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Gabrielle Giffords

“In our country, it’s a sadly common story: An abuser or stalker gains access to guns and destroys the lives of women and families in our communities.” That’s the rationale Gabby Giffords offers up in a piece intended to press Congress to enact more restrictions on gun ownership to make it even illegal-er to stalk, harass or murder women. This in advance of today’s scheduled Senate dog and pony show hearing on protecting women from gun violence. Obviously, current laws on the books proscribing the shooting and killing of females aren’t enough for the former Congresswoman. It’s a shame that . . .

Ms. Giffords was too busy writing to have seen Everytown for Gun Safety’s video advocating that women defend themselves by purchasing and learning to use a firearm. If she had, she could have saved all the time and effort that went into producing that article. 

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  1. Apparently “for the children” isn’t working anymore so the new mantra is “for the women”.

    • Soon it will be “For the female children. Screw the boys they’re all born rapists.” I’m sure they’ll figure out a slicker wording than mine though.

      • Alternately, they could just make every criminal act against white (and Asian and ‘white Hispanic’) males have less punishment, since that is the final direction all of these ‘make it MORE illegal’ laws are going.

        • Funny you should say that…
          Since the introduction of hate crime statutes, decades ago, the prosecutors have been slapping hate crime charges on more and more cases, and the requirements for conviction have been falling. So if the victim is anything other than a white, affluent, straight male, there’s a good chance the sentence will be greater.

    • Yes, and any Repub who doesn’t support the bill will be smeared as making #WaronWomen, as political theater in an election year. Just another effort to scare away low info single women from the scary GOP.

      • The GOP NEEDS to emphasize freedom to choose to protect yourself and unmask this crap for what it is. I will never understand women who vote to be enslaved by their govt. They’re SO focused on the “evil menz” that they can’t even see how much WORSE being a slave of your govt would be. ugh. I want to shake these women sometimes.

    • There is a very simple solution to this whole problem of violence perpetrated upon women:
      Arm the women. Educate them on firearms safety. Educate them on the law of self-defense. Give them vouchers every year for ammo and range time.

      • Yup. Already on it. I’d have to tally all of the friends and acquaintances I’ve introduced to shooting, firearms safety, stupid gun laws and self defense, but women have to be right around 50%. Possibly slightly more. And that includes some kids.

        • In the mid-’60’s, the Sheriff in my county flat out told me that if 20-30% of the women in the county would arm themselves, it would solve half of his problems.
          Think about it.
          You’re an abuser of women and you know that you have a 1 in 5 or a 1 in 3 chance of getting shot while attacking that random woman walking down the street.
          Gives one thought to finding another, less hazardous “hobby”.
          Wives and girlfriends are another matter, but I’ve had one wife and several girlfriends (not at the same time, mind you) that were perfectly willing and able to protect themselves and their offspring with lethal force.

        • In the mid-’60′s, the Sheriff in my county flat out told me that if 20-30% of the women in the county would arm themselves, it would solve half of his problems.

          The NRA and GOP need to take that idea and run with it.

          Propose legislation that waives all waiting periods for any citizen who gets a restraining order or protective order due to domestic violence- if the order has been issued by a judge and they can pass a NICS check, they can walk out of the store with the hardware.

          Write it in gender-neutral language, but everyone will know that the primary beneficiaries will be women who want to be able to defend themselves from domestic violence.

        • # rosignol, sadly domestic violence laws are often abused and twisted by hostile women who use false accusations of violence as weapons against their Exs. Many of these domestic violence laws completely circumvent due process and only require accusation, not proof. Like gun control laws, many domestic vioence laws are based on emotion and “having to do something” rather than on logic and reality, a disgrace really. The sad reality is that 62% of domestic violence is reciprocal, with both partners abusing each other in roughly equal rates. Many DV victims were abused as children and seek abusive relationships over and over like addicts, many of these women also abuse their own children repeating the cycle of violence.

          So these women who want to be able to defend themselves from domestic violence are most likely going to be disturbed and violent individuals themselves, and your proposal would be perverted into state sanction revenge killing. A violent woman can falsely claim her ex abused her, be able to quickly get a gun, kill her ex and get off scott free. These are damaged persons who should not be made “more equal” than the rest of us because of their gender. They have a right to defend themselves but not to abuse laws meant to help people to use to hurt people. This is why laws need to be crafted so it is difficult to be perverted into weapons of pety revenge

    • Gabby Giffords was “for” “closing the border” before being shot in the head by a (allegedly) crazy Democrat.

