According to gun control advocates, gun rights advocates are paranoid. Listen up gun clingers! We don’t want to disarm anyone—except for the people we want to disarm. Who need disarming, if you think about it. Better yet, don’t think about it. Pay no attention to the Hurricane Katrina confiscation behind that curtain. Just use your common sense (i.e. we got this). Yes, well, no. Not only do we have a perfectly clear Supreme Court-incorporated Second Amendment (trumps local and state law) that protects us against ANY infringement on the right to keep and bear arms (in theory), we also have dozens of real-world, right-now examples of what happens to a country suffering from gun control gone wild. Check this look at life during wartime for the disarmed Mexican populace [via borderlandbeat.com]:

Speaking softly, turning constantly to the sides because he says that the malitos (bad ones) are everywhere. He explains that this town has changed since Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels. And five years ago the Cartel del Golfo (CDG) made ​​it their fiefdom for its livestock and agricultural wealth, and particularly for the prosperity around the Pemex refinery.

The peace of the town, known as the capital of Mexican broom makers, it was slowly becoming the pax of the drug cartel . The ranches were looted or confiscated , turned into extermination camps, businesses were robbed, landowners in suburbs were attacked . The wave of kidnappings are affecting each of the residents, or their relatives or acquaintances. The police and some city officials joined the criminal side and the population remains completely defenseless . . .

A month ago, next to this square appeared a decapitated man, who joined the 18 executed between April and May, including nine municipal bureaucrats. Since January the number has reached 112 dead, not including robbery, kidnapping and offal of properties that organized crime will include in its spoils . . .

We’re surrounded. People know that God is their only hope of safety , says the parish priest, Gerardo Bazaldúa. People are very scared by the situation. There are constant abductions, death of a family and even assaults here on the corners of the square. They come looking for the only security they have, God.

I’ve got no truck with people who rely on their faith in God for their peace of mind. But when it comes to peace with my fellow man, I ultimately rely on firepower guaranteed to me by the United States Constitution.

Which is not to say that Mexico doesn’t have a Constitution that guarantees its citizens a right to keep and bear arms. It does. But it’s an abridged right, and abridged it is. To death. And now Venezuela is heading down the same road.

Is the Washington Post worried about the inevitable slide into fascism/narco-terrorism? To paraphrase Sgt. Schultz, they say nothing! Well, a little something that sounds like “understandably enough.”

Venezuela’s government has prohibited people from possessing guns in public places in an effort to counter rampant violent crime.

The measure outlaws guns in all public places and specifically mentions city squares, parks, sports facilities and other types of establishments such as restaurants.

Venezuela has in recent years had one of the highest homicide rates in Latin America.

President Hugo Chavez’s government in February announced temporary measures outlawing gun possession in public areas as well as halting gun sales and the granting of permits for firearms. The new rules make those changes permanent and also call for metal detectors in places such as restaurants and bars.

Watch what happens next. And remember Wayne LaPierre’s oft-criticized analysis of the roots of liberty: “Those that have the guns make the rules.” Corollary: those that don’t, don’t. FYI: there’s your common sense.


  1. I’m shocked that a dictatorship like Venezuela allowed guns in the first place; expect this “temporary” measure to be permanent, just as it has been in every single dictatorship throughout history.

  2. We should never forget that when a politician advocates gun control that they are telling you that you’re not equal to them. They are your elected masters whose feet you should have to grovel at in order to exercise any of your rights “lawfully” (AKA whatever they decide is legal).

  3. Hmmmm. Presidential elections in Venezuela are scheduled for October of this year. It has been looking like Chavez could lose in a fair election. Now he bans guns. I wonder if this is related. Hmmmm.

  4. Why do you think gun sales are exploding? People who think they don’t need a gun only think that because they know they can have a gun. Once they can’t have a gun, they’ll realize “Okay, now I need a gun.” Of course, then it’s too late. So, people plan ahead.

    Sure, on an intellectual level, most people including 2A advocates don’t really believe their 2A rights will be significantly infringed (at least much more than they have been). But on an emotional level, most people don’t know what the future holds and they just want to be prepared. My personal low-water mark on ammo is directly proportional to my level of paranoia.

  5. I couldn’t give a rat’s behind about what happens in Venezueala, but watching the video gives me chills that that kind of stuff could happen in America. Never thought I’d shoot a cop, but in times like that I’d damn sure think about it (New Orleans – post Katrina)

    That is exactly the reason why the NRA got behind legislation that’s been passed in a number of states that prohibits the government (state or local) from confiscating weapons during an emergency. That was all precipitated by the debacle and compete disregard for constitutional rights that occurred in New Orleans, which is a s@@t hole anyway, but still.

