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By Tom in Oregon

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    • Probably because Kirsten didn’t “poop herself” at the end, or at least had enough discretion to not mention it…

      Nice shootin’, Tom!

      • Nice vid. I’m glad you didn’t edit out the part where you got up again. Otherwise, I’d be afraid the paramedics wouldn’t find you before the raccoons ate you.

  1. Nice video. I found it very entertaining. However, the amount of .22 LR ammo on that table really pisses me off.

  2. Tom, I always figured that you’d bend over backwards for an FNS 40. I just didn’t expect you to be quite so literal.

  3. oh, c’mon its not that cold in Oregon, you could have at least worn a skirt like some other people when they do trick shots.

    judges say 9.5 out of 10. .25 deducted for not wearing a skirt. .25 for not letting us in on the secret of all that ammo. 😉

    • Oh come now. It’s been hovering around freezing in the Portland area. I’m not sure where Tom is.

      Also, the secret to finding .22 ammo is to move to Oregon.

      • Dude’s just wearing a hoodie, can’t be that cold. Try a high of 7 degrees with windchill at -9. That’s what we work with on the inland side of the NW, where the real men live. 🙂

        I used to live in the Willamette Valley area once upon a time; it’s a really nice place. I’d be perfectly willing to live there again, even if they didn’t have .22 ammo on hand.

        Oh, btw… Nice shooting.

    • I think it’s a 50 yard pit, but the balloons didn’t show up very well. 20-25 yards?
      I did it with clay birds, but without someone to work the camera, it just didn’t turn out well.

  4. Tom, another bearded white boy wearing a hoodie. Except that I’m fat and ugly we could be twins.

    Nice fire truck you’re driving.

    Now to serious business. I never want to see that yoga move again. Serious. Never again. And I’m out of eye bleach.

  5. Haha….I enjoyed this…

    When is the contest going to end, though? I thought the deadline was supposed to be December 8th, and the winner were going to be announced this week?

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