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By Brandon via

Your belt is an extremely important part of your concealed carry setup. When looking for the perfect belt for you, it’s vital to get something that will keep everything where it needs to be. One thing about a sturdy belt; you’ll have to adjust your rig much less. Today we’re taking a look at the EDC Belt from Brown Coat Tactical. This belt has been reviewed by quite a few people on YouTube, but as good as it is, it deserves more attention . . .

First, let’s take a look at what it has to offer. From their website:

“Brown Coat Tactical’s EDC belt uses doubled up durable 1.5″ scuba webbing, 1″ mil-spec nylon webbing, and a 1″ Raptor buckle. The Raptor is an American alternative to the Cobra buckle that is better functioning and slimmer. Comfortably carry your pistol, magazines, cell phone, and whatever else you carry with you on a daily basis. Velcro is used to adjust the belt and the buckle allows for a secure hold that only opens if you make it.”

Super sturdy, this belt will hold up anything you can think to put on it. The clip itself is called The Raptor and is capable of taking forces up to 2,000 pounds. Yikes. In the video review above, I show you how it holds up with an IWB holster and a Glock 27 attached. It’s not giving in or flopping around.

As for color options, they offer quite a few:




At a great price for what you get, this belt is a home run. You’ll feel more comfortable and more secure with your carry setup, and you’ll look great while doing it. Not that many of us care what our belts look like, but I’m in love with this look.


Belt material: 1″ nylon webbing over 1.5″ SCUBA webbing
Buckle: 2000 lb. load rating
Sizes: 32-48 inches
Price: $55 ($5 additional for larger sizes and camo options)



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  1. The clip itself is called The Raptor and is capable of taking forces up to 2,000 pounds.

    Forget it then. I’m not going on a diet just because of some belt.

  2. Speaking as a MOG (Man of Girth), that buckle looks like it would poke my Dunlop pretty badly. I’m going to pass.

  3. A little to mil-spec tactical for me and my wardrobe and there’s no way I need 2000 lbs. of tension to hold my pants up.
    I’ll stick to my leather belt for now unless I find myself needing something to help lift the engine out of a truck.

  4. I can see that being useful for a cop or something but unless you’re going for the mall ninja or ejected pilot look, it’s kinda utilitarian 😛

    • But… Some of us love us our utilitarian look. Same reason I find costco aesthetically satisfying. No frills, clean concrete, stainless steel and paint. Pleasing in it’s own way.

      Just like this belt.

  5. check out the suspender they have a fantastic 1 1/2 inch wide real manly leather belt called the no buzz airport model. seven inches of velcro for the closure, and it will hold up your pants and your glock 19 without any effort. and it costs 29 dollars plus 4.95 shipping. been wearing one for two years, and still looks like new.

    • Also check out Hank’s Clothing in Binghamton, NY. Their Amish belt and my Beltman belts are my favorites. The Amish belt is also 1/3 the price. I sewed Velcro into the Amish belt for the iwb clips.

  6. There’s nothing quite like watching a badly recorded and poorly produced video about making a new product sound desirable. The belt can hold 2,000 lbs, huh? Wow, that’s amazing, so how much can your belt loops hold?
    A lay-flat buckle sounds like a damn good idea. AFT. As opposed to the 511 tactical belt with the triangle buckle an belt bent backwards for a solid knot on your waist line. Nylon belts? Not my first choice. Found a not too thick leather belt at a Goodwill store for $7.00. Check your local thrift stores, and re-purpose a leather belt.

    • The review said it’s scuba webbing and mil-spec nylon. As someone who works in the webbing industry, I can attest to the strength of those materials. I’m actually having a custom belt made right now from 1.5″ scuba webbing because it’s thick and stiff, like leather.

      While mil-spec nylon is also pretty strong, I wonder why they didn’t just use 1.5″ buckles attached to the scuba webbing directly, and eliminate the 1″ nylon. It looks like the scuba is just relegated to support in this design and doesn’t actually hold the belt together.

  7. On the one hand, the name appeals to my inner firefly fan. On the other hand, I have a belt from vertx that does the same thing with velcro for added retention

  8. I had Indiana harness In spokane make me a belt stout enough to carry.. cost me 20.00 and I watched him make it..The guy wasn’t exactly Pro gun.. But he makes a damn good everyday carry belt for a decent price..

  9. Just invest in a decent sewing machine. I f-ing hate sewing (plus, I suck at it despite being a rigger) and even I can turn out some pretty nice product. It’s a pretty nice skill to have in your toolbox, I will say.

  10. Wow what a bunch of negative nancies. I love the damn belt. I got a belly, CCW is a PPQ 40 cal. I live in Florida and I don’t compromise, so I guess those who carry 380s and hold their wives purses while she shops (he whatever), it might be a little over kill. Quality is excellent on the belt. The belt buckle is greatest damn quick release belt you can have. Works with my jeans, and holds up my jeans when they are packed with tools when I am up on the ladders. I wouldn’t knock em. But make sure you don’t order your pant’s waist size. It is different than the belt. Other than that. Quick draws on my PPQ are like butter. Love it.

    • Haha! Thanks! It’s good to “hear” you’re happy with your belt! 🙂 We’re used to that… the other hilarity not so much. We also make completely custom belts. We have made belts up to 64″ and velcro lined. We appreciate you sharing your personal feedback.

  11. I wear a wilderness instructor belt dailly which by advertising is stronger and requires no velcrow accept to hold the tale of the belt.
    This sounds like a nice belt, but doesn’t seem to offer anything that other products already have.
    Am I missing something?
    Love the firefly reference though.

  12. With a name like “Browncoat”, I sure want to buy something from them, but with my current job, I need something that actually looks nice too. So I’m sticking with leather for now….

  13. I have been using a Walmart work belt, nylon with leather facing, for years and it is stiff enough not to roll over. 12 bucks or so. But of course, you do not Mall Ninja points with it.

  14. Everyone sees that John Willis and SOE are kicking as and think they can do better. 25 years later nobody has but everyone copies their products.

  15. You have to email them about sizing procedures. What the hell? It seems like they could have a system like other companies.

    • There is a system. You measure per the instructions on the product details. You may be surprised how many people have trouble doing that so to minimize returns, we suggest emailing for additional “help”. We get more people than that who can figure the sizing out on their own. 🙂


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