Hunter Biden arrives with his lawyer Abbe Lowell for a deposition before the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC, in February 2024.
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In a trial that has nearly generated as much focus on it as that of Donald Trump’s recent legal travails or the late O.J. Simpson’s double murder trial, the jury took the first step in deciding Hunter Biden’s legal fate today by finding him guilty on all three gun charges he was facing. But amidst all the media banter and speculation, the Wall Street Journal reports, Biden has found support among an unusual group of allies—American gun owners.

Despite many of those same gun owners detesting Biden for any host of personal and political flaws or for the simple fact that he is the current sitting president’s son and believed to have committed any number of treasonous acts that helped line his and his father’s pockets (all still allegations at this point), they support Biden on this one principal: his gun rights were attacked and ultimately violated.

The WSJ article spoke with famed shooting YouTuber Iraqveteran8888 and began their examination of this political phenomenon like this:

The recent tweet proclaiming “Free Hunter Biden” originated from an unusual source: a popular conservative YouTube personality known as Iraqveteran8888.

Eric Blandford, whose 2.7 million subscribers tune in to watch him shoot guns and shoot-the-breeze about politics, is no fan of President Biden or his son (He called the younger Biden “the deepest swamp monster”).

But in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Blandford said he believes that the law being used to prosecute Hunter Biden that forbids illicit drug users from owning firearms is unconstitutional, and says he hopes Biden will be vindicated in the U.S. Justice Department’s trial now under way against him in Delaware. 

“It’s easy to say, ‘Well, screw Biden and we should throw the book at him,’” said Blandford, who also serves as the Georgia state director for Gun Owners of America, which reports two million paying members. “Well, if they throw the book at the prince in every little way that they can, what are they going to do to you?” 

In an unusual break from the predictable, reflexive battles between the American left and right, prominent gun rights advocates are now rallying around Hunter Biden, whose trial has run several days, with closing arguments taking place Monday. Though they view his father as one of the biggest threats to the Second Amendment, they are standing behind his son on principle.

 “Hunter Biden is innocent,” said CJ Grisham, a Texas attorney and an early leader in the movement to carry guns in public. “I think Hunter Biden is a despicable person and I definitely don’t believe in his politics but the fact of the matter is he is charged with a bogus crime.” 

Federal prosecutors have won convictions against Hunter Biden, 54, who a jury has now decided lied about his drug use when purchasing a revolver in 2018, despite his acknowledged crack cocaine addiction at the time. He currently faces up to 25 years in prison and a fine of up to $750,000. Biden pled not guilty to the charges. Sentencing the judge said “is usually set for 120 days following a verdict, which would mean sentencing” would take place about mid-October, mere weeks before the 2024 Election Day in which his father hopes to win a second term, CNN is reporting.

The case has led to an interesting split of opinions among gun rights advocates. Figures like Eric Blandford and CJ Grisham argue the law used against Biden is unconstitutional and that his prosecution sets a dangerous precedent for gun owners. They admit they face pushback from conservative circles, where supporting Biden is seen as controversial. Blandford explains, “Of course, people are going to say, ‘Why do you support Hunter Biden? He’s the enemy.’”

In contrast, the NRA supports Biden’s prosecution, stating it exemplifies the need for firearm prohibitions for drug users. John Crump over at AmmoLand notes the division within the gun community: some advocate for equal legal treatment, while others oppose prosecuting anyone under what they see as an unjust law.

Crump, in his article “Hunter Biden: You Must Acquit, the Law’s Not Legit,” argues that the prohibition on drug users owning guns lacks historical precedent as required by the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. Since Bruen, several courts have dismissed cases against individuals charged under similar bans.

Ironically, gun-control groups, such as Everytown for Gun Safety, which rarely fail to piggyback their anti-gun messaging onto any firearms-related news story, have remained silent on the Hunter Biden case. President Biden, who has prioritized gun control during his term, pushing significant legislation and executive orders, is scheduled to speak at Everytown’s conference today. It’s ironic that speech will fall on the same day his son is declared guilty of violating gun laws.

