Rep. Chuck Brannan III (R), refusing to answer a simple yes or no question on bringing up Constitutional Carry for a vote.
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Last week Floridians gathered in front of their State Capitol building and openly exercised their First Amendment rights in an attempt to secure and better their Second Amendment rights.

Digital flyer for the event.

KrisAnne Hall of the Liberty First Society organized the rally in support of constitutional carry and invited a number of guest speakers to promote freedom. Gun Owners of America was one such group invited and yours truly was there to spread the word about permitless carry in the Sunshine State.

Floridians wanting Constitutional Carry.
A Floridian admonishing Sen. Danny Burgess for making the classification of Strawberry Shortcake as an official state dessert more important than advancing Floridians’ civil liberties. Sen. Burgess called his bill a “berry important piece of legislation.”
A proud Floridian unafraid to let lawmakers know where she stands on the issue.
During the entire event, some from the crowd stood by the intersection of Monroe Street and Apalachee Parkway with signs. Plenty of motorists showed support by honking their horns.

Every time I speak at an event, I am humbled by the number of Floridians who agree and turn out in support of gun rights.

Informing those that gathered the truth about how our Republican Supermajority in the legislature does not advance the torch of liberty when it comes to Second Amendment Rights.

I brought petitions for the crowd to sign and deliver Governor Ron DeSantis (R), Senator Danny Burgess, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Representative Chuck Brannan III, Chairman of the House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.

Together, we went into the Capitol and delivered our petitions. First to Gov. DeSantis’ office followed by Sen. Burgess’ office.

Florida Gun Owners in front of Gov. DeSantis’ office.
Gun Owners turning in their petitions to the Governor’s staff.
Notice that a good portion of the crowd are women. Everyone wants to be able to freely exercise their civil rights.
Sen. Burgess’ office, notice the strawberry shortcake sign on his office door. That’s apparently more important than Floridians’ Second Amendment rights.
Petitions being turned into Sen. Burgess’ staff.

The message was simple. We want House Bill 103 (constitutional carry) to be brought up for a vote in the House’s Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee which is chaired by Rep. Brannan. We want Gov. DeSantis to openly back HB 103 and we want Sen. Burgess, as the Senate’s Judiciary Committee chairman, to introduce a proposed committee bill that mirrors HB 103. Simple right?

We went to Rep. Brannan’s office last. As were were delivering the petitions to his legislative aid, Rep. Brannan stepped out of his office, directly into the crowd of Floridians who want constitutional carry passed.

Here is the end result.

As soon as he realized what was happening, he cut and ran without answering a simple yes or no question about constitutional carry. It was like Punxsutawney Phil saw his own shadow and ran back into his burrow.

Page 12 of the Republican party’s national platform flat out states that constitutional carry is a party plank. Yet in Florida, a state with a Republican supermajority, the bill isn’t even advancing to be heard and voted on in committee.

Rep. Brannan appears to be doing the same as his predecessor, Rep. Cord Byrd. As the committee chair last year, Rep. Byrd refused to bring the constitutional carry bill forward for a vote and it appears that this year, Rep. Brannan is doing the same, using the same tired excuses. “There needs to be a Senate companion bill, if not then it doesn’t advance.”

However, when you ask them to point out such a rule in the legislature’s procedural rulebook, they can’t. That’s because there is no such requirement. It’s a shell game and nothing more.

I remember Schoolhouse Rock’s I’m Just A Bill and last I checked, the Florida legislature operates under the same system.

If the Republican leadership continues down this path, I wonder how this will affect the GOP in the November elections and, more importantly, in the August primaries. Because a lot of people in Florida are tired of the establishment misleading voters. Gov. DeSantis already alluded to this during the State of the State address.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calling out anti-gun lawmakers during the State of the State address, January 11, 2022.

But, if Gov. DeSantis wants to run in 2024, he need to openly and clearly call for the passage of constitutional carry the same way Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia recently did and the same way Texas Gov. Greg Abbott did last year.

