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By Gary Mauser

Experts have squandered their credibility in recent public failures. The repeated misjudgments by public health experts over the past year have demonstrated that they didn’t know how to deal with the pandemic.

Claiming their decisions were “backed by science,” public health experts recommended a bewildering maze of contradictory rules about masks, and closures of schools and small businesses that may have reassured a frightened public but created more problems than they solved.

Out of the public eye, Canadian public health experts are behind another policy failure: a mandatory confiscation of lawfully owned and used firearms. The Canadian government relies upon public health experts to justify irrational gun laws that waste billions of dollars yet fail to protect public safety.

In both cases, radical decisions are defended by claims that they’re “backed by science.” Such pseudo-scientific claims are intended to squelch disagreement. Anyone who rejects the experts’ claims are vilified as ignorant, a “science denier,” or being part of a tin-foil hat conspiracy.

Pandemic rules were numerous and confusing, even as they were authoritarian. Some people were required to wear masks, while others in near identical situations were allowed to go unmasked. Nationwide lockdowns were justified during the pandemic by public health experts, but, evidence for their effectiveness was scanty.

Their statistical models relied upon to predict cases or deaths were wildly wrong. Due to the ill-advised shutdowns, the economy was devastated, costing many people their livelihoods, and a wide range of other serious medical issues were ignored. We will be digging out from under the economic and social consequences for years, perhaps decades. Experts claimed the science was settled, but it wasn’t.

Behind the scenes, public health experts (pdf) are similarly relied upon to justify radical changes in Canada’s gun laws. Based on public health claims, and ignoring other sources of expertise, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced radical changes to Canada’s firearm legislation, confiscating hundreds of thousands of lawfully owned and used firearms and reducing penalties for serious violent gun crimes.

Experts are not gods to conjure with. Even the best, most objective and knowledgeable experts may be wrong. This should be particularly obvious when experts expound outside their supposed area of expertise.

Why trust a medical doctor when he or she pontificates about gun control? Why trust a public health expert on the economic impact of a lockdown? Even in their field of expertise, experts shouldn’t be considered infallible.

Unsurprisingly, experts disagree with each other all the time. Scientific knowledge is not dogmatic truth; science is a continual battle of ideas. Scientific debate rages over the cause of climate change as well as the true source of the Wuhan flu. Was it a lab-leak or a wet market? Experts may even make fundamental mistakes.

Public Health Experts and Firearms Legislation

Public health experts play a privileged role in debates over firearms legislation. Why not other experts? Newspapers, such as the New York Times or the Toronto Globe and Mail, cite experts to support restrictive firearms policies, such as banning “military assault-style weapons.” What readers are not told is that editors hand-pick which experts to cite. Researchers who disagree are ignored or minimized.

Public health experts—not criminologists—dominate web-searches for studies on gun control. When querying “gun control research,” most of the hits (eight out of ten) are either public health studies or reports based on public health studies. (In response to my query, Google generated “about 158,000,000 results (0.59 seconds).” I didn’t check them all.)

Very few studies by criminologists were shown, and none by economists, even though economics and criminology have higher methodological standards. Unsurprisingly, the research findings by economists and criminologists contrast with those observed in public health studies.

The differences matter. Given the importance of public policy on firearms ownership, a wide variety of researchers study gun control laws, including criminologists, economists, and public health academics. Unsurprisingly, given the differences in their disciplines and their research methodologies, their attitudes toward firearms diverge dramatically.

A Comparative Study

Arthur Berg, John Lott, and I conducted a large comparative survey (pdf) of researchers in criminology, economics, and public health who had conducted empirical research on firearms legislation. We asked our three samples of experts to evaluate the effectiveness of 33 gun-related policies in reducing both murder and mass-public shootings, including 20 policies evaluated in the 2017 New York Times survey.

Public-health researchers tended to believe policies that restricted civilian access to firearms (e.g., banning “assault weapons” and “buying back” firearms) would be effective at reducing murder rates, while both criminologists and economists were more likely to skeptical about these policies.

We also asked about eight policies that would relax or eliminate governmental restrictions on firearms usage, such as expansion of personal carry.

