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Remington 870 (courtesy

“Ever since, gun manufacturers have found ways to evade the restrictions, and lawmakers have responded by trying to tighten the law,”‘s editorial board opines. “Steinberg’s bill would end the argument by banning future sales in California of semi-automatic guns that can accept detachable clips, which can be emptied and rapidly replaced. As was hammered home Monday by the shooting in Washington that killed 12 people, not including the shooter, a deranged gunman can quickly do horrendous damage.” What does that have to do with the price of eggs? The Washington Navy Yard spree killer used a shotgun—a long gun without a detachable magazine—to kill 12 innocent people. “No law can stop all gun violence . . . But Brown has it within his power to take reasonable steps to enhance public safety. He shouldn’t let the opportunity pass.” Absolutely! Governor Brown should veto the gun control measures sitting on his desk. Done. [h/t WRW]

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    • Indeed. Chilling that these journalists enthusiastically support such totalitarian and obviously ineffective laws.

      • They will, until the politicians come for them. Then it’ll be, “But we supported you in the gun grab…”

        First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

        Martin Niemoeller


  1. The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia. Losing jobs, skilled workers, etc. Just keep raising taxes Jerry and banning guns. If you loved Detroit you will love Obamaland. (Oakland, Compton, East St. Louis, DC, south Chicago)

    • Detroit is the ultimate end state of the progressive movement.
      It’s what happens when the Democrats control everything.


      • And one of the pending bills would give Oakland home rule (there is state pre-emption on gun laws) so it could ban more guns….As if the crime there wasn’t bad enough already?

    • Thank you Matt. It seems too many people outside California are quick to give up on it. The truth is, places like CA and NY are the front lines and if the gun grabbers win there they’ll move to the next states.

      • The problems with non-residents signing and sending is that they have no legal standing (skin in the game), and the antis can righteously claim that out of state entities are trying to influence the passage of laws. See Colorado for how well that worked.

  2. From what I understand of CA law,Brown can just do nothing and the bills become law autonatically.It’s the perfect dodge-he appeases the liberal base,and when things go pear shaped he can honestly claim he “never signed them into law”.

  3. Rifles and Carbines that have been in common use for what…80 years?

    Gimme a break, you lying elitist Op-ed polls.

  4. Kalifornia is a lost cause. She is occupied territory, and has been for some time.

    Luckily for me I still live in Free American… (for now).

      • I help make my state honor its constitution. This will not come to Virginia if I can help it. If California gun owners want the laws repealed then they will have to do the work. The nature of that work is up to them.

    • Negative. It may look like a lost cause but that’s because our usual tactics won’t work there. With the CA runoff election system, it is entirely possible we could provide the few % needed to push a pro-gun candidate over the top. Voting solely on 2A issues will help lots in a place like CA – where dems run the show.

      Also, how about “we must all hang together or we shall certainly hang separately”? How much $$ and time given to the cause comes out of that state? It would be absurd to write off several million gun owners. You say you keep your state obedient to the Constitution, but how much longer until NoVA is too populated to contain?

  5. The only semi-automatic firearm used to kill people at the Navy yard was the one taken off a dead security officer. Plus, with the bullet button currently required for rifles with evil features, there is no “rapid” replacement. I’d say that he needs someone to explain this stuff to him but we would just sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

    • From vids I’ve seen, the bullet button only slows down a reload by a couple of seconds. That’s why they want to get rid of it–the whole point is to make it as difficult and time consuming as possible to reload. Hence, the only allowable AWs under the new law, if signed, will be internal fixed mags that have to be reloaded one round at a time, and that have a max capacity of ten rounds.

    • I have one just like that and agree. 870 Police Magnum. That gun right there punches way above its appearance and price.

    • Imagine my surprise when I checked out TTAG today – That’s my shotgun! Haha yep, It’s an 870P. Took that shot not long after I bought it, little over a year ago. It now has a +2 mag extension, M1-carbine OD cotton sling, a TLR-1 mounted to the mag tube, and an OD detachable side saddle. My tool for home defense and steel plate competitions.

  6. I think they’re about to shoot themselves in the foot. They’ve taken these laws so far that they’ll never stand up in court. Yes, it sucks for the people in CA right now, but I think long term these laws being passed are going to give the gun control supporters a big black eye when they get struck down as unconstitutional.

    • One of the problems is that CA has been chipping away at gun rights since the 80’s and they are still here and will be until they get DEMS out of office

    • …but I think long term these laws being passed are going to give the gun control supporters a big black eye when they get struck down as unconstitutional.

      Yes, but if and until they are struck down, they will be in force. And that is all that matters to the gun-grabbers. And we know the rinds of justice grind exceedingly slow.

    • They could be if they ever make it to SCOTUS, as long as Barack Hussein doesn’t get the chance to appoint an anti-Constituion liberal progressive justice.

  7. I am not a legal expert, but however bad it will be, should we not allow the bill to pass. It seems like this would go to SCOTUS without issue or be struck down by higher courts such that this type of legislation could not be used again in any state

    • Yes, I would hope they keep loading the boat and maybe this last one will bring water over the gunwales in the form of SCOTUS. Again, hopefully the laws already in the boat will all go down with this one.
      The SCOTUS should realize that we are in chaos and this needs to be decided one way or another. What cases are before them that would do it?

