Wayne County Commissioner Reggie Davis Bullet Bill Mental Health Ammunition
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Why mess around with California’s capitulation when it comes to restricting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans? Face it, the Golden State’s new requirement for background checks before you can purchase ammunition is for gun-controlling wimps. No true gun-grabber would settle for such half measures.

A Detroit politician has a much better idea; don’t allow anyone to buy ammunition without first undergoing a mental health screening. Oh, and only allow ammo sales through local cop shops.

Wayne County Commissioner Reggie Davis, who represents the 6th district, is announcing a new proposed bill that would limit the sale of ammunition and increase checks for people buying ammunition in Wayne County.

Nicknamed the ‘Bullet Bill,’ Davis said the bill will require a mental health background check on those who purchase ammunition in Wayne County as well as limit the purchase of ammunition. On top of that, ammunition would have to be purchased from a law enforcement agency.

Wayne County Commissioner Reggie Davis Bullet Bill mental health check ammunition
courtesy wxyz.com

Commissioner Davis’s brother was shot and killed during a robbery attempt back in 2001.

“We must unload the guns. I do not want any more families to go through what my family and too many families have to endure on the killing fields of Wayne County,” Davis said in a release.

There’s no evidence that either of the perps who murdered the Commissioner’s brother was mentally ill. Not that it matters. Davis’s “Bullet Bill” isn’t really about keeping guns (or ammo) out of the hands of people with mental health problems. It’s about making it as difficult and expensive as possible to purchase ammunition in Wayne County.

And where have you heard this particular brand of bovine excrement before?

According to Davis, additional county taxes would be imposed on the purchase of ammo with revenue from it going to cover administrative costs, assist victims of gun violence and help with education programs.

If Davis’s bill were somehow enacted, all it would do is financially burden local gun stores and force ammunition sales into surrounding counties, just as Seattle’s ammo tax has done there. So actual ammo tax receipts will be a tiny fraction of whatever pull-it-out-of-your-rectum estimates Davis will surely throw around in order to sell the bill.

But that’s OK. In the mean time, Commissioner Davis has gotten his mug on the local news. He’s adequately signaled his deep concern. And he can say he’s doing his level best to do something about Detroit’s rampant “gun violence” problem. And so it goes.


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    • Yup. Wrong in every way. So much so it’s a fake concern. Move along. There’s nothing to act upon here. In fact, copshops cannot get into the retail market. Not in their public charter. Remember we pay their salaries.

  1. Going to be tough to ‘unload the guns’ in this country. No way to know any actual number, but I’ve read there are several trillion rounds already purchased, stored, and waiting to be used throughout this country.

    There might some unloading of guns, but in different ways than he envisions.

    I like the saying that goes, ‘You’re here to confiscate my gun? Of course you can have it. Let me unload it first.’

    • Why of coarse, we’ll never be able to get 400M guns off the streets so let’s attemt to get the trillions of rounds.

      The stupid….it burns.

      Just remember, people pulled the voting lever for this person.

  2. This is going to create a new black market of totally untraceable ammo! But if you’re a criminal why just traffik the stuff when you can make it at home and better product at that. Soon well be seeing +P AP 9mm Cop Killaz on the streets of CA and every major city.

  3. I can confirm that trying to get a ccw in orange county california results in a “random” psych eval after you’ve done your 16 hours of training. I called the person who signed the letter, which I received last week and he said word for word that I was chosen randomly out of 50 applicants. There was nothing on my application or the results therein that led to this. The nearest one is north of LA in Encino, didn’t know where it was, had to look it up on the map. I told him I was going but I’m not. I’m not going for several reasons: 1. They claim I was chosen randomly but I’m still on the line for the $150 charge to see her, while others pay nothing and see nobody. 2. I’m paying somebody to deny me. This doctor evaluates everybody who has an obligation, it’s reasonable to assume she will ask trick questions and use the answers against me. 3. Either everybody takes it or nobody does. 4. If you’re denied you can’t appeal and you can’t reapply. But if you just don’t go, you can not only save yourself the money but you can also reapply.

