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Slidefire was the first to recognize that there’s a market for a device that allows the average shooter to bumpfire their rifles, and they’ve dominated the market ever since. But as with all things, there are cheaper alternatives appearing on the market all the time. One such alternative comes from Bump Fire Systems, a company out of Miami, Florida that is selling a competing stock with the same features for damn near half the price. They sent us one to review, and after a little while on the range playing with it I’m back to report — and ice down my burned thumb.

The concept behind the stock is the same that we’ve seen with the existing Slidefire stuff. The buffer tube reciprocates freely within the chassis, and there’s a small ledge against which the shooter holds their finger. While pulling gently forward on the handguards yet keeping the stock stationary, the trigger connects with your finger on the ledge and fires the gun. Recoil pushes the gun back, resetting the trigger, and that pulling motion continues to fire the gun until the magazine is empty. It works, its a good system, but the implementation of the stock is everything.


In this case, installation was a breeze. Slide the old stock and grip off, install a new block where the grip used to be, and slide the new stock over the buffer tube. There’s some grooves to ensure that the stock and grip marry up properly and keep everything aligned, and once you’re in the groove you’re all done. I did notice that there were some artifacts on the molded plastic pieces that seem to be leftovers from when the parts were manufactured, and while they are visually unappealing they weren’t all that visible when assembled and didn’t impact the function of the gun. Just enough of an annoyance to mention, not really enough to hurt the ratings.


The last feature of the stock is the locking mechanism. At the rear, there’s a tab that can be rotated. When aligned with the stock, it slides freely and can be bumpfired. When aligned with a small cutout in the stock, it pins the stock in place and won’t let it move. Great for transporting the gun or locking it open after use.


The real question, though, is how it runs. And for that we put it on the MEAN Arms rifle we’ve had for testing for a while, grabbed a case of ammo, and headed out to the range. The results were… well… painful.

Nick tests SlideFire stock on Mean Arms hybrid rifle and burns his thumb. #stupidnick #burn #gun #slidefire

A video posted by The Truth About Guns (@guntruth) on

We’ve been modding the crap out of this rifle all year, using it as our test bed for whatever funky stuff people throw at us. In this case, Tyler had just finished adding a piston kit to the rifle a few weeks prior. A piston kit that bled the excess gasses straight up and through the handguards, and right into my thumb. Within a few short rounds, it had burned through my glove and singed my finger.


That’s not really a knock against the stock, more like a PSA. Always wear gloves when firing rapid-fire firearms, kids! That’s actually the second time I’ve done something dumb and firearms related to that thumb, the last instance involving a Mateba auto-revolver and a misjudgment of where the cylinder gap was. Wound up in the ER for that case, but this time my finger was only char broiled instead of sliced open.


In the case of the Bump Fire Systems’ Bump Fire System, it works as designed. It allows you to shoot a ton of ammo in a very short period of time, and it works well. Its not quite as polished as the Slidefire stock, but the price isn’t as high either. Its a more economical version, and identical in every function to the original. So much so that I’m surprised they haven’t been sued yet.

Specifications: Bump Fire Systems’ Bump Fire System

Gun Models Available:AR-15 / AK-47
Colors: FDE, OD, Black
Price: $99.99

Ratings (out of five stars):

Fit and Finish: * * 
OK, I lied — I am taking stars off for the artifacts. Its not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, but it works.

Ease of Installation: * * * * *
As easy as swapping out a grip and a stock.

Reliability: * * * * *
No issues — worked every time.

Overall: * * * *
Slidefire’s offering is $80 more than this thing. Considering that the entire concept is a gimmicky toy to begin with, I’d rather spend as little as I possibly can. If you feel the same way, this is your ticket. Not as shiny and polished as the Slidefire offering, but it works.

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  1. Were you able to maintain a decent point of aim?

    I’ve seen people shoot bumpfire ARs and the shots were all over the place.

    One thing that might help…spring load the foregrip, so that it stays with the user’s stationary hand, while the rifle reciprocates. (Patent Pending ;)).

    • If I’m not mistaken, adding the spring basically makes it a machine gun under NFA. It aids the shooter, and the bump firing is not then manually operated in itself.

    • I bought 2 of these when they first came out. They had a kid, he sounded a little tired, but he took my card number and shipped what I ordered promptly.
      It was as easy as taking the ar handle off and putting the bumpfire mount on. Slide the other half over the buffer tube, and go to town.
      With a little practice, and you don’t death grip the weapon, you can be a force multiplier. You can definitely keep them in the ten ring. That said, I am selective who I show mine to, I tend to go thru a boatload of ammo if I don’t.
      Its not a slidefire, but it’s not $300. You can bet you will shoot more than the stock costs your first time out.
      They are a blast to shoot and everybody that walked away with a smile at the end of the day. If you want a thrill get some tannerite and shoot it with the bumper. What a hoot.
      Hope this helps, any other questions ask.

  2. I just really don’t understand the attraction of these things. Complete waste of costly ammunition. You wouldn’t want to use one in a real self-defense or battle situation. If I want to hear a whole lot of rapid fire bangs, I’ll set off a string of firecrackers. It’s cheaper.

    • I have yet to find a YouTube video where somebody tries a Slidefire/Bumprire out for the first time that isn’t grin ear-to-ear when they are done.

      If we got rid of all impractical gun accessories, that would eliminate about 50% of the market segment.

      Ooops I take that back….I once saw a Yeager video where he tried a Slidefire and couldn’t get it working because he didn’t know how to operate it…..snicker.

    • Are you saying our Troops don’t use auto-fire in battle situations? Hmmmm. Lighten up, man – just because it isn’t “your thing” doesn’t mean you’ve thought of everything.

