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Giffords Gun Control

Arizona needs more gun control like Chicago needs fewer cops. Someone forgot to tell Gabby Giffords (pictured above) though.  She and her former astronaut husband have set up a new gun control front group in the Grand Canyon State.  The newly christened Arizona Coalition for Common Sense will advocate for more racist, classist and sexist gun control laws. Oh yeah, and to try to raise money to further their mission of civilian disarmament.

The website published a story that gushed over the supposedly “bipartisan” makeup of the new group. Laughably its purported mission will include protecting law-abiding Americans’ gun rights. If you believe that, then Mark Kelly has a few moon rocks he’d like to sell you.

That’s not all. Once more, Giffords and her friends trot out their dubious claim that, “92% Of Americans Support Criminal Background Checks For All Gun Sales.” Really? If so, then why did the “Universal Background Check” referendum fail to reach 50% of votes in the general election in Maine last year?  And that was with former nanny-stater Michael Bloomberg and friends throwing in millions of dollars in support of the failed referendum.

Giffords’ promotional material also conveniently omitts the fact that her attacker passed a background check to purchase the gun used to shoot her. Must have been an oversight.

Let’s not mince words. Universal background checks mean an end to private transfers of firearms without government permission and record-keeping. In the Giffords/Kelly book, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


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  1. Is it just me or does it look like she’s having fun with that AK? Her in her moron husband need to set up the next gun control group on the moon and let everybody have free tickets to shoot their ass into outer space and let them staying on the moon California and Arizona is much too pretty a country to give up to these half-wits. Hey Kathy why don’t you stand straight up and down when you’re firing a rifle or slightly lean into it you look like a limp noodle holding a breadstick freaking retard.

    • “Is it just me or does it look like she’s having fun with that AK?”

      The pic *appears* to be before she was shot.

      She was pro-gunrights and proudly referred to herself as ‘The girl with a Glock’…

      • She was never “pro-gun rights”, that was just BS propaganda designed to get her elected to congress. I’ve known her since she was an AZ state Senator, and I’m happy to show you the “gun show background check” bill she co-sponsored, the solid pro-gun bills she voted “no” on, etc. She has a record here in AZ that she can’t bury, no matter how much the media tries to to hide it.

    • Doesn’t look like it to me. Looks more like she’s taking a photos for propaganda and she’s afraid to even hold the thing.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking. She holds the grip BELOW the trigger guard, as if she’s afraid of the trigger. Normal people who are used to handling guns just keep the finger off the trigger.

  2. She has been through a lot. Blaming a gun for her problems may not be right, but it is human nature to put the blame on inaminate objects, instead of where it belongs. She should have had attentive armed guards at the speech – her fault.

    • No kidding, cut the lady a bit of slack. Having massive brain damage must make life incredibly hard and then getting shot in the head probably didn’t make things better. 😛

      • That brain damage sure makes it easy for others to use her and fill the empty space in her head with false data.

        Remember the Marine whose mother ended up being used for a lot of anti-gun propaganda even though he had, in life, been proud to have joined the Marines.

        I wonder how many other anti-gun supporters were located and “trained” by anti-gun groups to go forth and proselytize even if they lacked the mental capacity to understand the difference between a gun killing someone and someone with a gun killing someone.

    • Until she was shot, Giffords was always a social parasite who leeched off her father, her grandfather and finally the American people. Now she’s a social parasite with head trauma.

      • “Parasites….Parasites Never Change.”

        If that freak had used hollow points or a .40 we would not have to deal with this puppet.

    • It’s hard to tell sarcasm sometimes, are you seriously blaming the victim of a shooting by a nutjob for not ‘hiring armed guards’?

      How about we blame the nutjob? The idea that every 2-bit politician needs to have a cadre of armed bodyguards sounds absolutely nuts to me.

      • It is standard practice in AZ for the PD/Sheriff to provide protection when politicians go out to meet the people. GG turned that protection down. It was a sort of grandstanding.

        As for being tough on her, I see none of the anti-2A activity over recent years as her doing. Hell, she usually sounds like Shirley Temple reading a script. Whatever is being done must reflect Mark’s ambitions. He does, however, show some natural political skills, such as willingness to deceive and dissemble.

      • “Let’s not mince words. Universal background checks mean an end to private transfers of firearms without government permission and record-keeping. In the Giffords/Kelly book, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

        Amazing what happens when you call things what they are: ending private firearms transfer, building an exhaustive database of citizens’ guns, imposing cost and friction on exercising this right, increasing dependence on government for mere survival.