Before the trial, Hunter Biden’s lawyers argued the ban on drug users from purchasing and possessing firearms was unconstitutional. They will likely appeal the ruling now that Biden has been convicted.

Meanwhile, gun groups like Gun Owners of America, led by Erich Pratt, are prepared to support Biden in higher courts, although they are not prepared to start selling “Free Hunter” merchandise.

“We know our market and that’s probably not something that people would care to wear,” he told the WSJ.

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      • Here’s how it works. We never pursue charges for their blatant violations when we have power because we have principles. Then, when they get power, they laugh and call us suckers as they try to crush us any possible way they can. We incentivize their behavior while hoping one day they’ll become moral people.

      • Really? How would one comply with the law and legally buy a firearm from an FFL if you don’t have an address? This is a real problem for boaters who don’t have a physical address and move all about. But what about homeless people. Ignoring the money thing, shall they be denied their rights simply because they don’t have an address?

        • People who have an actual address are having their Rights denied by democrats, so why shouldn’t the homeless or nomadic boaters. You’re such a smart boy figure it out.

      • put him at the back of the paperwork crimes to be freed line. help the unconnected first then let him loose for the gun charges…. then indict on the fara stuff….

      • put him at the back of the paperwork crimes to be freed line. help the unconnected first then let him loose for the gun charges…. then indict on the fara stuff….

    • With only three felony convictions, Hunter Biden is still 31 felonies behind Donald Trump in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

      In other news;

      Donald Trump May Have Violated the Terms of His Release
      Published Jun 12, 2024 at 9:00 AM EDT

      Donald Trump has been questioned about his continued possession of a gun as a convicted felon.
      At his first probation meeting since his conviction for falsifying business records, an official from the New York City Department of Probation asked the former president about a gun he registered in New York.

      Trump admitted to keeping the gun during Monday’s probation meeting, CNN reported, citing a “city official briefed on the exchange.” It is a federal crime for a convicted felon to own a gun or ammunition.”

      • Hunter has at least 9 more pending. Then there is the pay for play his dad is doing with China. With any luck all the Bidens will be in prison by Christmas.

        Also while the law might not be Constitutional you need to obey it or face the consequences. Why this is so hard for many to grasp on here and apparently guys who run YouTube channels is beyond me. And yes if one of us got caught doing the same thing I fully expect the book to get thrown at whoever broke the law.

        • Even former federal prosecutor and Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy thinks it was selective prosecution:

          “”I did gun prosecutions for six years. I went after convicted felons, I went after people who were fugitives from justice. I went after lots of different people who are prohibited from possessing a firearm. But, I bet you there weren’t ten cases prosecuted nationwide of addicts or unlawful drug users who possessed firearms or lied on applications. I bet there weren’t a dozen. Which makes you wonder, of all the cases you could be pursuing in Delaware, why are you pursuing this one?“

          • This wasn’t a get Hunter operation. The prosecution is on Team Hunter. People are forgetting that the prosecutors wanted to give Hunter a deal that gave him blanket immunity for every crime he had committed, including crimes he was even charged with. They tried to sneak it in there, and the judge caught it. So they had to go forward with this particular prosecution.

            Now they’re pushing the “no one is above the law” lie. This is after they tried to forgive Hunter for all his crimes, and after they allowed some of his tax crimes to lapse which they do for no one. They also allowed Hillary to skate on blatant federal violations, including destroying evidence under subpoena.

            • “The prosecution is on Team Hunter“

              Really? You know, the prosecutor was appointed by Donald Trump, who selected only the “best people”.

              And that’s a hell of an expression of being on ‘Team Hunter’, prosecuting Hunter to three felony convictions.

              Your claim is hilarious.

              And why should Hunter be prosecuted on tax charges, trumps pal, conservative cuckold Roger Stone owed $2 million in back taxes, the IRS let him settle without criminal charges, much less a trial and conviction.