Governor DeSantis will be judged on how he stands on the Second Amendment in regards to those other Governors. He has already proven that if he tells the Florida Legislature to jump, they will ask him how high. Now he needs to issue the call.

Luis Valdes is the Florida Director for Gun Owners of America.

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  1. Oh they’re listening all right, to the wrong people! They still believe we’re the MINORITY!!

    • “They still believe we’re the MINORITY!”

      more specifically, following their owners’ lead, they believe they are people, and that we aren’t.

  2. “So Why Aren’t Lawmakers Listening?”

    because the politicians are no longer working for the citizens, but for the subversives.

  3. They are not listening because they dont have to.
    Let’s go Brandon ! ! !
    Speaking of that , the last NASCAR race I watched was in LA,
    Ahhh hah, good idea there NASCAR you’ve found the solution.

  4. Weird I didn’t get any notice from GOA, Florida carry etc about the rally. Glad they did it though! I will follow up with the reps/senators and voice my support.

  5. Rep. Chuck Brannan looks and acts like he is against the freedom to wear a coat over a firearm or keep one in a purse, etc. Typical RINO.

    Only thing RINOs fear is being called racist. Since no Gun Control Is Racist signs were there Rep. Chuck Brannan had nothing to fear.

  6. Many “legislators” actually work for whoever will bribe them the best. We have the Republican Speaker of the House here in Georgia who continues to use his office to delay criminal trials for his clients. If you are guilty of a crime, you need only hire him and you get to skip going to trial and without a trial, you are free to continue your life. This guy is not a fan of gun rights, perhaps because too many of his clients would end up in the morgue instead of paying his fees.

  7. We had the same problem for decades here in Texas. A couple of RINOs in the House leadership were consistently able to keep constitutional carry (and before that, open carry, campus carry, and for years even licensed concealed carry) from coming to a vote (or they would only allow it to come to a vote so late in the session or with poison pill amendments that meant that even if passed the bills could never become law).

    Then last year we finally got rid of the RINOs in the house GOP leadership. Badda-bing: suddenly everything on the pro-2A wish list started sailing through committee and floor votes.

    But that still left the Texas Senate, where even one GOP defection would mean the bills would not come up for a vote, and where attaching poison pill amendments to bills you want to *say* you voted for but don’t actually want to pass is a time-honored disreputable tradition. And for a while it looked like that game was afoot.

    Fortunately, Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick read the wind and realized that their political survival required them to step up. Plus word got around that any GOP Senator who gummed up the works WOULD be primaried . . . and the desire for career self preservation got the wafflers in line.

    So, how to get results? Focus on getting DeSantis (and, if someone has the juice, Trump or Trump Jr.) to call out the RINOs who are in the way by name, and have some conservative populists warming up in the bullpen to primary the RINOs.

    Not easy but probably the only thing that will break the cycle.

    • LKB,

      Excellent comment and a very accurate description of how politics really works when good old-fashioned bribes, blackmail, and/or violent coercion are not at play.

  8. Politicians don’t listen to us because they don’t work for us. We work for them. Don’t believe me? You will on April 18th.

  9. Just as Dems always vote for Dems, regardless of the damage to the Republic, Repubs always vote for Repubs, regardless of the damage to the Republic.

    If the term “Republican” is all you need to guide your vote, why should Repub politicians really care about things like permitless carry. Water you gonna do? Vote Dim? Stay home and by default elect Dims? Vote for parties that cannot get candidates elected, and end up a virtual vote for Dims?

    In politics, you vote for the candidate most aligned with you ideology. You don’t get to vote for the candidate perfectly aligned with every element of your ideology. This is where Dims run roughshod over Repubs.

  10. So, let me see if I got this right: you put out a call for action, you involved major groups like GOA and NAGR, and you got, what, maybe a hundred people out?

    Then you went through the halls of the Capitol with a paltry dozen people, half of them with misspelled signs?

