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What can a bomber slug actually do? Here’s some more testing from TAOFLEDERMAUS, Wide Open Spaces’ special ammo tester and video contributor. TAOFLEDERMAUS has given the famous bomber slugs another go.

They’ve already proven they can do some incredible damage, but this time they’re being shot at some softer targets, like oobleck and water balloons.

Even though a few bomber slugs got split in two when they were fired, the results are still really entertaining to watch.

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    • well, looking at the work done here, someone was asking it. personally, I like seeing something different in between the constant posts about idiot politicians, idiot anti gunners and idiot gun owners doing stupid things. Maybe this is idiotic too, but it’s a nice change of pace.

      editors, if you’re reading this… the guns for newbs articles are interesting, as was the CMP for beginners series. Could you possible solicit some of the readers for a series on gunsmithing? There are some knowledgable folks on this site. Not so much a full gunsmithing how to, but info on things like a well rounded gunsmithing toolset, recommended books or learning material, basic troubleshooting for firearms (ie: what’s a gun issue, what’s an ammo issue, what’s a shooter issue), how to find and identify a good gunsmith, when to give up and get professional help. I know I had a lot of these questions starting out, and there’s enough material for a good long series even taken at a high level.

  1. With all going on in the world of firearms, firearm laws, and politics concerning firearms why is this site
    stuck on posting the same ol same ol almost daily?

  2. Not sure common one oz 12 ga slugs can be reinvented to be better than they already are. Hell, even a rifled slug barrel is kinda gimmiky. Smooth bore 12 ga one oz slugs (the plain vanilla kind) have killed more deer than any army could eat in a year.

    • I’m not a big fan of them sabot slugs for shotguns either. I like that chunk of 12 gauge lead they way it is. But I’ve only shot one deer at close range and it did all rite by me….There good for blowing stuff up, what a hoot that is, shot a car battery at close range, bad idea

  3. s̴t̴a̴r̴t̴ ̴m̴a̴k̴i̴n̴g̴ ̴c̴a̴s̴h̴ ̴r̴i̴g̴h̴t̴ ̴n̴o̴w̴… ̴g̴e̴t̴ ̴m̴o̴r̴e̴ ̴t̴i̴m̴e̴ ̴w̴i̴t̴h̴ ̴y̴o̴u̴r̴ ̴f̴a̴m̴i̴l̴y̴ ̴b̴y̴ ̴d̴o̴i̴n̴g̴ ̴j̴0b̴s̴ ̴t̴h̴a̴t̴ ̴o̴n̴l̴y̴ ̴r̴e̴q̴u̴i̴r̴e̴ ̴f̴o̴r̴ ̴y̴o̴u̴ ̴t̴o̴ ̴h̴a̴v̴e̴ ̴a̴ ̴c̴o̴m̴p̴u̴t̴e̴r̴ ̴a̴n̴d̴ ̴a̴n̴ ̴i̴n̴t̴e̴r̴n̴e̴t̴ ̴a̴c̴c̴e̴s̴s̴ ̴a̴n̴d̴ ̴y̴o̴u̴ ̴c̴a̴n̴ ̴h̴a̴v̴e̴ ̴t̴h̴a̴t̴ ̴a̴t̴ ̴y̴o̴u̴r̴ ̴h̴o̴m̴e̴. ̴s̴t̴a̴r̴t̴ ̴b̴r̴i̴n̴g̴i̴n̴g̴ ̴u̴p̴ ̴t̴o̴ ̴$8624 ̴a̴ ̴m̴o̴n̴t̴h̴.i̴’v̴e̴ ̴s̴t̴a̴r̴t̴e̴d̴ ̴t̴h̴i̴s̴ ̴j̴0b̴ ̴a̴n̴d̴ ̴i̴’v̴e̴ ̴n̴e̴v̴e̴r̴ ̴b̴e̴e̴n̴ ̴h̴a̴p̴p̴i̴e̴r̴ ̴a̴n̴d̴ ̴n̴o̴w̴ ̴i̴ ̴a̴m̴ ̴s̴h̴a̴r̴i̴n̴g̴ ̴i̴t̴ ̴w̴i̴t̴h̴ ̴y̴o̴u̴, ̴s̴o̴ ̴y̴o̴u̴ ̴c̴a̴n̴ ̴t̴r̴y̴ ̴i̴t̴ ̴t̴o̴o̴. ̴y̴o̴u̴ ̴c̴a̴n̴ ̴c̴h̴e̴c̴k̴ ̴i̴t̴ ̴o̴u̴t̴ ̴h̴e̴r̴e̴…
    ╚═►╚═► ╚═►╚═►❥❥❥❥

  4. why would anyone want this? i guess other than just a range toy. if it was used for home defense you would have a huge mess to clean up. no thanks!


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