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The world has gone mad. A minority group — historically and repeatedly targeted for homicidal violence — is championing gun control. “Sunday’s NYC Pride parade will include an important new contingent of marchers,” reports. “Hundreds of people will march in a group called Gays Against Guns (GAG), formed in the wake of the June 12 Orlando massacre. The parade begins this Sunday at noon starting at 36th street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.” Here’s the organizers’ press release:



Grassroots LGBT movement will partner with preexisting gun-control and LGBT groups to leverage community power against the gun lobby

On Sunday, June 26, at 36th St and Fifth Avenue at noon, hundreds of LGBTQ New Yorkers and their allies will join the annual Pride March in a new group, Gays Against Guns (GAG), formed amid heartbreak and outrage less than a week after the tragic gun massacre of 49 LGBTQ clubgoers in Orlando, Florida, on June 12.

(Staging area is 35th street between Fifth and Madison, Section 0, Group 33, from about 11am.)

About 150 people showed up for GAG’s first organizational meeting at the LGBT Community Center on Friday, June 17, to organize the group’s presence at the March. In attendance was openly gay City Councilmember Corey Johnson, who invited GAG to join his March contingent. “Gays Against Guns is taking this fight to the NRA’s front door,” said Johnson. “Our community has been fighting for gun control as part of other organizations for many years, now we’re starting our own. The LGBT community has vanquished bigger enemies than the NRA.”

Said Kevin Hertzog, who started the group with Brian Worth, “We know that several groups have been fighting gun violence in the U.S. for decades now. We’ll be meeting after Pride to hash out positions and a strategy approaching the November 2 elections. But for now, we want to present as large a crowd as possible on Sunday, to show New York and the U.S. that LGBTQ people are outraged. The current situation with guns in America makes us gag in disgust!”

Said Worth, “An FBI analysis just showed that LGBT people are the likeliest target for hate crimes. Homophobia plus civilian access to assault weapons like the one used in Orlando equal a deadly combination for queer people. We’ll determine the most strategic role our community can play in this fight.”

GAG is assembling a diverse contingent of queer people and their allies. “I spent years fighting for marriage equality to protect my family,” said Catherine Marino-Thomas, emeritus board president, Marriage Equality USA. “I’ll be marching Sunday once again to protect my family. This time, it’s hit us too close to home.”

GAG is planning visual features for its role in the March that will symbolize both bereavement for its queer siblings in Orlando and its fierce determination to bring its community’s unique history of street activism into the preexisting movement for tougher gun laws. Follow us on Facebook at “Gays Against Guns NY” or @GAGnoguns on Twitter.”

Visual features. Won’t that be a treat. What’s the bet that GAG gets more mainstream media coverage than its polar opposite, Pink Pistols? Watch this space.

Meanwhile, know this: neither gun control nor police will prevent a violent attack. Anyone who faces a credible threat of death or grievous bodily harm is their own first responder. Regardless of their race, color, creed or sexual orientation, they should use the best tool for the job of self-defense: a gun.

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  1. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    The United States really should be two separate nations; one for people who want the government to protect them, and one for rational people.

    Now that we have Brexit, will Texit be far behind?

    • With the collapse of the EU underway, I think it is safe to say that the collapse of the US is even more likely if We The People lose this election to Hillary.

      • Nothing is going to “collapse” — what we found is the multiculturalism does not work. What has happened is that the politicians acted on their own self interest versus for the self interest of the country. People finally said FU!

        All the immigrates that have been coming in to the EU do not assimilate. They want their own country within a country and politicians have allowed that to happen for votes. The politicians have created this problem.

        It will be solved over time. It will hurt short term. What we have is hopefully the end of the PC culture and multiculturalism. The media like in many things has over hyped everything for clicks. Everyone is in a panic over a process that could take as long as 5 years to complete.

        • Politicians are a venal subspecies. They’re going to do what they do for as long as they can get away with it. In terms of volition, they’re a shade removed from inanimate objects. Ultimately, I blame the voters, there and here, for the problems resulting from legal and illegal immigration.

      • The ignorance of the arm intelligentsia outside of their knowledge of guns knows no bounds. Look sport, the EU is not a country. It doesn’t even have the status of the US under the Articles of Confederation. It is an agreement through a treaty to do certain things in common. While some Eurocrats in Brussels would like to turn into a country most of Europe, including its two biggest supporters Germany and France, really don’t want to become the United States of Europe. The only reason Germany and France appear to support it is that they expect to run it. Once that pipe dream dies then they too will back away.

