sig sauer mpx copperhead 9mm
courtesy mfr
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SIG SAUER is adding something small(er) to their MPX line. When the SIG Rattler is simply too big, there’s now the ultra-compact SIG MPX Copperhead. It’s a monolithic 9mm 3.5-inch barrel personal defense weapon that comes with SIG’s new pivoting contour brace.

Here’s their press release:

SIG SAUER Releases the Ultra-Compact MPX Copperhead

Newington, N.H. (January 7, 2018) – SIG SAUER, pleased to announce the newest addition to the SIG SAUER MPX series, the ultra-compact MPX Copperhead.

SIG SAUER mpx copperhead 9mm
courtesy mfr

“The MPX Copperhead considerably reduces the length, width, and size of the MPX platform making it the most compact addition to the MPX family of firearms,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The Copperhead is the perfect combination of the features and performance our consumers expect from a SIG MPX in a compact package.”

The MPX Copperhead features a monolithic Elite Series Cerakote® finish upper receiver, with an integrated stock knuckle lower, and a 3.5” barrel with integrated muzzle brake. The MPX Copperhead comes equipped with the new SIG SAUER Pivoting Contour Brace (PCB) giving pistol users a brace that easily adapts to the movement of the shooters arm with a patented swivel operation for perfect placement, and can be rapidly deployed.

MPX Copperhead:

Total length: 14.5”
Barrel length: 3.5”
Barrel Twist: 1:10”
Weight: 4.5lbs
Finish: Cerakote E190
Caliber: 9mm Luger
MSRP: $1835.00


The new SIG SAUER MPX Copperhead is now shipping.

About SIG SAUER, Inc.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of firearms, electro-optics, ammunition, airguns, suppressors, and training. For over 100 years SIG SAUER, Inc. has evolved, and thrived, by blending American ingenuity, German engineering, and Swiss precision. Today, SIG SAUER is synonymous with industry-leading quality and innovation which has made it the brand of choice amongst the U.S. Military, the global defense community, law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters, and responsible citizens. Additionally, SIG SAUER is the premier provider of elite firearms instruction and tactical training at the SIG SAUER Academy – a world class, state-of-the-art, 140-acre training facility. SIG SAUER is headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, and has more than 1,700 employees across eight locations, and is the largest member of a worldwide business group that includes SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. For more information about the company and product line visit:

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    • Sig Sauer had a rewards rebate program a little over a year ago. They offered 2 magazines if you purchased certain pistols that qualified. I purchased 2 pistols but never received the 4 total magazines that was due to me. I contacted Sig Headquarters to inquire about them many times. I was never contacted by my many requests. Be careful dealing with Sig Sauer. They do not honor their word or their warranties. Many of their pistols also jam. Be warned.

    • Agreed Little Horn. Superyawn. A 3.5 inch barrel in a PCC/PDW/pistol caliber plinker is just stupid, you’re giving away too much power…I don’t care what caliber you’re using.

        • I was thinking about my modded G23 with 9mm conversion and 31-round G18 mags. A whole lot less money and lots of firepower.

        • Accur81, a Glock 26 with a 31-round mag would line up closer with this thing. Your 4″ barrel is too long and gives almost reasonable velocity and good expansion with hollowpoints. 😛

      • I think this may be a semi-auto pistol version of SIG’s entry in the U.S. Army‘s Sub Compact Weapon program, the program for a short, conceilable SMG.

        • That’s probably one of the most sensible comments here. With a couple more inches barrel, a collapsible stock and full auto it makes a lot more sense; Kind of like a modern take on the Micro Uzi or something.

      • It is a bullet hose for wanna be gangsters.

        Perfectly sized to conceal in a student book bag or a shopping bag at the mall, clearly it’s intended venue.

        So much for the fiction that gun owners are all about target shooting and hunting, more products like this will help fuel the anti-gunners efforts. But that’s OK because SIG is making money, and really, that’s what’s important, right?

        The end of the Rifleman’s Creed and marksmanship…

        • I kind of see the market for this as being gun collector SWAT team type guys. I know some of those.

          There’s a whole thing in that world about “the perfect weapon to fit inside your jacket” and so forth. The price point means that it ain’t really accessible to everyday gangsters. Mostly, from what I can tell, things like this are range toys that don’t really get taken out of the safe that much. They’re one of those “bring to a range day and have all your friends shoot it and ooh and ahhh over it and display envy” type things.

          That said, I have a Gen 2 MPX, have shot the living hell out of that thing, and continue to do so. I love it. I use it as an iron sights training tool since my rifles have optics on them. Keeps those skills fresh.

        • Or for self defense in confined spaces like, I don’t know, a house or a vehicle.

          Lighten up francis. Get some new material.

        • Remember the MAC-10 and TEC-9? Did they create a favorable impression in the mind of John Q. Public?

