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FPSRussia Demonstrates the Dangers of Ricochet . . . At Night!


Not to mention the shrapnel coming off that car. Either this faux Slav is going to hire some professional weapons and demolition people or he’s going to hurt himself. I mean other than his hearing, which must already be shot. So to speak. Did you read the rumor that Abercrombie and Fitch offered Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino money to stop wearing their clothes? Benelli should pay FPS to lay off their shotguns. Just sayin’.


  1. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    This guys a complete moron and he’s encouraging other morons to make stupid videos that will someday kill or injure someone. I’ve got to be a moron for even watching this silly sh!t.

  2. avatar Sid says:

    Where can I get the 12 gauge tracer rounds?

  3. avatar Jusuchin (Military Otaku) says:

    Not meaning to rain, but. I think I get it now. We really don’t need to do these posts unless we find a slow news day and need someone to laugh at. That said:

    The guy’s an idiot who places entertainment over safety. Hell, I’ve seen others provide as much entertainment with their faux operator status than some doofus reenacting a standard redneck shoot-em-up. Also I’m generalizing a long overused image there so don’t kill me. D:

    Off the beaten track…
    Freddie Wong, Corridor Digital, and hickock45 rank higher in my list. Two are masters in post production. The last is an old man who probably earns alot and I envy for being able to shoot so much guns.

    1. avatar Patrick from Texas says:

      Freddie W is the man! After watching his digital FX “how-to” videos, I’m surprised Hollywood even bothers to use real guns anymore.

  4. avatar Brett solomon says:

    …and Abercrombie was more interesting when they sold guns

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    That guy’s starting to grow on me. I don’t care if he’s safe or unsafe, hearing impaired or otherwise. Those are his problems. NASCAR racers tailgate at 200 mph, and some of them get killed doing it. I’m not bitching that they’re a bad influence on teenage drivers. Maybe they are, but I really don’t care. FPSRussia’s videos are entertaining — but that phoney accent’s gotta go.

  6. avatar Gerard says:

    I think he is both a fool and entertaining. Think on the positive side, the coroner’s post-death investigation can rely on the video evidence to easily classify his demise as “death by misadventure.”

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      death by misadventure

      Just as long as someone posts the video.

  7. avatar moi says:

    It would be really interesting to see what hes making, money wise, off these vids. Looking at the number of hits, I’m thinking he has a pretty comfortable income from them.

    1. avatar Tyler says:

      Somewhere between 200k and 1.2mil a year, so most likely 700k.

  8. avatar Ben Eli says:

    The most unbelievable part of the last segment was that he was wearing eye protection –ish.

  9. avatar Love_Bullets says:

    You are all a bunch of cunts on this site. Post something interesting that you created rather than whine about somebody who is more successful than you could even dream of being. Is it really any of your business what he does anyway?

  10. avatar thetruthaboutguns should rename to tardfacetrollingwtfbbq? says:

    Why do u care about FPSrussia’s safty anyway?
    His job is to entertain people by demonstrating it however he wants to. U guys just don’t have ballz to do so. If you wanna make a point, be straight out. Don’t sugarcoat yourselves by saying ” …. he’s going to hurt himself”. You guys prob don’t even mean it.
    I’m not a huge fan of all this demonstrations, but I appreciate his effort. Learn to appreciate what others do dumbshits.

  11. avatar Nemesis says:

    I have a friend who tries to be “tough” and say he doesn’t need ear protection. I am always having to repeat myself…My loud music days in the past took care of about 30 percent of my left ear hearing, and their are some higher pitched things I cant hear at all. A smart company who makes ear protection would send him a box of electronic protectors and sponsor his videos.

  12. avatar truthaboutgunsisbs says:

    I think you pussies are raggin on FPS Russia to get more hits on your site.

  13. avatar Eindbawz says:

    You are a fucking pathetic whiner.

    All you do is make FPSR look bad so that YOUR people will hate him, just because he’s getting bigger than you are.

    Fucks sake, if he wants to destroy his hearing or whatever, LET IT BE. You seem to know better so what’s the fucking problem? It’s not your problem if FPSR cant hear no more is it? Is it necesary to dedicate 1000 posts to FPSR not wearing earprotection and such? It’s not your fucking bussiness if he does.

  14. avatar anon dude says:

    FPSRussia is entertaining but he is a clown and some of the stuff he does is reckless.

    His non-gun owner fanboys are obnoxious.

  15. avatar Thomas says:

    Isn’t it his personal freedom to act like a moron? To ruin his hearing? To get hurt? He isn’t breaking any laws, and it doesn’t seem like he is hurting anybody. To get drunk is moronic, to be drunk in a nightclub can ruin your hearing. I don’t see the point you are trying to make here. He might be influencing others the wrong way, but you can’t force Kate Moss to eat.

  16. avatar Worthless Site? says:

    All i can say is if he influences anyone and they don’t wear eye and ear protection and don’t take ricochet into account then they deserve it, its common knowledge of any shooter. if he chooses not to protect him self then let him be.

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