In contrast with public health academics, criminologists and economists both rated highly policies such as allowing K-12 teachers to carry concealed handguns and encouraging the elimination of gun-free zones. These were judged the least effective by public health experts. The explanation for these differences is that methodologically solid research tends to undercut the effectiveness of restrictive firearms policies that are favored by public safety activists.

Samples of researchers were chosen who had published at least one English-language empirical study on firearms or firearms and violence in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Our survey obtained responses from 120 experts. Among our respondents were 50 public health researchers, 38 criminologists, and 32 economists. The sample included a small number of non-Americans, whose responses didn’t differ importantly from the American sample.

All participants were told that they were selected because of their expertise in firearms research and they were asked not to participate if they didn’t consider themselves to be experts in this area.

Response rates were acceptable. We had an overall response rate of 43.3 percent (120 responses out of 277 valid emails). The response rate for criminologists was 63 percent, and 74 percent for economists. The response rate for public health researchers was lower, just 30 percent, even after multiple attempts to gain a response. This may be due in part to the higher number of co-authors on public health publications.

To Sum Up

The repeated misjudgments by public health experts during the pandemic exposed the impracticality of their Draconian rules, supposedly based on science. Unfortunately, these authoritarian policies didn’t keep the public safe.

Public health experts recommend similarly authoritarian policies with respect to firearms policies. What’s surprising is that despite the privileged role public health experts have in public policy, respected researchers in other fields reject their recommended policies. Research conducted by criminologists and economists demolishes claims made by public health researchers.

When will governments wake up and stop relying upon public health advisers?

Gary Mauser, PhD is professor emeritus in the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies and the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia. He specializes in criminology and economics, has published extensively on firearms legislation, firearms and violence, and has provided expert testimony on criminal justice issues to the Canadian government.

This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 


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  1. Everybody is an expert and nobody is impartial. If you ask for advice, expect to receive opinions across the spectrum. What we need to do is remind people that we don’t care about unsolicited opinions, no matter the rational or reasoning.

  2. Gun control and all the “research” done by health “officials” is based on ideology with a desired result in mind when writing the report. They cite statistics without revealing the raw data.

    The only facts are that they plan to ban ownership of firearms by the peasants and keep them for the elite.

    They steal election at will and control most of the government, education, media, legal profession and are working to subvert the US Military.

    The left is winning and the RINOs are at best doing nothing, if not collaborating.

    Be Prepared !!!

    • Actually, and “expert” is someone who lives at least 25 miles away from your location…

      Were we concerned with actual “science” here, we would include all of the available data, not just picking and choosing the datum that “proves our desired point”. Using only what Fauci and Walensky are offering and denying the rest is not “science”, it is merely “propaganda”.

  3. LOL at “Trust the Science”. Starting with the president, state governors, various health department officials, and the top brass at the CDC, none of them are scientists. I don’t believe that Dr. Fauci is a real scientist – he’s a manager and administrator.

    Yeah, I trust science. So, let’s put some real scientists in charge? Nope – that ain’t gonna happen. All the authoritarians want the scientists to answer to them first. That’s why they went into politics to start with – they want to decide everything for you. That’s why highway and traffic engineers aren’t free to implement the 85th percentile scheme for speed limits.

    • Imagine a reporter asking a president if we should go to war and the president responding with I’m going to listen to the experts in the military as if they were in charge. No one in their right mind would put up with that for a second.

  4. People that publicly suggest to everyone to “follow the science” do not care about science. This is a political agenda.

    • Democrats follow the science. The political science of Progressive ideology (which is the equivalent of “clap your hands if you believe”).

  5. If anything, this Covid business should remind everyone not to rely on so called “experts.” It’s up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for ourselves, think for ourselves, and use our own God given common sense to make decisions.

    This Country has fallen into the grips of an authoritarian “expert” elite class and it’s up to us citizens to reassert our personal autonomy.

    • “… it’s up to us citizens to reassert our personal autonomy.”

      And our individual freedoms…

    • There’s about as much “science” as guessing what number will hit on a roulette wheel.
      Fauci has flipped around more then a dying fish that lasted a year out of water.
      We will never KNOW the “actual” science, it’s all a guessing game.
      Get vaccinated. Wait people who are vaccinated are getting the dreaded Delta variant.
      People who aren’t vaccinated WILL catch it like the common cold or chicken pox.
      You need a third shot from Pfizer or you will surely die.
      This is the last TWO WEEKS of “SCIENCE”.