        • Read on the Interwebz yesterday that France may be the next country to hold an exit from EU referendum. That should be interesting.

          Meanwhile Scotland, opposed to BREXIT, is talking again of a referendum to leave Britain.

        • What HELL is wrong with Scotland anyhow? Did the English completely purge all testosterone?

        • There are other serious separatist movements out there, ones that entail dissolving all ties and forming a new country, not just leaving an international trade union.

          New Caledonia has an independence from France vote scheduled for 2018.

          Catalonia has already had a vote as recently as 2015 whereby independence was favored by about a 48% plurality. (A third party with a fence sitting position won about 9%.)

          The more white people territories which civilliy and seriously debate their sovereign futures, the more credibility Texit gains.

    • It’s funny that Texit is becoming a meme. The implication being that Texas wants to go it’s on way and do it’s own thing. That’s not true at all. Texans love the U.S. Constitution and America. What is really going on is that swaths of people in the Northeast and the West coast don’t want to be American anymore. They want to jettison the Constitution now that it’s inconvenient for them. Instead of leaving, Texas and other like minded American states should march to the sea and capture the rebelling areas. A new era of Reconstruction could fix the un-American rot.

      • Speaking as one, Texans do love America and do revere the Constitution. Yet, many, and many more each day, yearn for independence. It’s not so much that we want to leave America, as it is a resigned recognition that America has left us.

        • Beat me to it, by a mile true but I was literally about to say this.

          I only hope the California rot we keep taking on doesn’t muck that up..

      • >> Instead of leaving, Texas and other like minded American states should march to the sea and capture the rebelling areas.

        And then what? You’ll post armed guards in bathrooms so that, God forbid, someone who had a penis at birth doesn’t go peeing in the wrong one?

    • Yeah, it’s also really gay. Think about it: a finger being poked into a hole? Totally a euphemism for homosexual fingering of a dude’s ass. This is what all the anti-gun gays want: to stick their fingers in our ass.

      Well, I for one don’t want a gay finger in my ass and to keep that from happening, I need my guns to save my ass.

      • As I understand it, you’re not truly a part of the gay community until you’ve overcome your GAG reflex.

        So don’t worry, GAGers. You’ll get over it soon. Just close your eyes, and think of England.

  2. Wow. Just fuckin’ wow. Sometimes the stupid hurts my eyes just reading it.

    Wanna bet this ‘grassroots” anti gun group has connections to kapo bloombergs wallet?

    • I thought that most gays killed by non gays were killed by means other than firearms. Wouldnt it make sense for gays to be armed to defend against such attacks?……

      I doubt it. Out here in California the highest social class is the fake “victim”followed by the “social justice warrior”…… At the bottom of the list is the real victim and then the people who fight for real victims (police/armed citizens)….. So no… Being a contrived victim is a higher calling than defending yourself and loved ones. Thats why GAG will get a bigger following than Pink Pistols in the lib enclaves (coastal blue zones).

  3. That makes me gag just thinking about it. A gay voting for gun control is like a chicken voting for a Colonel Sanders sign. Also, a gag reflex is a bad thing to have if you’re gay.

    They’re probably bankrolled by Bloomberg just like MDA.

  4. So will these folks be marching next to the Blacks For Slavery and the Jews For Another Holocaust groups?

    For the safety of others, I think these suicidal people should be kept together.

    • You took the comment right out of my computer. Except-I’m buying more guns and ammo and protecting me and mine.WE have guns-they have flowers…

      • I’m sure most of them had their flowers taken long ago. ?

        Honestly, though, I’m glad they exist. It’s identitarian politics at its finest. They have anti gun groups everywhere, just like their victim culture. They have a mayor group, a mom group, a state legislator group, an interfaith group for religious leaders, a group for “gun crime” victims, a lawyer group, and that doesn’t even count Brady, et al. If they actually all got together, they might (and I’m giving them some credit here) actually have half as many members as the NRA. But they don’t because you fit in a group based on some liberal BS qualifier so they are as fractured as everything else they do.

        I hope GAG becomes GAG, LAG, BAG, TAG, and QAG before it’s all over. Their damn victim groups all think they’re more important than the last. A fractured opposition is fantastic.

