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  1. i live in ca so i can’t get 1 of these. and honestly this type of rifle elicits a great big meh from me. understand that i believe all non felon, non crazy types should be able to purchase 1 if they desire. but for me, meh. i would rather play with a lee enfield, an 03a3 springfield, 98 mauser or mosin myself. i’m a garry james kind of guy.

  2. Does ACR still cost less? I got a basic for about $1600, and last time I looked he SCAR was well over $2k..

    (And where is the 300BLK ACR barrel?)

    • It’s not coming any time soon. The fault is not with Freedom Group. No one is able to make a piston 300BLK rifle at this time. Even LWRC who specializes in piston guns ship a direct impingement 300BLK rifle.

      • They can make a piston 300blk, but the gas leakage around the piston defeats the suppressor.
        Or to put it another way, DI guns suppress better.

  3. I didn’t have a problem with the SCAR sights because it never occurred to me to use them when Farago’s perfectly good (and utterly indestructible) Aimpoint Micro H-1 was just sitting there on the top rail. And I didn’t mind the reciprocating charging handle because the verti-grip gave me no reason to grip the rifle by the mag well either.

    I loved the pencil-thin barrel and its quick handling. Tim makes some great points here, but I’ll take the SCAR myself.

    • Dont forget to mention that the barrel is cold hammerd forged and that’s why they allow such a thin barrel

  4. I dont trust the ACR. Ive known people that have been burned buying them before. That doesn’t mean that most are probably really good. I dont trust them yet.

  5. He never unloaded nor cleared either weapon during the entire video, did he? He just stood there waving both around the entire time. Charged mags and chambered rounds. If you’re gonna shoot, shoot. If you’re only gonna yammer about shooting for a while, clear and safe the weapon.

    Other than that, I thought it was well reasoned and comprehensive overview of both weapons.

        • The rules of gun safety does not include unloading the gun. There isn’t a single thing he did that violated the rules of gun safety.

    • I never understood why people get upset over gun safety on a video? He can’t shoot you over the internet. If they don’t want to follow the them I don’t care! Just don’t do it around me!

  6. So why would you pick one of these over a good quality AR? Admittedly I’m new to the SCAR/ACR thing, but would someone please enlighten me?

    • the scar features a free floating barrel, quad rail, proprietary tappet gas system (with low recoil!), ambidextrous magazine release and safety, modular stock, and the capability to change calibers (once they release the 6.5 and 6.8 kits, etc). These features bring $1,500 or more for a equivalent AR.

      The 16S isnt measurably better than a premium grade Ar15. The 17S is a entirely different story if you’re looking for a battle rifle.

    • The reason for a piston system is short barrel with a suppressor. That’s where pistons really shine. For everything else, there isn’t a significant gain in pistons.

    • Because they are way cool and are very smooth-shooting. I like FNH stuff because it’s so different. I’ve got four FNH models and want more! But, they ain’t cheap!

  7. I’d take the ACR…you get full auto without the paperwork hassle or having to pay for it. 😉 Kidding, I’d much rather have the SCAR. Then again, if I were using my own money – I’d just buy a piston AR.

  8. This series was one of the best scar vs acr comparisons out there. I have been closely watching both rifles for a while now and am leaning toward the scar 16s. The scar 17s is also compelling but I already have an m1a and am looking at the chassis systems available for it.

  9. Love my SCAR-16S. It’s my “Ferrari” rifle. Every time I let an “AR-person” shoot it, the reaction is consistent and unanimous: They smile and say, “Smoooooth.” And, then they ask for another mag. 🙂

  10. heh…. looking at the stocks on both the ACR and the SCAR. They both mount in a similar manner. The SCAR boasts modularity even. I don’t like the look of the SCAR’s stock…. but…. would it still be a SCAR if the ACR stock was attached instead?

  11. while i think the scar rifle is cool, the 5.56 16 model is not very appealing when compared to my LWRC’S the m6 of any flavor is a sweet gun. I would definitely consider the 17s model though, very cool there. I really hope the come out with a longer barrel option eventually. Everything i have read about the acr makes it unappealing. I would consider a Beretta arx160 instead, if and or when a civilian option comes out.

    • No. They were designed specifically for piston use as opposed to slapping a piston on an AR type rifle whose base design is for DI ( e.g. HK MR556)

  12. I own an ACR, and have shot a SCAR-16s. Both are great rifles, but after unloading over 2000 rounds without cleaning my ACR, no malfunctions have occurred. The ACR has a free-floating barrel, AAC blackout, takes PMAGs (Yes they use PMAGs in the military), no reciprocating charging handle. The recoil on both are slightly different, but neither recoil badly. The whole point is that both are good rifles, and I am really tired of ACR forums bashing the SCAR, and FN forums bashing the ACR. The reason both forums bash the other product is because they feel inadequate in one way or another. I personally feel like the ACR is the better, more reliable rifle, but would I own a SCAR 16s along with my ACR… Hell yeah 🙂 Especially if it fired a .308

  13. I own a SCAR 16s. I have never shot an ACR. The SCAR has allowed to move on from the losers at the 100yd range and use the 200 and 300yd ranges at my gun club. My SCAR, with a Redfield 3-9×40 scope, allows me to reliably shoot 1″ groups at 200 yards. Why spend the money on a SCAR over an AR-15? Really? Any weapon that requires a forward bolt assist is NOT a well engineered or designed weapon. Gimme a break. Plus, the innards of my rifle remain very clean due to the gas piston system NOT exhausting directly over the bolt and lower receiver the way AR’s do. Nice to be able to fold the stock, for both storage, or for shooting in tight spaces. Again, can’t do that with an AR-15.

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