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In other words it’s already a farce, not making it through the second day before the presiding judge halted the proceedings. Accused radical jihadi murderer workplace violence perpetrator Maj. Nidal Hassan was granted the right to represent himself in his own defense so really, what could possibly to wrong? Concerned that after the batshit crazy psychiatrist fired two earlier legal teams he was, well, too batshit crazy to adequately defend himself, the judge appointed a backup team of lawers to monitor Hassan’s defense efforts. After watching yesterday’s proceedings in what must have been slack-jawed disbelief (Hassan told the panel in his opening statement that the trial “will clearly show that I am the shooter” and questioned only two of the prosecution’s first twelve witnesses), a member of his legal bullpen tried to jump in when it became apparent that the only thing on Hassan’s mind is the seventy-two virgins waiting for him somewhere in the great beyond . . . recounts the fun and games:

…Wednesday morning, one of them, Lt. Col. Kris Poppe, offered to step in to represent Hasan. Poppe told the military judge, Col. Tara Osborn, that it is “clear [Hasan’s] goal is to remove impediments or obstacles to the death penalty and is working toward a death penalty.”

Poppe asked that his own responsibilities be minimized if Hasan insisted on continuing to seek his execution, saying the defendant was acting in a way that “we believe is repugnant to defense counsel and contrary to our professional obligations,” according to wire reports.

Hassan, of course, objected. When he wouldn’t give the judge the reason for his objection in writing, she called a halt to the circus.

Hasan has previously sought to plead guilty but is not able to do so under military rules governing cases that carry a potential death penalty. At earlier hearings, the judge ruled that Hasan could not defend himself by arguing that he was seeking to save the lives of Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

The trial is scheduled to resume today. We’d advise Lt. Col. Poppe that when your enemy is doing something stupid, it’s best not to get in his way. But we understand he has a duty to look out for Hassan. Not that it’s likely to do him much good.

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  1. Why in the hell does the trial go past him admitting he did it? Take him out back and shoot him.

    Oh, I forgot. Gubbermint. We need to spend millions of dollars first.

    The kinda crap is beyond stupid.

    • TO: Dustin, et al.
      RE: Indeed

      Why in the hell does the trial go past him admitting he did it? — Dustin

      At this point the prosecution can ‘rest’ and let Hasan state his case. Give. The president of the court martial panel can, manage the defense presentation in an appropriate manner, keeping it on track.

      I’m confident that Hasan will verbally ‘hang himself’ in short order. Then, after closing arguments, the panel can find a verdict and a punishment.

      But again, as I stated below, I think the president of the court martial panel has been instructed not to allow Hasan to mention “jihad”. That would make Obama and company the liars they are in open court documents for claiming the attack was “work place violence”.


      [The Truth will out….despite Obama’s best efforts to suppress it….]

    • I wish that responding police officer who shot him in the back had pulled the trigger a couple more times… Would have saved a lot of grief, time, and money in the future.

      There. I said it.

      • I like the fact that he is permanently disabled and in a wheelchair. I hope he gets the death penalty, and after all of the appeals and other BS in 38 years he can get put down like the dirty dog he is. Getting hung or executed too soon is too good for this POS. He deserves all the hell he thinks his time alive in custody is. I love the fact that he will wear diapers for the rest of his worthless murdering life. Workplace violence my ass..and that is disgusting (as usual from this administration) how they manipulate tragedy and terrorism into a political game. The absolute hate of our Country and what it stands for is clearly on display, always. How they get away with it must be a legendary art form in the con-man world.

        RE: I’m Glad He Didn’t

        I wish that responding police officer who shot him in the back had pulled the trigger a couple more times… Would have saved a lot of grief, time, and money in the future. — (FORMERLY) MN MATT

        If he had, we’d not have the opportunity to prove Obama being a blatant liar for the last four years….claiming it was just “work place violence”, instead of Jihad.


        [The Truth will out… just takes time in these cases…..]

    • I agree, trials are dumb, summary executions are the way to go. And if they won’t plead guilty lets just torture them until they do. If we aren’t going to follow the constitution then we might as well go all in right?

  2. So now we’re GRANTED the right to represent ourselves? I’m pretty sure no one can claim to represent someone else without their consent.

    • it could be different in military court, in normal court if you defend yourself you cannot appeal and that pretty much makes it so you need a lawyer

      • Oh you get to appeal alright if you represent yourself, you just can’t argue incompetence of your selected counsel.

