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In a significant victory for Second Amendment advocates and the right to privacy, Kentucky has taken a bold step forward with the passage of House Bill 357, also known as the Second Amendment Privacy Act. This pioneering legislation, which received robust support from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) marks a crucial milestone in protecting the privacy and financial details of firearm and ammunition purchasers in the Bluegrass State.

Crafted with the dedication and foresight of Kentucky state Representatives Derek Lewis and Michael Meredith, along with state Senator Jason Howell, the Second Amendment Privacy Act ensures that the financial transactions of law-abiding citizens buying firearms and ammunition are shielded from undue scrutiny and politicization. By prohibiting financial institutions from using a specific firearm code to track these purchases, the law stands as a bulwark against discrimination and unwarranted surveillance.

The overwhelming approval of this law by Kentucky’s General Assembly is a testament to the state’s commitment to safeguarding the constitutional rights of its citizens. Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President & General Counsel, lauded the move, emphasizing that Kentucky’s leadership is effectively preventing the interference of “woke” financial agendas in the fundamental rights of Americans to bear arms.

“Kentucky’s lawmakers are showing their citizens what leadership-in-action looks like by protecting their privacy and preventing ‘woke’ Wall Street from colluding with government to target them for exercising their Second Amendment rights,” said Keane.

The legislation comes in the wake of revelations that the U.S. Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) had overstepped its bounds by collecting data on gun purchasers without warrants, raising serious Fourth Amendment concerns. This infringement upon the privacy of individuals exercising their Second Amendment rights underscored the necessity of protective measures like Kentucky’s Second Amendment Privacy Act.

Kentucky’s bold stance against the politicization of firearm and ammunition purchases places it among a growing number of states prioritizing the privacy and rights of gun owners. This collective movement, supported by legislative efforts at both state and federal levels, aims to secure the liberties of law-abiding citizens against the backdrop of increasing pressure from certain financial institutions and political entities to undermine Second Amendment freedoms.

The passage of the Second Amendment Privacy Act is not only a win for Kentucky but also sets a precedent for national advocacy, highlighting the importance of vigilance and proactive legislation in protecting the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Kentucky joins a growing list of states passing similar laws to protect against the invasion of financial privacy when purchasing firearms and ammunition, including Wyoming, Indiana, Utah, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Texas and West Virginia. These states have all passed laws protecting citizens’ Second Amendment privacy. Other states are considering similar legislation. The NSSF notes (and supports) U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik who has introduced H.R. 7450, the NSSF-supported Protecting Privacy in Purchases Act in the U.S. House of Representatives to provide federal-level protections.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom “signed a law requiring the use of a firearm-retailer specific MCC and Colorado is considering similar legislation,” the NSSF reports.

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  1. Just like we track reciprocity, someone needs to start tracking the states that outlaw the use of MCC codes to track firearms purchases.

    That way, the FFLs in those states can sell to citizens in other states without their credit card companies tracking them.

    It does add a little expense of shipping and local FFL background check, but I would imagine there will be a demand for that that would increase the sales for FFLs in these protected states.

    • At 11 seconds the narrator says “it takes a SPECIAL level of incompetence to do this,” (spend $42 million without producing anything).
      Well, if it’s only incompetence, maybe only a little more than usual incompetence, but far, far more likely, it’s due to graft and corruption. I think that a fair and honest investigation (impossible, I know in Canada now) would show those anti-gun MPs and their donors got $42M in kickbacks, bribes, donations and gratuities.

  2. RE: “the law stands as a bulwark against discrimination and unwarranted surveillance.”

    The keyword is DISCRIMINATION and it should be SHOUTED from the mountaintops like FJB.

    • Not really. The 4473 stays with the FFL holder until the license is expired or not renewed. Then the form 4473 is sent to a “clearing house” for warehousing and storage.

  3. The absolute raft of anti-gun legislation in Colorado is actually kind of impressive. You kind of have to marvel at it, really.


    HB24-1292: AWB. Bans the transfer of probably 80% of firearms. You can keep them but you can’t sell, buy or will one to someone else.

    SB24-131: Sensitive Spaces, basically declares the whole state a “Sensitive Space”. If it’s not listed then you need to know if anyone pulled a permit for any “public” demonstration, talk, or anything else. If they did, the whole area is off-limits.

