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By Cody J. Wisniewski

Even as he lives under constant armed protection, President Biden is open about his desire to take away Americans’ most effective means of protecting their own lives.

Biden even joked about it recently, mocking ordinary citizens’ ownership of certain firearm magazines: “What—do you think the deer you’re hunting wear Kevlar vests? What the hell you need 20 bullets for? You must be a hell of a terrible shot.”

Here’s a better question: Who is Joe Biden to dictate how peaceable Americans will defend their lives and loved ones?

Your self-defense choices are yours to make, not the President’s nor any politician’s.

And while President Biden may be ignorant on the matter, countless Americans know exactly what is at stake. Instead of mocking the people’s exercise of a natural right, Biden and his fellow gun controllers should read some horrifying real-life stories and find out what a 20-round magazine is used for.

Running out of ammunition at the wrong moment is more than a nightmare: it could mean death at the hands of an intruder. Magazines are a critical tool for surviving some of the worst situations imaginable — situations that occur all too often, in a nation where murder rates are rising and hundreds of thousands of violent home invasions occur each year.

In a life-or-death emergency, ordinary citizens may well be forced into a prolonged exchange of fire with violent criminals. Sometimes more than one. A pause to reload or change weapons can prove fatal for them or their loved ones. That’s why millions of firearm magazines with more than a 10-round capacity are owned by peaceable Americans, in the vast majority of states.

high capacity magazine pistol
(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Americans have a long history with these magazines, and it’s simply false to argue—as some gun control advocates do—that our Founders and Framers couldn’t imagine them and did not mean to protect them under the Second Amendment. Such magazines were in use well before the founding of our nation.

In fact, firearms capable of firing more than 10 rounds without reloading have existed since at least the 1500s. In 1777, over a decade before adoption of the Bill of Rights, Joseph Belton demonstrated a repeating rifle able to hold 16 rounds to members of the Continental Congress.

Today, such magazines are so popular and widely owned that they’re standard capacity. Branding them as “high-capacity magazines” is a scare tactic, meant to stigmatize constitutionally protected arms by falsely associating them with warfare or mass shootings.

high large capacity magazines

Unfortunately, on both the national and the local level, this misleading rhetoric has become widespread. From the president on down, it’s echoed by officials who think it’s their job to decide how many rounds you need to defend your life, your family, and your community.

Even in the wake of recent mass shootings, Congress isn’t about to pass the President’s full gun control agenda. In the state of Washington, however, Biden’s disarmament dreams for the nation are alive and well.

With the passage of SB 5078, Washington recently banned the sale, import, distribution, and manufacture of firearm magazines able to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Of course, this ban won’t stop criminals from acquiring these magazines if they want them. Murderous home invaders couldn’t care less about breaking Washington’s bureaucratic gun laws.

Even if violent criminals are effectively prevented from obtaining the banned magazines, they can easily compensate by bringing more guns or more accomplices to outnumber a victim — since it is criminals, and not their victims, who choose the time and place of an attack.

But with their self-defense choices limited, everyday Washingtonians will pay the price, losing their constitutionally protected natural rights and possibly their lives.

That’s why several residents have stepped forward to sue the state of Washington over its magazine ban, represented by Mountain States Legal Foundation’s Center to Keep and Bear Arms.

Among those suing Washington are Ellie Sullivan, a nurse and longtime Washington resident alarmed by deteriorating safety conditions. So is Rainier Arms founder John Hwang, committed to ensuring that individuals are well-equipped in the face of danger.

Although this law is specific to Washington, this issue isn’t. Nine other states have similar bans on so-called “high-capacity” magazines, and more will follow if this trend is not stopped in its tracks.

As anti-gun activists continue their disgusting political exploitation of mass shootings, there will no doubt be further demonization of these devices. With President Biden and his fellow gun controllers eager for an eventual nationwide ban, the outcome in Washington state will have national implications.

Your life shouldn’t depend on your ability to reload a weapon on the worst day of your life. While the President — with his Secret Service protection — inanely repeats his line about deer in Kevlar, the American people know what they need to survive in a crisis. Their right to choose the right magazine for themselves shall not be infringed.


Cody J. Wisniewski (@TheWizardofLawz) is the director of Mountain States Legal Foundation’s Center to Keep and Bear Arms. He primarily focuses on Second Amendment issues but is happy so long as he is reminding the government of its enumerated powers and constitutional restrictions.

To learn more about the Center to Keep and Bear Arms’ work and support their fight for your natural right to self-defense—from both man and tyranny—visit www.mslegal.org/2A and donate today!

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  1. I haven’t listened to the advice given by fascists ever. I will decide how to defend myself and those I care about.

    • I would like to know if we will be forced to litigate every last bullshit gun control law now the ‘Man’ has spoken.