        Someone who has been shot in the head might find these reasonable trade-offs for some imagined reduction in shootings. (Not proven.)

        BUT, since we can’t register all the guns around Gabby Giffords without registering all the guns, other people also matter: the impact on them, and their preferences.

    • Even armed guards cannot always protect you, especially from a determined attacker willing to sacrifice her life. Besides, she was not targeted for her politics, but rather just because she was high profile. So there was no indication that she was at any particular risk.

    • She doesn’t even know what’s going on. Her injury was so massive, she’s basically a 4 yr old mentally. Her husband & others are the ones who are using her as a prop in their quest for gun control.

      Don’t blame Gabby, she has no idea what planet she is on, blame her husband who is shamelessly exploiting her. He’s a disgusting person.

  3. You would think that someone that went to the outer space would have at least a college education and be able to read through the b*******. You support the Second Amendment like Hitler supported the Jews in 1940 he was full of crap and you ma’am are full of crap you and your fake-ass husband. Please come to Florida and do some stupid s*** like come out into public ranges and start shooting or the private property you were on with one of your rich friends. Keep the guns out of the poor communities blacks don’t need guns that’s what she’s preaching women don’t need guns men are the only ones that should have them she is such a hypocrite and a piece of crap I wouldn’t cross the street to urinate on her if she was on fire. I hate me some Gifford.

  4. I wonder why these groups are spawning other groups with essentially the same make up?

    Is it because their current groups are failing miserably and they are hoping to rebrand?

    Is it because they want to be able to say “so much support that in this year alone X number of new grassroots organizations have formed”?

    Whatever the reason is it’s disingenuous and stupid I’m sure.

    • So they can claim they have a “broad base of support” from “local grassroots organizations” in each state. Never mind that the members of the local organizations are also members of the national organization, or that their funding comes from the national organization, or that a majority of those members are from out-of-state…

    • They are spawning groups at the state level because they know gun control at the federal level is a no-go.
      They believe (and seem to be right to a certain extent) that the states are more likely to exercise gun control, and that the Supreme Court likes to look at more than the Constitution to see if these rules are legal.
      It is now up to TPOTG to be alert to these threats, and to counter them.

    • Possibly to secure more Bloomberg grants? If Bloomberg only funds each group to a certain level then, hey, make more groups = suckle more from Bloomberg’s teats…

    • @…”DNC-EU NWO Globalist Terrorist Cells.” Designed to undermine the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Liberties, Influence local/state government for negative purposes, undermine the Trump Presidency, engage in “5th Column activity…”

    • The Progressives have been caught doing this a number of times. It is a shell game with numerous purposes. First, the shell games allows them to shield their funding sources. A lot of times, the funding is traced to government funded charities, or organizations funded by the super rich. They also use the shell game to escape legal scrutiny that would normally apply to larger organizations. They also use the shell game to rematerialize after the previous organization shuts down in order to avoid paying out on a lawsuit or fine. Soros, for example, has a whole series of front organizations he uses to launder money he wants to go to Progressive causes that under normal circumstances would be illegal as heck.

  5. Sad all the way around. To now be exploited as a tool and useful idiot of the anti gun crowd.

    The next “Brady” I guess was needed.

    Wasn’t her husband involved in a flagrant straw purchase in another state a couple years ago?

    I believe TTAG covered it, as Marky Mark had a film crew in tow.

  6. American astronauts: unarmed and no more real space program. Russian cosmoneaughts: armed, still have space program. And the worlds only real one at that. Coincidence? I think not.

  7. Using a less than 50% popular vote in Maine (a state with just under 1.3 million population in a country with just under 319 million population ) really doesn’t support your point against the 92% claim. Just saying.

  8. We are fighting back enablers of fascism.

    We are sick of the lies the “people of the gun” promote.

    Americans are getting sick and tired of watching their friends and loved one getting killed everyday because people like you believe that opposing strict mental health checks and criminal background is somehow “evil”.

    Mass Shootings don’t happen in Canada, Europe, UK, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, South Korea and Japan on a daily basis.

    I don’t see those countries turning towards tyranny.

    I’m safer wondering the streets of Burundi which ironically has a murder and violent rate lower than the US.

    The incident in France is minuscule compared to the 10s of 100s of mass shootings that happen in the US everyday.

      • Don’t stop there! You’d also be opposed to swimming pools, and natural gas, and bees. Yes, bees — bees kill around 100 Americans EVERY YEAR, according to the CDC.