        • Oh that’s a quote from a French daddy ‘splaing to his little boy after the Terror attacks in GAY Paris…”we have flowers “. It must suck to have such a pathetic daddy…

  5. Thanks for my morning chuckle. GGAG

    Gaggin Gays Against Guns.

    More likely payback from the 1 million HIV infected homosexual and IV drug users annual drug treatment of 36k. Most of which is paid by taxpayers. (Ryan bill)

    But I digress…it’s not about the gun.

  6. For a group that has historically been subject to violent attacks, often by a mob of people, that can easily lead to permanent damage or death, you would think they would be the number one champion for personal firearms ownership and carry. The mind boggles.

    • Their blind allegiance to Liberal political/religious dogma and unfounded belief that everything Republican/conservative is their mortal enemy prevents them from seeing that it’s the Progressives and Liberals who promote denying the actual protections they seek by claiming to be tolerant and inclusive. The very same tactic they use to delude Black voters and pretend that the Confederacy was not a Democrat institution and the KKK and gun laws following the War Between the States were not Democrat organizations and concepts.

      • So long as Republicans/conservatives keep pushing for all that “family values” bullshit that is effectively dog whistle for “fuck LGBT”, why should they support you? You are the people who, as recently as 15 years ago, literally made their regular sexual activity criminal.

  7. Actually ironic, yesterday afternoon i had a conversation with a young man about the orlando shooting. He told me he was gay and guns need to be banned….period!
    He was completle against 2A and black weapons of war! All the new buzz words came out.
    We talked about an hour… the end of the conversation he said he would work on getting his ccw and thanked me for talking to him about the topic.
    His mind changed with a few facts and a new perspective about what it means to be an American.
    Great conversation..

      • My experience is he won’t. He probably just wanted out of the conversation and feigning understanding was the quickest path out and the moment he gets back to his echo chamber lib friends it’ll be as though the conversation never happened.

        I got this all the time when I lived in on an Ivy campus in a shithole city. You’d think you’d found a reasonable thinking human being and the moment you turn your back it’s all “weapons of war” and “racist NRA.”

        • No, not always. I’ve been there. Yeah a lot do. But as college kids grow up they also start to form their own opinions.

          For me, finding out that the AWB was “cosmetic” made it all come crashing down — it was just this huge realization, “huh, the party I’ve been aligning with lied, I wonder what else they’re lying about.”

          Sometimes all it takes is pulling on one string and the whole thing starts to unravel.

      • Well….im actually taking him to my lgs to look and ask questions.
        To me….he was quite serious…..

    • I agree with JR. Nicely done. Some people just haven’t thought their arguments through. The only gun control that has even half a chance of being effective is a total ban on guns and confiscation of our existing firearms. With about 400 millions guns in the hands of over 100 million private gun owners, I don’t see that happening.

      • even that wouldn’t work. The gun grabbers wet dream could be accomplished. Even if somehow Every single firearm in this country could be forcibly confiscated and destroyed, a few days after this event, someone would build a gun and shoot someone with it.

  8. Liberal Playbook: Chapter 12 “how to control minorities” – establish a victim culture and nominate a passionate outspoken public figure to represent this subset of victims and to actively perpetuate said victim culture any time it is politically convenient and drag anyone who tries to leave back into it or ostracize and demonize the ones that make it out. Give them just enough freedom to where they feel like they would be worse off without you, and proactively deflect and shred of personal responsibility for any of your actions, it’s the system that has you beat down, make them need you!

    Wash Rinse Repeat as often as necessary to keep the speaking tour going and the money flowing.

    • Chapter 13. Silly rabbits…the Internet will expose chapter 12 players cause we’re all pointin fingers at’em and laughing.

    • Contact the local NYC chapter which should be listed on their main website — they work pretty locally and don’t have a main “donate” button or anything.

      That said a gofundme campaign may work, but not sure if there’s enough time.

      With any luck though, by next year’s Pride, PP will still be around and this “GAG” thing will just end up as a publicity stunt for the grabber groups I’m sure it’s affiliated with.

    • Gentlemen, please! The issue here is about individual freedoms and the right to self defense, not whether or not you personally agree with their lifestyle. Alienating these people with innuendo and jokes does nothing to change their perception that it is WE who are the enemy, not the Progressives trying to strip away Constitutional rights from every American.