              Smells like… Selective prosecution:

              “Roger Stone Finally Agrees to Pay $2 Million in Back Taxes
              COUGH IT UP
              Emily Hernandez
              Breaking News Intern
              Published Jul. 16, 2022 12:14PM EDT

              REUTERS/Leah Millis
              The federal government has reached an agreement Friday with former Trump adviser Roger Stone to pay more than $2 million in unpaid income taxes, interest, and penalties, Bloomberg reports. Stone and his wife will pony up $1.7 million together, and Roger was slapped with $453,000 by himself, according to court documents. The agreement stems from a 2021 lawsuit filed by the government, which Stone apparently stopped fighting after the court ordered him and his wife to turn over documents. It’s not entirely clear how Stone, who claimed he was broke a few years back, intends to pay Uncle Sam.“

        • “Also while the law might not be Constitutional you need to obey it or face the consequences.”

          You are correct, Donald Trump was found guilty by a jury of his peers of violating New York State law, law that he “needed to obey or face the consequences”.

          Donald Trump will indeed be facing the consequences on July 11, because in America, ‘no man is above the law’.

    • Prove that before the Supreme Court. Your say so carries no weight, anywhere.
      Everyone who lives in the USA, is a part of the Social Contract. That’a what our Constitutions State and Federal are. You don’t get to say your immune to the law, and don’t have to abide by that Social Contract.
      Break the Social Contract, go to Jail. Don’t like the Social Contract? Leave the Country for someplace more to your liking.
      Every Right has limits. As long as these are not a significant diminution of the Right, Limits can be valid.
      Law abiding people have a right to keep and bear arms. Those who are not law abiding can be legitimately restricted.

    • Background Checks are Constitutional whether you say so or not.
      No responsible Jurist anywhere will give your claim any shrift at all.

      Restrictions on Ownership? The Supreme Court has given guidance on what is a reasonable restriction.

      That’s the law or the land, it stands till the Constitution is amended, or SCOTUS decides otherwise.

      Empty Chest beating claims are a worrisome sign, that a person considers themself above the Law.

      I don’t want to live with people like that, they are a true threat. There are enough thugs walk around who like to break the law, and and all laws. If they can’t be stopped from breaking the law, they should be declared outlaws, and stopped, dead or alive.

      You won’t go far doing making empty claims, and that’s Constitutional both By Federal and State Constitution.

      Just because your drinking buddies agree with you, just makes you all wrong, and a warning to others that you are to be watched carefully. People who claim they are the law, and everybody else is wrong, are self proclaimed thugs.

      If you can’t abide that emigrate somewhere else, no one will stop you.

      • If you can’t abide that emigrate somewhere else, no one will stop you”

        Right, what was that saying… Oh yes…

        “America! Love it or Leave it!”

    • Hunter’s punishment will be enough to placate the prosecutors but will be legal processed down to the minimum they can get away with such as “supervised release”. The bagman has cash to deliver.

    • “Let him out in 25 years. We need a high profile example.“

      While I agree a high profile example is a good deterrent, I think the max that Trump can be sentenced to is four years per charge and generally, they run concurrently.

      But I like your enthusiasm!

  1. Im rarely in favor of a gun restriction but this one makes sense to me and Biden illustrates why.
    This man, the son and bag man for the Vice President while these events unfolded was also suffering the paranoia that often accompanies addiction.
    He believed he required protection beyond that which was already provided to him both by his status as a political untouchable and whatever overflow he got from the actual Govt.
    He may have, in fact, required that protection based upon his conduct and I fault no man for taking responsibility for himself but the facts here illustrate an addict in the midst of a paranoic delusional event.
    Someone in such a state is a danger to all and should not be armed.

    I believe there to be Breun worthy analagous historical precedent as well.

  2. Far Left Pr0gre$$ives have used the very same laws to prosecute conservative firearm owners.

    Unless the courts will overturn EVERY SINGLE CONVICTION UNDER THE SAME LAWS FOR THE LAST 100 YEARS or J. BIDEN PARDONS EVERY SINGLE PERSON CONVICTED UNDER THE SAME LAWS FOR THE LAST 100 YEARS, this prosecution must stand. If this particular prosecution does NOT stand while all others stand, then it is a blatant statement that Far Left Pr0gre$$ives only apply laws to disfavored political enemies.