  2. Has anyone seem any film of how gabby was shot down?
    Could she have protected herself if she were armed? could anyone have been saved if they were armed?

    If you have a link to the video of the shooting, please post it. I can’t find it.

    • As I recall, she was the target and at least among the first shot. So possibly she could not. But somebody else, among the people shot with 30 rounds fired, could certainly have returned fire if other variables were satisfied, particularly backdrop. In a crowded parking lot, dropping to the ground and shooing up at him would possibly be the only opportunity, which might still launch projectiles into the unknown.

    • She was the first one shot (draw -> head shot), so it wouldn’t have made any difference.

      However it would have made a difference for the other 18 (!) people that were shot that day, including 6 shot dead. Impossible to say exactly how it would have played out, but even a moderately competent CCW carrier surely would have saved lives.

      And I’m pretty sure the police had guns when they showed up…

      Unfortunately for the less-enfranchised, we must defend ourselves; not having that privilege. It is therefore deeply disturbing and offensive when those who have that privilege intend to disenfranchise others of the basic right to defend yourself.

  3. She didn’t write anything. Any sympathy I’ve ever had for her is gone. Along with respect for a former astronut. Obviously she didn’t see the everytoon video. Everytoon needs to make more pro2A videos. Feel free to steal the “everytoon” label.

    • The MDA video will change few minds because all it does is reinforce preconceived views. Pro-Secondment/Pro-self defense oriented women will point to it and say that’s why I own a gun and the emotional retarded [deliberate reference to Freud] victim class of wymen will shriek about getting rid of those evil things. People driven by emotions do not think rationally. That is the reason that Watts produced a video that cuts both ways. It is based not a ratiional analysis of the situation — waiting for the police to come and save you gets you killed — but on an emotional one that says “oh the brutes.”

      And I would wish that people would stop making fun of Giffords. It will be used to paint gun owners in a bad light. She is a real victim of a nut job who stalked her for three years before an article in the Daily Kos triggered her assailant’s attack. The irony is that if Jared Loughner has actually been from a “rightwing” family he would have been jailed long before the attack but because his parents were Democrats and friends of the Sheriff he was left free to roam the streets.

      • “…And I would wish that people would stop making fun of Giffords. It will be used to paint gun owners in a bad light.”

        Yes. But no.

        Yes we shouldn’t give them any more ammunition.

        But no we shouldn’t stop talking because they might use our words against us. That is to admit defeat, to allow them to win because we won’t say anything because of what they might do. That just gives them power of us and makes us slaves to their threats of using out words against us.

        We should be aware of what we are saying, and to whom, of course. And take the high-road when ever available. But we should never limit our speech because of them.

      • I must have missed anyone *making fun* of Giffords. But I do not believe she wrote any portion of that article. That is not “making fun” of her or her criminal assault by a madman. Her husband and others are using her story to pretend she is capable of putting clear thoughts into writing in order to advance their own agendas and line their pockets. It is pitiful, and there should be a law.

  4. “…it’s a sadly common story…”

    What exactly is common about a man stalking and killing an ex-lover/spouse? Every now and then it happens, so that makes it common? I don’t get it.

    • Half of all marriages end in divorce. What percentage of those end up in stalking and murder? Think it reaches .01%?

      • Go to domestic relations court on any given day I any given city, and they are handing domestic violence TROs out left and right. I live in a small town, and even here, DV is one of the top police issues. If you mix alcohol, drugs, poverty and unemployment, you get DV with a fair amount of regularity.

    • Not sure about stalking in particular, but in certain communities domestic violence truly is rampant. Military families for example have massive levels of it.

      Army MP used to joke that as long as you stay within the lines on an army base you can drive drunk; they don’t have time to police on base DUIs because they’re so busy responding to domestics.

      I’m not trying to make light of it – It’s really sad and I’ve seen it first hand. A lot of it is related to PTSD and is also reflected in high rates of suicide.

      That said, I don’t know what the rate is, but I doubt you’ll get realistic numbers on it anywhere as certainly the military does not like to advertise. That said at least within the military community I would guess single percentage which is really high if you think about it.. 5% would be 1 in 20 families.

  5. I’d like to sit down and have a conversation with these politicians to answer some burning questions. I really want to know if they are dumb enough to truly believe more laws to make things “illegal-er” as you put it will have any sort of positive effect. Or, do they admit these are in reality absolutely pointless but have such a low opinion of the mental abilities of their constituents they they pursue such legislation with the hopes that people will take these at face value and revere/reelect them for “making a difference.”

