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Even though the Biden Justice Department did everything they could to sabotage the case and make it disappear, they have brought these charges and ultimately, the sentencing will be up to the judge. So, you know, it’s a serious matter. 

Compared to everything that’s been uncovered in connection with the broader Biden investigation, I think it’s a drop in the ocean. I also think…I can’t let it pass without saying that the Justice Department in general, and Merrick Garland and David Weiss in particular, did everything they could do to sabotage the case, including the gun charges. 

It’s inexplicable. Well, inexplicable is the wrong word. It’s entirely explicable. It was terribly wrong for them to do that. And if you think of what a prosecutor is, you shake your head at this. If you instead think as I do that Weiss’s job was to make the case disappear with respect to Joe Biden more than anything else, then everything falls into place and everything makes perfect sense. …

I must say…the interesting question to me has always been, it seems to me there’s two guns, not one. All of the charges that we’ve seen yesterday, the three charges, are in connection with a Colt revolver. A .38 special.

And we’ve all seen — cause you can’t un-see them — these images from the New York Post where he seems to be in a session where he’s cavorting with a prostitute in what seems to be a drug-induced session, as it were. He’s waving around a gun. And that gun is not a revolver. It looks like a GLOCK.

That, according to what’s been reported about this video imagery, that happened on either October 17th or October 19th of 2018. I think it’s the 19th. So that’s within this 11-day period listed in the indictment which goes from, what is it, from October 12th to about the 23rd. 

So that’s a second gun in the mix here. And we’ve never heard a word about it. You know, the thought that this guy is being treated unfairly under these circumstances…it boggles the mind.

— Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy in an interview with the Clay & Buck Show

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      • But he apparently knows enough about guns to (correctly) write the name GLOCK with all caps. Even I seldom do that.

        On a related note, does anyone else find it fishy that – of all the many, many possible charges that could be filed on Hunter – the only charge that’s been “allowed” to proceed is one that doesn’t directly involve ‘Ol Joe? All the bribes, deals, extortions, etc. have been stonewalled or memory holed, but somehow this gun charge makes it through the blockade. You know…one that his daddy can pardon before January 2025.

        • Dang. You’re right. Well, kudos to the intern who transcribed.

          (mumbles to self, stumbles off to kitchen to get coffee…)

        • “…but somehow this gun charge makes it through the blockade. You know…one that his daddy can pardon before January 2025.”

          If he does, and I fully expect him to do just that, it leaves the door wide-ass open for one of ours to do the same when the fascists go after one of our president’s kids.

          In the overall scheme of things, by them doing it first, it puts us on the moral high ground…

        • MajorLiar,

          But I don’t “see Andrew McCarthy’ as any such thing, you babbling nincompoop. He’s a former federal prosecutor . . . BFD. We have many of those around, including one you may remember. Rudolf Something-or-other, was mayor of NY City, at one time, AFTER he was in the US Attorneys’ office. Is he a legal expert, you lying sack of dog excrement????

          You remain too stupid to insult.

          F**k right off, little man, the adults are trying to speak.

  1. “He’s waving around a gun. And that gun is not a revolver. It looks like a GLOCK.”

    If they’re talking about the picture posted for this article, it doesn’t look like any GLOCK I know of. More like a Beretta or a Sig Sauer to me.

  2. The Hunter fiasco is mere circus and distraction for the masses. The Federal felony charges they are entertaining against H. Biden will be mitigated down, officially through the court and presiding judge, to jaywalking with intent and aggravated spitting on the sidewalk…just in time for The Big Guy’s campaign trail. “See, the President’s son is not exempt from the Law – he had his day in court!” will be the shrill cry from Raggedy Ann at the WH press briefings.

    Bread and circuses!!

    • Many people are wondering how other similarly situated defendants have been treated by the federal judicial system.

      Does anybody have citations available regarding other similar prosecutions that they could post here?

      • “Does anybody have citations available regarding other similar prosecutions that they could post here?”

        there are plenty, some were even posted for you previously in another article comments.. do your own research…oh wait, you don’t know what actual research is.