  3. TO: All
    RE: The ‘Death Wish’? Or Something Else…..

    ….stopped this trail.

    For all these last four years Obama and his sycophants have been claiming this attack was nothing more than ‘work place violence’.

    Now, as Hasan comes out in open court declaring it was not that, the president of the court martial board—probably under orders from youknowwho, via the chain of command—wants to squelch the proceedings BEFORE Hasan mentions the word that will give the lie to Obama: Jihad!

    If Hasan wants to die, let him. I’m sick and tired of pampering this murderous lot.


    P.S. And that goes for the monsters in Gitmo on a hunger strike. Let’m starve to death!

  4. Work-place violence by definition: it took place at work. That does not mean it was not also an act of violent Jihad.

    • And obviously 9/11 took place in a workplace as well. Two office towers seems to fit that label. Bring an airplane or a gun, what’s the difference?

        • I’d be surprised if none of them, or their immediate families, had investment accounts with corporations leasing space in the towers. The terrorists were also customers of the airline whose plane they hijacked. Then again, you and the President may not consider customer-performed violence as “workplace violence.” Is that the argument? Hasan was as much a terrorist in his moments of murderous violence as any of the 9/11 perpetrators. It may also fairly be said that Hasan had de facto resigned his commission, and was acting (as he himself alleges) as a Muslim, not a US Army officer.

        • Please, note that I called his act as one of violent Jihad. All I said is that it is accurate to call it workplace violence as well as an act of terror. I do not believe that we can claim that he had resigned his commission because he acted as a Muslim. Being a Muslim does not prohibit one from serving in the military.

          This man deserves the appropriate punishment for his admitted crimes, and after a fair trail, I hope that he gets what he has earned.

  5. As much as we might like for the death penalty in this case, it may not be the worst punishment. Denying him the martyr status he seeks might be the better choice.

  6. We are a nation of laws, the basis of which are the Articles of and Ammendments to the Constitution.

    Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to have such a complex barn dance without the occasional stumble or stepped-on toe.

    Let it run its course, and then shoot the pr¡ck.

    Or don’t — deny him the Martyrs’ death he so craves. Let him spend the next 45-50 years making special friends with Roscoe the Weightlifter.

  7. “Hasan has previously sought to plead guilty but is not able to do so under military rules governing cases that carry a potential death penalty.”


    Bailiff, Shoot him.
    Janitor, Clean that up.
    Case closed.

  8. Where is The Truth About Guns in the above OP?
    The Board wants to represent itself as the Source of and for armed Inteligensia but the FT. Hood Massacre has devolved into a petty, dishonest squabble over the deposition of a deluded, murderous thug. There is no “Gun” in that.
    So why repost such a story that only dilutes the site’s premise?

      • which took place in Obama’s 1st term. The gun aspect faded away years ago and the DOJ has done everything except deny that the event occurred in their attempt to politicize it. The sentence will not affect Americans right to KABAs

        • What is unattractive about the acronym KABA, as opposed the usual RKBA, is that it is a homonym with Kaaba.

    • I think posting this story DOES show the truth about guns. The horrible truth about guns that the libs don’t want people to realize is that PEOPLE are the culprit not the guns.

      There was no “gun crime” here only the malicious acts of a psychopath. A psychopath that deserves the scrutiny of his own spotlight not one shared with the “evil gun” that would share even the slightest bit of blame for the crime amongst the sheep.

    • As a Major, he was a sworn officer in the U.S. Army. Given he murder other soldiers under the auspices of Al Queerda and Ala, that makes him a traitor and a murderer and should get the death penalty for either of those.

    • Ensitue, the gun grabbers have used this case as an argument against carrying a handgun for self defense. “Look, he was able to to murder 14 people even though they were heavily armed. What makes you think a CCW permit holder is going to be able to stop something like this from happening?” goes the argument. So you will understand why it is important to talk about it here.

      • I have not heard that argument, and since he was the only one armed in that shooting it is a self defeating argument. How a trial occurring 4 years after the event affects what MAIG says today escapes me.

        • It sounds like you have a major man crush on Maj. Nadal.

          You don’t make editorial policy for TTAG. So, if you don’t like the article, don’t fvcking read it. Is that so hard to understand?