  9. Clearly they didn’t think about the name very long, just went with the fellatious connotation and called it a day.

    Retch retch barf. Yummy down on this throbbing piece of hot man chicken. Don’t forget to wiggle dunk those purple bulldog cheeks. Choke, hurl.

    • Gentlemen, please! The issue here is about individual freedoms and the right to self defense, not whether or not you personally agree with their lifestyle. Alienating these people with innuendo and jokes does nothing to change their perception that it is WE who are the enemy, not the Progressives trying to strip away Constitutional rights from every American.

    • Well that’s what happens if you swallow(so I’ve heard). I’m thinkin” this GAG group may be a mite theatrical…

  10. What’s that old saying, gun control is like two wolves and a sheep sitting together discussing what’s for dinner. Help me out, someone, if I butchered this one (long week and slow morning).

    My first reaction is that sheep gotta bleat. It’s what they do. But I don’t really believe that. People can and do change. I have no issue whatsoever with a true pacifist who faces life with the philosophy that come what may, they will accept what comes. I don’t agree with it, but I respect the internal consistency that stance requires.

    I have absolutely no pity for anyone who wants to ban the best means available for self defense because they want someone else to protect them. This is frankly childish. Yet we were all children, once. Some people just don’t become enough of an adult to understand they are responsible for themselves and embrace willingly all that entails.

    What these people are actually saying is this, “Fix all the bad people out there that would ever want to harm me. It is your responsibility – government – to eliminate any possible threats that could ever endanger me. If you do this, then I will be safe and free.” Is this even sane?

  11. Like every other demographic, everytown will find it increasingly difficult to exploit them. Here’s a riddle; is it more dangerous for a straight man to come out as gay, or for a gay man to come out as a Trump supporter? And since the shooting, have gays bought fewer guns, or more, leftwing media theatrics norwithstanding?

    The narrative is getting away from them.

  12. I can see it now.
    A brawl breaks out between the Pink Pistols and GAG. Boas and sequins everywhere! 🙂
    I will stick with supporting the Pink Pistols!

  13. Those who insist on turning swords into plowshares generally end up being at the mercy of those who didn’t.

    • Those who turn their swords into plowshares generally wind up plowing the fields for those who didn’t.

      Yours was good. This may be more concise.

  14. Though I’m not a big fan of flamboyant gay pride events, I’ve always been fairly laisse faire about gay rights – you don’t bother me, I won’t bug you. But when a group within that community starts self-representing for gun control, you can bet that they will get my attention, and not in a good way.

    How many gun owners who were fairly supportive of gay rights are now more likely to tell them to go fvck themselves (if that’s possible) since they now feel the need to crap on the 2A?

  15. None of this should surprise anybody. There is group called Queers for Palestine which calls on Gay groups to boycott Israel, which supports homosexual rights and supports the so-called Palestinians who murder them. A few years ago they wanted to march in a support of Palestine parade in London. The Muslim contingent objected to having these “filthy sodomites” in their demonstration. Do you thing QFP took offense and got the message? Noooo, they said they understood and would support their decision.

    Organized homosexuality is a death cult both biologically and psychologically.

  16. Fools
    One of the most picked on subsets in any society and they expect to be protected??
    Might as well march right into the chambers. Free will and all.
    Orlando might have just been the 1st.
    I pray more is not to follow. For them or anyone.
    But I doubt my prayers will be heard.

  17. A better name would be “Suicidal Gays”. How retarded does a gay person have to be to see something like the Pulse shooting and still support the liberal agenda?

    • It is entirely possible that the media sources they tend to rely on have failed to point out that Omar was a registered Democrat and that none of the proposed anti Second Amendment legislation would have prevented his firearms purchase or attack.

      If you insist on living in an echo chamber you will not hear anything but echos.

    • And then go bunch up with a gaggle of like minded reality deniers in a big parade presenting a nice juicy target to a jihadi wannabe with internet access, some common chemicals, and a big metal pot.

  18. Gays against guns – but not #gaysagainstislamicterrorists?

    An Islamic terrorist pledges allegiance to ISIS and shouts Allah Akbar while killing 49 gay people – BECAUSE they were gay! And – guns are the problem? Am I on an alien planet here or what?

  19. With understanding that they are (probably) against violence as a whole, being against something will not protect you. Even those who don’t live by the sword can still die by the sword….
    But hey, i don’t have to remind any of you of this.