    • Yep. As soon as the Chinese Plague was a thing in this country, I said our response should be to manage the risk. Instead of managing the risk, the “experts” in our government decided to “do something” and screwed things up so bad, it will take years to recover from the damage they inflicted on us. Instead of being on a path of fixing the damage, they’re doubling down on stupid. They saw their chance for power, and they aren’t letting go.

      • Wait – didn’t we manage the risk? Everyone ran out to hug a Chinese, didn’t they? Oh – wait – that was just bleeding heart liberals.

  6. Thankfully, they are making it easier to spot the bias.

    They can’t help it, to them it’s now as perfectly natural as breathing. Just look for the buzz-words, like “equity”.

    Not equality, “equity”. Equality of outcome, not of opportunity.

    You can smell them by the words they use… 🙁

  7. What’s practiced by much of academia and government is “scientism,” not “science.” Science is a tool to understand the world; scientism is a religion that fulfills the twisted spiritual needs of the left. Science, in the past, existed alongside traditional religion just fine. In fact, the Catholic church performed much of early science, especially medicine. Scientism seeks to displace traditional faith. At it’s worst, scientism is used to tyrannical ends.

  8. As far as I can tell the “science” that is being pushed is actually more like a cult doctrine than actual science. Any theory that runs counter to approved doctrine or in any way diminishes the Governments authority is treated as heresy and punished in a similar fashion.

    If your findings are contrary to established “wisdom” then you will can become a persona non grata and can find that you can no longer get funding and your research will be denied publication and in extreme cases you may be forced to publicly retract your findings with apologizes to all offended parties or face job loss.

  9. You know YouTube has recommendations?
    The ones that most ignore?
    The moral is I clicked on one that was 50% of Canadians live below this line.
    It’s pretty easy to control an entire countries population when they live farther south
    then the northern part of California.
    You have this huge and vast country and they are all bunched up by our border.
    80% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the USA border.
    It’s pretty easy to enforce gun control when your population is by Michigan and New York state.
    More people live in California(Ugh) then Canada.
    It’s 10 minutes long but you’ll know all you need to know after 5 minutes.

  10. Discussion of CIVID-19 is an example of steering out of our lane. Further, it ties the gun owner rights issue to a large, and unnecessary, political package.

    Let’s stick to gun owner rights issues.

    • Hasaf,

      Illustrating the fallacy of the “follow the science” craze is very beneficial in our fight to secure our right to keep and bear arms: it shows how the Ruling Class misuses “science” to justify infringements of our rights–ALL of our rights.

    • Everything is connected in the big picture- it’s simply a matter of perspective.

      Take a step back, take a deep breath- and look again…

    • Hasaf, you are missing the point, reread the article.
      Since the Canadian government “decided” that guns were unhealthy, it is part of the conversation.
      Pretty much like the government of the USA (The CDC) wants guns made a health risk.
      The article mentions “the pandemic” in the very first paragraph.
      Then it goes into a mandatory confiscation of lawfully owned and used firearms in Canada.
      Reading is fundamental, I’m on point. Did you read the even read the Op-Ed?
      The “experts” want to strip US citizens of our Rights which isn’t going to happen.
      In the mean time SA-Mann dacian is arguing with himself with a couple of insults from jwm thrown in.
      dacian is literally having a strawman argument with himself and yet you single my comment out?
      Read the Op-Ed and get back to me.

      • I just rechecked. The first six paragraphs are about the Pandemic. It is only in the seventh paragraph that the writer meaningfully moves on to guns.

  11. Instead of “follow the science” we need to “follow the money” because we have and still are witnessing the largest best planned undercover extermination of Americans , cheat the 2020 POTUS election, deprive Americans of their businesses, jobs, savings, freedoms, health and yes, even their very lives, ever witnessed in modern day. Dr Fauci working with China “invented” this virus through “gain of function research” , so he and China’s CCP could infected us and the world with it to bring people and their freedoms to their knees, and instill communism.
    The Democrats worked and colluded with China to make this bioweapon, to cause it all to be brought about.
    The Dems, the Biden Admin, Dr.Fauci, the leaders of China and the CCP and all involved need to arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison or execution for their crimes against America as well as humanity.
    This shit was NOT “an accident, a coincident. It was all planned out from the beginning.