        • “there are plenty”

          Really… Do tell…

          That which is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

      • MajorLiar,

        Even a complete idiot like you is probably aware that few “false” 4473 forms are ever prosecuted. On the other hand, few idiots (like you and Hunter the Whoremonger Crackhead), are stupid enough to wave their illegally-obtained firearm around (WITH their f**king finger on the trigger!!!) in videos they take of their drug-fueled whore orgies, too. Or let their girlfriend dump them in a trash can near a high school (which the Secret Service apparently took care of). Or bone their dead brother’s widow. Or knock up a stripper, and then deny the kid is theirs.

        Are you defending the drug-addled scumbag, or making a half-@$$ed effort to run cover for his decrepit, senile, serial-child-molesting idiot of a father???

        Or are you just being your usual, lying, Leftist/fascist propagandist?

        Perhaps you are multi-tasking, and attempting all three at once?

        Isn’t there a hole somewhere you can go expire in????? Or some random cable in need of being micturated up??? I’d suggest becoming a contortionist for real (instead of just being a mental contortionist), but you long ago mastered the art of sticking your head up your own arse, so that frontier is already conquered, innit???

        • “Even a complete idiot like you is probably aware that few “false” 4473 forms are ever prosecuted“

          Got it, so why are we prosecuting Hunter Biden?

          That is an abuse of process known as ‘selective prosecution’ and I expect no less from the Republicans.

          “stupid enough to wave their illegally-obtained firearm around (WITH their f**king finger on the trigger!!!) in videos“

          Really? And just what video are you speaking of?
          Your cognitive ability could not be so challenged that you don’t recognize that’s an air pistol in those videos…

          Or maybe you just don’t know firearms all that well.

        • He/she/it is a BRITISH SUBJECT so he/she/it, never seen said 4473 form in person.

          He/she/it gets all their info from PAID Anti-Gun groups and gets paid to troll this site!!!!

        • First, we have all read ALLEGATIONS that the pistol shown is an air pistol. And it may be (although YOUR firearm knowledge certainly isn’t a sufficient basis to make that conclusion). But even assuming it is, is your “extensive firearm knowledge” your basis for claiming that it is SAFE to improperly handle a weapon BECAUSE it is an air pistol??? Is it your contention, Counselor, that an air pistol is a “safe” weapon to mishandle??? Are you a pathetic, propagandist liar, or just stupid? Ah, perhaps I need to embrace the healing power of “and”. And, no, I am not terribly familiar with air pistols, or air rifles. I don’t use them. So you are doubly stupid. And still pathetically shilling for Lyin’ Joe Biden and his crackhead, whoremonger son. Nice look, but par for the course for an idiot Leftist/fascist propagandist liar.

  3. Okay. So McCarthy doesn’t know his guns. He knows the law and the real question is where’s the charges for the second gun? If it were me or you, it sure as hell would have brought another charge or two.

    • The object in the picture that I am really tired of seeing may not be a real gun. I base this on the perception that the exact brand/model is apparently not yet clear.

    • “So McCarthy doesn’t know his guns. He knows the law.. “


      “Andrew McCarthy: ‘Red flag’ laws are constitutional
      By Victor Garcia Fox News
      Published August 9, 2019 10:09pm EDT“

      • And Andrew McCarthy’s idiot OPINION about the constitutionality of “Red Flag” laws (as pathetically stupid as that opinion obviously is), means exactly what, MajorLiar???? I guess it means that that stupid opinion, along with five Bidenbucks, will buy you some sh**ty, overpriced, over-roasted bougie coffee from some blue-haired idiot at the local Starschmuck’s.

        Any other stupid observations you’d like to gift us with, MajorLiar????

        • Hey, if you don’t like McCarthy’s views on red flag laws, he has others:

          Andy McCarthy
          Say No to a National “Red Flag’ Law – our @NRO editorial:

          Say No to a National ‘Red Flag’ Law
          We have urged states to consider such laws. But the federal level is a different matter.
          11:35 AM · Jun 2, 2022

        • MajorLiar,


          Yes, you are. Pathetic, hilarious, a liar, a shameless Leftist/fascist propagandist, and stupid, to boot. Self-reflection is a good thing.