  20. So a group or people that have been marginalized for so long because of feelings and emotions is now going to itself attempt marginalize a group because of feelings and emotions.

    Or did I oversimplify?

  21. Let’s get this straight — pun intended. I respect gay people. I want them to be able to make their own choices. I want them to be able to defend themselves from fiends who would persecute or even kill them for no damn good reason except a distorted sense of morality or “manliness.”

    And if GAG represents the gay community — IF — then gay people are idiots.

    • They represent *some* of it. There’s no consensus. This is probably a response to the “Shoot Back” rainbow flags that have been popping up around NYC, which represents another contingent.

      It’s NYC – honestly that part of their demographic is more likely to indicate their anti gun stance than their orientation.

  22. Further proof that every American minority group on the scene since 1960 has been hijacked by socialists. Two Americas indeed. Blatant head in the sand crap like this makes me wish for an American Brexit even more.

  23. Be in the look out for GAF, Gays Against Fists, because I can guarantee that more homosexuals are beat by fists than guns, by a mile.

    Maybe if they spent their time and effort fight the root cause of bigotry vs participating in bigotry, they might actually accomplish something?

    • Actually they love the “fist”, having past a store catering to their lifestyle I’ve seen them in the window, they’ve turned that symbol of “violence” it into an “object” of “affection”, in it’s latex rubber form it is more popular with lesbians.

      • Actually they love the “fist”, having past a store catering to their lifestyle I’ve seen them in the window. They’ve turned that symbol of “violence” into an “object” of “affection”, in it’s latex rubber form it is more popular with females of that persuasion.

  24. Except they aren’t even against guns. The military and police get to have all the guns they want. If you make an exception so you large you can drive a truck through it then somebody will. If you want to blame AR’s for all these deaths then blame Eugene Stoner, the DoD/War Dept., and good-ol-Uncle-Sam.

    Across the planet, “weapons of war” (rifles) have ended on the streets. If you (human beings) don’t want so many weapons of war on the streets quit making so many weapons of war. Iraq-Syria (or even Mexico) is a good example of the fact that once weapons leave the factory they go places you don’t want them to. An AR anywhere is an AR everywhere.

  25. Nice poster. Why is that queers are so confused about what to stick into openings? HInt finger in barrel is only one example.

    • Did you notice the “Commie” imagery? It’s everywhere in their, “the Left’s”, posters, it’s ashame 80% of our population are too stupid to realize it.

      • Daily Kos’s imagery always made me uncomfortable, that site, it’s like they intentionally took from a 1960s communist style guide.

  26. Well, it’s the most accurately named anti gun group since Handgun Control Inc. dropped its original name.

    Unlike so many others, they admit right up front they’re anti gun.

    • Honest anti civil rights homosexuals are easier to deal with.
      Homosexuals who lie Iike any liar are much harder to deal with.

  27. I’m so glad they chose the name GAG because it’s really stupid (due to the verb “gag”). Whereas Pink Pistols is a clever name; informative and fun.

  28. It’s no coincidence that vast majority of mass shooters ,when SWAT team shows up, shooter rarely if ever goes prone, hands locked behind head with weapons well away from them. It’s suicide by cop. Just can’t suck it up kill their self Klebold and Harris offed themselves with shotguns, when SWAT was coming in. Both were reported have suicide ideation and on/or meds for depression.
    What I don’t get is such a pattern of suicide by cop well established, why the delay of two to three hours before sending SWAT in?

  29. Maybe an analogy is in order. Someone is in a room that has 2 doors. Behind each door are 2 creates each containing something the person loves and adores. On door #1 is a sign that says one of the crates will explode when opened. On door #2 the sign says both creates are safe and neither will explode when opened. Which room would you choose? Most rational folks choose door #2. Now imagine this person is intent on inflicting harm to the contents of the creates? Which room do you think this bad person would choose? Of course door #2 because there will minimal resistance to this person’s action. So why are there still gun free zones where defenseless people keep gathering? I’m not saying that one or more people with a gun can stop a mass shooting. But wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that if you were not in a gun free zone that there would be a chance that someone around you was armed. Or is the fear of a gun so profound that you would rather huddle in a bathroom waiting for your chance to die?

    • If you are NOT in a Gun Free Zone you have already reduced your risk of a Mass Shooting Event by more than 80%.

      Just sayin’.


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