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From FN Herstal . . .

Earlier today, FN Herstal unveiled to the Defense and Security markets a completely new machine gun – the FN EVOLYS™ – during a global digital product launch event. It is with a great satisfaction and pride that the Company succeeded in combining its universally recognized expertise in the field of machine gun design, development and manufacture; its innovative spirit and current unmet market requirements to bring life to a new machine gun. The FN EVOLYS features an incredibly innovative and open architecture together with unique characteristics.

The FN EVOLYS is a radically different, ultralight weapon that combines the firing capabilities of a belt-fed machine gun with ergonomics and balance similar to an assault rifle. This is exactly what is needed and expected by users for current and future operations.

The FN EVOLYS has been developed in two calibers, 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATO.


The FN EVOLYS, with a weight between 5.5 and 6.2 kilos depending on the caliber, is much lighter than current reference machine guns. This reduced weight enables the user to move across difficult terrain quickly and to engage with a high volume of fire when needed with no difficulty.

Its reduced weight and excellent balance also mean that the weapon can be fired from any position. Transitioning from one firing position to another is made easy by the design of the sling attachment interface.


The FN EVOLYS ultralight machine gun fires like a machine gun, and handles like an assault rifle.

The ambidextrous fire selector has a semi-auto position to engage point targets as with a rifle while the full auto position allows suppressive fire as with a machine gun.

The buttstock is adjustable in length and height. Whatever his size, or the equipment he is wearing, the user can always find a comfortable shooting position.


The latest-generation materials and technologies used on the FN EVOLYS, combined with FN Herstal’s longstanding expertise and innovative spirit, ensure that the reduction of weight has not compromised the vital factors of reliability, user safety and long life of parts.

The hydraulic buffer gives a steady rate of fire and reduces recoil.

The FN EVOLYS was designed from the start to fire intensively with a sound suppressor and therefore showed no reduction in performance when fitted with a suppressor, no excessive fouling, and no debris projected towards the user, even for left-handers.


Another big innovation in the FN EVOLYS is the patented lateral feed mechanism, which has allowed the design to include several major improvements requested by users:

  • The one-piece long top rail enables mounting a combination of various in-line optical sights such as day and night sights together, or magnifiers for instance, without removing the iron sights.
  • Easy, instinctive and fast access to all controls by left or right-handed shooters for improved handling in the field
  • All actions can be done with just one hand, including engaging the belt.
  • Cartridges are automatically repositioned when the feed cover is closed if the belt is not correctly placed on the feed tray. This avoids a failure to feed the first round, which is a great reassurance for the user.
  • The last link is automatically ejected, clearing the way for a faster and more reliable reload

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  1. Leave it to FN to make an “ultralight” MG using aluminum, polymers, bleeding-edge 3D printing tech that’s still a pound heavier than a bent sheet metal RPK from 60 years ago, and ugly as sin to boot (pun intended).

    • I don’t think that comparing this to an RPK is quite fair since an RPK is mag fed and since the heavier version is .308. I mean depending on how it’s equipped the continuity of fire could be higher than an RPK and obviously a 308 has its own benefits depending on barrel length. (It looks as if they kind of cheated the weight with a short barrel length though too tbh.)

      Personally I’ll be curious about barrel changes and how it’s typically carried by doctrine. If it’s not coming with 100+ rounds and a changeable barrel you’re on the money about an RPK.

      We’re at a point where MGs are mature enough you can’t reduce weight much more without affecting functionality or durability. This is actually a pretty cool gun if it’s reliable.

    • It looks like the offspring of a drunken one-night-stand between a SCAR and a M249.

    • RPKs are alright for what they are but they are not very good in the long term and tend to have a short service life before they break receivers when compared to the other guns in the category. On the flipside they are easy and cheap to make so unless 1 battle goes on forever it’s really not an issue, they just replace them fast, and that’s the doctrine behind them really.

      Willing to bet this new FN has a much, much longer service life.

    • I wouldn’t compare an RPK to this. An RPK isn’t really intended to fulfill the role of a machine gun as we know it in the west. Different combat philosophies. An RPK is just an AK with a longer barrel and thicker receiver. It’s ok for it’s intended role but it’s not the best either. If you’re intended goal is the role of an actual machine gun, as western militaries use it, then this is the superior weapon.

  2. Why the f*** the United States Military and NATO, as a whole, don’t switch over to a 6.5mm or 7mm (.270) Intermediate Cartridge and get rid of the pitiful 5.56mm that loses lethality almost immediately after 300m……………

    Unless the intent with this new LMG/Rifle Hybrid Design is intended to get the Military back to 7.62×51………….IDK………

    • I’m sure more learned minds have a better answer. But I’d imagine it would have to do with logistics. Supply chains are currently set up to produce 5.56mm ammunition, the costs would probably outweigh the benefits in ballistic performance. Also, NATO countries have vast stocks of 5.56mm ammunition and many of those countries prohibit selling surplus ammunition to civilians. Also, there’s the issue of existing weapons; the cost of rechambering and adapting existing weapons to use new cartridges or the costs associated with producing new weapons would be prohibitive, especially in a time when many NATO countries are running deficits. Again, that’s just my opinion, as I’m sure smarter people have better answers.

  3. Really?

    No videos, no internals….

    C’mon man…

    Need to see more. I mean, not really cuz I’d be interested anyways, but still, I WANT more.

  4. Wow that light in 7.62 NATO, I bet it really climbs.
    I certainly would like to have one of those.

    • KILOS my marsupial friend. 2.2046223lbs per kilogram. If I ever get rich I’ll get one😏

    • I 100% agree with you here. I’ll take one in each caliber for my 15 minutes of fame (fun) and then be poor and out of ammo for the next 10 years 😉

  5. Do they offer this in ALL BLACK?
    It’s just not as scary with the FDE on it.
    FDE is the deal breaker for me.

  6. Seem to recall the M60M4 barrel shooting 2000 rounds with one trigger pull without needing to be cooled or replaced.
    Yes it is KILOS
    Where are the AP rounds developed for alternative Calibers?
    Ma Duse tactical range is cited as 500 meters, but the BMG bolt gun is good over a mile
    So what is the mission for this thing and does that define its capabilities
    Or does it just scratch the itch for user required improvements?
    Why not just get out the governors toy, Arnold or Jesse’s backpack mini gun.
    may be the ‘predator’ had better technology.
    This is marginal utility in a 100 year old plus weapon concept.
    What are you going to do when the CCP sends in drones and robots to check behind every blade of grass for you and your dated weapons.

  7. I camo paint everything, there is very little black in good camo, so stating with FDE is better

    • I was joking, my FFL would literally soil himself if I had one of these sent to his house.
      “Robert, you realize this a machine gun right?”
      Yeah, wheres the 4473? No, I’m not smoking pot.
      I have a woodpecker that wakes me up every morning and this should take care of it.

  8. Why not just put a folding saw stock on it I like the ugg boot on the scar but lmg stocks have specific design requirements. One is being more robust than the ugg boot.

  9. Problem with light weight MGs is that precision suffers when the weight is reduced. The Piece of **** “Jam-O-Matic” M249 SAW is still better than an IAR for keeping bullets on target with full auto (IAR suffers after ~100-150 yards), likewise the M240 is better than both and pure bliss to use if you don’t have to huff it around.

    As much as this sounds like a vast improvement over the junk still being used today, I doubt the bean counters will allow it on the budget; even if they did, the new toys would never leave the armory.

    If I had my way, grunts would have access to certified trainers and anabolic cycles through the BAS; weight doesn’t mean much to the able bodied and everyone loves the mule.

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