    • Ensitue,

      You might want to go back and read through some previous TTAG articles such as this one form June 19, 2013:

      From the article:

      “Engel tried to ban the FN again after the Islamofascist Fort Hood shooter used a Five-seveN to murder 13 people and injure 30 more. “In July 2010, legislation was introduced in the United States Congress by Rep. Engel, for a third time, under the new designation H.R. 6030: PLEA Act.””

      You say that “There is no “Gun” in that. So why repost such a story that only dilutes the site’s premise?”, but you fail to comprehend that gun grabbers are using this very case as an argument/example to assist in trying to erode our Second Amendment rights. This is relevant to this site’s premice because TTAG focuses on how criminals are the problem, not the tools they use, and grabbers have used this shooting in an attempt to legislate a ban on certain guns.

      Just because you don’t see the relevance of this article to this site’s premice doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

  9. drown him in a boiling vat of pig fat… kinda hard to be a holy martyr when you’re soiled, and no self-respecting 72 virgin would touch such a filthy dog… Use their superstitions against them, good enough for Black-Jack Pershing, good enough for me.

  10. I’ve always felt that the Roman method of dealing with traitors is best. In our case, on the parade deck, in front of the unit as an object example.

  11. AS a US Army veteran and former resident of FT Hood, I really have to ask why Hasan is still drawing breath and running his dirty mouth. Back in the day UCMJ would have been swift. This is what happens when Obama, Hagel, Clinton, and the SPLC get involved.

    • I don’t think you can blame the current administration for the mess of procedural rules that have been created over the last 200 year.

      • This trial is a farce and it has NOTHING to do with established UCMJ law my friend. It has everythng to do with political correctness run amuck.

        • So, he should get no trial at all? The Supreme Court has made it pretty much impossible to execute someone if the defendant doesn’t get adequate legal assistance.

          In fact, the Lieutenant Colonel who objected may be what keeps it possible to convict and execute him. If he doesn’t get competent legal advice and continuously be ruled competent to proceed, then he might get let go on a technicality.

      • No he just should have swung months ago because it’s a clear cut case of armed sedition. He should have been horsewhipped to the nearest busiest intersection and at high noon hung by the neck until dead, the body to be left in such state until dusk as a warning to others, and it should have happened within days, weeks at most, of the event. The fact that they tried to pin two desk jockeys for sedition (snowden, manning) but a guy who literally starts going jihad in the middle of his own military base gets this noise should be very telling about the state of PC BS in this country.

        • Skyler doesn’t seem to get that UCMJ court and civilian court are very different from each-other. This mess should have been sorted out and finished long ago.

        • The UCMJ is still subordinate to the US Supreme Court. There are differences in the specific laws and procedures, but the rulings of the Supreme Court regarding the death penalty still apply.

      • The UCMJ is not 200 years old, it’s not even 100 years old. If Obama had not inserted his army of Leftists into the US Military’s AOR the traitor would have been disposed of by now

        • The UCMJ is based on previous law which long predates it, namely the Articles of War and the Articles for Government of the Navy.

          Additionally, the military and naval laws have always been subordinate to the US Supreme Court for over 200 years. So, maybe you don’t know as much about the law as you might believe. And all I’ve tried to do is help people realize that we don’t hang people in this country anymore, and we still require due process, even for someone as notorious as this man.

    • I never said he shouldn’t get a trial, Skyler. He should get a quick and speedy trial by UCMJ law and his punishment should be just. This has already turned into a circus. I don’t get what your problem is, unless you are just trolling.

      • I’m saying be patient, this is a legal proceeding and they’ve yet to come to a verdict. If it has become a circus, then this is nothing new in the realm of law.

        • Damocles is correct. Almost two years elapsed over him having a beard. That is not justice, nor is it speedy. There are more examples. Suffice to say, this trial has been a farce from the get go and has taken too long.

  12. If found guilty, he should be sent to Leavenworth and hanged for murder and treason on an old west style gallows.

  13. Nidal Hassan shot and killed a pregnant woman, shot and killed 12 others, and injured 32 other people. Deliberately, and in the name of an organization that is a declared enemy of the country.

    Yet, the media isn’t calling out Hassan as a villain. They aren’t even doing much in the way of investigation on this, and the ‘opinion’ shows that masquerade as news are almost silent on this issue.

    Nobody has been more obviously deserving of the death penalty, but that will never happen, because the final arbiter of whether Hassan’s plug gets pulled in the name of justice is the President.

