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The “R” in the SIG 556R stands for “Russian.” And why not? SIG reckons the Russkie’s 7.62 x 39mm round is a “more potent round for small to medium game.” Yes, well, does SIG got game? The American AK community greeted the previous version with Bronx (Minsk?) cheers, thanks to the SIG 556R’s preference for SIG mags.

Gabe Suarez reckons the the SIG 556R’s all that and a bunch of crap ammo. Strangely, the Gabester doesn’t mention that 35.875″ SIG 556R can fold to 26”, “making it ideal for situations where maximum maneuverability is required.” For small to medium game.

“For Special Forces requiring an accurate, more potent rifle, chambered in 7.62x39mm, the SIG556R sets a new standard for dependable operation and function.” Dependable? AK? Go figure, at $1266 retail. FWIW, Gabe’s in.

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  1. For that money I can buy a SS Tacticle Mini-30, with the forged barrel, upgraded trigger, optics, collapsing stock, a Bergen full of ammo and Factory mags

  2. 1 of the major selling point on the ak style weapons was that they were much chwaper than their western counter parts.

    • That’s ’cause they were made with slave labor. Quality costs. A 556R streets for about the same price as a decent new-production AK these days. And why not? You wouldn’t balk at paying $1000 for a piston AR. The 556R gives you a piston, one of those cool 45 degree safeties that are all the rage, a true folding stock, and .300 AAC ballistics without the cost.

      • Izhmash most certainly doesn’t make its guns with “slave labor”, nor does Molot or Zastava. The reason why they’re lower priced is because the cost of labor is lower in those countries, and that in turn is because the cost of living is lower.

  3. i love 7.62×39, BUT, my problem is that nobody offers target ammo. everyone complains about the accuracy problems of their AKs, but i think that 7 times out of 10 its the cheap ammo.

    • Well if you want match ammo you can load it yourself, of course you’ll have to slug your bore to determine that actual bore Diameter so that you can load the appropriate dia bullets, buy a shorter mag so that you can shoot from a bench which will convince you that you also need an upgraded trigger and possibably a brass catcher, reduced gas port and buffers to lower the Bolt Slap Factor. Then at some point you’ll want a scope,,,,,:)

    • Lapua makes some too. Generally speaking, if it says Lapua on the box, it’s more accurate than I.

      There was a video of Gabe saying he held about a 1″ group at 100yds with Lapua ammo. 1 MOA is more than good enough for a “patrol type” rifle.

  4. We sell a Colt LE6920 with a modified upper for $1299 chambered in 7.62/.308 .. hmmm … $1266 ?? I looked this one up just now on two of our suppliers and can get it wholesale in lots of 5-10 for $899-$949. Anyone who wants one for $1266 let me know.

  5. Nice. But I’ll stay with my Rock River pds 5.56. Sigs are subject to carrier tilt in piston form. I call my RRA-PDS my AR-47 or my AK-15 because it is kind of half and half. An ak upper and an ar lower. Nice marriage.

  6. I think “SIG Soviet” has a cooler ring to it and would not have included the caliber-based misnomer inherent in “556” for a rifle chambering 7.62.

    • Yes. Are perfect, correct, exaggerated actions necessary for training purposes? Is it necessary for the soldiers guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to have an exaggerated, perfect manual of arms?

      Gabe is showing you how to manipulate the weapon. He is doing so clearly and precisely so that you can understand and emulate his actions. That makes him a good instructor.

  7. Why do people care what this guy thinks? He was a dirty cop who got caught defrauding his government out of over $100k.

  8. That charging handle reach-around maneuver is the dumbest thing I have seen since the tea cup Weaver. Except for that video, which is the gun video equivalent of an an old Japanese monster flick. The exaggerated gestures are hilarious. All that’s missing a the whip crack and sword swoosh sound effects.