          Or did they feed the anti-gunners’ narrative?

          Many plain folks wonder: ‘Just why would someone want a 30rd 9mm that they can hide under their coat?’

  1. 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 1800 for a 3.5 inch 9mm…wait…😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • MPX Copperhead:

      Total length: 14.5”
      Barrel length: 3.5”
      Barrel Twist: 1:10”
      Weight: 4.5lbs
      Finish: Cerakote E190
      Caliber: 9mm Luger
      MSRP: $1835.00

      Glock 17

      Total length: Way less than this
      Barrel length: Longer than this
      Barrel Twist: Who cares
      Weight: Wayyyyyy lighter than this (even with a 33rd mag)
      Finish: Probably tougher than this
      Caliber: 9mm Luger
      MSRP: $500

      There is no earthly reason for this Copperhead to exist, and even less reason for anyone to buy it.

    • I know, right. At that price, I can get me two of just about any other 9mm pistola.

      Once in a while, a man needs to double wield, dontchyaknow.

  2. How long is the actual barrel inside that flash hider? What’s the over/under on this thing shooting worse than 380 from a subcompact pistol?

    Why can’t I see a gas block inside the handguard? Is it built into the trunnion? Is this an 1800$ blowback 9mm?

  3. And an integrated flared muzzle break so you can’t even attach a suppressor to this useless thing.

    • I think allyou guys are somehow missing the great value in the fact that it’s ultra compact! I mean, not just compact, but fucking ULTRA compact. I wouldn’t believe it if they hadn’t told me.

  4. Okay, now just make the magazine insert through the grip and slim down the receiver. Simplify the action a bit… We will call it, a pistol!

    • That’s the magic! It is so ugly you can’t even look at it, thus it is always concealed! Combine that with the pocket carry since it is ultra-compact, it just couldn’t get any better. I’m guessing that if they throw in 100 rounds of 9mm HP, the price will settle around $20.

    • I expect more mall operator from the new SIG.

      I no longer like SIG. They have been making silly guns and they have had design issues with a bunch. I switched to CZ a while ago.

      • Still waiting for the CZ Scorpion compact version “Coming summer” last year.
        I guess these are just semi auto versions on SMGs.
        Why does SIG make these? Answer is To make money.
        If you don’t like it, simple, just don’t buy it

    • This is the winning comment, I think. And, there is an adaptor kit for an SBA3 adjustable brace, if you must have a collapsing stock… I mean brace. (yeah, eyes roll back into my head and get lost forevvvvvver in the brain hurt of ATF stupid…).

      Dosn’t mean this MPX is bad, though. This 9×19 PDW makes sense– as much sense as any subcompact PDW/SMG in 9mm– so long as money is no object to you (and you’re cool with a 3.5″ tube, ha). The micro Scorpion is somewhere in between, around where the Stribog and the various AR 9mm types fall in, but this Sig MPX competes with things like Kriss and B&T… fancy high-dollar weaponry. If you have the money, buy the gun you want…buy the one that fits your needs, irrespective of price. I would. Why not? I have often thought a Rattler or Q Honey Badger makes a lot of sense for my routines, if not much sense in my budget. “Bang for your buck” really only matters if the bucks are limited….

      But, for the working stiff… us average joes… those bucks for the bangs do matter. When the same tool & kit requirements need to be covered, there is so much more value in the “sort of AR” platform (or “AR type” variation, whatever…) Extar EP9 than the Sig MPX. So long as the firearm is reliable and durable, it shoots the same dinky 9×19 round, and we can pop the functionally same red dot or reflex optics on it. Does the same damn thing… it’s just a tool, after all. (And the Extar EP9 has a 6.5″ barrel… just saying.)

      And all of our arms are like that, right? Tools in the toolbox? That theoretical guy with all the best of the best fancy weaponry certainly doesn’t faze or worry us Arizona desert folks. We roll around in cheap homebuilt 4x4s and maintain reliable arms, zeroed and spitting out the same lead as those hipster guys with vehicles and weaponry featured in Recoil magazine. It all fights the same, I’d wager… or, pretty sure nobody will feel anymore special being tagged with a hit from a Sig MPX or B&T, then they would an Extar or Kel-Tec. Or Scorpion, or Stribog, or FX-9 for that matter….

      But then, folks like me and some dude aren’t really the intended market for this kind of kit. The Extar is aimed right at us. I’ve thought about scooping up an Extar for months now. Doesn’t hurt that it’s a locally made arm, either– I like that. The main reason I am being patient is because I would like to see the 10mm version reviews and reports from the wild, first…. Be safe.

  5. For the price of a marksman rifle you get the capability of a glock and the compactness of a submachinegun… without the machinegun part.


