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In my quest to find the perfect holster, Tiffany Fulton at Comp-Tac was nice enough to box up and send the entire catalog of products that fit my EDC XD(m). I’ve been slogging through reviews (tough life, I know) for the last few weeks and the Comp-Tac Minotaur Neutral Cant next on the hit parade . . .

Those who read my MTAC review will recognize the pieces and parts that make up this AIWB (appendix inside the waistband) holster from Comp-Tac. Same style of leather backing, same kydex shell, same tuckable clips. And just like the MTAC, I found the leather backing to be incredibly comfortable with only an overnight stay stuffed with dress socks and gun to break it in enough for daily carry.

On that note, let’s talk about tucking a loaded gun in next to your femoral artery, your favorite reproductive organs and wastegate. It already lends itself to a sense of discomfort by virtue of the horrific damage that can occur due to a negligent discharge. Any AIWB better be comfy as all hell to help you forget that potentially gory scene.

With a few caveats, I can say that the Minotaur fits the bill. The leather backing is supple, the whole rig can be positioned up or down to make your piece fit with whatever height you wear your pants and that little leather flap cushions the kydex/gun barrel on your thigh. All in all, very nice features.


The nagging issue for me was the actual width of the holster. I normally wear pants with a waist measurement of 32-34. The screw to screw width of those clips is about six inches. Most troubling is the distance between the clip closest to your belt buckle and the edge of the kydex shell. As a smaller-waisted guy, this holster is simply too wide to comfortably fit in the area between my belt buckle and my hip. This forced the holster to round the corner of my hip which was less than comfortable.

I asked Tiffany at Comp-Tac about the possibility of moving these clips closer to the kydex shell and was met with an unfortunate no. Handmade? Yes. Endlessly customizable? Not so much. I was informed that they order these leather backings en masse from Minotaur so they can’t really be customized. If AIWB carry was something I was hot and bothered about, I’d find a leather maker to fix it. But I’m not, so I didn’t.

Specifications: Comp-Tac Minotaur Neutral Cant Holster

  • Type: IWB Appendix Carry
  • Materials: Hybrid of Kydex and Leather
  • Adjustment: Adjustable for ride height, belt size, and clip color. Additional benefits include the ability to swap out kydex bodies for other pistols in your collection.
  • MSRP: $85.00

Ratings (out of five stars)

Fit and Finish * * * * *

Absolutely top notch work from Comp-Tac. This holster is hell bent for stout and built to last just like all the other gear I’ve seen from them.

Customization * * * ½

You can do a fair amount of customization from the factory to create a holster that fits your needs and then tune ride height and retention from there.

Comfort * * *

Adjustable ride height is a really nice feature and the leather backing is extremely comfortable. However, “smaller” toters will probably find this offering from Comp-Tac too wide to be worn comfortably. Flat bellied folks with larger waists probably won’t have this problem.

Concealability * * * * *

Say what you will about nestling a gun next to the goods, appendix carry is a printaphobe’s dream. Nobody knows you’re carrying a full size gun unless they hug you or you blow out your femoral artery. So don’t.

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  1. I feel like I saw this same holster review but with darker leather just not too long ago… you bought another one?
    Er…do they all just look the same?

        • I just ordered a completely new MTAC. I wanted brown clips and a brown leather backing.

        • Brigo05, I’m confused by your confusion. It’s a different design for a different purpose. The shape of the backing is a bit different and the kydex shell is attached at a different angle.

          As for ordering a different MTAC, he wants a different color backing with different clips, and needs a new kydex shell because he’s changed guns. Considering that’s 100% of the parts of a holster, sounds like he needs a new holster.

  2. I have tried AIWB carry and I really don’t get it. Like a lot of white collar guys, I spend an unfortunately large part of my day sitting. Even when I’m not sitting, what about bending, crouching, or any movement at the waist? AIWB may be fine if you’re a Riverdancer, but it’s not for me.