    Seriously, this is the best you could do? No wonder Florida’s screwed. Why the hell weren’t there at least 5,000 outside the State Capitol for this rally? Why weren’t the signs at least spelled correctly? Did you not advertise it enough in advance? What happened? This is disgraceful.

    Man, I know you’re looking for some “attaboys” here, but if this had been a Moms Demand rally or a Joe Biden campaign stop, everyone here would be shredding it for patheticness. I was expecting some Trump Rally caliber support.

    I recommend reading what LKB wrote. We got it passed here in Texas, and literally this year it was night and day different from prior sessions, all due to getting rid of the RINO speaker of the house (and the RINO that replaced him). Target your efforts and primary the hell out of him, and come on, Florida POTG, show up and help these people out!

    • When a certain organization with a lobbyist that cares more about mocking birds and dogs on leeshes tells the local conservative talk show to not discuss the event prior to it happening. The turnout gets a little mixed since thay org doesn’t want it to happen.

      • Sorry, what?

        I mean, who cares what some conservative talk show chooses to talk about or not? You’ve got legs down there in Florida, don’t you? Go to the gun stores. Post flyers on the windows and handouts in the shops. Go to the gun ranges. Get on your “social” media and spread the word your own selves. Call the TV stations and ask for a minute on the news or at least a morning local TV talk show. Send out press releases to all the TV and radio stations and newspapers.

        Who gives one ounce of fart what some bird-mocking dog-leasher thinks about your Constitutional rights? To hell with them. Go around them. Go over them. Go through them. MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.

        Like someone else said, get on a damn CB radio and ask some truckers to drive down to the Capitol on that day. That’d get the TV stations swarming.

        You don’t need anyone’s permission, or anyone’s approval, to hold any damn event you want to hold. Go find the people and hold another event next week. Who says this is over? Hold it EVERY WEEK. Hell, occupy the damn Capitol — that’s what the other side would do. Get the Governor on the phone. Get Trump. Or Trump Jr. Or, hell, get Eric. Find some conservative talk show host who WILL talk about it. Call Tucker Carlson.

        Don’t let some half-assed hallway photos be the end of your organized movement, or yeah, you’ll deserve another legislature with zero movement on 2A issues.

    • TexTed says “half of them with misspelled signs?”

      Dacian and his brother Albert Hall sabotaged the protest.

  11. This is the first I’ve heard of this rally and it happened 30 minutes away. Four days ago. And I’m a member of GOA. Maybe I just missed it but it didn’t even make the local news that I saw.

    • I was there, word is that Scott Preston declined to discuss the event on his morning show because the cat lady said no to it.

  12. The Republicans talk a goo line of gun rights but the old axiom is simply “Belie in not what a Politician says but by what he actually does” which I might add is usually nothing.

    Republican leaders in Florida know damn well several facts and they are:

    1. The average Floridian does not carry a gun

    2. Even people who carry guns in Florida all are not for Constitutional carry as they realize that their own safety is in jeopardy having people running around with guns who have had no safety training or any knowledge of the law as to when you can and cannot shoot as any sane person knows this is a prescription for a lot of fatal accidents and needless killings. Even a 4th grader can understand this, its not rocket science, except to the demented, paranoid, and stingy and cheap Far Right.

    As a Matter of fact most Republican Congressmen in polls taken support Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws and Mitch McConnell told President Trump they were able and willing to pass more gun control if he would sing the legislation. This came about after two mass murders that shocked the Nation and came only hours apart. The fist came at a Texas Shopping Mall where a Right Wing terrorist (who else) gunned down Latino’s that were only guilty of shopping while being Latino and only hours later a crazed gunman went nuts in Dayton, Ohio and slaughtered people including his own Sister and her boyfriend who he had ridden with to the downtown area that night. It was never determined whether his sister and her boyfriend were just collateral damage or whether he deliberately targeted her and her boyfriend.

    No civilized society tolerates the madness of letting people carry a gun with no training or background check into their past. Only the insane would disagree with that.