    In the meantime, “Major” Nidal Hassan continues to be paid his officer salary. All injuries he’s suffered have been medically covered by the DOD, and not all of his victims can say the same. Anyone that doesn’t note the obvious and deliberate manipulation this represents by the press is delusional.

    Just compare this to the sensational coverage of the Zimmerman trial – a man who was obviously trying to get the police to investigate prior to his direct involvement with Trayvon Martin. This was a self-defense situation, originally declared so by the police, then proven to be so in court, yet Zimmerman has been branded a villain and a racist by the press and has to stay in hiding, probably for life. I’d bet you eight out of ten people you ask couldn’t tell you the name of the Ft. Hood shooter, but could tell you George Zimmerman’s in a heartbeat.

    • And how many people, women and children too, have be vaporized by drone strikes, yet the media isn’t calling out Obama as a villan? Both men are vile murderers… but at least Hasan doesn’t have the incredible resources of government and unparalleled might of the military at his beck and call. Can we please start focusing on the greater and more imminent threat to life and liberty that exists within our own government?

  14. When will we start believing experts in the Koran (like the accused herein) when they tell us that the Koran tells them to kill infidels?

    I suppose that will be the day that we start believing that $16T in debt is unsustainable, that paying people to not work causes them to not work, that taxing production decreases production, . . . and other basic realities.

  15. If he wants to die, I say lock him away for the rest of his life at Leavenworth. Maybe serve him BLTs for breakfast lunch and dinner for the rest of his life.

  16. What would George Patton do ? Firing squad of seven soldiers ,each bullet costs 25 cents ,$1.75 ,problem solved.Taxpayers don’t support three meals a day for life and better medical benefits than you can get.Plus he gets what he wants( to go to Allah), the family’s get what they want(him to stop breathing)Seems pretty simple to me,but hey what do I know.

  17. This is pretty funny, maybe the tedious hearing are his punishment, as the guy wants to die but they wont let him go. Im sure he’s banging his head off the table a few times. We need to just take him out back and shoot him.

  18. It’s a bit scary that so many people here are calling for his execution or torture (then execution).

    One of the things that (in theory) make the American way better than the way the rest of the world operates is that everyone, even a lowly piece of human garbage like this, has the right to a trial. Everyone. No exceptions.

    The same absolute, zero compromise interpretation that most, if not all of us, have of the second amendment applies to the other nine amendments in the Bill of Rights as well.

    There are two reasons we don’t make exceptions for this guy, or the Aurora shooter, or anyone else.

    The moral reason: because it is wrong. And as Americans we should do the right thing, regardless of the cost.
    The practical reason: If we allow the government to make exceptions for this guy, then they can decide they want to start making exceptions for people they don’t like: gun owners, veterans, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, FED opponents, etc.

    • Nobody is suggesting he not get a trial. We’re suggesting it’s utterly absurd for said trial to be drawn out and taking place years after the fact, when everyone knows he did it, and he himself admits it. Trials are to determine guilt, yet in this case that is already determined, so a trial should be a quick formality before he meets the hangman, not a circus.

    • Even a scumbag deserves due process and a fair trial, that part I agree with, It’s one of the things that makes this country great. What I vehemently disagree with is that his right to dispense with an unnecessary trial and plead guilty is denied by bureaucracy. This sham does nothing but cost the taxpayers money as well as costing the victims and their families the emotional hardship of waiting for justice to be done.

      Have a simple trial, let him plead guilty then BANG…. court adjourned.

  19. “No person shall . . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

    “No person” means no person, including Nadal. What I don’t understand is that so-called “Second Amendment absolutists” insist that “shall not be infringed” means exactly what it says, but the Fifth Amendment doesn’t.

    • Careful.

      Don’t forget that there is a difference between what we would wish society to do and what the government is prohibited from doing. The government shall not infringe on my rights to bear arms, but I absolutely have the right to dictate (for instance) when my children will possess arms, when and if someone else may bear arms on my property, who I buy and sell arms from and to.

      It is not logically inconsistent for one to say: “The government may not take a life without due process,” and “I wish that guy was dead.”

      The conflation of society and government is a common error and one often exploited by socialists.

  20. No death penalty in this case. It is what this asshole wants. Don’t make a martyr (in his own mind anyway) of him. Just lock him up and forget him. Can you imagine a worse punishment for this creature than to be forgotten? To crap into a bag and spend 23 hrs a day in a cell in his wheel chair where no one ever pays attention to him ever again.


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