Systems Avenger GunPack Gen2

Height: 12 inches
Width: 10 inches
Depth: 4 inches
Weight: 1 lb, 4 oz.
Price: $59.95

Ratings (out of five stars):

Build Quality: * * * * *
The Elite Survival Systems Avenger GunPack Gen 2 us made of tough, nylon with heavy duty waterproof zippers to ensure secure and easy access.

Durability * * * * *
I have been carrying this for several weeks in a high impact environment, at work, and at home. My dog even grabbed it once and it still looks brand new. The zippers function flawlessly and the heavy duty nylon is highly durable and will not fail you.

Overall: * * * * *
The Elite Survival Systems GunPack Gen 2 is a great alternative carry solution, that has enough storage for all your day-to-day items with a build quality second-to-none. If you are looking for a small bugout bag, daily carry bag, or truck bag you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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    • Dime a dozen. Too tactical. Screams “I’ve got a gun!” Might as well have a big yellow punisher logo on it.

      • Yup. This is even worse than fanny packs in that regard. I sometimes use a similar bag when backpacking but it’s just a generic-looking one that can attach easily to the straps of my main bag and doesn’t look out of place (I actually carry two, one of which usually has trailmix… I only rarely mix them up).

  1. Intriguing, though I’m wondering why there are no photos provided showing it being worn in the “belt loop” option? Looks like it might be kinda big, but a pic would help to visually guide one’s decision whether or not to consider buying one of these.

    Looks a bit too big, though.

    • “Looks a bit too big, though.”

      What is, what no woman has ever said to me, Alex?

      *sob* 🙁

  2. Interesting, thanks for the review. If off body carry is necessary and/or a ballistic insert is needed, I suggest using a sling bag. They’re easy to quickly swing from your back to your front to acces its contents and/or protect you chest if you have a plate/panel. A few of the latest available discreet sling bags (little to no molle) are from Vertx, Maxpedition, Condor, Fox Ourdoor, Tactical Tailor, 5.11. A few of these can fit up to a 15″ laptop. They’ll look more tactical if your clothes, hat sunglasses, shoes, look more tactical. If running and moving around quickly is not applicable then a messenger/laptop bag would work; it’s easy to add stick-on velcro on the inside to organize spare mags, light, Multitool, IFAK.

  3. If you have to carry that much shit, then you definitely have a problem or live in a shithole area!

  4. I guess you could always use it as Louisville Slugger. I would prefer no zipper on gun pocket small Velcro or possibly a snap with big tab. If you think it good, before you trust your life to it, test it. Clear your baby rock, put it in it’s normal place, put the bag as you would normally carry it. Now have a friend/family member stand about 25 feet from you, you start walking towards them. On your second step have them run at you screaming. If you can retrieve your baby rock and be in a firing position before they can touch you your safe, if not better rethink your edc routine. Btw I got a great man bag from Amazon for $9.95 free shipping. Also would love to hear how the RIA baby rock handles.

  5. Hey, another black nylon bag. Looks just like the other black nylon bags. But it’s a better black nylon bag, right?

  6. Nice compact bag for everyday carry. I was looking for something like that because most of the tactical bags are too big and have a lot of pouches.

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