    I would further add that the latest study verified many prior studies proving that when gun ownership goes up so does homicides and suicides proving that anyone who wants to carry a gun needs to be vetted and trained before being turned loose on society with a weapon in his hand when prowling the streets of his community.

    Incidents of people shooting it out over parking spaces or gunning down people in road rage incidents are only two of the reasons people need vetted and trained before being allowed to carry a deadly weapon. More proof you can always count on the “Naked Ape” to always live down to his lowest level of savagery, cruelty and bestiality.

    • If I could lie as smoothly as dacian, I could be rolling in money. Except, of course, he misspells every third or fifth word. Not his fault, really. His mama dropped him on his head. Repeatedly. Frequently. Now, now, just calm down, dacian. I didn’t call you a freak. I said “frequently”. You really are a freak, but I didn’t say it this time. Only the insane would agree with Insane Dacian.

    • When I began reading that diatribe my first thought was to wonder how many times the sun had set on you in Florida. But, of course, the answer to that one is easy; not many. The point is moot as you ramble off into events in Ohio and “studies.” Again. Sigh. It must be boring to be you.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead So what is the “average Floridian” doesn’t carry? What has that to do with Constitutional Carry?

      The people in Florida do want Constitutional Carry! The real danger is you Lefties trying to exert control over the people. You realize that an armed citizenry cannot be tolerated by your control freak philosophy. You realize that you could not impose your will to take our freedoms if we were armed to prevent that. It’s really about control.

      You Lefties actually have a sever inferiority complex. You have to be part of a group because you feel you do not have any real self worth. Your goal is to make other people like you. Impotent.

      • …and many people are saying that Walter E. Beverly III knows what it is to be an impotent loser with a ‘sever’ inferiority complex, believe me!

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          PeeGeeTwo, WEB 3 also has no interest in having sex with you either, Ok?

          Just accept it, and go away…;)

        • Cucker, what you know could be stuck in a thimble and it would not full the bottom of that thimble.

          Watching you Leftist-Socialists for all these years shows just how bad your inferiority complex really is. You have to “belong” to something to reenforce your egos

  13. RFor me nn the other side of the pond it’s really no about how manyn peoople assembled to push the right to ‘CARRY ‘firearms. It’s all about how many who DID NOT It would appear from the pics that the ‘Right to Carry’ folk do not actually have a great deal of real support except for the hype generated, as always, by the American Arms Industry. Is it not about time that the American Public realised that those that control the CIVIL American Arms Industry are the New TOBACCO BARONS. They have been held to task and so surely, sooner ot later will thosde that control thay arms industry. #
    WHY? Because it was aand still as far as I know STILL the constituional right of Americans to SMOKE themselves to death BUT it is NO ACCEPTABLE for those American who choose to do so to inflict their deadly habit on others.
    It was as far as I know the constitutional right of Americans to drive polluting i and obnoxious Gas Guzzling automobiles and poisoning the atmosphere. That too is no longer acceptable. In fact American has led the way, especially CALIFORNIA in reducing b oth the consumptiion of TOBACCO and the reduction of POLLUTING automobiles worldwide.

    • Albert Hall has to be dacian’s brother. They had the same spelling teacher in school. I think dacian may have better grammar, despite the fact they have the same grandmothers.

      • “I wash born here, an I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin’ bushwackin’, hornswagglin’ cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.”

        Now who can argue with that? I think we’re all indebted to Gabby Johnson for clearly stating what needed to be said. I’m particularly glad that these lovely children were here today to hear that speech. Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        And by someone so convinced his Brit upbringing was so superior to our ‘Merkin upbringing.

        Kinda sad, I’d say… 🙂

        • …And Geoff the (fully vaxxed and boosted) Florida Pervert and Half Wit knows ‘sad’, as he has to fap with tweezers. This is why Haz decided to break up with him.

    • @ dacianAlbert Hall

      “Because it was aand still as far as I know STILL the constituional right of Americans to SMOKE themselves to death BUT it is NO ACCEPTABLE for those American who choose to do so to inflict their deadly habit on others.