  9. I seen several of the original 556R rifles that were complete junk. I viewed 3 different rifles and all 3 had a finish that was flaking off and they didn’t seem properly fitted. I have no doubt that all 3 of the rifles I examined were sent back to the factory (as they should have been).
    If Sig fixed this rifle that’s great, but I just don’t think Sig has the same QC that it once had.
    It’s a cool rifle, if I’m ever convinced Sig has their act together I might just pick one up.

  10. Who cares what I say? Apparently you guys do since you keep talking about me. Please keep driving customers to my site.
    Exaggerated movements? Well..when one is 50 pounds overweight, the only thing you can exagerate is swallowing. When one is physically fit it is a different story?
    Matt says I am a dirty cop. No…I am a pirate…I f he only knew the half of it. I embrace my sinisterness.

    Stay tuned for more insane videos..maybe an instructional on shooting through walls or maybe worse.

    • +1 Gabe. I don’t always agree with you but your frankness and skill as an instructor I certainly respect. I was afraid your vid on the Sig rifle was going to be a sales pitch glossing over the problems Sig had with the design but it was an informative update on a rifle that I wanted to like but was disappointed with when I finally handled one.

      I’ll be looking for a new 556R to try out thanks to you.

    • Gabe, for someone who’s apparently so “confident” in themselves, you sure do get defensive really really easily.

      Keep stopping by and chatting!

    • I appreciate the review of this rifle and the fact that you guys routinely think outside the box when it comes to different weapon systems. Keep up the good work.

  11. What happened Gabe? The AK market not pulling enough money in for you anymore? The $2000 AK flopped? The US Palm thing blew up in your face, now you’re on the outs with Jim Fuller?

    “Sinisterness?” “I’m a pirate?” You’re not sinister. You’re not a pirate. You got a bunch of people to buy your stuff and made a bunch of money. Good on ya.

    But you’re not a warrior. You never shot anyone. Your claim to fame at your PD was shooting a dog.

    Still looking to buy someone that plane ticket for a shootout in Columbia?

    For a “battle-hardened” street warrior, who does all this shooting and teaching, you sure do spend a lot of time on the internet boards chasing down people who talk about you.

    You have narcissistic personality disorder. Take a few seconds from surfing arfcom looking for your name to read up on it and get some treatment.

    Then go back behind your desk, think up some more gizmos to bolt onto your newest, best gun (what is it this week, a MAC-10?), and let your fanboys jerk you off some more.

  12. I don’t know why people choose to do business with unsavory, convicted, criminals.

    The gun fighter includes the shootings of family pets and a homeless man among his list of victories.

    Don’t believe me? Try looking up Santa Monica Police Officer convicted. Fraud, Grand Theft, Gabriel Suarez. Try looking around the rest of the gun community to see what sort of friends gabe has made outside of his cult of misfits at OST.

    Like this one: “St. Teryl
    Moderator posted 10-01-2001 19:28
    Marty Hayes,
    Gabe is located in California. That makes suing him very expensive. More expensive than is worth our down time.

    I would be happy to forward copies of my documentation to you which proves that Gabe was receiving stolen property across state lines.
    I have his bank check numbers that correspond to the checks he wrote to HIS partner for the amount “invoiced” plus his partners cut of the profits.
    I can also produce copies of faxes for orders sent by Gabe AND invoices/shipping info for same orders.
    I can show you a letter that he sent to me AFTER receiving GunGlove orders inwhich he states that he “does not like our products” and would not pay for the GunGlove product that was shipped to him. He did not return the product either. That makes it theft, plain and simple.
    After all was said and done, he STOLE over a thousand dollars (wholesale) of GunGlove product. Of course we were angry, wouldn’t you be?

    There was no “mistake”, no regret, and no compensation of any kind. He profited by his theft, and judging from the tone of his letter, he enjoyed every minute of it.

    Gabe let greed and arrogance dictate his actions at the expense of those who trusted him. If you condone this, you are no better than he.”

    Did you check into PC when you were in Jail Gabe? Or go gangster and demand to be in general population? HAHAHA… We all know the answer to that one.

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