Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of N.Y., left, speaks during a ceremony in a room dedicated to former Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Another room was also dedicated to former Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, R-Maine, making both rooms the first ones to be named after women senators. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., listens at right. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
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From the FPC . . .

Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) sent a letter today to the United States Senate demanding that the Senators engaged in closed-door gun control negotiations recall their sworn duty to protect and defend the rights of the People, and reverse course in their attempts to destroy our fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

“The Senate is projecting that it can be a moderating force in the negotiations to abrogate the fundamental human liberties of its constituents. This approach ignores that the Senate has no power to negotiate inalienable rights,” reads the letter authored by FPC policy counsel Matthew Larosiere.

“As the legislative assault on our fundamental rights–our very humanity–continues, respect for the institutions that craft these policies will erode in tandem. As the People suffer these abuses, facing an increasing threat of state violence and long stints in a government cage, their willingness to comply will also diminish.”

FPC’s letter spotlights the dangerous immorality of attempts to “negotiate” fundamental rights away from the People.

FPC’s full letter to the United States Senate can be read here. Join the FPC Grassroots Army in opposing this egregious assault on our rights at

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  1. Keep up the pressure. Contact your R senators and on reddish D senators (Manchin, Tester, Sinema, etc.) NOW.

    • It’s funny how majority of employers view the age of idiots running this country as unemployable but yet here they are…

      I mean, if someone was to employ a 70 year old, or an 80 year old they would have to make accomodations? Right? But in government… They are seen as “wise and experienced”.

      Time to change that to: out of touch and going cenile.

      • Same answer as before Montana.


        But that would take an informed electorate, so rather than teach them to fish, you would rather give them one, and call it a day.

        The “squad” is young, and they are far more radical than the octogenarians you mention, does your plan fix that also?

        • You can build a man a fire and keep him warm for a day, or you can set a man on fire and keep him warm for the rest of his life.

        • Wise words possum.

          But I imagine some would quibble with your definition of the word “warm”.

          It’s funny how one’s perspective changes depending on whether you are holding the torch or tied to the stake.

        • Duh? If voting worked we would not be in this situation. The duopoly we have in this country (dems / repub) is the problem- two sides of the same corrupt coin. Can you come up with something more creative then the asinine ‘vote’ idea?

    • First the mitch mcconnell crap, “my colleague across the aisle” needs to end. Next some bold congress person needs to do their job and stand on the floor of congress and properly Define Gun Control by its History Confirmed Roots in Racism and Genocide.

      They need to explain why such an agenda rooted in racism and genocide has no place whatsoever in America. Properly defining Gun Control is what it is going to take before this cat and mouse clown show ends. Far too many politically inept history illiterates out there assume Gun Control is sugar and spice and everything nice when history confirms Gun Control is a turd in the punch bowl.

      Place blame where it belongs…On those who despise arming teachers, school personnel because showing firearms in a positive light stands in the way of indoctrinating children into inherently gun hating socialism. Time after time incompetent leadership has turned children into soft targets for insane criminals who criminally misuse “anything” they can get their hands on.

      As horrific as the school shooting was it cannot compare to the death and suffering left in the wake of Gun Control throughout history. The hypocrisy of 24/7 armed security protected individuals who are riding on the coattails of murdered children in order to justify dictating what others can possess for security is as despicable as it sounds.

      • The District of Communists is scared and angry that we dared to challenge their uniparty with an “outsider” like Donald Trump. They are trying everything in the book to remove the possibility of any outsider in the future challenging their communist rule. While doing this’ they are scared of us patriotic citizens anger and we are armed. They are now treading the same path that the British went down. Those that do not learn from history………

        • Trump is not your friend. The only change will come from you and people like you. Stop looking to DC to solve your problems.

      • Ever new Congressman should be issued a cane (historical reg). Not nearly enough caning of idiot progs in Congress (and members of the MSM).

  2. Don’t sleep on the senate. I keep seeing everyone saying there’s not a chance in hell the ban passes the senate. But this is only an assumption. An most people here know what happens when you assume things. It’s true that it would be hard to turncoat 10 republicans but crazier things have happened. You can bet on 2-4 republicans turning as it stands, like Romney ect… then that means they only need 6 more to threaten, intimidate, bribe, or trick into supporting the ban.