      It was as far as I know the constitutional right of Americans to drive polluting i and obnoxious Gas Guzzling automobiles and poisoning the atmosphere.

      There are about 81, 400,000 American legal gun owners in the United States.

      Yesterday, about 0.01% of that 81.4 million were forced to use their firearm for defense in instances of crime against them (Defensive Gun Use… AKA DGU). Not all of them actually fired a shot (about 62%), it was enough to show the firearm and the willingness to use it ( which is also DGU) to repel the bad guys – this is ~5,000 cases of DGU yesterday where no shot was fired, shots were fired in ~3,000 of the cases.

      Yesterday, about 81,392,000 million American legal gun owners did not use their firearms for defense. But, yesterday about 34.2 million adult Americans continued to smoke cigarettes, and continued to degrade their health and place in their body’s one of the most potent poisons known to mankind and essentially attempted suicide, as a habit.

      Yesterday, 112 people died due to second hand smoke exposure from people smoking tobacco. Doing nothing, not forced into it, yet, smokers still inflicted indiscriminate fatal damage upon people. Smoking is not and never was a constitutional right, its a social indulgence allowed by the legal sale of tobacco products and its a ‘privilege’.

      Operating a vehicle upon the public roadways is not and never was a constitutional right, it is a social indulgence allowed by legal sale of vehicles and is a privilege. Yesterday 4,384 cases of indiscriminately endangering the pubic at large happened simply by using a cell phone habit while driving. Yet also yesterday, over 5,500 people were injured seriously, not killed but seriously injured, in car accidents (over 2 million annually including pedestrians, about 1.2 million will later die as a result of contributing or complicating factors due to those injuries, when factored in this makes the automobile a leading cause of death, even if not immediately fatal, exceeding firearm deaths annually by ~1.1 million due to car accident. You are literally safer around legally owned firearms of any type in society than you are with cars in society.)

      In both cases; Of smoking, including second hand smoke injury/death, and cell phone use while driving or just driving a car – the results of these activities, with factors of injury included from which people will later die, overall are responsible for ~ 4 million indiscriminate deaths annually in the United States – by the exercise of a privilege.

      The ability to legally own and carry and use firearms, and to use them for legal self defense or other legal purposes, its a constitutional right. The exercise of that right is not a habit but rather is an expression of the right its self. There are ~ 2.9 million cases of valid DGU annually where there was no other choice and it was not indiscriminate but rather focused on the absolute need to save life from death or serious injury.

      The first moral of the story is this: Valid legal self defense DGU is not inflicting any habit upon anyone, it is defending yourself from a threat forced upon you with a decisive focused deterrent of DGU. Smoking and driving on the other hand inflicts its use indiscriminately upon others.

      The second moral of the story is this: You really need to stay on “the other side of the pond” and keep out of this, as you do not seem to know what is and is not a constitutional right.

      • Just for the sake of further comparison gee whiz purposes looking at the real world and not the fantasy world of anti-gun bias studies (based on 2020-2021 time frame, rate weighted for actual)

        0.0098% of fatalities involve firearms (including suicide)
        20% of fatalities involve smoking tobacco products
        13% of fatalities involve car crashes

        67% of fatalities of victims from criminal activity (victim not armed with a firearm)
        2.3 % of fatalities of victims from criminal activity (victim armed with a firearm)

        87% of injury of victims (not fatality) from criminal activity (victim not armed with a firearm)

        0.9% of injury of victims (not fatality) from criminal activity (victim armed with a firearm in DGU)

        • Looks like your comment was truncated (moderated?); no citation for the source of the information reported.

  14. Not going to happen. After Rick Scott and the Fl GOP passed the Parkland Shooting bill Scott was rewarded with a Senate seat and all the same Republicans were elected again. Look it up. Floridians are cucks.

    • “After Rick Scott and the Fl GOP passed the Parkland Shooting bill Scott was rewarded with a Senate seat and all the same Republicans were elected again“

      Yeah man, those Republicans are really all about your gun rights!