        If it saves just one life…

    • 10’s of 100’s of mass shootings every day? You are brain dead. Let me prove it to you – and if you EVER say another word it will be evident that you need to be reminded to breathe.

      Mass shooting = more than 2 victims. “10s” means at least 2×10. “100s” means at least 2×100. 20 x 200 shootings per day equals 4,000 shootings per day, or >/= 12,000 casualties/day, or 4,380,000 per year. 4.38 million.year MINIMUM. That is your claim.

      You are a brain dead, mouth breathing moron with not enough sense to come in out of the rain. Hell, you stare up at the sky, open mouthed and inhaling the whole time, to see where it’s coming from!

      • Yup, that’s CA alright.

        To be clear – That is *not* 2Asux. This fuckwit is just a clip-n-past lightweight.

        (‘The_Resistance’. Cripes, I *still* can’t stop laughing every damn time I see that…)

    • France has had more people killed in mass public shootings over the last eight years than the US. The US population is also almost five times larger than France’s. That is a fact you can check. So go chew on that.

      If you exclude several major cities our homicide rate drops to that of Canada. 51% of homicides in the US are committed by African Americans which are just 13% of our population. The US is so much larger and more diverse than the countries you mention that anyone that thinks it’s a valid comparison is a complete idiot.

      • Race does not cause crime.

        Poverty and the easy access to weapons does.

        And when you continue to take money away from social programs and schools the crime goes up.

        Wow, way to bring racism into a debate by blaming a minorities for the rise in violent crime. Racist pig.

        The irony is that gang and drug violence only represents a mere 3-5% of the US violent crime rate when most of it’s caused by individuals with ties to right wing politics and ties to extremist organizations, Domestic violence where the perpetrator uses a gun against the spouse (another factor in debunking the whole guns saves lives narrative) combine with the fact most legally owned guns in the US are stolen because people like you think locking them up to keep them out of the wrong hands is somehow “tyranny”.

        Finally those who own guns are likely to cause the increase of violent crime then those who do not.

        It’s easier to run or fight back against a nutbar with a knife or baseball bat than a nutter with a gun.

        • It’s just a fact that African Americans commit 51% of our homicides. I agree the history of violence against them and current segregated cities cause this violence within the black community. But denying that fact doesn’t help. If you truely want to help the problem you first have to identify it. Which you don’t want to do. Cheap hand gun and black males are the cause of a majority of our gun violence and gun homicides.

        • I’m not sure where you get your 3-5%, but Salon, Slate and Mother Jones aren’t know for the most unbiased opinions. It is actually a completely fabricated number with no bases in reality. There was a good article that came out recently on guns in house holds and domestic violence. You probably won’t believe the findings, but you should still google and look for it. It had mixed conclusions, but a women is less likely to die in a house hold with a gun, but is more scared for her life.

          “fact most legally owned guns in the US are stolen because people like you think locking them up to keep them out of the wrong hands is somehow “tyranny”.” Do you actually believe most guns are stolen from private individuals? There are like 300 million guns in the US. Gangs rob gun stores and trains. They then traffic those firearms.

        • “Poverty and the easy access to weapons does.”

          The American Appalachia is one one of the worst impoverished areas in America. Dirt-poor, largely uneducated, and *stacked high* with guns, and yet mass violence is vanishingly rare.

          Nice sneering at you, as always… 😉

      • Prove it then, Then again don’t as most articles people like you give me is fake news.

        I’m probably used to getting more fake news from people like you.

        Gang violence and drug violence represents a mere small number.

        And you’ve no evidence to prove to me the numbers of attacks france has suffered over the past few years versus the numbers of mass shootings that happened everday in the US.

        Compare to France and Texas,

        I’m still safe in France than I am in that 3rd world hellhole state called Texas.

        So again, How many mass shooting did France have compare to that benighted hellhole called Texas?

        And I still defend the fact it’s safe to wonder the african nation of burundi than the US.

        • I think you cherry pick the data you look for and what you want to believe. Our cities have a gun violence issue. Gangs run the majority of guns with vast networks setup in states to move stolen guns to locations the gangs are. They steal large numbers from gun stores in Georgia the. Transport and sell them in Chicago. Gun violence is predominantly an issue effecting the black community. I don’t blame them. I blame the people in power who have failed them since the “end” of segregation. Cause it really hasn’t ended. They lack jobs to support their families so they turn to crime and drugs to put food in their kids mouths. That is every person in America’s fault for allow these Americans to slip through the cracks instead of helping them. But hiding from this doesn’t help. And calling people racist for being it help is counterproductive. Out of our 11,000 gun homicides every year only 250 are from rifles. Yet all we hear about is assault rifles. It makes no sense. More children drown in residential swimming pools than people who are killled by all rifles.