    • And what we are seeing right now is a build-up to “remote/virtual” class rooms again this Fall so teachers can run their classes from Aruba or the Bahamas… It’s all leading up to another big “outbreak” next year around August/September requiring another round of mass “mail-in” ballots in November… Why not, if you find something that works AND you are charge why would you not want to use it over and over again?

  12. Speaking of following the science, they’re trying to bring back mask mania. I went to a car wash yesterday. All of the bays were full. The person I pulled up behind was washing her car while wearing a mask. There was no one else in her car. She wasn’t remotely close to anyone. She was outside. No doubt, she thinks she is following the science.

    • Dude,

      My recent (technically still ongoing) experience argues against any significant benefit to wearing masks. See my comment below.

  13. I find it incredibly hard to “trust the science” as well. Here is why:

    Our international friend (COVID-19) just went through my home like a freight train. Some of the results which utterly and totally deny the science:

    1) It was devastating to my spouse who is middle-aged, very healthy, and has absolutely no comorbidities. We are talking 10 full days of horrendous illness culminating in pneumonia. This made mononucleosis and life-threatening influenza look like a cakewalk.

    2) It continues to be devastating to my 20 year-old adult child who is on day 10 with continuing significant fatigue, weakness, and pain. (This child is healthy and fit and has absolutely no comorbidities.)

    3) It caused a fever of 106 degrees (which quickly causes brain damage and death if not mitigated immediately) in my 13 year-old child who is, also on day 10, finally recovering. (This child is super healthy and fit and has absolutely no comorbidities.)

    4) I never contracted it even though I was in quarantine with all of my infected and seriously ill immediate family members–providing round-the-clock urgent care, including two different life-saving interventions and multiple trips to urgent-care centers and hospitals. We gave up on wearing masks after the first couple days simply because it was not practical. I also gave up on sanitizing every surface in the home because that was not possible. I slept in a separate room and tried to stay at least 8 feet away from family members when I was not caring for them.

    So, the science was totally wrong in my situation. My otherwise very healthy 13 year-old likely would have died (or at least suffered significant permanent brain damage) had I failed to check their fever before going to the hospital to pick up my spouse. That isn’t supposed to happen to healthy young children. And the illness was/is far more serious for my otherwise healthy 20 year-old adult child than it should be. My otherwise healthy spouse having a devastating illness is also very unusual. Finally, the fact that I did not get it at all, even after 9 days of close contact with three very-ill COVID-19 family members, also contradicts the science.

    Oh, and lest I forget, I have been very disciplined about about taking extra vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, green tea, vegetable juice, quinine (in tonic water), and a couple other supplements in addition to getting near 8 hours of sleep to “boost” my immune system. The “science” says there is no such thing as “boosting your immune system”. And yet I never got COVID-19.

    Now ask me again why I have trouble “trusting the science”.

    • My super duper quasi scientifically derived opinion is “shall not be infringed” beats the he!! out of “science”…

    • I’m glad you guys are okay. The silver lining is your family’s immune system will recognize and fight the threat better next time if there is a next time. My daughter had Covid for five days before she got tested. I made no effort to distance, etc. This was around Christmas so we were mostly inside together. No one else got it.

    • And if you would have simply got the family vaccinated and none of that would have happened. Many other families were not so lucky they died, sometimes all of them died. You learned nothing from the experience.

      • Please explain why people who get vaccinated are still getting Covid and dying from it? Oh wait you can’t because it destroys your narrative.

        The vaccine is worthless especially at the rate it mutates this is being proven right now.

        • The vax itself may not be worthless but the notion that it is, in any way, effective in solving the Kung Flu certainly is. If the gulag officials cannot place faith in the vaccinated being safe from those who are not, there certainly is no reason for me to be injected with something that has not even been approved by the once-respected and trusted US and world medical institutions.