    • McCarthy bends over backwards to protect his National Review-sanctioned friends. Yes, he knows the law but he is a pain in the ass more often than not. And, as others have said, if that gun in the picture is an airsoft, there’s your answer.

    • it does kinda look like a Gamo PT 80 something. that silver dot at the end is in the same place the Gamo PT 80 pellet gun has their rivet but theirs is usually black

      • if it is a Gamo PT-80 pellet gun…the puc has been identified as being in a motel room in Delaware and having a pellet gun is legal there even for a real firearm prohibited person… so of it is a Gamo pellet gun it would explain why he has only been charged with the .38 .

        • Nice looking gun. I want one in 7.62 Tokarev. Now where did I put that Type 07 license and the million dollar shop?

  4. Pic is evidence hunter the prohibited possessor should be charged with having more than just one gun. Who did he get it from, where did he get it from are questions needing answers. Failure to charge him shows signs of another democRat cover-up.

    • The gun in the photo does appear to be Gamo. The front silver pin is probably a reflection like the silver in the trigger guard. And of course the photo could be photoshopped along the lines of the failed sneaky deal to get hunter off the hook…and prior to that letting the statue of limitation pass on hunter’s behalf.

    • “Pic is evidence hunter the prohibited possessor should be charged with having more than just one gun“

      I didn’t realize that a plied to air pistols, interesting.

  5. This is the only charge that does not implicate the ‘Big Guy’, so see justice served!!! (sarc). The media is readily spewing their directed talking points,,, ‘look over here everyone there’s a laser pointer to chase’ typical wag the dog. Maybe Hunter can make a few nose blow paintings for community service.

  6. I hate the gun and everything he represents and hate more that he is going to walk on everything but that is 100% a Game PT 80 and not a “GLOCK” or another brand of pistol. My understanding is that air guns are only considered firearms if wielded during commission of a crime, so that begs the question, is a prohibited person’s simple possession of an air gun a crime sufficient to upgrade the air gun to “firearm?” Or was he committing some other crime in that hotel room like possession of narcotics or solicitation? That’s more likely.

    • This is kinda interesting, found on Red State :

      “KJP: No Pardon for Hunter – No Way, No How”

      “”I’ve answered this question before. It was asked of me not too long ago, a couple of weeks ago, and I was very clear, and I said no,” she said, referring to previous comments from the podium.”

      And, it makes sense. By pardoning Hunter, we could do the same with one of ours in the future.

      By letting Hunter rot in federal prison, it puts *them* on the moral high ground. “See? He’s in prison, just like your Jan. 6 insurrectionists!” they would say…

    • “there are credible allegations–with corroborating evidence–“

      Perhaps you should consider providing this evidence to the Republican congressional investigations of Hunter Biden, I’m sure they would appreciate your assistance.

      “Republican Congressman Accidentally Admits There’s No Proof of Biden Corruption
      Representative Nick Langworthy tried to defend Republicans’ Biden investigation, and ended up rejecting their main talking point instead.

      Tori Otten
      August 10, 2023/5:21 p.m. ET

      “Well, we’ve never claimed that we have direct money going to the president, but many members of his family have received money from foreign governments,” Langworthy said.

      Turner interrupted to correct him: “That is precisely the claim that the chairman of your committee, James Comer, and also Jim Jordan have made many times,” she said, referring to House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, who alongside Comer has spearheaded the charge against Biden.
      Langworthy did not fare much better in the rest of the interview. He also said that Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer had testified to the Oversight Committee under oath, which Turner again pointed out was not true. (And regardless of how he testified, Archer also refuted many of Republicans’ talking points against Joe Biden.)“

      • GOP Reps Release 22 Examples Of Biden’s Corruption After Dems Claim There’s No Evidence

        Democrats and left-wing operatives in the mainstream media say there is “no evidence” that Joe Biden did anything wrong to warrant impeachment.

        This key Democrat “talking point” has been carefully crafted as the evidence and seriousness of Biden’s corrupt actions is enough to make your blood boil.

        In response, the House Oversight Committee has compiled a startling list of 22 pieces of evidence that show Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s influence-peddling scheme that raked in millions.