  3. i hate these kinds. to make something counterintuitive as this product is, is asking for trouble. there are muich better version out there. you get what you pay for.

    • Especially if you pay $18,000 +$200 for the real deal, considering they about equally useful. Unless you are trying to keep the Viet Cong’s heads down while the mortars get dialed in there really isn’t a justification for full auto, it’s just fun.

  4. The general consensus is that it’s an amusement toy, nothing more, nothing less. Plus you can scare the “noobs” into thinking you have a select-fire rifle.

    Though a few of the more tactically-minded folk throughout the internet advise having something like this around, just in case – the idea being it could be a decent suppressive-fire device if you know how to handle it properly.

    Had no idea they were made in Miami though – good deal.

    • I can only hope that is what the sheeple think. You and I both know that its a novelty.

      That said I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of mine. You can spit a shitload of fmj downrange. And it’s fairly accurate, better than some of the vids of automatic fire from guys in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our guys not the hajis, that holding the gun over there head in the direction they heard fire from and the spray and pray method are priceless.

  5. If I want a bump-fire stock, I can 3D print one for only a few dollars worth of ABS plastic filament, courtesy the Fosscad mega-packs and a home-built printer! 😀

    • I live in NJ, where this may or may not be considered a telescoping stock, is there anyway you could perhaps design a “thumbhole” stock version of one? In that case, my rifle would pass the scary feature test if this were considered a thumbhole stock.

    • You lucky dog!
      What kind of printer do you have? I want to try that. Even if you could just print the handle interface piece, would be cool as shit.

    • i have the specs for lower reciever ar platform i can send you if you email me and if you hook me up price wise much appreciated!……….didnt click to be be notified on last comment…..oops

  6. “So much so that I’m surprised they haven’t been sued yet.”

    They have been sued. Just google “bumpfire sued”. I don’t know the status of the lawsuit, but it sure looks like one was at least filed.

    • Yep I saw the paperwork on some link 6 months or so ago but they keep selling them. I hope they make an AK version before they get shut down.

      • They have a AK version out now and in stock. I just bought one for my AK they make them in right or left hand and works great

  7. I have mine and I LOVE it. We’ve used it the last few times out on the range and have easily cleared a whole case of 556 with it with very few issues all of which were gun related. This is an awesome accessory and boo hoo to all you old guys crying about how no one should want to shoot more than one round at a time.

  8. I have a slidefire for my 10/22 and it is a lot of fun, and it can be popped on and off in a couple minutes if I don’t feel like using it. I don’t think many people buy these stocks as ‘tactical devices’ aside from the odd mall ninja here and there.

    • It’s on my wishlist, tactical usefulness or not. The Slidefire and the Tac-Con trigger are too rich for my blood for a gimmick device. $100 for this is the sweet spot. Not so cheap you question the quality, but not so hideously expensive that you regret buying it. $100 is about my average ammo bill at the range anyways.

      Seems to play nice with a can, as well.

  9. I tired both the Fostech and the Slidefire. The Fostech was pricey, and constantly would lock up. Sent it back.
    the Slidefire didn’t fit. The block you install was too small. I even purchased the aluminum block for extra, and it didn’t fit. Save some money and use a rubberband on the trigger.

  10. The original bump fire patient was issued in early 2000. The patient was sold to Bumpski who got into a lawsuit over the patient.
    Over the last 3 to 4 years Slide fire has sued several companies who have similar products. Some of the better ones were made of metal.
    When Slide Fire started selling in 2010 they were sold for 350.00. And after several years of lying to their dealers they opened their door to major whole who could buy any amount instead of the 10 minimum.
    One thing is for sure there lawyers got a large amount of money from Slide Fire

  11. I have both the slide fire and the bump fire.
    Paid $350 for the stock, then had to also buy the recoil enhancer and 3.5 lb trigger to make it work for .22
    .223/5.56 works fine.
    Honestly I like the bump fire’s looks and grip a lot better but both function equally..
    Except for the extra $150 for the slidefire.
    Now Slidefire has a M&P 15/22 kit that has the enhancer and trigger group included.
    The trigger group and recoil enhancer are a must for a .22

  12. I ordered one and they tool my money. Now they are refusing to send it to me. The guy at customer service told me that I would have to wait 6 business days to get my money back and then order again. No thank you jerk I will buy one from a company that has there stuff together

  13. Say what you want about these stocks being toys, but when there are rioters coming down your street with bad intentions, just one burst from this will cause them to seriously reconsider coming any further.

    • You’re talking about a Superstorm Sandy or Hurricane Katrina situation. We hope that such a thing never happens, but it’s good to have the self-defense capability just in case it *does* ever happen. New Yorkers and New Jerseyans (is that right?) didn’t think it’d happen to them, either.

      – T

  14. I recently ordered a bump fire and i never got a confirmation email or any notice
    Of me purchasing the gun other than money leaving my account. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

  15. I ordered a bump fire systems stock and got no comfirmation email and no notice of purchasing the stock other that $105 missing out of my account!!! So please any help would be appreciated. If anyone has info on if they send an email or if it just shows up please let me know.

    • Cameron, did bumpfire send your stock ? I just order 3 and their phone is shut off . Thank you you for your post. Also if anyone else knows anything about them please post . thanks all

  16. “Who really needs blah blah blah…” Sarcastic or not, sounds worse than Harley riders, “You don’t need a racing motorcycle, nobody needs to go faster than five under the speed limit” Buncha hall monitors.

  17. Kinda cool and bottom line it is a personal preference. You don’t like the stock? Don’t buy one. Having a couple might not be a bad investment considering the political climate.


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