Don Calls Fake on FPS Russia Quadrotor Video


We leave FPS alone for a month or two and BANG! Two in a row. That’s ’cause one of our regular tipsters (who knows a thing or two about video production and computer effects) reckons Kyle’s new video is as fake as his accent. Specifically, “I think there is just a camera on the quad-copter. There is no recoil seen when the alleged “gun” fires in the quad-copter camera. Also the muzzle flash looks like it was put in quite inexpertly using adobe after effects.” Now before you say “it’s just entertainment,” let me say this: it’s just entertainment. But c’mon. Aren’t there enough real bad ass guns and doesn’t FPS have enough money to use them amusingly (if not safely) without having to make stuff up? I know he gets more uniques in one day than TTAG gets in one month, but here’s a thought: FPS has jumped the shark. Or, at the least, he’s hovering over it.