      Just ask them, they’ll tell you, oh yeah, that’s the ticket!

      Meanwhile, the smart people will rely on the facts of history such as when the Democratic Obama/Biden administration abolished Reagan’s restrictions on the carrying of firearms on millions of acres of federally managed taxpayer-owned land in the United States. (2009 CARD Act)

      • Miner49er That’s right Lefty, Republicans are more about gun rights than you Lefties.

        Biden has NOT done away with gun restrictions on Federally managed taxpayer owned land in the US. You are lying right through your eyeteeth.

        • Walter, all those years in The Big House must’ve made your head feel a little squishy, so here are some facts that hopefully will help you to make more informed decisions in the future.

          The carrying of firearms in our national forests and parks has been banned since before World War II, these lands comprise millions of acres of taxpayer owned lands, managed by the federal government.

          No Republican president has ever done anything to return to American citizens the right to bear arms on publicly owned lands… Until the Democrats under the Obama/Biden administration signed legislation into law restoring these constitutional freedoms.

          “The policy was enhanced in 1983 to prohibit possessing, carrying, or using a firearm outside of certain approved areas and hunting seasons, with an exception for firearms kept in a car or mobile home “when such implements are rendered inoperable or packed, cased or stored in a manner that will prevent their ready use.” The revision effectively mandated that visitors store their guns, unloaded, in a car trunk or equivalent while in a national park. After four months of public comment, President Ronald Reagan approved it.”

          “To the frustration and discouragement of many Democrats, House and Senate lawmakers and aides say it now appears likely that President Obama will this week sign into law a provision allowing visitors to national parks and refuges to carry loaded and concealed weapons.”

          Oh sure, it pissed off a lot of left-leaning Democrats, but that did not stop the democratically controlled House of Representatives and Senate from passing the legislation or for President Obama signing it into law.

          And President Obama did sign that legislation into the law of the land, canceling out Republican Ronald Reagan’s restrictions on gun possession on millions of acres of federally managed lands.

          I know it hurts to admit that the Obama/Biden administration did more to free up the right to bear arms in America than any Republican president ever, but it is a fact of history that you cannot deny.

        • Miner49er I stand corrected up to Sleepy’s taking office. For your edification, he has reinstituted by Executive Order the prohibition of firearms in national parks, etc. Nice try though.

          Talking about “squishy heads”, you really ought to try to keep up. Obuma the Phony is your boy, Not ours.

        • “he has reinstituted by Executive Order the prohibition of firearms in national parks, etc“

          Would you be kind enough to share with me the executive order number and the details, thanks!

      • “Look it up, Lefty”

        Walt, I did do research that indicated no such EO has ever been issued by Joe Biden.

        And it would be difficult for an EO to override an actual law, passed by the democratically controlled House of Representatives and Senate and signed into law by President Obama.

        The Democrats knew that underhanded Republicans claiming to support guns would attempt to take these rights from the citizens once more, that’s why Obama signed it into the law of the land.

        Walt, you made the claim about the executive order, therefore the burden of proof is upon you.

        Put up or shut up, as they say.

        • Miner49er The only thing you looked up was your posterior. It is not “difficult” at all to overrule a law. Your wonderful agencies do it all the time with their “regulations.”

          Prove me wrong or shut up!

        • “Prove me wrong or shut up!“

          Walt, you made the claim, the burden of proof is on you.

          Sadly, it seems the fact is is that you lied about the existence of this executive order and now you’ve been caught in your lie.

          Rather than gracefully admit you were wrong, you resort to angry posts full of bluster and devoid of facts.


          The fact is, during the first two years of Donald Trump’s administration, he had a Republican majority in both the House and Senate and could’ve passed anyone of a number of gun freedom laws… The hearing protection act, nationwide reciprocity, etc.

          But during that complete Republican domination of the national government, the Republicans did nothing to increase your gun rights. But they sure did ask for your donations, which are now being used to pay Traitor Trump’s legal bills.

          Don’t you get it, you’ve been jacked.