    • Dan you can sit down with your politicians. Schedule an appointment, as their recess is approaching and they will be back in your district. Or when in DC stop by their office. I have done it on several occasions, beginning in 1983 when I was on my Senior HS field trip to DC. Visited John Glenn.

    • Here is the political calculus and the answer to your equation:

      Many a politician only measures a law based on polls and how many votes it will gain him. How does it play out in the media and his image is more important than truth. Many believe in political party first and everything else last. Their main job is staying power, not helping you although if it happens by accident, they will be first in line to take credit. While there are those who have integrity, far more do not and are just political shills for the party, for large donors or politically connected friends and could care less about the people.

      Truth, honesty and the constitution are secondary for many in politics. We often forget that politics is a career and first and foremost it is about enriching themselves. See how many become multi-millionaires during their terms or go on to get nice high-paying politically connected jobs. While this happens much less so at the local level, as you get higher to the national level it becomes more so.

      • You’re absolutely correct. And, you don’t even really have to all that good at it, to be good at it. Seems one of the most profitable career moves a politician can make is to run for president and lose. That gives them huge media exposure and a customer base for subsequent speaking fees and ghost-written books.

        I don’t know what Ms. Giffords’ finances look like, but I can imagine that running around snatching people’s rights is an expensive activity. It must rake in some cash somewhere along the way.

        • She and Buck Rogers make a good living at it. A very good living. Two Government pensions in addition to the fees and freebies also make life very bearable for those two.

    • The ignorance of fact and it’s distinction from fiction have been lost. Look at your most basic and probably apparent(given most of us are on the clock now” analogy. Does a level head and a fact based mind get you very far in your company of employment? Sometimes there is “justice” in the system but more times than not there is a mass of the feel good effort done by those that cannot identify fact. When our culture rewards the feel good effort even if it ignores simple fact and does no good we are literally breeding fiction. The same goes for our political culture. We (as a nation) reward useless feel good effort with votes and as you can guess it is contagious.

    • ” … do they admit these [laws] are in reality absolutely pointless but have such a low opinion of the mental abilities of their constituents they they pursue such legislation with the hopes that people will take these at face value and revere/reelect them for “making a difference.”

      That’s it. The technical term is “pandering to the base”. Or, “you can’t fix stupid”. It’s all about feeeelings.

  6. We need more magical paper because nothhing keeps an obsessed spouse away from the ex like a restraining order. Just ask Zina and Radcliffe Haughton…….wait what……..oooooooooo. Oops, my bad.

  7. Dirk and Tommy aren’t trolls. And where is cowgirl to wag her finger? You put yourself out there-you are FAIR GAME.

  8. Just say’n…. is not advocating that women defend themselves by purchasing and learning to use a firearm but is a link to a petition to support S. 1290

    It is a difficult thing to admit that one can use a firearm for protection when waving the flag that all firearms and firearm ownership is bad. I doubt that they even know that they left themselves open to the outcome that perhaps no one would be shot if the woman in the video had a shotgun aimed at the door, at the attacker. With a gun in this scenario everyone walks away (or the intruder is on the ground).

  9. I just read that CNN article by Gifford and Ray-Jones. If it’s already illegal, what could they possibly be asking law-makers to do? Gun laws are already too restricitve for law-abiding citizens. An all-out gun ban won’t assure that “abusers and stalkers” won’t get their hands on a gun, but that’s the ultimate that can be done via the law. The anti-gun proponents are using emotional exploitations as leverage to disarm America, because ultimately that’s the agenda of a tyranical government.

  10. Three out of four women on The View choose armed empowerment, not victimhood. It’s already against the law for someone convicted of domestic abuse to own a gun. Sure, you can hope another law might stop someone who is already not following the law. You can also hope that a bat or wicker basket might drive them off. Personally, I would get a gun with a big hole in the business end. One thing domestic abusers really hate is empowered, strong, and armed women.

    • Yet 62% of domestic violence is reciprocal, with both partners abusing each other, that many of the women in such cases were equally as violent or more violent than their husbands.

      Sadly there are rampant false accusations by women who abuse of domestic violence laws and use it as revenge on their exs. Many domestic violence laws circumvent due process and only require accusations without any evidence, making it easy for women to abuse the system. Even when it is proved that the woman lied, they are never punished and free to go off to ruin more innocent men’s lives. This is why I can’t be happy about this situration.