          People are not now dying at a rate worse than the normal flu from Covid or the Delta variant. However, our leftist regime is seeing to it that thousands of infected spreaders are being brought into the country across the southern border because it’s there, in the south, where the primary resistance seems to reside and the left has problems winning even fraudulent elections.

          The 2 things we still have not seemed to learn from all this as a nation are:
          1. How easy it is for our own government to control us when they all
          really try and We, the People, refuse to to demand or exert due
          diligence, and
          2. How easy it will be for China to take control of the world and its
          economies once it decides to send the real thing.

        • “How easy it will be for China to take control of the world and its
          economies once it decides to send the real thing.”

          Our leaders wrote the playbook for them.

    • And I forgot to mention. How did it feel to kill your fellow Americans with the virus by spreading it to everyone around you. The big tough Far Right crowd proved to be the biggest of all cowards, afraid of a little needle prick.

      • “How did it feel to kill your fellow Americans with the virus by spreading it to everyone around you.”

        Actually, this only happened with any regularity when “leaders” like Cuomo, Murphy and other governors ordered Covid-positive people to be returned, or sent to institutions where vulnerable people, often confined to rooms or beds, lived. The virus was spread by the workers in those facilities, not likely by the patients/residents themselves as they were most-likely bed-ridden.

        Those governors should be the focus of the initial high death incidence of the original virus and should be so-charged in courts of law.

      • dacian,

        And you know that I spread SARS2 virus (which causes COVID-19 illness) to other people how? (Hint: I didn’t. My family contracted it while away on vacation–while I stayed home working from my home-office–and brought it home, at which time we all started (and continue) quarantine.

        And you know that I am afraid of needles how exactly? (Hint: I had weekly allergy shots for years–receiving over 300 needle pricks–they don’t phase me.)

        And you trust experimental vaccines–whose base technology has never worked previously and failed animal trials–why exactly?

        For the uninitiated, I am not willing to gamble my childrens’ futures on an experimental vaccine when my children supposedly face effectively zero risk of significant harm/death from the virus and people who are concerned about the risk of the virus have had ample to time to vaccinate themselves.

        • You might add that the mRNA architecture has actually been discredited by the man who discovered it… Why I got the J&J “killed virus” vaccine, proven to work over decades to negate any number of viruses… People are still acquiring AND spreading the WuFlu even AFTER being FULLY innoculated with the mRNA vaccines and in spite of masks being worn… Bottom line if your going to get it your going to get it… My wife and I had it in late Nov 2019, must have been a trial run but too weak, symptoms more like the common cold (we both tested positive for anti-bodies later in 2020)… Hope everyone comes out okay…

        • Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S., a renowned physician, recently spoke publicly on the topic of vaccines. Throughout the course of his career, he has been recognized for his accomplishments in the medical field. Dr. Malone is credited with the discovery of RNA transfection. He also invented mRNA vaccines. Dr. Malone released new data about the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. He reported that the individuals who have been vaccinated with these vaccines are at a greater risk of getting COVID than non-vaccinated people. The data was alarming. It showed that the vaccines could contribute to several serious conditions in some vaccinated people. The highly problematic conditions include enhanced respiratory disease, acute lung injury, monocytic infiltration, an excess of eosinophils in the respiratory tract, and the development of type 2 T helper cell-dependent mechanisms. Malone also stated that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was aware that the spike proteins were “biologically active and could travel from the injection site and cause adverse events, and that the spike protein, if biologically active, is very dangerous.”

    • “It continues to be devastating to my 20 year-old adult child who is on day 10 with continuing significant fatigue, weakness, and pain. (This child is healthy and fit and has absolutely no comorbidities.)”

      The sickest I have ever been to this day (excepting my leg crush injury 2-3 years back) was the 1990-1991 flu season.

      5 straight days of alternating heavy sweating followed by chills (shake-and-bake) so hard my teeth were chattering. Once the fever broke, the real suckage started. I was perpetually exhausted. It took everything I had just to get out of bed and go to work, power through the day the best I could, then go home and sleep for about 12 hours.

      After that 12 hour sleep, I woke up still utterly exhausted. That went on for about a month, only very slowly getting better over time.