    • I haven’t tried AIWB, but from what I’ve heard, if you’re not as svelte as Tyler, it’s also fairly hellish. I’m extremely far from svelte, so 3:30 is probably best for me.

  3. For Appendix carry, I put the gun a bit closer to midline. Just a bit to the right of the umbilicus with the barrel resting between the goods and leg in the crease of your thigh when sitting.

    Welcome to the dark side:)

    Get a shot timer and see the difference between AIWB and OWB.

    • It is very fast for sure. They sent a much slimmer AIWB Kydex model that I seem to get along with alright.

    • I know it can sound condescending to tell an experienced gun guy to be careful, but please, please be careful when re holstering with appendix carry. If Michael Craig would have been carrying that way he would in all likelihood be dead. Many ranges are pretty far removed from medical aid, and without a tourniquet, a helicopter and a bit of luck, adios amigo. I say this with as much caring as I can muster for a fellow gun guy and human being, even though I care more about my dogs than most of the people I know 🙂

      You never have to re holster fast. Very slow is the key and if you are carrying a pistol that allows you to apply pressure with your thumb to the hammer as you re holster this will help avoid disaster.

      If I’ve told you a bunch of stuff you already know, it never hurts to review the rules.

  4. BTW I just ordered one of their new Gladiator OWB models and I gave the “Where did you hear about us?” to TTAG 🙂 Thanks for the reviews Tyler.

    You might also find it useful to wear your buckle to the left of your first belt loop so the portion of the belt that attaches to the clip lays flatter.

  5. Why I don’t carry Appendix Inside Waist Band:

    I pulled up the Smart Carry site and the video they have of putting on a Smart Carry rig and tried that technique, which seemed to work. You have the gun carried on the centerline of your body, with the grip under (or just below) your belt and the barrel pointed straight down. On the morning of the accident, this is how I was carrying the weapon.

    Friday morning and I’ve put the holster on, slipped the gun into the pouch and I’m planning to go to town on errands. The dogs are bugging me to go for a walk along the river, and I figure it won’t take that much time. We live on a hill above a small river, so I take the dogs and head out down the dirt road to the river. At the river, I check the guns’ safety, and it’s still on (remember, this is a new position for me to carry it in).

    I walked for three or four hundred yards along the river, as usual. Coming back there is a point at which I have to stop and pull the stickers out of my little Schnauzers fur. I squatted down to pull the stickers, and the weapon discharged one round into my groin.

    Part one….part two in the next post…..

    ….when the weapon discharged, I remember standing up and yanking the weapon out of my pants, wondering just what the #$%^ had happened. It’s an odd feeling being shot. The body is screaming that it’s in trouble while the mind is racing to catch up on what just happened.

    I realized I was bleeding pretty good, but not enough to have hit an artery. I safed the weapon, stuck it behind my back and put pressure on the wound. I then discovered a big mistake I had made—no cell phone! I had to walk back, about 1/4 mile to the house to roust my daughters and call 911.

    I’ll make a long story short in that I was Careflighted to a trauma center where a very good surgeon took three hours to repair the damage. The round was a 95 gr. Hornady XTP that patially fragmented. I had three holes in my penis and a smashed left testicle. I know this is a bit graphic, but especially the guys need to realize what can happen when you carry a gun ‘ready to go’ inside your pants.

    I was discharged the next Monday, and a full recovery is expected”

    Link to post :

    • Sorry about your experience. This holster is nothing like a smart carry pouch. Neither is my Fricke Arch Angel. They firmly hold the gun until it is removed.

      I have done all sorts of vigorous physical activity with mine over a year and not once had it come un-holstered.

    • It should also be made clear that the holster involved in your story was NOT a Smartcarry brand, but a no name copy.

  6. I’ve owned both. I like their regular MTAC at 3:30, but I’m not a fan of the zero cant at 1:00. For appendix carry, I want something with a LOT less material, and even then it’s not terribly comfortable.

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