  11. The FBI crime stats show that in the last year for which the data is available, 1,609 women were killed by men and 421 men were killed by women. They also breakdown the data further showing how murder victims are related to the offender, e.g., husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. 992 wives/girlfriends killed versus 265 husbands/boyfrends. What I am not seeing anywhere in the data is a further breakdown of the weapons used in those domestic situations. Anyone have any leads on that type of data?

      • Because when we’re told there is an epidemic of men killing women with guns, I enjoy having some facts. I’m weird that way.

        • 3,000 of anything, in a country of 330 million people where 50,000 people die of something every week is not an “epidemic,” unless you lower the threshold of epidemic to melodramatic hysterical lows that include people drowning in bathtubs. Besides, an “epidemic” is contagious.

          I am not minimizing domestic abuse, its a serious issue. But, domestic abusers use whatever is handy whether its a knife or hammer or gun, and the best prevention for an “outbreak” of deadly domestic abuse is to show people how to get out of codependent relationships, at gunpoint if necessary, before they become victims.

          I really don’t need FBI stats to tell me that.

  12. Serious questions here:

    Does anyone know Gabby Gifford’s current physical and mental status? How well did her rehab work? How close to normal function is she? And does Flash Gordon still use her as a money-making prop, or is she able to do that on her own now?

    And just what is that thing on her forearm below her watch band?

      • Seriously, that was the first thing I noticed. It doesn’t even look like it’s her arm. Angle is funky. If it’s being held up by a brace, that explains it.

    • Looks like jewelry, as in no real sense of style. Bracelets go on the other arm.

      I believe she has suffered irreparable brain damage which might (hopefully) allow her to enjoy life but will never allow her to be a big thinker again, to make complex plans or informed decisions. Not that I’m a big student of the brain, but a bullet through it does’t leave much to discuss other than the miracle that she is alive. I wish her the best, but these press releases are clearly from her husband and hangers-on, she doesn’t know it is happening. Perfect example is James Brady, who suddenly went from pro 2A to EXTREME anti once shot in the head and unable to speak for himself any more, making his wife a big deal for a change, “let me tell you what my husband wants”, and she discovered she liked it.

    • It is a brace. She suffered motor function loss due to the bullet wound and she is semi hemiplegic on her left side.

  13. The fact remains that Gifford herself is responsible for her own injuries, and the deaths of innocents. She advertised a rally at a public location – in effect inviting the mentally ill registered Democrat shooter to a target rich environment, while failing to provide ANY security for those who showed up at her rally. Presumably, she calculated that the cost and presence of security would be provided by the Tucson Mall.

    Ms. Giffords – YOU, and your campaign organizers are the architects of the demise of so many innocents. Take responsibility and stop blaming others.

  14. now they are trotting out someone who says the guns laws are weak and you can use website to buy guns without background checks through “unlicensed” dealers using arms list. . . . this guy’s name is Elvin Daniels. he says the gun was used to kill his sister. of course, he had to throw out that he is a gun owner, hunter, and supports the 2A. does this guy really think that individuals will conduct background checks? oh wait, I get it – make something illegal and that will stop the criminals.

    • You can buy guns at numerous websites without a background check. It’s quick and simple. Part of that simple process is figuring out which FFL to ship it to who will then do a background check before releasing the firearm. So they’re correct in saying you can “buy” a firearm without a background check, but you can’t take possession of one that way. Anyone that sells firearms as a business as an “unlicensed dealer” would quickly be shut down. They are brokers that rely on dealers to do the background check. Basing their platform on ignorance or misdirection is par for the course.

      • correct. I have bought many guns on armslist and gunbroker but then had my background check with the FFL. their issue is the individual face to face sales, but then they won’t open the NICS system to individuals. I just bought a sig locally that was on armslist. the seller just asked to see my ccw permit but again, unless the antis come up with a real solution, then they are full of hot air

        • To be fair, this man’s sister WAS shot by her stalker with a gun he purchased through Armlist, where the private seller was too dumb to know he had to ship the gun to an ffl. Both are in prison. The brother sought (unsuccessfully I believe) to hold Armslist liable for his sister’s death.

        • @MarkN

          and nothing would change under the proposed legislation . . . . it would still be illegal for the ex-husband to have obtained the gun. MOreover, the legislation would not stop face 2 face transactions. Even if they are illegal, criminals will sell stolen guns for $$. If you can’t stop drugs from getting here, liberals can’t explain how to stop guns from being trafficked (esp when their AG is doing some of it!)

  15. Chuck Grassley just slammed sen Whitehouse (D-RI), who is chairing the panel, for Rhode Island (his state) FAILING to submit any domestic violence records to NICS despite Whitehouse demanding records be submitted. ouch

    • Because every other pol and CEO living in RI wouldn’t be eligible to own their fancy shotguns due to the high amount of wine-fueled domestic housewife slapfests probably on record.