      The way it was explained to me at the time, that was a “cytokine storm”. The young can fight it, but their strong immune system fights you, making the symptoms worse.

      The for-real flu sucks almost as bad as my demented troll does to truckers. In fact, he probably pays those truckers for the ‘service’… 😉

      • For me it was a flu shot. Nearly killed me and I was a young, healthy man. Except for emergency procedures I haven’t had another preventive shot since then.

        I told someone at the time that I was too sick to die. I’d have to spend a couple of days recovering before I had the strength to die.

      • Geoff PR,

        What you describe of your experience at the end of your 1991 influenza sounds a lot like mononucleosis. I wonder if you had influenza and then were unlucky enough to get mono? Or maybe your entire illness was mononucleosis? I had mono about 20 years ago and my illness matches your description almost to a tee. (A laboratory test actually confirmed that I had mononucleosis–although they delayed sending me the result for two months which really sucked since I did not have any official medical diagnosis to justify missing work.)

  14. quote——————–Experts have squandered their credibility in recent public failures. The repeated misjudgments by public health experts over the past year have demonstrated that they didn’t know how to deal with the pandemic.

    Claiming their decisions were “backed by science,” public health experts recommended a bewildering maze of contradictory rules about masks, and closures of schools and small businesses that may have reassured a frightened public but created more problems than they solved.————–quote

    If Gary Mauser actually did recieve a degree in anything he shouldn’t have.

    Little was known about the virus originally and as knowledge accumulated about it recommendations changed. To further complicate the matter the virus has been mutating and again requiring a change in recommendations.

    quote—————-Out of the public eye, Canadian public health experts are behind another policy failure: a mandatory confiscation of lawfully owned and used firearms. The Canadian government relies upon public health experts to justify irrational gun laws that waste billions of dollars yet fail to protect public safety.————–quote

    Canadian gun laws have been far more effective in stopping crime and homicides than our archaic and outdated laws. I wonder what part of that Gary Mauser does not understand

    quote————–Their statistical models relied upon to predict cases or deaths were wildly wrong. Due to the ill-advised shutdowns, the economy was devastated, costing many people their livelihoods,————–quote

    Typical Republican greed monger response to the pandemic “I do not give a damn how many people die because I am not going to lose a penny because of this pandemic.

  15. quote————-In contrast with public health academics, criminologists and economists both rated highly policies such as allowing K-12 teachers to carry concealed handguns and encouraging the elimination of gun-free zones. These were judged the least effective by public health experts. The explanation for these differences is that methodologically solid research tends to undercut the effectiveness of restrictive firearms policies that are favored by public safety activists.————quote

    Wrong!!! It proved the public safety activists correct because it was proven that it is paramount in keeping guns out of the hands of the wrong people that was most effective, not advocating everyone go about armed to the teeth, especially teachers, most of whom have had no training or long term experience in handling and carrying deadly weapons.

    quote———————To Sum Up
    The repeated misjudgments by public health experts during the pandemic exposed the impracticality of their Draconian rules, supposedly based on science. Unfortunately, these authoritarian policies didn’t keep the public safe.———–quote

    Wrong again. The recommendations were not as effective as they could have been because of the disastrous way the Republican’s handled the virus by sabotaging the authority of the CDC by telling people not to follow the guidelines and refusing to fund the necessary money and help to the States that badly needed both.

    quote—————–When will governments wake up and stop relying upon public health advisers?————–quote

    Governments only stop relying on the science and the experts who have dedicated their life to saving lives when they listen to the disingenuous political hacks of the Republican party who are only concerned with being reelected and totally disregarding the sanctity of human life to be sacrificed on the altar of blind greed, stupidity and the desire to be reelected no matter what the cost in human life.

    • Wow. 3 entries of word salad in a row and not one line of sense included. Low iq Kent state drop out in action all the way.

      SA-Mann dacian. Living proof that a fascist is a moron.

        • SA-Mann dacian. How is it that a high school dropout is still so much smarter than you?

          Where on the spectrum are you? You are truly special. Just the kind that the fascists love to wind up and send out to damage society.

          You’ve claimed to be antifa. How many minority owned businesses did you and your mates burn and loot?

