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Say what you will about FPS Russia; the shabby fake accent, the extreme weapons and the, er, lax safety considerations. The guy had an idea and ran with it. In the process, he’s developed quite a following. His gonzo videos regularly rack up between two and four million views. Which goes a long way toward explaining how he finds the coin for some of the weaponry he deploys. And sometimes destroys. Maybe it’s just us, but his latest release – shooting up some fruit and paint cans with a Gold Desert Eagle – is just more evidence of a precipitous decline in quality . . .

The accent is slapdash even by the pseudo Slav’s low linguistic standards. And dropping seven grand on a big gold gun may – may – impress some of his prepubescent gamer viewer base, but . . . really? Is that all you could manage in the imagination department, F?

Then there’s the caliber downgrade at the end. Isn’t shooting .50 cals kinda why you buy a full size Deagle? Was his wrist getting sore? Or did he just burn through his big boy bullet budget faster than he’d planned? <yawn>

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      • “Hickok more if he didn’t delete/ban any comments that aren’t full of blind praise.”

        In this same vein, nutnfancy for the same reasons, plus senselessly long-winded commentary, plus no firearm being the equal of his Glock, plus running around the desert like a tacticool-buffoon.

    • Despite this rather boring video, DO NOT call FPSRussia ‘The Man With The Golden Gun.’ If you do, Ian Fleming fans will burn you in half with a giant laser. Starting at your crotch.

  1. Kinda ironic that Mr. Z writes a blog post about FPS, in which he complains that FPS has run out of material. Has Mr. Z run out of material?

    I’ll admit it: I like watching stuff blow up.

  2. Actually, the .44 or .357 DEs always made more sense to me than the .50 action express, all of them are more than enough to drop most anything, and the .357 nets you less recoil and a bigger magazine.

    In either case, his name is FPSRussia because he started by doing Call of Duty gameplay videos, his target crowd isn’t us, it’s the large number of CoD gamers who enjoy seeing videogame featured guns in real life. In many of the modern CoD games, a gold plated Desert Eagle is one of the later unlocks in the game and one of the best sidearms (because the recoil is no where near as high as it should be and the gamers don’t actually have to deal with its weight and bulk).

    He’s not out of ideas, he’s just playing to his target audience for the hits, which since he is a Youtube partner, is what pays his bills and lets him keep buying guns most of us can only dream of. The sad thing is, he probably MADE money buying that $7k brick just by making a video of it.

  3. Say what you will about him, but the man is living the dream. Getting paid to be irresponsible and blow sh^t up all day? Yeah, I’ll take that job and never look back.

  4. Do you guys hate everyone? I just don’t understand the negativity about guns and people with guns if they don’t conform to you minutest expectations.

    • I don’t think there’s any ‘hate’ involved in any of the FPS posts here. I think it has more to do with keeping the overall gun culture healthy, keeping folks safe and inoculating ourselves from persecution. FPS R. is careless AND influential due to his large YT following, so what he does in his vids is fair game for criticism.

      • Ah, I understand now. TTAG posts FPS videos in order to keep the gun culture healthy.

        Yep, makes perfect sense. Especially since half of every post about FPS is devoted to complaints about his accent.

  5. You really don’t like FPS do you?
    I think a lot of energy was wasted in writing an article that you don’t like the guns he shoots.

  6. The very idea of a golden gun is pretty ridiculous in and of itself, but a golden Desert Eagle? HA! Like others have said, his channel is entertainment aimed at a very young crowd. He knows his audience well.

    Anyone seen his Glock torture test video?

    Definitely a lot of safety issues there… but for everyone who always argues about the Glock’s reliability and wasn’t an adult back in the 1980s when Glock salesmen did their demonstrations… fascinating!

  7. On a side note, people are still starving in various places around the world and even right here at home. With the food he blew up he could’ve fed an entire family at survival level for days, and even helped the adults forget their troubles for a while with the case of beer, and then he could’ve raffled off the gun and sent the cash down range too.

  8. Shooting the objects from 2 feet away was probably the most dangerous thing he’s done yet. The notion of flyback from the beer cans doesn’t seem to register.

  9. How does he come up with the $7,000 figure for the Gold Desert Eagle. I see them in gun stores for 2K or so. And not moving fast, I might add.

  10. It’s not that TTAG hates FPSR. It’s that TTAG keeps trying to piggyback onto his popularity.

    “Running out of ideas” is the epitome of this article.

    • Why would you use up any of the limited remaining minutes of your life going on-line to read, much less log in to and leave comments on, a web site for which you have such contempt?

      Go do the things you like to do. We’ll do the things we like to do. Everybody wins.

      Unless this IS one of the few things you like to do, and then, well, it’s a cold, barren life, eh?

  11. Geez! Someone (..[cough]…Zimmerman…[cough]…) has been drinking too much Hater-ade lately. I, for one…and 2-4 million others…like watching him shoot stuff in an entertaining way and blow stuff up. And the fake pseudo-Russian accent just adds to the silliness. Sometimes members of the “gun community” tend to take themselves too seriously. Yeah, I cringe when I see some of the dangerous stunts he engages in, but the only one in danger is him and perhaps his cameraman.

  12. Do I detect jealousy? FPSRussia is far more enjoyable to watch. He is just a Russian having fun, quit hating on him.


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