        • Miner MINER49ER I don’t have to prove jack. YOU made the initial claim, now, your proof has been shown to be “woke”.

          You don’t give a rat’s behind about freedom. What you Leftists care about is CONTROL over the population. Without that control you can’t impose your socialist ideology.

          You are one of those who can’t make it on your own so you have to belong to a “group” that can get “it” fore you.

          You Leftists don’t want us to have our rights of any kind. Again, it’s all about control. The fact is then when Republicans are in control, we don’t need to “do anything” because they aren’t looking to take our guns away from us

          You fear gun toting Americans because when an American totes his gun you have no control over him.

          Now, go join dacian, the Dunderhead over in the corner and have a latte, or something.

  15. Dang. This summer I moved from Tampa to Live Oak. One thing I am looking forward to is being able to go to Tallahassee to show support for causes I believe in. I wish I would have known about the assembly in Tallahassee last week. I would have been there.
    I did try to reach out to Brannan but the contact info I received was incorrect.

    • Indeed… Proofreading is fundamental, particularly when you want to be taken seriously. Kudos to all those who showed up, but please pay attention to the little details next time.

    • Probably some kids made those signs and since the schools can not speak the word ‘constitution’ you really cant blame them for the mispelling it.
      What’s a real pisser is after the people holding those signs left they all got laughed at for being ignorant. Well I guess they are, as they expect a petition is going to make any difference.

    • The ‘Constiution of the Untied Stats’


      Proof reading is not a way of the force with GOA in Florida.

      Seriously though, even though people want to think otherwise – correct spelling and grammar is a necessity if you are going to campaign for rights. Having been involved with such efforts and planning various demonstrations for this and other causes I can tell you that the public and government leaders tend to not take you seriously if you can’t correctly spell and use proper grammar for things involved with your cause. For 2A related the general public views it as a ‘bunch of illiterate rednecks’ and most government leaders view it as lacking serious effort and not worthy of attention.

        • It was GOA representatives standing up there beside the signs going “I’m with GOA…..”

        • Plus, Luis Valdes is the Florida Director for Gun Owners of America and he was there spearheading the whole thing. They may not have made the signs, but they used them. And it was their event, who do you think that was talking to the people they presented the petitions too?

        • “GOA didn’t make the signs and it wasn’t their event.“

          Bob, you say that as if you had personal knowledge.

          So who did make the signs?

      • Those signs weren’t produced by some 12-year-old with his Crayola set.

        Those are professionally produced placards, produced in a commercial print shop on heavy card stock.

        One might consider the possibility of internal sabotage by those wishing to compromise the effectiveness of the citizens’ advocacy.

        The other possibility is that they are just that stupid, and clearly unworthy of the awesome responsibility of carrying a lethal weapon in public spaces.

        That’s my take…

  16. Miner49er

    “It was GOA representatives standing up there beside the signs going “I’m with GOA…..”

    “Bob, you say that as if you had personal knowledge.

    So who did make the signs?”


    The signs were made by KrisAnne Hall’s group and they were not produced by GOA. I know, I was there.


    .40 cal Booger

    “Plus, Luis Valdes is the Florida Director for Gun Owners of America and he was there spearheading the whole thing. They may not have made the signs, but they used them. And it was their event, who do you think that was talking to the people they presented the petitions too?”


    It wasn’t GOA’s event, they were invited as a guest speaker. They brought the petitions, not the signs. The event was held by KrisAnne Hall of the Liberty First Society.

    If you actually read the second paragraph in this article it is plain as day.

    “KrisAnne Hall of the Liberty First Society organized the rally in support of constitutional carry and invited a number of guest speakers to promote freedom. Gun Owners of America was one such group invited and yours truly was there to spread the word about permitless carry in the Sunshine State.”

    But that requires actually reading and not just trying to make Gun Owners look bad by posting.

    The end result is this, who cares. Floridians showed up and exercised their 1st Amendment rights to protect their 2nd Amendment rights.

    That’s more than both of you did.