      • I think the law that would ban lead shot (and thereby end hunting and paid-for wildlife management) would be the crazies final hurrah. So much harm done to so many people due to lack of recreational opportunities and traffic accidents with half-starved, sick wildlife that the case would FLY to the SCOTUS.

  8. While we’re on the subject of newspapers endorsing infringing on our rights, why doesn’t the Fresno Bee also endorse stripping blacks of the right to vote? Or how about we strip asians of the right to be secure in their homes and on their person as well? If we take away the second, the rest can’t be far behind.

    This is a disgusting editorial. They are on the side of the totalitarian scum.

    • You don’t see them supporting the right to censor idiot editors to spew bile at groups they don’t like, do you?

  9. Our paper here in Fresno is embarrassing. Our sheriff, Margaret Mims, is great. She issues permits and came to the screening of Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire, with her whole family I might add. Our local PD and SO battled the gangs in the 90’s and did a great job cleaning up the town. We have good people living here.
    We can’t seem to avoid what Sacramento flushes down into our valley.

    • Margaret is a great gal, and a cancer survivor, BTW. Have known her for over 20 years when she was an investigator for the FCSO. Does miracles given underbudgeting, understaffing, and overwhelming odds.

      • Yep, a strong lady with good character. She makes our county proud.
        She stood up to the BS jail funding in her first few months in office.
        She has the teeth of a junkyard dog when she needs em.
        I wish more Californians carried around a set as big as hers.

  10. I really wish they understood the difference between a clip and a magazine. Wonder if someone could successfully defend in court their possession of an “illegal” mag by arguing that they made “high capacity” clips illegal, not magazines.

    • The law does not say clips. I believe it says “ammunition loading device” or some such general wording.

    • “I really wish they understood the difference between a clip and a magazine.”
      They don’t understand the difference between a gun and a lawn chair. And they’re blissful in their ignorance.

  11. So a shooting using a manually cycled shotgun with a fixed magazine shows why it’s so important to ban semi-automatics with detachable magazines. I cannot begin to fathom the sort of neurological malfunction that would make it possible for someone to actually type that out and publish it.

  12. Perhaps those of us that don’t live in Kalifornia should gather at the border with our favorite legally owned/carried/displayed firearm holding signs like:

    “Do you want to be a free, independant state or a socialist induced hell? Veto gun control.”

    Just a suggestion, it’s a little too far for me and my motorcycle from NC right now.


    This year the California Legislature passed the most restrictive collection of anti-gun laws in decades
    Our last chance to stop these laws before having to spend millions to fight them in court for years is for Governor Brown to veto them. Governor Brown needs to be reminded that he has millions of constituents that are law-abiding gun owners, sportsmen and Second Amendment supporters and that Californians do not support outrageous anti-gun and anti-hunting legislation, like those in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut or worse.
    If we do not stop these bills NOW our children will never know the fundamental rights of self defense, hunting, self reliance and private ownership of firearms nor the freedoms this Country was founded on.
    Below are the anti-gun/anti-hunting bills you need to call, fax AND e-mail and urge Governor Brown to VETO.

    Governor Brown can be reached at:
    Phone: (916) 445-2841
    Fax: (916) 558-3160
    Email web form:

    SB374 – Bans the future sale or transfer of and classifies ALL semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazine or holding more than ten rounds of ammunition as “assault weapons.” Continued legal possession requires that you REGISTER and pay a FEE (TAX) on ALL your semi-autos newly classified as “assault weapons.”

    AB711 – Makes California the first state to prohibit the use of all lead ammunition for hunting.

    AB48 – Bans the sale of parts and repair kits capable of creating or converting a magazine to a capacity to hold greater than ten rounds.

    AB169 – Limits the sale/transfer of all lawfully firearms that were never, or are no longer, on the California roster of approved handguns to two a year and redefines the technical provisions of single short pistols.

    AB231 – Expands the laws relating to firearms storage.

    SB299 – Makes it a crime if a person does not report a lost/stolen firearm within 7 days.

    SB475 – Would effectively ban the gun shows at the Cow Palace by requiring the approval of San Francisco and San Mateo Counties

    AB180 – Repeals state firearms preemption by allowing the City of Oakland to enact gun ordinances that are more restrictive than state laws concerning the registration or licensing of firearms.

    SB567 – Redefines shotguns to include any long gun with a rifled bore or a smooth bore, regardless of whether it is designed to be fired from the shoulder and bans the sale of shotguns with the revised definitions that have a revolving cylinder, and requires registration of these currently owned shotguns.

    SB683 – Expands California’s Handgun Safety Certificate requirement to apply to all firearms, and prohibits anyone from purchasing or transferring any firearm without a firearm safety certificate.

    SB755 – Expands the list of persons prohibited from owning a firearm, including persons who have operated cars and boats while they are impaired commonly referred to as DUI.

    Permission to use freely is given, to download a printable version go to

  14. Now is the time to remind the Governor and the other Dems who are pushing these laws on the people of California that the RECALL has worked in this state before. Just like in Colorado, the people in Sacramento have overstepped their bounds. The RECALL is an effective tool and the voters in Colorado have removed the legislators who legislate against the will of the people.
    If the Governor signs these bad laws, the legal actions and the RECALLS will begin.

  15. The California “Powers that Be” are truly insane. This proves it. All sane residents need to leave now, before they seal the border. Except with Mexico.

    And you thought the fence was to keep the illegals out…

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