      Because doing that sounds like a 2A infringement in it’s own right.

      Should we just ignore magazine bans, for example, and dare them to prosecute us?

      Threaten to counter-sue for a healthy civil rights violation payout?

      (The possibilities are *endless*… 🙂 )

        • Taking money out of their pockets hurts ’em worse… 🙂

      • Sadly possession of over ten round mags have been converted to felony n a number of jurisdictions. In my jurisdiction it is three year prison felony. And of course a lifetime ban on any type of gun possession after prison.
        Sadly in the US you don’t just go to the higher courts, it is a process and you may be rotting in jail a long time

    • Alright, so my original comment here was ghosted. Yet again.

      Here’s a re-post with some minor tweaks:

      A little-known concept recognized by courts across the nation is called Doctrine of Necessity. To whit, if a State prohibits a particular action or item, but in the immediacy of a crisis there is no other reasonable option to protect your life and home but to use that prohibited action or item, then the State may be barred from prosecuting you as long as you performed that otherwise illegal action only for as long as was necessary before ceasing.

      • We got to this position because the fascist Leftist Scum ™ *refused* to be reasonable about guns.

        That’s why we’re here today, their utter *refusal* to respect the constitution of this great nation.

        Simple solution for you, fascists –

        Bail. Get out while you can and go to one of those other countries you have such dying adulation for. Where healthcare is free, and only the police and military have those evil guns.

        Like Ukraine, before Putin invaded… 🙁

  2. Why does the highly trained and professional Secret Service need now than one bullet each? With a dozen of them guarding Biden and a 9mm being capable of blowing out a lung anything more than a dozen bullets is overkill. If they need more than 1 bullet each obviously they must have slept though the leet Secret Service shooting course and need to take it over again.

  3. Huh is NY banning kevlar related to Biden’s deer story in justifying why we don’t need so many rounds? Common sense deer control. Oddly makes more sense than Biden or NY

    • Nope everyone complies totally except criminals but they are rare and totally aren’t a destabilizing element resulting from poor governance and used as justification to strip rights from the law abiding who are racist somehow and need to be disarmed for the safety of those being victimized by criminals. Schizo rant over welcome to NY

      • Gang up with others up there to overturn that bullshit AR-features ban you have to live with…

        • We did have a lawsuit out for the SAFE act in total, wonder if it can be refilled as I am pretty sure it died in district court years ago.

  4. There is a world of difference and YOU KNOW IT between being ‘ OFFICIALLY PROTECTED’ by professional and well trained security staff and EVERY nation on the good green Earth empoloys professional security protection staff [ the UK Royal Family, for instance have some of THE best trained pros in the security busines many of whom hane been trained by the UK Special Forces] that have often undergone literally months, even years, of dedicated training and letting a idiot wannabe Rambo out on the streets.
    The vast majority of wannabe Rambos would not make the cut even for initial training of the pro-scene. I sometime wish to high neaven that you Amei rican gun nuts couold use a modicum of critical thinking whenn they seemingly cannot distinguishnthe difference between illiterate untrained [in any real sense] Amateurs who just get in the way and are mostly a danger to themselves and everybody within earshot and the REAL pros. It’s NOT the pros who are the elfin problem. There is nO ELFIN point in comparing pro’s with half brained amateurs

    • Oh, how cute…Albie is throwing another wordy tantrum. I reckon his NHS Home-Care Nurse left her laptop unattended again.

      • Madam Lash must have given Prince among kings Albert a really good spanking with the spiked paddle. Not being able to sit down has made him very cranky.

      • Those guys were not the UK special specialists though.
        We need Britain to show us how it’s done, after all hey had an Empire ,,,,,,,once.

    • Wannabe Rambos? Wrong.

      We are free to defend ourselves. You are not.

      It doesn’t take years of high speed low drag super special operator training to be proficient enough to protect yourself. If you think so, that is your own failing and not the norm for most people with an IQ above room temperature. BTW, I spent 21 years in combat arms, been to combat and engaged the enemy. The responsible firearm culture I was raised in since birth did more to prepare me for firearm proficiency than the Army did. The Army only reinforced what I was taught before and paid for my ammo.

      Several high profile cases have occurred where the pro’s where the problem, most recently in Uvalde Tx. You have been on TTAG awhile, you know many of the times where the pro’s did not act. People not infected with the mental disorder of a victim would rather die on their feet than to die on their knees begging for mercy and hoping one of your pro’s arrive in time and do more than stand there.

      You are the one who lacks critical thinking or even a moral sense of right and wrong. Your the problem, not us and our rights.

    • Al
      Remind me how many times our barely trained war time troops saved you limey sissies. There’s a couple big ones ome to mind……

    • Hey possum, is your “kinda admire the guy in a way” sentiment still as strong as it was a few days ago? Give it another week if so. Besides, his speech patterns mean he likely is dacian in reverse drag.