  16. Make adult decisions and live or die by them but don’t whine either way. There are no experts. Stop looking to the government for everything and be a free thinker. Do what’s right for you and understand no one really knows.

  17. Those socalled experts were chosen for their political attachments. They are using this health “pandemic” to other purposes.

    As more ballot audits are done, they will begin to stretch the limits of credulity with a massive campaign to keep everyone indoors, away from their job, and attempt to break the American economy.

    Its past time we show them who they work for. France, Italy, Britain, and others crossed the line months ago, yet we sit and do nothing while Pfizer projects a $33 Billion year in sales, with $10 billion in profits, all from our tax dollars. And the money machine goes Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr creating more inflation which steals from our frugal funding while unemployed.

    It’s a deliberate effort to destroy us, yet, we will have to go to the brink for some to realize it. Too many are still in denial. Too many still acquiesce to an experimental injection which is proving more and more every day to have no benefit against a disease which current tests find conflated with the flu – which is why they now want tests to see what variant we are really suffering from. 858 cases of flu last year when the norm is over 30,000? They can’t be trusted. Covid cases only in the unvaxx? They quit counting the vaxx completely, yet data is coming out they are 75% of the suffering. CDC says we need to move to Phase 2/3 and look for treatments to help the suffering? They clamped down on theraputics last year, now they are trying to invent patented ones to reap more profits.


  18. All the “experts” we’ve been force fed are just narcissistic media whores not unlike the politicians who share their stage and the presstitutes who fawn all over them.

    Meanwhile data originating from actual experts doing the work on the ground and caring about quantifiable data (as racist as data may be these days) gets ignored or dismissed because nobody’s ever heard of them or their faces haven’t graced morning TV screens. If Robin Roberts or George Staphinfection haven’t washed their feet live on TV they aren’t worth listening to. I thought we were supposed to be suspicious of people trading messaging for fame and fortune and embrace the little guy just doing work but I guess that’s old thinking now.







    • Almost all senior citizens have been vaccinated. Your sister is responsible for your sister. Too bad she didn’t listen to Trump and get the vaccine. Maybe she was listening to Joe and Que Mala when they were talking down the vaccine prior to the election. What sort of person would do that?


      Actually the only goal (job?) for a virus is survival and reproduction, the fact that it requires a HOST to perform that function is just a matter of fact (aka: SCIENCE) The fact that the HOST might expire during those processes is irrelevant to a MINDLESS (much like yourself) Virus…

  20. Yeah, I’ve had my own up close and personal view of “follow the science”. I’ve had some medical issues over the last six months. The cardiologist tells me it’s a heart problem. The pulmonary doctors tell me it’s a lung problem. The nephrologist says it’s a kidney problem. The GI doctors say it’s a liver problem. All of them want to feed me pills. So much for “follow the science” — I’m starting to believe there is no science to follow.

  21. It’s taken the lay public decades to learn what we engineers have known for quite some time:

    Many “scientists” are outright frauds. You can see it in their papers. If you want to have some cheap entertainment at the expense of scientists, go check out how many papers have been retracted by various journals. There’s a blog devoted to digging out retractions from peer-reviewed journals – it isn’t a rare thing to happen any more.

    One of the things you learn as an engineer when you work with scientists is that many scientists don’t care if their theory/theories don’t comport with reality as the engineer(s) discover reality when turning a theory into a working product. The scientist(s) doesn’t/don’t care because they’ve already shipped their “product” – which was a paper in a journal. That paper is what matters to them. If they got published in a reviewed journal, and someone else quotes their paper, that’s their measure of success.

    For far too long, we’ve allowed scientists to spout predictions and prognostications and not all them to account when they’ve been far, far off the mark. Let’s take a case directly dealing with COVID: Neil Ferguson, and his computer modeling predictions that COVID could cause 2.2 million excess deaths in the US within three months – this put into policymaker’s heads last February-March timeframe.

    What did Ferguson use as a model to create these predictions? A program written in C that is a steaming dungheap. I’ve seen the code, even after Bill Gates’ minions cleaned it up for ‘public viewing.’ Ferguson also made outlandish predictions about fatalities in H1N1 and SARS (2002-2003), neither of which came true either.