  6. Meanwhile, ruger makes a very capable 9mm carbine for less than 1/3 the cost that could *very* easily be given a similarly tiny barrel and folding/collapsible brace by some enterprising aftermarket company. It also accepts glock mags as-is and will probably have an adapter for just about every pistol-caliber magazine under the sun within a few years. Oh, and it can readily be modified to shoot everything from .22LR to 10mm and beyond. Why would I want the SIG again?…

  7. If they:

    1. Moved the magazine back into the grip
    2. Used a short recoil locked breech action
    3. Got rid of that fleshlight hanging off the back

    They’d really be on to something.

      • “A rail mounted fleshlight for an AR!”

        A ‘Clod’ like you likely owns and uses a ‘fleshlight’.


  8. For 1800$ I would rather buy a pistol and pcc that take the same mags, then use the leftover cash to feed them for a very long time. Hey sig…. here’s the ball… awwww, you dropped it.

  9. Is it drop safe, and will firing pin last more that 600 rounds? $1,800??? I don’t think so.. Buy a Micro Draco.

  10. Not all that much more compact than 3 GLOCK 26s with similar barrel lengths and a few hundred dollars cheaper.

  11. Eh. Each to their own, but this one just isn’t my thing. Especially at that price point. For $1800, I could get that Henry Big Boy I’ve been wanting, and have enough left over for a nice .357 revolver (which I’ve also been wanting).

  12. Your typical 9mm full size pistol has a longer barrel, much lower weight, is a fraction of the overall size and bulk, can take extended magazines up to about 30 rounds, and you can buy as many as six of them for the same price.

    Not seeing a reason to buy this thing.

    Even if the Cerakote color is the latest and most fashionable shade of “Tacticool”.

  13. Another gun that will give the anti gunners more ammo to use against us. It looks plain stupid.

    • Just send a photo of this “weapon” to your own senators and congressmen avoid the delay in banning all firearms, This appears to grabbers as THE PERFECT EXAMPLE of why we deplorables have to be stripped of the RKBA, and have all weapons and ammo confiscated…….. You stick your chin out, expect to get knocked out…I’ll not buy one.

  14. This is probably the civvie version of their entrant to the subgun trials the Army was doing. Go Stribog AP9A3S!

    • If so then it is an epic failure. The Glock 18C with its foldable stock beats this in every way. So would a full auto version of the P320.

      • Tell me where ‘Joe Six-Pack’ can buy a transferable G-18.

        Not a transferable conversion, a G-18…

  15. An $1835 9 mm pistol with a 3.5 inch barrel? Naw, I’ll stick to my compact P320 (can always use M17 magazines for extra capacity). Now a MCX in subcompact?!

  16. …the design reminds me really strongly of the Bolters used by the Space Marines in Warhammer 40k.

    Slap an Imperial Aquila and some purity seals on it and you’d be there.

  17. Stop designing useless crap no one wants, and give me my caliber conversion! How could you fail so hard as to not even allow suppressor usage on a platform DESIGNED for suppressor use.

  18. This is a pre-SHOT Show troll of the highest level from Sig. Surely. Right? #ohhowthemightyhavefallen

  19. why dont they make it with a 1 inch barrel
    then they could charge like 3000 for it

  20. If they’re worth a damn, you’ll see Franklin selling them complete with installed BFSIII triggers.

    If not…

  21. Ever seen one? Ever held it? Shot it? Actually looked at the function and accuracy? Why do people buy ANY gun? They like it, want it, collect it, enjoy it. All I hear in these blogs are negative comments. Don’t buy it, for heaven’s sake. I bought one. I love it. It is way up there on my “Fun Meter.” I have decades of gun collecting and examples of about everything. I’ve had my own gun ranges…pistol and rifle distances. It takes no effort to bad mouth somebody else’s enjoyment. Would you enjoy somebody else blasting you and your decisions? I say, enjoy, have fun, and who cares what anybody else thinks? I’m going shooting and I’m going to relax and enjoy my Copperhead and a dozen other weapons. You guys do the same. Last I checked, we still have freedom of choice and our personal reasons for making those choices.

    They are selling well for Sig. The price is coming down. They are very well engineered. I know a couple of owners that are well over a thousand rounds through them already without a hiccup. The small, self-adjusting, gas piston in this diminutive pistol will handle just about every commercial 9mm weight and load out there up to +P and does well. Some pistols do. Some don’t. This one does the job and, oh, did I mention it is a heckuvalot of fun? 3 1/2″ barrel? Yep. …And the thing will slap a gong out a hundred meters and more. I work for my money. I choose how I spend it. Why do you guys have to find fault when you don’t even own one? I’m going to take my little copper Cerakoted pistol with the black flower blossom on its nose out to the desert and just have some fun. No need to criticize it or anybody else. Just enjoy your hobby.

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