    • We can certainly count on Romney, Murkowski, and Collins supporting the current raft of civilian disarmament bills. And Toomey is virtually a given as well. Would Cornyn also support them? If so, that means that only five more Republican Senators have to vote in support.

      Are there five Republican Senators in Purple states that would jump on the civilian disarmament train?

  3. How is Schumer part of this negotiation?

    He needs to be in prison for inciting violence against the conservative SC judges.

    Garland needs to be there too, for not enforcing the law against protests outside Judges homes.

    • When is Schumer not virtue signaling for a camera waving a bloody shirt calling for less freedom?

  4. I hope they continue pushing the primetime “insurgency” stuff.
    At the rate we’re going more and more people are going to watch their nonsense and think a real uprising is a good idea. When your commute eats a quarter of your paycheck, groceries another quarter you start thinking maybe you’ll stay warm this winter by setting a bunch of fires in D.C. Assuming you can afford the gas to get your there.

    • How many people give a dam about 1-6-21? I care about BlackLootersMurder riots. I care Antifools destroying. I care about the ridiculous price I pay for gas! You want a real revolution? Keep poking us!

        • Isn’t Baltimore due to burn down again.

          Let’s see now………

          Seems like it’s overdue.
          I would be surprised if Baltimore DIDN’T burn this summer.

          Keep voting that Demoncrapic leadership MD!
          Seems to be working out great for ya. 👍

        • Need to remind my family to stay away from Philly for a bit come to think of it.

  5. Sorry, Virginia….

    The US Congress (House and Senate) have the power and authority to do whatever they think they can get away with. How often in our history have any House or Senate representative been successfully sued for modifying the constitution without using the amendment process?

    When the courts infrequently do decide that a law or regulation violates the constitution, what has been the individual penalty for those who enacted the law or regulation? House incumbent reelection rates since 2010 range from 85% to 97%. Senate incumbent reelection rates since 2010 range from 84% to 93%.

    Even risk of losing elections isn’t much of a penalty. Does persistent and wide-spread election fraud alone account for the high reelection rates? If not, then it is “we the people” who must take the blame. We are responsible not only for voting, but for selling the message that the constitution has meaning. If we cannot “sell” our message to candidates, elect the proper candidates, everything else fall out from that. Ben Franklin’s caution about “vigilance” was not restricted to reading broadsides and newspapers (internet feeds today).

    • Then act locally back in VA if it matters to you. For now though, the immediate threat is at the federal level. Act NOW.

  6. The passage of the Seventeenth Amendment was a long-term plan by the progressives to cause political instability in the United States for the long-term.

    Senator John Cornyn from Texas would most likely have been recalled and replaced long ago. By the Texas state senate. And Joe Manchin would probably also have been replaced by the West Virginia Senate as well. I seriously doubt any RINO Republican would have lasted one year under our old system.

    • Which is PRECISELY why selecting senators was left up to the states until that horrid bit of olde tymey “progressive” nonsense called the 17th Amendment was ratified. The worst political change made to the Constitution and the US political system ever! The Senate was never supposed to a representative body like the House – the Senate’s original (and best) purpose was to act in the interest of their states as a whole and as a check and balance on democratic tendencies in the House. Declaring who you would support for the Senate used to be a vital part of electing state legislatures. But we threw that away because it was so old fashion, so stuffy and elitist, so smoked filled backroomy…never underestimate the boneheadedness of the American voter, next will be the Electoral College system, then we will be truly hosed…if that happens get ready for that kinder, gentler boot stamping on a human face, forever…

      • “the Senate’s original (and best) purpose was to act in the interest of their states as a whole and as a check and balance on democratic tendencies in the House.”

        Exactly! Having the state legislature pick their senator was the best way to prevent U.S. Senators from colluding with each other to increase Federal power. If the senator got out of line and started to vote against the best interest of the individual state. Their employment could be terminated immediately. You didn’t have to wait for another election.

        The founders were not stupid. They understood the human nature of a politician. This was a great way to check the possible growing power of the federal government.
        Not all of them, but it has been really interesting to hear the number of Libertarians who believe, it’s better if the voters choose the Senators.