    I feel like I’ve already paid my dues. Livescan, fingerprints, gun waiting periods, 16 hours of ccw training in blistering heat of 105 degrees for two days straight. One fee after another, after another. It never ends. My conscience is clear that I did more than what should be expected to get a ccw and that all this is doing is making the city safer for criminals. They don’t give a rats ass about background checks or four-hour evaluations by a psychologist more than 60 miles away. My friend lives in Florida and she says getting concealed carry is no more than a fee and a short waiting period.

    • The law does not permit the agency to demand a mental health evaluation from every applicant, though doing so, along with other “illegal” requirements, are common is no issue or limited issue counties. This was/is a commonly used ploy to double the cost of the process. However, the fee is set by statute, and as I recall, the psych has to be someone who interviews police officer applicants. The standard for approving a ccw applicant is supposed to be the same as for a police officer applicant.

      I haven’t looked, but I assume there is an article about this on the Calguns site.

      • Correct, she also evaluates for our police departments. I’ve read the stories and the reviews for this person, they are not favorable. I feel that by going I’m walking into the lions den. My worst fear is telling her something and that leading to having my possession rights revoked, and she can do this because she has a book of loaded questions to which there may be no right answer. And as I said before, these kinds of things are not able to be appealed.

        • Record the interview and sue the bitch if she denies you without cause?

          Have a cop go in your place and sue her when she denies him after approving him to be a cop a few years ago?

    • Money… I’m not for this physc eval at all, it’s going to be another reason for denial. Denial of gun rights made possible by ” Shall not be infringed”. Money. Please people, do not champion this “gun insurance” that too will become another Pandora’s box. Money. The first hit will be the poor, but to hell with the poor right, because Fuddit it’s not me and I can buy guns and ammo. I guarantee it, ask any psychiatrist and there is something wrong mentally with all of us. Money, with enough of it I could buy a President. And there it is

    • It’s illegal to give tests to vote. It should be illegal to give mental tests to get a permit to exercise 2A rights
      Next up a test for 1A too.

      • That was my assumption. I’ve read stories from people who have gone to her, with 10 years on the force, only to fail.

        I did call the ocsd and cancelled my application because I can’t keep going on with all of this, I reached my breaking point and I’m just tired of it. So, it had an ending. It wasn’t a happy ending but it was an ending where I feel that I did all that was reasonably required, as I’ve said my conscience is clean and at the end of the day I feel that’s what matters the most to me.

    • You need to start voting with your feet. Leave that communist state, and move somewhere that doesn’t trample on your rights. If all conservatives would leave that awful place, then they would have nobody to blame but themselves for the shambles that their “utopia” would be left in, and not enough tax dollars to fix it.

  4. His brother was killed during an attempted robbery? Who was he trying to rob, and what was he stealing?
    This dude is slick, tho, ain’t he? No way people will guess what he’s up to, nobody will notice the unconstitutionality (is that a word?), boy, he must be convinced everybody else is really, really stupid, maybe as stupid as he actually is.

    • It looks like homey’s brother was carrying a sum of money, and shot while a couple of other scumbags were trying to rob him…

    • Reggie Reg claims his brother and his uncle were taken by ‘gun violence’.

      Pretty unlikely for that to happen unless most of the males you’re related to are gang members.

  5. Roll your own….been doing so for a while and always seem to have plenty of ammo to shoot…..

    But this politician is a moron.

  6. I started reading this a got a little concerned until I saw it was only in Wayne County, I live less than a mile outside of the county so this would not affect me directly, though I do have family that does live there. Even if this did pass it would only cause people to take their money out of the county and spend it in Washtenaw, Monroe, and Oakland counties, no more than a half hour drive for most. If it would have affected me, I would have done the same as I did when Obama passed the PACT Act and shut down USPS shipments of cigarettes. Break out the credit card and stock up before the law goes into place. I’ve since quit smoking so I no longer need to buy cheap smokes from the Indian Tribes in NY but I don’t see myself giving up shooting as long as I can still hold a pistol and aim.

  7. I note his point isn’t to “ensure only sane, law abiding people” can buy ammo, he wants to “unload all the guns”, the extra burden is just a means to that end.