  16. Dr Joyce Malcolm stumbled at bit at the end (Whitehouse and Blumenthal beat up on her re search warrants and the standard for a TRO – I guess liberals can attack women and it ain’t unfair), but I think she got across the point that police cannot be everywhere and have no specific duty to any individual. the token police officer on the panel agreed with her and said people who are law abiding should think about arming themselves because the police cannot be there to protect them.

    • the token police officer on the panel agreed with her and said people who are law abiding should think about arming themselves because the police cannot be there to protect them.

      Just WOW!

  17. Head shots do not make people smarter, but they can make people richer. Giffords, whose career before getting shot consisted of leeching off her father or the taxpayers, is now making millions by selling Americans a bill of goods. She is the definition of a “social parasite.”

  18. Why is this even a federal issue? The fed can’t come in and tell the state’s how to run their DV court.

    • Grandstanding by the grabbers. Elections are coming and they’re worried they’ll have to look for a job in the Fall. And the economy’s doing just fine thanks…

  19. Words on paper do not stop bad guys, whether that paper contains a restraining order or a new law passed by a legislature.

    However, a well-armed and well-trained would-be victim can stop a bad guy.

    Someone willing to break a law against stalking, or rape, or assault, or murder, is not going to magically be stopped by a law against that person owning a gun. Until more people realize this, we’ll be in this continuous loop of anti-gunners attempting to pass stupid laws, followed by the pro-gun side fighting them, followed by a repeat performance.

  20. Holy cow…just watched the MDA video…how can you watch that and NOT come to the conclusion that restraining orders are worthless and that police can’t be there to save you…and that it would behoove you to have a firearm for protection? Kudos, MDA!

    • my internet Boo, Shannon, takes awhile to reach the right conclusion, but she does get there eventually. I have not given up on her.

  21. Maybe the pro-2A side should play the MDA video just released. If it could convince 3/4 of The View, it should be more than enough to make the case to the Senate. Maybe throw in Glock Girl by way of contrast.

    • Whenever I watch that Glock girl commercial I’m thinking: “Seriously? You have the intelligence and presence of mind to have a gun and a special little combination safe for it under your bed, but you couldn’t put in even a dead bolt?”

  22. Yep, the War on Wimmen campaign collaboration is underway- more power to them, frankly- like A81 said, I think – never interrupt your opponent when they are in the process of shooting themselves in the head.

    Sadly, looks like DiFi’s staff have rolled her back into the Alzheimers facility, or her obvious past FAIL would be juicy meat again, for Cruz and others.

    I have nothing to say to Ms Giffords, out of respect for her service, and her injury except sympathy for her plight, but I do have something to say to her opportaunistic and hypocritical husband, Space Captain Kelly, for pimping her out as shamelessly as he does –

    You, Sir are a disgrace to your former service, and to your oath, if you continue on as you have. You are an engineer and astronaut, so you know how to parse facts and do your homework on the bigger picture, here. If you need money right now for her medical bills, I can understand why you might be tempted to earn quick money on speaking fees and so on, but its not seemly nor is it honorable to stoop to whoring yourself out for the progressive gun-grabbers agenda, nor is it a practical long-term financial strategy, for they will toss you aside as soon as you are no longer effective, and that time is approaching fast. Check NOTAMs and metro, from one old pilot to another…

  23. BTW, not to be crude here, but that VAWA thing reminds me of the Vajajay thing that was so popular a year or so ago, and so sordidly forgettable now.

    I am not seeing a lot of buy in, elsewhere, by women or even the StateRunMedia…
    I recommend we continue to mock them, and respond with facts, but just like the consensus on MDA, not waste too much time or mental energy getting sucked into the distraction of war on wimmen, the sucker bait that is all the progtards have in their empty worn out bag of tricks,

    and stay focused on the REAL work to be done-
    get out the vote, and give money to Senators who can win, even if they are not in your state, on 2A rights. More articles and ideas on how to’s might be helpful here.

    Take Back the Senate in 2014, and Keep SCOTUS Pro-Liberty for All. Big tent here- 2A for men, women, straight, gays- and pivotal battle ground that is KISS, and relevant to the small govt libertarian and tea-party/fiscal conservative GOP majority, vs the Statists. Thats how we win…

    dont get sucked into Todd Atkings tom foolishness and chest thumping, no matter how much the progtards try to paint that on us.

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