    • The whole point here is being able to protect your family and self from those intent on bodily harm, not going to work for the royal family(who pays that bill?). I agree that really rich people might need bodyguards, but protection from mayhem and kidnapping starts with yourself.
      Yes, there are “wannabe Rambos” out there, but the majority of gunowners in the US are law abiding folk that responsibility for their own actions.
      I have no desire to shoot anyone, to me it would be a soul searching tragedy. But I would do so if it was me(or mine) being assaulted.
      Carrying a gun is a responsibility, it is a PITA. They are just another load, bulky and heavy, that I don’t want to deal with. Most gun owners agree. Really, very few people that are not in law enforcement or extreme security carry on a daily basis. I do feel much safer being around them. If my state allowed it, I would have a firearm in my car in a safe box, bolted or cabled to the vehicle.
      Yes, in some states, a higher percentage of people do carry daily. Generally, it is because of wildlife(snakes, bears, or in case you hit a deer on the road and you want to put it out of it’s misery).

    • Albert L J Hall Subject of the Queen. Here is a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. Just because a citizen of the US elected to exercise their RIGHT to self defense, does not make them a “Rambo”. No kidding, carrying a gun is a RESPONSIBILITY but in this country it is also a RIGHT. Some of those “half brained amateur’s” are better with a firearm than many professionals.

    • Yes, there is a difference between the “professionals” and the so-called “wannabe Rambos”. The former are significantly more likely to shoot and kill innocents, than the latter.

      But then, that’s because when there’s an emergency, they have to come from the outside, and then try to figure out what is going on, and respond correctly, whereas the “wannabe Rambos”, being in the thick of a situation, doesn’t have ambiguity to worry about. When a guy pulls out a knife and says “You’re coming with me”, it’s rather easy to figure out who the bad guy is.

      Fun fact: folks like you insist that “blood will run in the streets” every time gun laws are rescinded, and it’s made easier for people to acquire and carry guns — but it has never happened. If anything, the places that loosen gun regulations get safer, while the places that do everything to keep the guns out of the hands of “wannabe Rambos” only insure that guns are kept in the hands of “wannabe Sopranos”.

  5. Now you know why everyone hates the brits. Once again Albert you don’t have a dog in this hunt. Sit down and shut up, we don’t give tinkers damn about you, the queen, or the UK. Spit that dick out, it doesn’t belong to you. Betcha it doesn’t take me 10 rounds to hit a senile traitor sleepy joe

  6. “What—do you think the deer you’re hunting wear Kevlar vests? What the hell you need 20 bullets for? You must be a hell of a terrible shot.”

    Why does joe biden need more than one secret service agent with a gun that has just one bullet? Are his secret service agents bad shots?

    In my old home town a woman had her house broken into by three armed men at three am. Those guys were armed and prepared and fully awake. On what basis should she have been limited to ten rounds as she grabbed her gun and moved to block access to her children’s room. Biden thinks he is funny, but FUK him. Defenders are grabbing a gun in the middle of the night to deal with unknown threat. any defender in their right mind would want 15 or 17 rounds at least

  7. I feel sorry for the Secret Service officers on Biden’s personal detail. I’m sure they’ll do their duty and put themselves between an assassin and the President, but they’re dying thought will be, “I gave my life for this moron?” Luckily, having Kamala as VP is pretty big insurance against someone thinking of taking him out.

  8. Dear President Houseplant,

    Your Capital police and Secret Service have 20 rounds magazines or better. What-do you think the protestors your killing are wearing Kevlar vests? What the hell, your Cap Police/Secret Service need 20 bullets for? They must be a hell of a terrible shot

    Do you accept that argument? Yea, we dont either.

  9. Jay Inslee and his AG are crooks, pure and simple.

    Initiative 1639 got passed, which bans “transfers” of firearms. In the CHAZ/CHOP fiasco, you had blatant cases of people taking video of other people passing out rifles from the back of someone’s trunk. To supposed “security” forces… Which later were likely the ones who shot up some kids driving around, killing them.

    Zero investigations. Zero prosecutions under I-1639. Nobody cares.

    Guarantee you, though… You or I put video like that on the Internet, sure as God made little green apples, we’ll be indicted before we get back from the range.

    My take on all this? No more “gun laws” until they start actually enforcing the ones they have. Do you know how many felons have been prosecuted for having illegal weapons under I-1639, let alone using them? No idea, myself… I’ve yet to be able to find a single prosecution under that law.

  10. If President Daughter-molester needs to disarm the peaceable gun owners to ensure his regime, he must be a pretty bad president

  11. Perhaps in the interest of fairness the Secret Service and Justice Department should be disarmed. I’m sure, when needed, local police could be called.


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