  8. Michigan has preemption for this exact thing.

    Act 319 of 1990

    123.1102 Regulation of pistols, other firearms, pneumatic guns, or ammunition.
    Sec. 2.

    A local unit of government shall not impose special taxation on, enact or enforce any ordinance or regulation pertaining to, or regulate in any other manner the ownership, registration, purchase, sale, transfer, transportation, or possession of pistols, other firearms, or pneumatic guns, ammunition for pistols or other firearms, or components of pistols or other firearms, except as otherwise provided by federal law or a law of this state.

    History: 1990, Act 319, Eff. Mar. 28, 1991 ;– Am. 2015, Act 29, Eff. Aug. 10, 2015

  9. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Reggie Davis’s 6th district, is a sh!thole even more than the rest of Detroit?
    And while I’m on the limb I’d hazard to guess that nothing Reggie has done to date has had one lasting positive impact?

    • You would be right. I lived in said district, just outside of Detroit.
      It’s a shithole.
      I also feel bad for the legal handgun/rifle/shotgun owners of this county, and there’s a lot of them, if this does pass.
      One nice range just outside of Southgate that I really liked.

      • How bad do you feel?
        We can always use more help at the annual free event for women…
        700 women were given a safety briefing and a short one-on-one shooting lesson – in one day. Get your teaching certs and sign up to help.
        The ONLY way to get more people looking at things from a pro-gun point of view is to personally get more people into the gun community. 700 women in a day is roughly a tenth of a percent of detroit’s population (yes, plenty were form the burbs and don’t count as “true” detroiters). Even so, that’s a tenth of a percent of the population that are no longer afraid of guns, not afraid to go shooting or buy a gun, will mention gun ownership to friends, and then take those friends to the range…

        And as others have mentioned, Michigan has preemption for gun issues. There’s NO WAY this could be enforced even if it was passed. All it will be is another issue like the other times cities/towns have tried to pass laws in violation of preemption and everybody laughs in their faces and ignores them while they let the lawyers do their thing to get the law removed.

  10. Do not dismiss this gun control attempt as being silly, stupid, deluded. We already have a federal court ruling that certain controls such as this are permissible if it makes the community feel safer. All these tiny cuts are the way to making legal gun ownership illegal. Heller makes clear that certain restrictions are permissible. Each one will have to be challenged in court, all the while, a dozen more such laws are being established in a thousand communities.

    If you are waiting for the SWAT team to take your guns, you will end up slowly boiled.

  11. Unconstitutional, it restricts your right to self preservation and implicitly adds burden to those who cannot afford to pay whatever they will charge for a mental evaluation not to mention restrict the lawful commerce that business owners rely on to be profitable.

  12. Kinda’ similar to law PASSED in Cook county ILLinois. Boo-lit tax and handgun tax does kill the LGS. And that’s the point ain’t it?!? The same kind of dindu operatives too…

  13. LOL

    I make my own ammo in my garage. I live in the burbs in the city, and my democrat neighbors don’t know about it!

    Even cast and paint my own bullets.

    Shits and giggles!

  14. Hmmmmmm, I looked up the 2nd Amendment and did not see anything about mental health screenings in it. Unconstitutional.

  15. What we should demand is mental health screenings of all political candidates. They should also be able to pass a test on principles of logical analysis.

  16. Some of y’all guys in CA and other slave states need to check your drawers to make sure your junk is still there.

  17. Hoe FUCKING STUPID these people are. It is NOT the gun, it is NOT the bullet. They are only tools just like a knife, a hammer, a 2 x 4, a crowbar, a fence post, a screwdriver, a car, a truck etc. It is the sick minds of sick people that kill. You IGNORANT FUCKS that want to change the laws of the US Constitution are a huge part of the problem & you are so FUCKINF STUPID that you don’t even see how much you are a part of the problem. So do you think this is going to stop criminals & the sicko’s of the country?
    What we are having today in the USA is going to cause a 2nd Civil War due to a guberment on the far left side trying to change everything to socialism & the other side trying to stand fast & fight back. It will not be the North against the South. Sooner or later the people are going to say enough is enough & take the law into their own hands. Then we will all be considered terrorist in the worst degree. We gun owners are already considered terrorist from the far left & for no reason. Well I consider the far left terrorist or the worst kind because they won’t stop with the STUPID SHIT. It’s kind of funny that all these CRAZY shooters are voters of the left, not the right. At least that is what the news reports. So bring it on & let’s find out who wins, the left which is pure EVIL or the right I think we all know who wins & what comes in the end.