    The Feds are another story….no telling what they might try.

  6. Venezuela is a mere empty husk of what it used to be. It SHOULD be the wealthiest and most prosperous country in all of Latin America. In terms of natural resources, it’s crazy-rich. All now squandered.

    I grew up in Venezuela (1968 – 1979). It was a wonderful place back then. I wouldn’t dare visit there today.

    • Actually, in terms of generating wealth, it’s much better to be able to do than to have. Look at Japan for example. Not a lot of natural resources, but they’re able to produce stuff that the world wants and therefore generate wealth. What they need that they don’t have, they can buy with that wealth. It’s not as nice as both having a lot of resources and being very capable (the position the US once occupied), but it’s better than just having a lot of stuff.

      • Venezuela has incredible natural resources that are used to produce nearly ALL the stuff people want:

        – Bauxite (aluminum ore)
        – Iron ore
        – Gold
        – Diamonds
        – Cheap hydroelectric power
        – Amazing natural beauty both on the coast and inland for tourism
        – Oh yeah… 5th largest oil producer in the world.

        All in a country that would fit in two Californias.

  7. I’m having a hard time deciding what I would do if I was in a similar situation to the people in that video. I’d probably crap my pants and hand the guns over, but I’d like to think otherwise, because it’s simply so wrong and somebody has to stand up. It’d be hard to look at myself in the mirror after giving up my rights so easily, but I’d least I’d be alive to look in the mirror.

    I guess we should thank God that we, for the present, live in a country where we can address the issue legislatively after the fact, as Joseph pointed out, and we have done so. There may come a time when it may not always be so, and figuring out where that breakpoint is will be the hard part.

  8. Those of you who live in states which outlaw emergency gun confiscation are dreaming, if you genuinely believe that’s actually going to stop some local Disarmament Lobby thug from ordering a seizure.

    Remember in 2005 New Orleans, Nagin and Co. willfully & directly violated the state laws of Louisiana and the Bill of Rights in the USC. In a future situation of disorder, the higher ups will merely take care to not to broadcast their agenda on national TV beforehand.

  9. Now taking bet on how long it will be before government orchestrated genocide begins.

  10. President Hugo Chavez’s government in February announced temporary measures outlawing gun possession in public areas as well as halting gun sales and the granting of permits for firearms. The new rules make those changes permanent and also call for metal detectors in places such as restaurants and bars.

    Sounds like “reasonable and sensible” gun control to me.

    This seems like something the “sensible and practical” gun control groups and politicians in the USA badly need to look into.
    Sterling cities such as DC, Chicago, NYC, and other utopian paradises.

  11. Admittedly I may be on edge, or just not there right now. However the police or anyone comes for my firearms, without a court order, I will give them my ammunition first. One round at a time at about 1500 fps or so. Because of my read of both my state and the federal constitution, without a court order signed off of by a judge, they are all criminals. Thus I can defend myself and property with deadly force. Will this happen again? I am no fortune teller so I can not say. Out on the street I usualy only have two pistols on me. If they try to grab them I have the .38 special I will be happy to give them, until I get back to my home. The other pistol they will never see.

  12. Sooner or later the truth leaks out and people start to realize what is being done and the lies they are being told no longer work.

    A dangerous thing for a dictatorship, or any government, ruling class.

  13. Fear of the Feds should be much greater than the local. Barry has signed enough excutive orders to outlaw the constitution in almost every way. That includes his ability to institute marshal law. He has appointed a new Czar. Its an assinaion Czar by the name of Brennan. Can you b elieve that an ASSAINATION Czar. This from the man that wanted to give due process to terrorists. Drones are now flying over the US. What can possibly go wrong. Everyone needs to be heavily armed. The end of our free country is rapidly approaching if its not here already. We are now living in a post constitutional era. Barry is wiping his axe with the constitution and getting away with it.

  14. The moral high ground on Venezuela’s corrupt anti-gun dictatorship can be addressed via both The John Birch Society (www.jbs.org) and JPFO, Inc.
    (www.jpfo.org), respectively.

    Now to divert the focus to Venezuela ‘s military past. Venezuela along with
    Mexico, Spain, and half of South and Central American Armies formerly
    adopted the venerable, historical, and deadly 7mm Mauser (7×57) for it’s
    military (soldiers or troops). Developed originally in 1892 the 7mm Mauser
    of 7×57 remains perhaps the finest dual purpose deer/elk caliber for the
    North American big game hunter. But that is besides the point and bears
    no relation to the anti-gun issue. Just a bit of historical tidbit.

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