    HB24-1310: “SLOWER” Bill (making fun of FASTER training if I understand it correctly). Bans trained and licensed teachers from carrying, bans trained/licensed students of adult age in colleges (which is redundant given SB24-131, but hey, don’t say they leave bases uncovered in case one doesn’t pass).

    HB24-1270: Requires all gun owners to buy, maintain and submit proof of liability insurance [that doesn’t actually exist]. Amounts to a de-facto registry.

    HB24-1353: Requires FFLs to obtain a second, state issued, license to sell firearms. Call it a “SFL” license.

    HB24-1174: Increases the requirements and cost of obtaining a CCW permit.

    HB24-1349: Places an excise tax on guns and ammo.

    SB24-066: Requires the kind of code for credit/debit card transactions that is prohibited by this Kentucky bill.

    HB24-1348: Safe storage in vehicles. If you were to find you had to leave your gun in the car for any reason, including compliance with SB24-131, it must be stored in a container as described within this bill. This comes after the same legislature killed a bill to increase the criminal penalties for stealing a gun. (Lulz!)

    SB24-003: Redirects tax money to the CBI for the creation of a “gun task force” that would be charged with enforcing any of the above that becomes law and adds a 3-day waiting period to take possession of a firearm via a legal transfer.


    And meanwhile, Denver is sending all the “overflow” of illegals to other cities, illegally (whodathunk!).

    Impressive, but hardly shocking when 24% (24/100) of the Colorado Legislature isn’t elected but rather got their positions via recess appointments. Somehow, some way, Polis just managed to trip, fall down and appoint 100% hard Left activists.

    It’s really the damnedest thing.

    • I was in Aurora and Denver in the 80’s Colorado was pretty cool back then.
      Now it sounds like no fun place to be.

    • I’ve noticed they, the “gun community,” never speaks the name, of the great gay married with children governor in Colorado.
      Newsom, Murphy, Pritzker etc. But the Colorado governors name is absent from From the discussion, about anti-civil rights legislation being considered.

      • Polis presents an interesting dilemma politically in that he’s essentially DeSantis^-1 from the GOP perspective.

        That’s not something “the Right” has a clue how to deal with and therefore they don’t wanna drag the guy for fear things turn into a South Park episode and a lot of blowback is created.

  4. I have to be frank about my opinions of how people need to be thinking about all of these attempts to remove our basic freedoms of free speech, our right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our rights to privacy all of which have been grossly abused by this current Government. We have a Government that is dysfunctional, breaks the laws and is weaponized against anyone who dares challenge or disagree with it. It’s time to fight back and ignore any unconstitutional laws passed by any level of Government. Communities need to create their own Home Guards for self-defense only. No one should permit law enforcement or any government authority into your home without a warrant and if they try to intimidate you inform them that you will invoke your Make My Day or Castle Domain law if they try to enter your home to protect yourself and family from an unconstitutional act. Those of you who have moved from Blue States out of dissatisfaction with Government should not be voting for the same types of people in your new state that caused you to leave your old state. Party be damned. If Democrats ran your old state don’t go to another and vote for the same type of people. That is insane.

    People need to realize that we are being subjugated by people who have lots of money and their “useful idiots”. It’s time to boycott any businesses or organizations that promote the things in which you do not believe. Money is what makes them powerful so don’t do anything to make them profitable where possible. If you hurt them economically, they either go out of business or cease their vial activities. We have seen any number of companies lose millions because of their attempts to change our society for the worse.

    Always keep in mind there are far more of us than them and there is no way they can win if we stick together and fight these people in mass. You surely have noticed that when their opponents use the same tactics on them that they use on us and it is their Ox that is getting gored, they wine and cry like babies and cowards they really are. So, wake up folks and stop being the silent majority and let’s start showing them who really is running this Country.

  5. Apparently censorship is back. I had a lengthy post deleted that I don’t believe violated anyone’s sensitivities. I was polite used appropriate language and simply stated some things that I believe are true and in play at this Country currently. I see no reason for having my post censored. I have commented on Truth About Guns numerous times and never had a comment deleted. It would be nice to get an explanation of exactly why my comments were deleted.

  6. The law passed, but Bevin didn’t sign it. Kentucky has an inexplicable Blue Governor. The law has the overriding majority support, 78Y to 18N so it’ll become law in 90 days without a signature from the governor unless he decides to veto. Good move Kentucky let’s go Tennessee.


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