    Who appointed this academic to be the Oracle of Delphi on infectious diseases? Good question. Given his track record before COVID, I don’t understand why anyone paid attention to him. But they did – and he’s responsible, more than any other single person, for setting in motion that national economic shutdowns across the US, UK, Canada, etc.

    Was Ferguson called to account when his numbers turned out to be wildly wrong? Nah. Nooooo. No, folks, he was called to account and taken out of the public policy picture when it came out that he was boinking his zaftig little blonde mistress while he was on lockdown:

  22. At this point the goal is a blockchain based digital “vaccine passport” that can be easily expanded to a “social credit” scoring system that when combined with a digital dollar will give the government 100% complete control over every aspect of your life in a manner that the darkest dystopian novelists can’t begin to fathom.

    This has been obvious since late last year. One just needs to stop looking at these things in isolation. Lot’s of different people with various agendas see the opportunity here to advance their own interests. Insofar as that’s true they kind of work together.

    The simple fact is that the plans they’ve announced vis a vis Covid cannot function and the goals are, generally, left unstated but implied. Even if you assume that what they say is true, then go farther and strongman the argument as much as possible, the plan still can’t work because actual biology prevents this from happening. It literally cannot work. Yet you’re not allowed to say that and most people are too stupid to realize it. Too stupid to ask the obvious questions about the aircraft carrier sized holes in the plan.

    But if you do see those holes you have to ask other questions. Questions like; why the massive push for things that, at best, would be a stopgap measure? Why don’t they even attempt to formulate a workable longer term plan when any freshman in a biology program with better than a D- grade point knows these things?

    Because they have another plan. And hilariously enough, they’ve openly told you about those plans. You’re just not paying attention.

    For like the 15th time, what’s the connection between your gun rights and international shipping? No answer? Then lube up and bend over because you’re basically begging for it.

    • Haven’t seen you around in awhile. I was beginning to wonder. I feel like they already have control over my money. They managed to nullify my overtime with some bad policy and crazy talk. If it’s nullified, then what’s the point? That’s how people feel in socialist countries.

      • There’s enormous “friction” in the system that protects you to a large degree.

        Today you probably find that “friction” annoying. Were it to be removed, which is what a CBDC would do, you’d rapidly find out how protected you previously were.

        Were that to be linked to a blockchain based ID like a “vaccine passport” you’d rapidly find a whole new appreciation for authoritarianism the likes of which you never dreamed possible.

  23. The experts were always right. Mis-information, and people’s lack of ability to spend time understanding and researching objective truth for themselves is the issue. Hell, the person who wrote this article has zero experience in public health.

    • At this point they’ve been wrong enough and demonstrably lied enough according to their own datasets, that it’s hardly shocking that no one trusts them.

      And what counts for experience? LA County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer isn’t a medical doctor and possesses not a single science degree. She has a B.A. in Communications, a few M.A.’s in various topics and a PhD in Social Welfare.

      Heck, a couple counties over from me fully 3/4ths of the County Health Board has never taken a science class after High School. But they claim to speak with authority on medical matters to the point that they know your health circumstances better than your own doctor.

  24. I’m still wondering why so many countries are out to disarmn their populace?
    Tin hat conspiracies.
    When truth becomes that of lunatics .

  25. Science and truth are not synonymous. They’ve never been. Science is but a methodical process designed to help discern truth, or simply what is. What makes science a good tool is that there is no “my science”…it stands or falls on its own testable merit.

    That’s what we’ve seen happening over the past year: science is working the way it should, making suppositions and constantly weeding out the bad while refining the good. Making policy based on such a process is bad juju. That’s where freedom kicks in, that is, doing what you feel is best for yourself and yours.

  26. Has anyone ever read all the comments made by “experts” regarding flying in heavier than air machines? The scientific community was solidly behind the “fact” that heavier than air machines would never successfully fly and if they did they would be merely hobbiest’s toys rather than have any practical application. Wilbur and Orville never graduated high school, so they didn’t know that what they accomplished couldn’t be done and that it had no value whatsoever.

    The list of folks who insisted that such devices wouldn’t work is really astounding. You should look it up sometime. It’s way too lengthy to post here. Then consider the nonsense flowing from the mouths of “experts” today.


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