    • 1. No, its not more than I did. Just doing it in another state in different ways.

      2. And like I said “They may not have made the signs, but they used them.” (by being there and GOA showcases them in this article from Luis Valdes the Florida Director for Gun Owners of America)

      3. And it was their event. It may have been organized by the ‘KrisAnne Hall of the Liberty First Society’ but it was also the event of the speakers as well of which GOA was one.

      I’m not trying to make anyone look bad. I pointed what makes things look bad. Ok then put the blame on KrisAnne Hall’s group then, it doesn’t matter, people trying to claim rights under the constitution in public and in front of the very law makers that can make a difference should know how to spell “constitution”. If they don’t know how to spell the name of the very document they are using to claim rights… its not a good look at all.

      “Floridians showed up and exercised their 1st Amendment rights to protect their 2nd Amendment rights” – yes, that’s important, but also showing competency when you are campaigning for 2A rights is just as important and I’m having a hard time understanding how a pro-gun/2A can not notice that constitution is not spelled correctly.

      But ok, you were there, congratulations.

    • KrisAnne Hall claims to be a constitutional law specialist, one would think she would actually know how to spell the word constitution…

      And she definitely supports making the cities and towns in Florida safer for citizens:

      “In her book, Hall praises a Florida sheriff, Nick Finch, who in 2013 freed a man arrested by one of his deputies on charges of illegally carrying a loaded, concealed pistol without a permit. Finch said the Second Amendment trumped Florida gun laws.

      Finch was charged with misconduct, but later acquitted. (The man Finch freed, Floyd Eugene Parrish, was arrested in September on charges of second-degree murder after shooting a man to death during an argument.)“

      Is that the sort of ‘constitutional carry’ you folks are advocating for?

      • Miner49er I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. The 2nd Amendment states that our right to bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED. You have read that part, haven’t you?

        As the Sheriff was AQUITTED, that means he was guilty of NOXTHING. So the man was arrested subsequently for 2nd Degree Murder. That was a valid charge.

        Let’s face it, you Lefties are about trying to take our gun rights. You Lefties feel that way because you have a fear of firearms and that you people seek to disarm America so that you can impose your Marxist philosophy on the rest of us. Your need to belong to a group of Leftists that can “lift” you up so that you can have some sense of self worth.

        You don’t advocate the bearing of arms by anyone. Get a GRIP!

        • “So the man was arrested subsequently for 2nd Degree Murder. That was a valid charge.“

          Yep, the high sheriff of the county gave the criminal back his gun because he thought that meant ‘freedumb’ and the criminal then uses that gun to murder innocent people.

          You guys are really about ‘law and order’.

          “You don’t advocate the bearing of arms by anyone. Get a GRIP!“

          You are wrong, on this list I’ve advocated many times for private ownership of firearms, only suggesting that we require proper instruction and training before people are allowed to carry firearms in public spaces.

          You know, that’s my problem many conservatives, they will shamelessly lie in order to support their faulty narrative.

        • Miner MINER49ER, You dumbo eared hypocrite. We don’t have “high sheriffs”. This isn’t England. The sheriff did NOT give the man back his gun. He gave him his freedom because the Sheriff believes and rightly so that the 2nd Amendment is our carry permit.

          It must be great to be a Leftist like yourself. You can predict what people are going to do. This country doesn’t operate that way, Lefty. We don’t arrest people for crimes that they may commit in the future.

          You pay lip service to your support for private ownership of firearms. It’s called freedom. For your edification, you can’t legislate common sense. If we could, your sorry ass would not say half the crap you come up with. You dummies think that all you have to do is “pass a law” and all the sheeple will follow like lambs. It’s really all about your control freak nature. The narrative you espouse if bent on control, not personal rights and freedom.

  17. They’re not listening because they don’t have to. FL “promoted” an R antigunner from GOV to SEN, Rick Scott. That was their proof that they can do whatever they want and still have a job. FL politicians know that most of FL doesn’t care about gun rights so why should they?

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