      • Well What do you know…I asked for fake news and I got it.

        Again the myth that mass shootings went up when Obama was president was nothing more than a myth.

        And that website along with it’s kooky fraud John Lott is known to intentionally cook and skew it’s numbers and stats.

        France is still safe to wonder around than in the state of Texas.

        Obama however was correct that the incidents were happening more frequently in the US than in the rest of the world.

        Most of the comments on that fake news website don’t agree with you or that paranoid crank Lott.

        • Does YOUR house have a “GUN FREE HOME” sign on the front door ?
          Minimum six inch high letters ?
          If not, then YOU are a hypocrite and have no balls.

    • Not sure what you want or expect to happen. Instead of arguing over statistics, why don’t you lay out your plan. Take us from where we are now – millions of guns in private hands, protected by the 2A – to your idea of a gun-free American utopia. Step by step. A plan that the American people will support, one that works thru legal channels. Let’s see how much you know and understand about American culture, our Constitution, our courts, our legislatures, reality.

      • I think his “answer” would be a “final solution” of rendition, enhanced interrogation, and the survivors hearded into the showers for delousing. And TR will be the one proudly turning on the taps once the doors are sealed.

        • Over the years, I’ve asked dozens of gun ranters for their plan to fix it all. I never get much in return. But I intend to keep asking.

    • Malmo Sweden has had 100 hand grenade attacks over the last two years perpetrated by muslim refugees. That’s one per week. Europe grows more violent every day as it moves towards Sharia Law. The muslim refugees there are out-breeding the natives by 4 to 1.

    • If you take out cities like Chi’raq’, ‘Filth’adelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, D.C., NewYork City, Los Angeles and Newark ….the United States has one of the lowest per capita murder rates in the world.

  9. Brought to you by the same people who called for more civility in politics,

    who now violently attack Trump supporters.

    Stock fat and deep, big war coming.

    • Last time I checked. People like me were out working, tending to loved ones and helping the community…I don’t see you out picking trash up at a public park or helping the homeless.

      People like you were promoting racism, spreading fake news, voter intimidation, attacking people who supported free speech, assaulting minorities, LGBT and threatening attacks against people of religious beliefs and last but not least commit numerous gun attacks against people like me who are getting sick of dealing with your crap.

      • Concernedamerican, sweetie, please, try harder next time. No one believes you, post a link to what you said to a news source and they might believe you.

      • The_Resistance:
        “promoting racism, spreading fake news, voter intimidation, attacking people who supported free speech, assaulting minorities, LGBT and threatening attacks against people of religious beliefs” You really need to read history if you think these problems are getting worse and not better. Everything you rail against has been the policy of the Federal Government less that a lifetime ago. And if the tide did turn back the way your paranoid fantasies seam to envision, you better thank every person who ever supported to right to keep and bear arms.

  10. We need common sense immigration control.

    If these people just wanted background checks they would give gun owners the ability to call a NICS in themselves before selling a firearm to someone. Instead these laws force you to go through a dealer with all the records and costs associated. They don’t care about background checks they want everyone registered and to make things cost prohibitive for financially insecure individuals.

    • That would be my go to thing for those who want UBCs.
      Let me have a FREE app to download to my phone where I can run a FREE background check on anyone and NOT have to fill out a 4473 form to transfer any firearm when I sell to someone, then I MIGHT listen to what they have to say about UBCs. Otherwise, I’ll just ignore them.

  11. So her and Spaceman’s first plan didn’t work so time for another try?

    Maybe its time to move on to something else like sustainable dersert agriculture or cleaning up the trash the “illegals” leave in the desert around Tucson.

  12. There’s zero chance of this passing in AZ. Let them play their reindeer games and piss all of their money away. I’m sure the local print shops and sign makers will retire early thanks to them.

  13. Another front organization? Funny, you’d think, if they were doing such good work, for such a good and just cause, they’d want to hold onto the same name so they could trade on the power and reputation of that brand. It’s almost as if they’re continually discrediting themselves and therefore need people to forget who they used to be.

  14. She should change her hairstyle to sport that nasty-ass scar where all her brains spelt out. Wear that like a badge of honor!

  15. ” Dear NASA: Need Deep Space exploration of any nearby Black Hole, or Quasar….Please Shove a Booster Rocket up Gabby Gifford’s husband @$$ and strap her to him…Send to any deep space anomaly! With no return address! Thank You!!!”


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