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With the recent resignations of three NRA board members, Adam Kraut, who had come up  just short of being elected recently, became eligible for a board seat. Yesterday, he announced that he won’t be taking one of those positions.

One of the reasons is his new job with the Firearm Policy Coalition. Kraut, along with Joseph Greenlee and Matt Larosiere (who writes TTAG’s weekly gun law roundup column) have joined the FPC, bringing a significant amount of legal heft with them.

Here’s the FPC’s press release announcing the moves . . .

August 5, 2019 – Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced today the addition of three constitutional law attorneys with significant research, briefing, litigation, and scholarly experience to the FPC legal team.

“Recent news and presidential debates make clear that those who oppose freedom and the Constitution’s Second Amendment are gearing up to further infringe on fundamental human rights today and in the years to come, so building a unique, mission-focused team of scholars and experienced advocates is important to the future of our rights and liberties,” said FPC President Brandon Combs.

Joseph Greenlee, an attorney, researcher, and Second Amendment scholar, has joined the FPC Family’s legal programs team as its Director of Research. Mr. Greenlee, who formally joined the FPC Family two months ago in June, has already developed groundbreaking new research that has been central in three recent legal briefs filed in a federal appeals court, and other important briefs in state supreme courts and the United States Supreme Court, including one brief in support of the right to carry filed at the United States Supreme Court last week.

Matthew Larosiere, an attorney, scholar, and constitutional policy expert with a background in both firearms and taxation, has joined the FPC Family’s legal programs team as its Director of Legal Policy. Larosiere comes to FPC from the Cato Institute, where he conducted research, authored important legal briefs, and produced scholarship as a member of Cato’s Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies. He has written extensively on the subject of firearms and taxation both in print and online in outlets including National ReviewForbesThe Federalist, the Wall Street Journal, and The Truth About Guns.

Adam Kraut, an attorney, Second Amendment litigator, and educator, has joined the FPC Family as its Director of Legal Strategy. Mr. Kraut has a long track record of successfully litigating and representing clients in important firearm-related issues in both state and federal matters. In addition to his litigation background, Kraut, who once managed a licensed firearm retailer, has written for firearm-related publications including Recoil, a firearms lifestyle magazine, and writes and hosts the popular “The Legal Brief” video program.

“Each of these extraordinary attorneys has a deep commitment to individual liberty, freedom, and first principles. They are already hard at work in many areas of our key programs, including strong research, policy efforts, and legal action. Especially in light of recent demands for gun control, we look forward to their contributions and forming strategic coalitions with other liberty-promoting organizations,” concluded Combs.

Firearms Policy Coalition (www.firearmspolicy.org) is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, advance individual liberty, and restore freedom. Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters can join the FPC Grassroots Army at JoinFPC.org.

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  1. We need a strong alternative to the NRA. If Goa and SAF could unite with FPC we could tell the pampered people running the NRA to GFT once and for all

  2. GOA is worse than the NRA when it comes to use of donated funds. As a Life Member of SAF and having known their staff for years, I would guess they would consider such a merger an insult.

    • I joined GOA. The first mailing I got from them was for more money. I’m not going to renew. The NRA mailings are 99% solicitations. Can’t I enjoy a few months of the membership without being hit up for more money right away? I like the SAF. I went to their conference=free. Didn’t ask me for money. I like to give $ to those kind of people.

      • In CA, CRPA and GOC, ask me for donations a few times a year. I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask. As I age, more organizations are asking for money. I’m and On/Off NRA member, but FPC, GOA and FPC sound like good national alternatives to NRA till they get their house in order.

        • Yeah, I’m a CRPA member, too. At least their requests for donations aren’t anywhere as frequent as the NRA’s, though they work in tandem with them on legal matters.

          I’ve chosen to support two organizations. CRPA is already taken for one slot, and I’ve allowed my NRA to expire. It’s now a toss-up between the GOA/GOC or FPC. Haven’t made up my mind yet. It’s not that one is “better” than the other…I simply have to choose.

          Maybe I’ll flip a silver Morgan and let her decide, lol.

      • You should read their IRS reports. For example for 2016:

        Revenue: 2,258,057
        Eric Pratt: 106,.000 salary
        Lawrence Pratt: 88,000 salary
        Tim Macy: 119,000 salary

        this does not include any figures for their benefits programs, nor funds for other employees. These three people’s direct salaries exceed 10% of their member’s contributions for the year. It also does not include their expense accounts.

        They gave a national total of $30,510 to candidates and elected officials in 2016 to fight for gun rights.

        Here are a couple of You Tube blasts by Iowa legislators:




        I try to support any 2A organization that I believe is actually accomplishing things to protect us. I have tried to get information direct from GAO but they have ignored my requests.

        • Those salaries are not outrageous (like Wayne’s).

          They can’t help it if we only donate $2.2 million.

        • I agree with Max on this one. It’s always good to know an organization’s financials, so thank you for the links, but if we’re going to support people to work full-time representing us on our behalf, they need to be paid enough money to earn a decent living and support their own families.

          I think these salaries are reasonable, considering the total revenues received. And Max is right…$2 million isn’t $200 million. At least the Pratts aren’t buying silk suits.

          That being said, though, please continue to monitor them, Chance, and let us know if you see anything down the road that should be mentioned here for all of us.

    • GOA’s solicitations are frequent, I’ll concede.
      However, they’re primarily emailed, at a marginal cost of what, 1/100 of a cent? NRA’s are pretty upscale postal delivered. Always makes me wonder who has the NRA’s marketing contract. They’re cutting a fat hog.

  3. This good news is a welcome B’Day present for me. Things just started looking up. I was beginning to get discouraged at all the bad press and ignorant reactions from both the left and the right (et tu Mr President?) Having Adam Kraut, a well known and respected member of the 2A community. joining the FPC will likely bring some needed notoriety and support for the work at hand being done for us in the courts. Welcome gentlemen.

  4. Looks like the FPC is turning into the 800 pound gorilla in the room.
    I’ll gladly donate to them instead of the NRA.
    No more to the NRA until Wayne is gone!
    I don’t care what kind of offers, upgrades, discounts they are offering. (Just got anothe power begging letter from “Wayne” today.

  5. I’ve been following Adam Kraut’s work for awhile now and supported his nomination and election to the NRA BOD. Looks like I may have a new home for my 2A contributions. FPC put out a statement earlier today that was exactly what I had hoped the NRA would some day have the courage to make.

  6. Never have been a member of the NRA for exactly the reasons that have been posted.
    I hope any Gun Organization you guys choose will do and be a Hell of a lot better than the NRA.

  7. Personally I’m a bit disappointed that Adam Kraut didn’t take the NRA board position. He’s been campaigning for it for years, and I felt that he could be that highly irritating, black sheep troll that the NRA needs to shake it up right now. But I’m sure he’ll be effective at the FPC all the same.

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