  7. “…It looks like a GLOCK”

    LOLz -tell me you don’t know anything about firearms without actually coming out and admitting it.

    • “Democrat woke spelling bee… “

      Please help me to understand how the video you posted fits the ‘context’ of this article.

      • Want some Preparation H for that butthurt, MajorLiar???

        Please treat yourself to a GIANT glass of Ess Tee Eff You juice, MajorLiar. If we want your opinion, we’ll torture you for it.

      • Helping you understand context probably isn’t possible, miner. You have been told point by point how you represent yourself as a fascist but still you deny.

        You seem unable to understand how your efforts and presence here have advanced the cause of firearms freedoms.

        I don’t think you have the iq or self awareness to realize just what a parody you have become.


      • ShitdiggingIdiot

        I’m surprised you could read the article. Musta cleaned out your navel and put a pillow on your chair so you could see the screen…

      • “Please help me to understand how the video you posted fits the ‘context’ of this article.”

        I never said it did.

        But if you must have some context and really want to know, not that you will understand it because you don’t know what context is in that small one celled single dimensional mind of hatred for the United States and the U.S,. Constitution, …. Hunter Biden doesn’t know what a woman is either, he thinks they are all whores and property to be bought and sold.

  8. People see what they want to see in things. That’s why P.T. Barnum was so successful. Most of us here understand that the gun in that pic is not a Glock. I agree that it does look like a Gamo though. But far too many people honestly think that all there is are revolvers, AR15 assault rifles, and Glocks. Nothing else exists and THAT is what does. Everyone sees a drawer full of knives in their kitchen and never realizes how any one of them can be used to kill if the wrong person gets in the house.

    If the AP doesn’t say it then it’s fake news and if the CDC doesn’t say it then it’s not healthy to do. Few can think for themselves. It’s why so many people truly thought Trump suggested drinking bleach to cure Covid.

    This way to the egress…

    • Trump’s actual statement:

      “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me.“

      I invite you folks to perform an “injection inside” of “disinfectant” as Trump suggested.

      “I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside… “

      Excellent healthcare suggestion from Dr. Trump, whose wonderful healthcare plan should be ready in about two weeks.

      • ShitdiggingIdiot..
        Guess what, you oxygen stealing waste of minerals and protoplasm, there ARE methods of applying various substances, including ULTRAVIOLET light to the INSIDE of the airway, including down into the bronchial tree, that can clean house on a number of organisms causing problems.

        Just because you WANT what Trump said to sound idiotic, you twist and distort what IS actually said to conform to your own propaganda goals, but what else should we expect from the latest infection of libidiots that are burrowing in and causing sepsis in the ‘body’ of this country..

        • In all the time Joe Biden has been in political office he has never once acknowledged the U.S. Constitution as legitimate.

          In all the time Joe Biden has been in political office, he has attempted to, by some means through prompting a bill or trying to introduce a bill or manipulate a bills language or deliberately mis-interpret/redefine a bills language, have government seize control over one right or another 3,762 times.

        • And apparently Joe is the arbiter of who is Black or not Black…

          ‘Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.

          —- Joe Biden”

          Yeah, nothing like invoking a little contrived racial hatred to get votes from a demographic.

          Joe Biden claims to have ‘grown up’ in black churches and Jewish synagogues (which is yet another set of lies he uses for race baiting)

  9. Possible conviction with it tossed out on appeal.
    This is being set up and used as a distraction to cover over the actual crimes of both Joe and Hunter.

  10. Must suck to have to lie to exercise a constitutional right.
    Happy New Year weed smoking gunm owners, your turns next.
    Perhaps the ATF should also do their job and start monitoring liquor stores or alcohol sales. What’s the definition of an alcoholic, 3 or more drinks a month? Boozers cant own gunms either.
    Have you ever been prescribed an anti depressant?
    Why there must be a mental problem going on there.
    Nicotine is addictive and very harmful. For the good of America and its citizens it needs to be banned.
    Are you addicted to or user of.
    Now dont lie, just because you want to exercise a constitutional right. If you do lie to exercise a constitutional right you shall be incarcerated.

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