    From a more pragmatic perspective, it is best for all of us if this prosecution stands and H. Biden’s legal team has to overturn the laws themselves in the courts which nixes those laws for ALL of us.

    • Unfortunately grasshopper such piecemeal never fails to leave Gun Control standing and ready to fight on another day. That’s why Gun Control’s sidekick Slavery was not compromised to slavery-lite or other omni directional piecemeal and had to be Abolished.

      TRUMP 2024.

      • Debbie W.,

        The unfortunate reality is that it took a very costly kinetic operation in the early 1860s to totally abolish slavery.

        Thus we as a nation have a choice:
        1) We accept Gun Control-Lite and keep pushing to lessen restrictions.
        2) We repeat the costly kinetic event of the early 1860s to abolish Gun Control.

        Both choices suck.

        (Kudos for using the term “slavery-lite” to emphasize your point.)

        • Slavery still exists in the United States except now it’s called comfortable subjugation and it’s a choice.

  3. I just wanna know if he’s still a crackhead.
    Addicts have a hell of time quitting and relapse all the time.

    • Have you seen his pupils, they’re friggin’ pinholes (miosis/constriction) that “child” (sarc) is high on something likely “prescription” opioids thanks to a sympathetic (Democratic-donor) doctor.

      ….. and he’ll always be crackhead, it’s like being an alcoholic.

  4. Put him in jail for a long time. These communists wanted these gun laws, they can choke on them. If the laws are overturned sometime in the future, pardon him.

  5. free hun ter. Just cuz bi den throw me in prison for braking same law mee stoo pid. hun ter special. No, wait. Equal protection applies.
    daddy doesn’t like the law he should remove it from the books, until when Hunter can be Marion’s favorite ride.

    • Most of the way there but would be willing to trade his freedom for laws repealed if it were possible. Realistically he will likely get a slap on the wrist but I have been pleasantly incorrect before.

  6. Sure, let him off for the gun charges, but he should still be drowned in Diarrhea along with his evil POS father.

  7. The form 4473 is the law of the land, for the time being, and as such everyone who has to fill one out must fill out out honestly and correctly. He did not. He was kicked out of the Navy for his drug use. He had multiple videos on his laptop with him smoking crack with multiple people on multiple dates. Any one of us who has been caught doing drugs would be convicted and our guns confiscated. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. He blatantly broke the law, was tried and convicted. That is/was the correct thing to do. Any punishment going forward will fall to the judge.

    • The form 4473 is the law of the land

      No it is not. The US Constitution is the law of the land. Laws which are abjectly repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.

      as such everyone who has to fill one out must fill out out honestly and correctly.

      What if you can’t fill it out honestly and correctly? See my comment above on addresses.

  8. Unless and until SCOTUS chucks the law, it should be applied equally. On the day the SCOTUS gavel bangs, it should be unapplied equally.

  9. As far as I’m concerned, this case isn’t over until the US Supreme Court releases the decision in Rahimi within a month that could strongly impact this case.

    Rahimi will hit long before Hunter is scheduled for sentencing.

  10. It’s simple for me. All the controls around weapons- unconstitutional. End of story. The pendulum hasn’t swung quite far enough back for the citizens to get their freedoms back – yet. Secondly, all US citizens both benefit and are held accountable to the same set of rules, unconstitutional or not, selective enforcement notwithstanding. Biden’s son, or any other man, deserves the same treatment. This administration set themselves as the selective arbiter of these laws, so the Schadenfreude is extremely hard to avoid.

    • Heard the remarks she made outside the courthous during the case.
      She’s a nasty piece of work.
      They caught a good angle of her face, but other angles show her as less attractive

      Hot is not only a comely face and body, though I’m a true “looks” man myself., never spent time with a woman who wasn’t hot in looks.

      A nasty or dumb mouth is instant ED for me, and leave right then…

      Brie Larsen is pretty enough for sure, but she’s a dumb arrogant irritating idiot, which makes her unwatchable for me, and un-do-able.

      The right politics help make a woman a bit more attractive to me, and the wrong politics just make me want to puke over her.