    • “You IGNORANT FUCKS that want to change the laws of the US Constitution are a huge part of the problem & you are so FUCKINF STUPID that you don’t even see how much you are a part of the problem. ”

      Have to admit that months of trying to come up with a means of decisively defeating gun-grabbers, I never though of calling them “IGNORANT FUCKS” and “FUCKINF STUPID”. You just might be onto something here.

  18. It seems to me that we should first require Mental Health Screenings of all Democrats, people voting Democrat and anyone wanting to join the Democrat party. They are a big part of the problem and a very big expense to this country, with their constant lies and push for Socialism.

  19. Well, psyche evals have no ability to predict future violent behavior, according to mental health professionals. The mental health system is already taxed, so requiring mental health professionals conduct “ammo evals” means other opportunities for real mental health appointments would be replaced with this useless bureaucracy and/or ammunition sales would be categorically delayed. Firearms and ammunition together make up the definition of “arms” so this is obviously unconstitutional. Taxing ammunition and adding the fees for evals is unconstitutional. Delay of rights is unconstitutional. Given the stance of Detroit Police Chief Craig, this bill would not be enforced by the Detroit PD if it ever passed.

    It was also stated this “bullet bill” was designed as a measure to compromise with, meaning they know it’s a throwaway measure and do not expect it to actually last if it ever passes. They know it’s a garbage proposal, but they want to apply it to Wayne county and then all of Michigan in order to negotiate for something they actually want. They seem to misunderstand how politics works, you can’t add whatever cards you want to your hand.

  20. Was Commissioner Davis’ brother the perp or the victim in the robbery attempt?

    The upshot is that the test is two-fold: If you fail to qualify to buy ammo, you are automatically qualified to run as a commissioner in Detroit!

  21. Someone may already have noticed this sounds like a scam of the psycologists or psychiatrists to get MANY more patients! I doubt that there is a standardized test which will reliably identify those who are unsane in a way that predisposes them to violence. So let the commissioner have his fun and try to get cred and get re-elected, but is he sane?

  22. This guy is a idiot. Because a lot of people RELOAD their own ammo. And I do it myself. And besides this law will never work just like most laws like this one. And the reason is that they either cost more money than they planned or because it cannot be enforced in the first place. In NV they passed a new background check law. And in that law it stated that ALL background checks would be done by the NICS. But they found out after the law was passed that it could not be enforced as written. And that is because NV does not report any info the NICS. They do it all on their own. So no one will be able to be checked on a national level. And this law if passed would more than likely be the same. People will find ways to get around it.

  23. Good thing michigan law specifically prohibits local regulation of firearms.

    Him knowingly and willingly trying to violate that state law could(hopefully) land him in prison

  24. What should be required is mental health checks for all politicians and congress critters. How are you going to get all illegal guns without violating the civil rights of all citizens of Detroit? Start stopping all Blacks and other people in the street and searching them, searching every home in Detroit and all automobiles in Detroit?

    Insanity check needed please.

  25. There have been many studies that show the vast majority of murders in America are committed by Democrats, like Reggie Davis. If he said that psych evals for Liberals/Democrats were required, I’d support THAT, based on empirical research regarding their behavior.

  26. Reggie Davis is a CONVICTED FELON.
    He shouldn’t be proposing laws that effect anyone else that doesn’t share that accomplishment with him.
    .. End of story.

  27. Couple of descriptions for the proposer of this legislation come to mind. Putz or Idiot standing at the head of the line, or very near to it.

  28. In California just take a weekender to Nevada or Arizona to buy your ammo. Have you ever been forced to show ID to buy ammo in any of the non- socialist states? Do they search every car entering California? But the best thing to do is bite the bullet so to speak and move the fuck out of California.

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