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One of the great joys of living in a free and prosperous society: you get to do stuff with no practical value whatsoever. You get to have fun. In really free societies you get to that with stuff that goes BANG. And pointy stuff. Not to mention rubber bands. Put it all together and . . . move over lawn darts! And here he is: the rubber band man, firing knives from underneath the barrel of an M16. How great is that? As they say in these parts, wikkid pissa.

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  1. Well, this IS a change that’s timely for the ammo shortage. Is that another fake accent?

    (FULL DISCLOSURE): I have no issue with fake accents, except a girl that was in my high school that adopted a fake British accent. She looked exactly like Miss Jane Hathaway on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES.

    • Well, this IS a change that’s timely for the ammo shortage. Is that another fake accent?

      Joerg Sprave lives in Kronach, Germany. Not even close to being a fake accent.

  2. I’m pretty sure this guy’s accent is real. His laugh is awesome.

    And sure, launching knives might seem useless… then again, given current ammo prices, and the fact you can launch those knives over… and over… and over…

  3. Forget launching knives, this dude built a launcher for a chainsaw type limb trimmer.

  4. Sadly I can see someone at Activision going “hrmmm… underbarrel knife launcher, have we shoehorned that into Call of Duty yet?”.

    • Pistol and the ballistic knife?

      Then again, one of my friends always referred to rifles as “attachments to my grenade launcher”. Freaking noob tube…

  5. I love this guy. He’s more entertaining then his contraptions. I’d like to have a beer with him.

  6. This guys is the Hickock45 of slingshots. When fighting with a bayonet just isn’t your style, get the knife launcher.

  7. What’s with the hate on watermelons? Every body wants to vaporise watermelons. Why not egg plant or squash or something equally useless?

    This guy lives in Germany? Wonder how many hoops he had to jump thru to get that AR?

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you Joerg for not spending the first 90+ seconds of the video tediously demonstrating that your rifle is unloaded.

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