      Mrs Hunter Biden makes me want to puke.

  11. They nailed him on this one so when they let him skate on the more serious charges they can point back to this and say they didn’t have their thumb on the scale.

      • Except arrange his wife’s murder. It was a hitman job. Blake “just remembers he left his gun in the restaurant” and when he returns moments later, there she is, dead. Who “just” leaves their gun in a restaurant?? He had motive, but the hitman is never found, which we should expect. Not enough to convict, but everyone knows that he engineered it. He beat the rap, but he was in no way innocent.

  12. This looks to me like a wonderfully ironic opportunity for Hunter to spend some of that c0rrupt!0n money helping get some unconstitutional laws tossed out. He will be pardoned by Joe after he loses in November.

  13. Lock him up! The dope addict First Child’s crimes are far more egregious than those of any 1/6-er.

  14. I don’t care if he was intoxicated when he filled out his 4473. He lied. And he knew it. He knew he was connected. And he just knew he could get away with anything.

    Send him to jail just like so many other blacks who broke the law. Or so many other poor whites who broke the law.

  15. Just substitute car, truck, bus for firearm. Driving is not a constitutional right, yet people who have been repeatedly caught using drugs and alcohol are allowed to drive after being arrested multiple times. It’s about control. All firearms laws are unconstitutional,period. Just keep letting them exception your rights away. If you’re a threat to society then you shouldn’t be allowed in society.

    • Just because you say so, don’t make it so, Jo. Addicts are a danger and a menace, should have no driver’s license or firearm, or operate any critical machinery. If you’re a threat to society, then society can restrict you from accessing or operating dangerous instruments.
      Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that dangerous people cannot have Rights curtailed when they are a real and present threat to others.
      Lying on a Federal Form is a crime, best get over it. People who lie on Visa Applications get deported. Now that this case is public, It’s time to go after Ilhan Omar for the lie of Marriage to her Brother, to effect his visa to the US. They both should be deported.
      You’re not the Law and your claim. is just that, a claim, without force of law.

  16. Dr. Fauci is science and Joe Biden is the living embodiment of the rule of law.

    The whole thing sounds more like a cult to me.

  17. I don’t support any of the laws hunter was convicted violating of but neither do I support hunter himself given the mountain of other laws he is accused of violating.

    • Whether you support a law or not, means nothing at law. Part of the Social Contract is that you abide by the laws of the land.
      He lied to the Feds on paper and signed it. Finished.

  18. Countless other Americans have been convicted under these “rules”…no reason Slow Joe’s baby boy should be treated any different.

    But hey, it’s not like he will actually ever actually see a prison cell.

  19. I’m guessing Hunter will get a light sentence plea bargain deal.
    Now for anyone who has ever purchased legal marijuana more then three times and have also purchased a gunm in the last year, Your times up. It’s all on record.
    Say good by to the wife and kids, your doing 25 years.
    Hunters conviction unleashed a monster.
    And you can bet your bippy Daddies going to send his hit squad ATF out to teach We the People a lesson.

  20. The author’s claims, are just that, Claims. Until he convinces SCOTUS, they are empty claims.

    The arguments here against any restrictions at all, of who can may lawfully own a firearm, are Sovereign Citizen Nonsense Arguments.
    They have no standing at law at all.

    These arguments tell fellow citizens that there is a class of Firearms Owner who thinks they are above any control and above the Law, and that they believe their own opinion is the Law, and that they have the right to flout the Law.

    That’s just giving notice that they are dangerous and that even more laws should be passed to keep Nuts under Control.

    I have no time, or patience with people who by their empty chest thumping claims, are effectively giving credence to those who would take away my rights to the tools of self defense.

    Show you’re a responsible citizen to your fellow citizen, or you will destroy the Rights of others.

    Stop claiming you’re a Law unto yourself.

    Start being Part of the Constitution that declares this nation is a Social Contract begining with, “We The People…

    If you refuse to be, you should enigrate, cause you declare you are not part of this Nation, the Greatest and Most Important in all of History.

    • “people who by their empty chest thumping claims, are effectively giving credence to those who would take away my rights“



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