FM Products Partners With Primary Arms on The New GLOCK Small Frame PA FM9 Pistol

FM Products Foxtrot Mike Primary Arms PA FM9 Glock Pistol 9mm

courtesy mfr

Look closely. That’s not an AR pistol. That’s a GLOCK-framed lower receiver with an seven-inch barrel side-charging 9mm upper. Add a pistol brace and you’re ready to rock. FM Products just announced that they’re making these exclusively for Primary Arms. Want one?

Here’s their press release . . .

Boise, ID – FM Products Inc has partnered with Primary Arms to offer an exclusive feature rich FM Products 8.5” Pistol, sold exclusively by Primary Arms $549 retail.

Developed by FM Products Inc exclusively for Primary Arms, the PA FM9 Pistol with 8.5” Forward Charging Upper Receiver, with complete FM9 Glock Small Frame Billet FM9 Pistol Lower Receiver.

FM Products Foxtrot Mike Primary Arms PA FM9 Glock Pistol 9mm

courtesy mfr

Primary Arms exclusive Glock Small Frame 8.5” FM9 Pistol:

Comes standard with an Ultra Light 8.5” FM-9 Complete 9x19mm Upper Receiver, built from the ground up to provide outstanding reliability and accuracy with a host of top tier features. The traditional M4 charging handle has been replaced with an ambidextrous, non reciprocating forward charging handle. The monolithic style has been achieved with a proprietary interlock between the upper and handguard. Every Primary Arms Exclusive FM9 Pistol comes with a complete FM9 Glock Small Frame Complete Pistol Lower Receiver.

  • Ultra Light Match Grade 41V50 Barrel with Salt Bath Nitride finish, Blast Diffuser included
  • 8.5″ Upper Receiver features 7″ Barrel with a 8.5″ Handguard for an ultra compact upper
  • Includes Premium 4340 Bolt Carrier Group with S7 Extractor and chrome plated firing pin
  • FM9 Premium BCG is ramped with M16 Profile, and has a removable weight
  • Compatible with PDW stocks & captured recoil springs
  • Standard with Premium 6.5 oz Heavy Buffer & .308 Carbine Recoil Spring
  • Patent Pending Ambidextrous, non reciprocating, forward charging handle
  • Patented Proprietary Last Round Bolt Hold Open
  • Manufactured with ISO:9001 and AS:9100 quality certifications
  • True Mil Spec GI Trigger with Melonite Coating
  • Limited lifetime warranty through Foxtrot Mike Products
  • 1.2” 7075-T6 Pistol Buffer Tube
  • M-LOK attachments at 3, 6 and 9:00 positions
  • Type 3 Hard Anodize finish
  • LPK with no MIM parts
  • Made in the USA

FM Products Foxtrot Mike Primary Arms PA FM9 Glock Pistol 9mm

courtesy mfr

About FM Products Inc

FM Products was formed to produce innovate, high quality firearm products that are within the reach of all consumers,” said Paul, VP of Operations. “We use cutting edge materials, combined with trend setting manufacturing techniques, to produce feature rich products.”

For more info on FM Products Inc check out


  1. avatar L says:

    I’m seeing an AR pistol that takes glock mags, not a Glock receiver.

    1. avatar Kevin says:

      I agree! I was expecting an upper that slides onto a Glock 17 frame.

      “FM9 Glock Small Frame Billet FM9 Pistol Lower Receiver” is a fancy way of saying, “It’s an AR pistol that takes Glock mags.”

      1. avatar Kevin (The other one) says:

        “I was expecting an upper that slides onto a Glock 17 frame.”

        Now that would be a great thing to see.

        1. avatar Gurney Halleck says:

          Check out MechTech

  2. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    How long until the ATF re-rules these as forbidden?

    1. avatar L says:

      If the ATF ruled pistols as forbidden they’d start the third American civil war.

      1. avatar Joel says:

        Was the second American civil war written out of the history books or something?

        1. avatar Simon says:

          2nd Civil War, commonly known as the Civil War. The 1st was the Revolution.

        2. avatar L says:

          Simon is correct.

      2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

        L, not use to seeing Lincoln’s war described that way, but it’s an interesting way to look at it.

  3. avatar MouseGun says:

    So, is it a chassis that makes a Glock look like an AR? Is this so you can operate while you operate?

  4. avatar Defens says:

    Until I looked closely, I assumed that the lower receiver perhaps was AR compatible on the outside for the grip, but had internal Glock parts somehow. But nope, standard AR safety, trigger, hammer pin locations.

    So other than Glock mags, what’s so Glock-ish about this? It isn’t even blocky and generic looking – actually looks kind of nice.

    1. avatar TruthTellers says:

      Not sure, but the lower receiver may be polymer.

  5. avatar Texican says:

    Wait, the whole enchilada is only $549?! Shut up and take my money!!! Only thing that would make it better is 10mm!

    1. avatar Alex Waits says:

      Flightlite “MXR” is what you seek for 10mm AR pistol

  6. avatar john says:

    I wish TTAG wouldn’t post this stuff. What is a “Glock framed” lower? You don’t even bother explaining. It just looks like an AR pistol with Glock mags :/

    1. avatar Joel says:

      I think what makes this different is it’s designed from the ground up as a 9mm AR pistol maybe? That’s my best guess.

      Most of the 9mm ARs look funny to me. Mag well is extremely disproportionate to the size of the mag etc.

      If it’s really under $600 then I’d buy one.

      EDIT: it also looks like it’s blowback operated. Is that true for most 9mm ARs?

      1. avatar Mall_Operator says:

        Yes, the majority of 9mm ARs are blowback operated.

  7. avatar possum says:

    I too believe these will be BATFE targeted firearms .I’m beginning to apprehensively fear that much tolerance and acceptance is going to be needed to retain ones life and process firearms in the near future. … ” Your perception of an unjust law is just that! It’s your ‘perception’ of THE LAW as unjust”

  8. avatar New Continental Army says:

    Liar liar pants on fire.

  9. avatar FreakinPeanuts says:

    meh… i dont want a large 9mm pistol unless it folds. and can fire from said position.

  10. avatar Sora says:

    BS! PSA has been selling PSA-9 for a long time.
    Just another AR with Glock Mag openings. Better to get full AR with adapters for different mags.
    Only thing new here is side charging handle. But that’s an upper thing.

  11. avatar Ironhead says:

    I want one. Put a brace, buis, mrds, and a light on it and it’s perfect.

  12. avatar Mideastbeast says:

    Why why why hasn’t Glock seen the obvious demand for a “Glock Carbine” yet? And we thought they were dragging their feet on producing a 9mm single stack….

    If Glock made their own carbine for an MSRP of <$700 or so it'd be an instant hit. Just look at the Ruger PC carbine.

  13. avatar Ardent says:

    Misleading marketing much? I get that they want to differentiate this from something manufactured as a ‘rifle’, but a “Glock lower receiver ” this isn’t. It’s an AR pistol that accepts Glock mags without modification…but it’s purely an AR lower just the same. By this logic an AR factory built to accept M14 mags would consist of an “M14” lower and a proprietary .308 upper.

    Part of the beauty of the AR system is that the two ‘halves ‘ of the weapon are separate, facilitating not just unparalleled modularity, but a whole paradigm of ‘upper’ and ‘lower’, which has lead to some interesting derivatives, such as this…why deny this in the marketing?

  14. avatar rt66paul says:

    Actually, buying into firearms that may be NFA items in the future could be a profitable idea. If the supreme court says that they can not take them away, you could get grandfathered rights and the value would go up.
    Not a scenario I want, but if I wanted it, I would buy it and use it and not worry about what could happen.

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