TTAG called fake on FPS Russia Quadrotor video forty femtoseconds after it hit the ‘net. Needless to say, that didn’t stop the faux Russian’s faux weapon video from garnering 9,277,498 views—and counting. Somehow I don’t think this squirt gun-equipped RC helicopter vid will rack up the same number of hits, but it does prove a point: armed drones are here. And if they’re not here, they will be before TTAG sorts out its commenting system. JK. I hope. Oh, and who’s to say a terrorist couldn’t use this system to launch a deadly chemical attack? Ban toy helicopters, arm citizens (know your target and what’s beyond), catch psychos before they strike or all three?


      • I think that mikey was being sarcastic, Dan. ‘Cause identifying a psycho before he stikes is impossible, like ID-ing a tr0ll before he comments.

      • Many of the psycho’s who strike have had extensive records. They’re not all so hidden that it’s a complete surprise. Just today there were a couple stories in which the friends and relatives said they knew it was coming.

        Some of these people could be identified and disarmed without raising the bar so much that it threatens you, Dan.

  1. An even greater perceived threat by government of these civilian-owned drones is that someday they might be used to spy on the privacy of politicians and even endanger a politician’s safety which is the worst threat imaginable to America. Ok, sarcasm off.

  2. What you gotta do is keep one on you porch. Whenever unwanted solicitors come to the door, unleash terror from the sky.

  3. Oh, and who’s to say a terrorist couldn’t use this system to launch a deadly chemical attack?

    Probably people who know that such RC aircraft do not have anything like a usable payload from a weaponized standpoint. Yes, you can build one (or many) that are, and indeed many firms have done so– but these are not toys. They are five and six figure platforms that are very difficult to build and operate.

    Don’t care how well funded your bad guy is, he’s not going to waste a few million bucks on a weapons delivery system that can perhaps cover a city block in ten minutes.

    Bombs are cheaper and easier. That’s why bad guys use them so much.

    • Exactly. What’d to say instead a terrorist doesn’t just use an easily attainable helicopter or civy airplane? Theyre pretty dn easy to get ahold of and hold a lot more than a few ounces.

      People seem to over-think the shit out of hypothetical terrorist attacks.

  4. Well there is a much larger system. It is the R-Max made by Yamaha, and it has some autonomy. It can also be built with hard points! It is used a lot to spray fields, and NASA and a few other groups have them, mainly for research, taking air samples, or mapping terrain etc.
    Small electric aircraft like the quad copter or other doesn’t have enough power to hold much beyond a small camera.
    There are helicopters lets say in the 90 size range, some which are electric and those are strong enough to hold various types of guns or even explosives. Turbine powered aircraft could also be used as well to deliver payloads.

  5. That little toy chopper could be filled with bleach or dye or acid and used by some crazy guy to spray someone’s face, or stain a leather coat, or or other kinds of small scale “protests” that should more properly be called attacks. I remember PETA punks hitting folks wearing fur or leather coats with water ballons filled with paint as a common method of “protesting” about 10 years ago. No, I am NOT advocating banning these toy heliocopters, just saying that there is a fringe group out there that can and will consider weaponizing anything. Like the supersoaker mentioned here a few days ago, that had been converted into a real shotgun.

    • Then they should be charge with assault and destruction of property and the toy manufacturers should be left alone. For god’s sake if we banned everything that could be used to commit a crime we would all have to go back to living in mud huts and gathering berries to survive

      • Someone could use their foot to kick out the wall of a mud hut to an use it to crush you. Band feet & mud huts!

        Someone could swap your good berries for posion berries! Ban berries!

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