      • “…next will be the Electoral College system,…”

        Once the framers permitted amendments to the constitution, the door was open to ultimately destroying the constitution itself; part of the “If you can keep it.” admonition.

        Today, changing the constitution is more easily and effectively done via routine Congressional legislation, and signature of a President. As to the Electoral College, it will continue to operate as in the past. However, simple legislation (National Popular Vote Plan) will be enacted requiring the “winner” of the popular vote nationally to be voted by the EC electors. Eliminates all the sturm and drang about the EC; provides certainty where the old process held the nation hostage until the EC met. And, to the delight of so many, will reinforce popular democracy as the premier principle of American government and politics. A representative democracy, rather than a constitutional republic. Kinda kool, eh?

    • There was not a legitimate, and necessary, Constitution amendment passed in the 20th Century. ALL prog BS.

  7. “This approach ignores that the Senate has no power to negotiate inalienable rights…”

    Meanwhile, this statement ignores the fact that a diamond in the rough is, effectively, no diamond at all.

  8. I tried contacting my own beloved (cough, cough),RINO senator last week regarding these gun control bills. Her office was “not taking calls at this time”, and I was not allowed to leave a message. But hey, go ahead and give my name, number, and maybe she will get back to me when hell freezes over.

    • Who’s the RINO? Sounds like it’s time to name and shame. I’ve lived in some of the most extremist blue states before, and even their senators’s staffers have never told me that they’re refusing to take messages.

      • Oh, beloved (cough, cough) Lisa Murkowski, whose career politician father, Frank, help get her elected. We have Kelly Tshibaka running against her this year, and I hope that Lisa is sent packing, as she is absolutely awful! One year, she lost in the March Republican primaries, so she ran as a write-in candidate, and still managed to get re-elected. Lisa would make a fine Democrat, but she sucks at representing anyone or anything other than her own interests, and those who line her pockets.

    • Check if that POS has pubished phone # for office/s in state office. Every Congress critters has in state office. And in election years a campaign office. Even if you can’t get thru to DC office may get thru to their local office (and get to talk to a staffer who has even HEARD of your town).

      • I will have to check up on that Neiowa. I was aiming for D.C, where I hoped (ha ha), I could talk to a secretary directly under ole Murky. Lord knows I have sent plenty of e-mails, and if I get a response back, it is always the canned, pre-printed, “good to hear from you” kind. I am surprised she knows where we are on a map, ’cause she sure as hell is not representing anyone.

  9. quote————This approach ignores that the Senate has no power to negotiate inalienable rights,” reads the letter authored by FPC policy counsel Matthew Larosiere.—quote

    Falsehood. The Scalia decision stated that the Court had the right to “REGULATE” firearms, which is a slick and disingenuous term meaning RESTRICT OR BAN. It stated no Constitutional right is unlimited.

    Addeneum: I am less interested in what a Good Guy with a gun can prevent and much more interested in what A Bad Guy “without” a gun can prevent.

    Addendum: I am much less interested in what a good guy can prevent with a gun and much more interested in what a Bad Guy “without” a gun can prevent.

    Note: The Courts have been restricting and banning firearms since before the 1776 ill conceived revolution and have continued to restrict and ban firearms up to the present day proving 2A is and always has been a farce.

    Addendum: I am much less interested in what a Good Guy can prevent with a gun and much more interested in what a Bad Guy “without” a gun can prevent.

  10. regulate : to bring order, method, or uniformity

    ARs are common use.

    Oh, and REPEAL THE NFA!

    Thanks for playing lil’dtard. 🤪

  11. Just remember to vote in November, So if you like failing schools, high taxes, political corruption, record inflation, high crime, over $6 dollar gasoline and no plan for the future, well, just keep voting Democrat. Just please remember the dem’s also want to take your 2nd amendment away, so they can then control everything you do. If all this does not influence how you vote, well you are an idiot.

  12. @Matt07924
    “If voting worked we would not be in this situation.”

    If voting doesn’t work, there is no peaceful means to express the intent of the eligible public. If “voting doesn’t work” means we don’t get our way, then the responsibility rests on the individual voters who could not persuade sufficient numbers to vote a certain way, or that elected representatives (or international cabal) can purchase elections (which also leaves no peaceful means to express the intent of the eligible public).

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