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TTAG will be at the Las Vegas SHOT Show in force. If we can find Booth #N380 in the Sands’ labyrinthine exhibition halls, we’ll stop by Full Conceal and ask them a simple question: WTF? How in the world is this, this “thing” (Ready in seconds) an improvement over, say, any proper pocketable pistol (e.g., SIG P238)? I suspect they’ll give us the same elevator pitch you’ll find on their website . . .

Why settle for small magazine capacity, short barrel, short sight radius? When you go up against bad guys, from crazy mass shooters, terrorists, you need the maximum firepower you can comfortably conceal and carry. Having the larger pistol means faster follow up shots, higher bullet velocity, and better accuracy. Own the situation and make each shot count.

Which is why I carry a Cabot S-Class Commander-sized 1911 (and a spare mag). Remove cover garment (when not open carrying), draw, disengage external safety, aim and shoot. But what do I know? I’ll tell you what I don’t know: why the Full Conceal Folks completely ditched the sights for their prototype pistol. That’s another question worth asking when we Viva Las Vegas.

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  1. I can only see this being a thing for unconventional storage, not actually carrying.

    This thing might actually fit inside my fuse box access panel in my car.

    • No guns at work? Might be a nice non-mouse gun form factor.

      Speed of deployment? Any gun is better than none. Here at my NO-GUNS-EVER-DAMMIT workplace, this would be a good solution for an active shooter scenario. One where I would have a few moments to retrieve and defend or advance to take on a treat.

      It’s still a gimmick. Can’t complain that folks are still willing to do projects like these.

  2. Ugh.

    On the plus side, going up against terrorists you’re likely fucked anyway. The downside is everyone will make fun of you for this thing after you’re dead.

    The guys over at BB&C are gonna have a field day with this. I hope Merrill straight out asks them “Tactical trolling, tomfuckery or both?”

  3. good things about it:

    * 80% build = no communist statists looking at a list with your name on it
    * It doesn’t print like a gun so no communist statists will swat you in the name of SJWhood.
    * Compatible with glock components
    * Decent capacity magazine.

    You have to pull it out. Assemble it. Then rack the slide. Not ready to fire at all.

  4. Well, it seems to me that basically what they’ve done is chopped the grip from the pistol, and are relying on the magazine to BE the grip.

    So you pull this thing out of your pocket, slap the magazine home, and — you’ve got a full-size Glock 17. In your pocket. In a package that’s a little longer but no wider than a smartphone. (using a 15-round magazine).

    “How in the world is this, this “thing” (Ready in seconds) an improvement over, say, any proper pocketable pistol (e.g., SIG P238)?”
    Well, a Sig P238 is a .380 with six rounds and a stubby 3-inch barrel. This is a full-size 9mm with 15 rounds and a 4.6″ barrel.

    I think it’s a clever idea for maximum concealment, and an interesting way to recover inefficient space usage. But as a pocket pistol? No thanks, I’d stick with a G26 or something comparable.

    To me this thing is more like a pistol version of a takedown rifle. Immediate deployment is not the point. Incredible concealability would be the point.

    But how much does it suck to fire a full-sized handgun that doesn’t have a grip? That’s the big question…

    • “But how much does it suck to fire a full-sized handgun that doesn’t have a grip? That’s the big question…”

      You’re kidding right? It’s a freaking 9mm, I can barely feel the recoil.

      That being said I wouldn’t try this in a truly hi powered cartridge.

  5. The only thing I’d ever get this for, would be a bug out bag or a get-home bag. And that’s really a reach to come up with a legitimate justification for getting it, when there are dozens of other guns that would satisfy that need better.

  6. If they really wanted to go the extra distance, they’d put a trigger cover in it that swings over both sides of the trigger guard when you put the magazine in the holder under the slide. Then you could possibly carry it with one in the pipe, pull the mag out and have it go live for one shot, or insert the mag and have it go live for 16 shots.

  7. Speaking of folding pistols, the old French Apache revolver only had 6 rounds, but at least it also had an integrated knife and brass knuckles.

  8. Yeah, but no. The whole magazine holder doesn’t make sense. I stops you from firing quickly, one handed, etc. makes it too long, keeps you from putting a light on it and it makes this whole thing not fit in a pocket holster.

    What I want is for someone to make me an 80% g19 lower with a grip the size of a g26. Then you can have something that fits in a pocket holster, can accept a compact light, is ready to shoot with the g26 mag but still will take a g17 mag. That is what I want.

      • Glock 30 in a holster and a G21 mag in a pocket/mag holder. 13 rounds of .45. More punch, more reliable, less stupid and as an added bonus, comes with sights.

        • Absolutely. Especially if you use a 9-round mag, which shrinks the G30 to being smaller than a Glock 19.

          Or, if you are looking for more power, the G29 with a G21 mag gives you 26 rounds of 10mm on tap…

  9. For everyone that has always wished that your brick-like Glock had the overall dimensions of, well, an actual brick. Presto!

  10. From the website: Just 2 guys and an idea….please donate… Total Raised (as of 11/28/16): $5

    Put the gun down and slowly step away from that idea.

    • And as a self defense gun. Because if I ever get into a self defense shooting and an aggressive, anti-gun prosecutor gets wind of the case, I want to make it as easy as possible for him to make me look like the criminal in the shooting.

  11. Figures. While you guys are at shot show, I’ll be up in Reno at the Wild Sheep Foundation convention.

  12. More like FullDerp.

    Their ‘photos’ are just a hacked-up Polymer80 Spectre. They didn’t even bother to change the grip texture!

    This *might* have some merit if they had a 6-round mag so it could be carried 6+1, with the larger mag waiting in your back pocket…or wherever.

  13. Very inefficient use of ones time. Pull yur piece, front sight maybe, thumb safety off and finger on the bugger hook…..bang.
    Add swing mag down and maybe drop ones gun fumbling it around in your hands or just having to use 2 hands.
    No Thanks.

    • Er…Jay….your finger IS the booger-hook. The trigger is the bang-switch.

      Just trying to keep jargon moving along.

  14. Not really any worse than some of the double-naught spy Butt cheek or scrotum holsters on the market.

    I think I would stick with Glock 19 and an iwb holster.

    Love to see people being creative though. I would like to see the Magpul thingy go to market as an SBR. More fun than anything else. Reason enough for me.

    If you don’t want one, don’t buy it. You know you’d want it, just to have a conversation piece.

    • Did I miss the magpul thingy? Or are you talking about the folding machine gun they made a while back?

      • Yeah that.. Didn’t know it was a subgun. Just saw a demo video of a guys whipping it out of his back pocket. Looked like a foldable glock SBR to me.

  15. It’s definitely an unconventional idea, and somewhat intrigues me. I’d like to handle one physically and try it out with the loading and what not, before I say yay or nay. The idea is great, but how it is being and how it could possibly be implemented in the future is up for debate.

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